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tv   [untitled]    February 10, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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17 04 which is owned by the same person which will be the next item. * >> commissioner hyde has relented and we can take them together. >> so, two items, 1700 post, 17 04 post, owned by the same people, operated by the same people. 1700 is dimple cocktail lounge. 17 04 is pagoda. both of these places, entertainment permits will allow the operator to have karaoke. [speaker not understood] has no objection. provided that the nine proposed conditions are attached. >> kay. applicants? do you have anything you'd like to say about your pagoda or temple cocktail lounge? do you want to talk?
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>> okay. thank you, commissioners. my name is leon [speaker not understood], and i'm sonyong's husband. these are two local neighborhood bars in japantown. they were in a mixed building that is all commercial, be it restaurants, other bars, with karaoke. and the seating capacity, there are 49 people allowed in each place only, and we've got the little singing rooms with these little self-service karaoke machines that the customer punches in the songs and then they sing. and that's open 7:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.. and that's about it. >> okay, great. thank you. are you here to speak on this? does the police have any -- no? okay. why don't you have a seat and we'll just...
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okay, public comment. * on either dimple cocktail lounge or pagoda. you're up. good evening, commissioners. officer dave free as, northern permit station. * the station has no objection to the place of entertainment permit. northern has recommended conditions for both 1700 and 17 04 * post street doing business as pagoda and dimple. they have the same -- i sat down, i've reviewed these conditions with mr.and mrs. choir.
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* [speaker not understood]. >> it says they are open 4:00 p.m. until closing. business is open at 7 o'clock. is there a reason, is that 4 just a typo? i believe they close at 2:00 a.m.. >> yeah, but when they open. the permit application says hours of operation 7:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.. i've spoken to them, the couple about the security and it's provided around the building by the local merchants. >> oh, so the mall offers it? i'm trying to get the time right. >> i'll have lie on speak to totally clarify that with you. >> commissioners, i might just suggest that you might amend the condition to agree with opening hours to closing hours. >> i was thinking the same thing. >> it might move around, then you want security there all the time. >> is that okay with everybody?
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we'll amend that condition to say from opening until close. >> that works, okay. >> any other questions? >> have you had a chance to look at the doors into the singing rooms? are you satisfied with -- >> yes, there is actually one door i did walk through with mr. crouere. it did not have a window. within the week he corrected that problem. i was very satisfied with that. >> great. any other -- no? okay, thank you. public comment, any other public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners? >> yeah, i'm very concerned that there hasn't been any outreach for either of these two community organizations or business organizations in the neighborhood. i think we just had a lawyer who eloquently spelled out the importance of neighborhood outreach and how it is a benefit not only to the business, but to the community
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around it and helps the byness become part of that community. and there are organizations in that area and i'm just wondering where the community outreach was. >> are you asking the applicant directly? >> if i'm allowed, i would like to know. >> come right up. yes, my wife has approached people in the building, in the neighborhood area. she doesn't have the letters now, but people said they would write letters for us. and we've been in business there 10 years already. it's not like we're opening a new business or trying to start something. she's been there for 10 years at dimples and eight years at pagoda. so, it's been an ongoing business and we have a good relationship with the other tenants and the neighbors. >> these two items, doing business or they're just coming into compliance, is that it?
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>> you might find this a lot around -- >> karaoke? >> tend to spiral out, japantown phase. you notice in the last few months. they also seem to be in a bit of outer mission side. >> that's true, karaoke places in general. >> not karaoke, permits in general. >> coming into compliance. okay, thank you. anything further, commissioner hyde? >> no. i mean, it does help that i know now that they've been in business for 10 years. >> any other commissioners? a motion? >> i motion to approve. >> we have a motion. do we have a eked >> second. >> is that with the amended condition included? >> amended condition? >> opening, closing, good neighborhood policy. >> again, this is just to clarify a motion to approve both b and c, 5b and c? >> correct. >> okay. >> commissioner tan? >> aye.
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>> can you clarify for crystal who seconded that? >> i did. >> commissioner hyde? >> aye. >> commissioner tan? >> aye. >> commissioner lee? >> aye. >> commissioner joseph? >> aye. good luck. thank you. (applause) >> all right. you've heard the crew. item number 5d, rory paull doing business as the rrazz room, 1,000 advanceness. nick? >> the applicant has requested that this item be continued to a later calendar, not a specific date, just when they fix some issues they're attending to. >> okay. public comment on continuing rory paull doing business as the rrazz room, 1,000 van ness. seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners, can i get a motion to accept the request for continuance? >> i move to accept the request for continuance. >> second.
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>> same house? >> same house, same call. >> thank you. item 5e, robin talmadge doing business as slovenian hall, 2101 mariposa. nick? >> so, the planning department at the last minute let us know of an unresolved issue with this item. so, i invite a motion to continue this to a later date till that's resolved. and i hope that public comment might be limited just to the president of the slovenian hall. i know there are a lot of people in the audience here to speak on behalf of the item. if the motion pass he, we're not going to consider the substance of this tonight because we cannot until planning lets us know something is fixed. so, apologies to all the people who came down to comment, but your presence is noted i think by the -- >> nick, i have a couple of questions. >> of course.
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>> if we continue because it has not gotten its planning sign off, are we limited to our 15 days? >> i don't believe so. >> okay. so, for all of you who are here for slovenian hall, it is the policy of this commission not to consider any venue for an entertainment permit that has not gone a planning sign off. planning commission -- you have to have a planning commission sign off before we can consider your permit. so, the substance of this permit will not be considered tonight. those of you who want to speak in favor or against slovenian hall, you're welcome to come up and say something tonight, but it would be much more of a benefit if you came up when they were actually being considered for their permit. >> excuse me. can i say something? >> sure.
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>> can we please note that there are people in support or against the slovenian hall at this point? because i don't really want to bring everybody back here again. >> absolutely. and to that end, we have a sheet that you can sign up. we will make -- if you have an e-mail address, everyone who is here in support or against, if you sign the sheet, we'll notify you specifically by e-mail when this comes up before us again so that you will have a notice to your e-mail address. and if you want to come up and talk, i'll let you do so in a second. yes, sir. i'm thomas brandy. i'm here on behalf of the slovenian hall. i'm also the honorary counsel on behalf of slovenia and i'm here on behalf of the nation of slovenia. how long would your continuance
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be? >> that is not, that is not under our purview. that is with the planning department. they have to sign off an approval, whether it is a letter of determination, whatever their process is. we are secondary to their process. so, you can talk to staff. maybe they would know tomorrow. you can give them a call. or you can call the planning department yourself and they will give you some horizon on when that can happen. then if i could just briefly say that the hall has been in existence for 88 years. it serves the community. it has tremendous support, both in potrero hill and in areas. it's literally a cultural heart beat of this small community and it needs the permit in order to underwrite some of the programs it does. doesn't have a lot of activities. as a language class on monday night with 15 people, has an aa meeting on wednesday night. it has a once a month meeting on thursday night for native
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sons. and about three or four times a month it has weekend events. largely serving the community, but also has bar mitts haves and birthdays and things of that nature. * if there is opposition i'm happy to work with anyone who is opposed to see if we can talk to them to resolve anything. it's been in existence and doing this for over 80 years. go through the process and cooperate in any way we can to get this back on track. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. is there anyone here that wants to make public comment right now? please come up hi, commissioners, my name is marcy phraser and i've been a neighbor of slovenia for 16 years. i live on vermont have. and i have no interest in attacking anybody's wonderful small community. my issue is the weekend events that are there.
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unlike the brava theater, they have done little to no outreach that i'm aware of in the last 16 years to our neighborhood. and it's confusing to me what time their cut off time is for events on the weekend. sometimes they go into a [speaker not understood] like 2:00 a.m. without any security. the next day our neighborhood is cleaning up broken bottle, cars that have been scratched or dented. and just basically a lot of problems. when i tried to e-mail the folks that run it, they respond with "i can't control what goes on on the street" which i don't think is appropriate. the permit or the announcement of the permit was posted on the second floor of slovenian hall and i literally needed binoculars to see what it was or to read itedthv i just, you know, i don't want to hurt their community. i'm not interested in that, but i do think the weekend events are a major problem for us in terms of security and safety on the street and the hours of operation. thank you. >> thank you.
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so, maybe, sir, you can talk with your neighbors. give me a second, see whoever else is coming up. just real quickly. my name is [speaker not understood] and i live right next to the slovenian hall. there are numerous people, we have a neighborhood forum that did not come tonight because they did hear ahead of time that you were not going to hear about this. so, there are more people who would like to speak. and i will come back. i have one request that they put their application up in a different manner. you cannot read it. i took a couple pictures. and i had to take a picture and blow it up to see that it was coming. otherwise i can only reiterate the comment from the [speaker not understood] before me. in jen they've been a good neighbor, but numerous parties just simply get out of hand until 2:00, 2:30 in the morning. it gets trashed and it can be a nuisance. i was going to lobby for some restrictions to their permitting. thank you.
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>> any other public comment? [speaker not understood] i'm a neighbor. live right across the street and i work with the safe -- in the 500 block of vermont. we all talk about this quite a bit, kind of want to have an organized front. generally people are supportive of the idea [speaker not understood]. it's simply a matter of following protocols to be responsible. the noise has been out of control. there's no double pane windows. stuff like that. [speaker not understood] doing their job, the city follow the same protocol you do everywhere else. everybody wants to see it thriving, cultural aspect. it's been there for a long time. you know, people like to go see shows there, so. >> thank you. i just want to say we have
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no problem with the regular program as it happens during the week. the problem is the [inaudible]. i think they're operating without a permit which is disturbing because we've been putting up with some really very poor choices as far as who they're renting to with no security, no [inaudible] awareness at all. as far as what the impact is on the neighborhood. we've written a lot of letters. there's many people that were not here tonight because they were told there was a continuance. so, it's a big issue for the neighbors of potrero hill. thank you. [inaudible]. >> someone has a clipboard. >> okay, sir. i was looking for the clipboard to -- >> the clipboard is down there. it's going around. it would be great to be able to come back and know [speaker not understood]. >> if you put your name on that
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list, we will send you an e-mail. >> [speaker not understood]. >> today, it's going to be continued. they do not have a permit. parties have been going on the past 15 years i've been living there, on and on and on. >> well, public comment is not a time for us to have a discourse. if you want to ask a question, i'll answer the question at the end. >> yes, sir. i am on the board of directors of the slovenian hall. the slovenian hall was founded by immigrants coming to united states and looking for places to meet people, find jobs and educate and learn to speak english and all that. and how we keep the bills paid is to rent it to other venues.
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but, you know, the problems like when they're supposed to leave the building at an earlier time than 2 o'clock and then the 2 o'clock people are party people that make noise and out in the streets, disturb the neighbors. actually, we're getting penalized. and if we don't get the permit, we can't afford to keep up the slow vouchian hall. >> okay, thank you. any other public comment? you're the applicant. you're not public comment. seeing none, public comment is closed. let me just, let me just say this. that our permit process is such that a security plan is required and it will have to be followed through. our sound technician makes sound tests. and if the place is not soundproof and can't contain
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its sound, then they won't get a final permit. they have to be inspected by a number of city agencies. so, there is a process that they will have to go through that will improve the conditions under which they operate. having said that, they have been in existence for 88 years. this commission was formed in 2003. and bringing people into compliance is something we like to do without penalizing anyone for operating without a permit. we prefer that. commissioner hyde. >> yeah, i just wanted to make the comment that, you know, because i had been around for so long, bringing them in to adhere to a certain code of operation is going to hopefully benefit the neighbors. and we will have the controls when it does not benefit the neighbors to then move forward and work with it if we do
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indeed permit this. so, i'm glad that the neighborhood will be here to offer suggestions and help us come to the right decision. and i don't think that they meant to be operating without a license. i think it's just something that happens when you've been around for 80 something years. >> and just so -- some advice to the applicant. get a copy of our good neighbor policy and read it because those are part of the conditions of your permit. having said that, commissioners, can i have a motion for continuance? >> i move to continue. >> and a second? >> second. >> we have a motion and a second. nick? >> same house same call. >> good luck, guys. talk to staff about [speaker not understood]. okay. item number 5f. cesar ascarrunz doing business as cesar's ballroom, 820 26th street. nick?
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>> making sure cesar is here. cesar's ballroom is on 26th street south of the dogpatch neighborhood near the waterfront. it's a real isolated industrial space and it will be operated by [speaker not understood], dance lessons and the place of entertainment permit would allow cesar to occasionally have -- >> hello. [speaker not understood]. sfpd bayview station recommends [speaker not understood] with 12 conditions that are enclosed in your packet. >> good evening. >> good evening. well, this is after more than 12 years in the streets, people didn't live there long. cesar's in north beach, i used to own eight night clubs and three restaurants in the early '70s. ways very young. and i moved from north beach
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to the mission. the mission was ghetto, crime, and drugs. they said this guy in six months is going to be selling drugs at 20th and mission. look at what we did for the mission in san francisco. i did that. and i tell the lieutenant which is here, if somebody has credentials, i would like to see because on the radio which i am honest, nice radio station in spanish, [speaker not understood] which is i help, business is not open a night class or whatever. it is giving enjoyment of life to people. people living on my case that is '40s, '50s, '60s, they don't have no place to go. i play piano, god gave me that gift. [speaker not understood] within 60 minutes with ed bradley. i know [speaker not understood]. and i was inviethved to the white house with president reagan, president bush, president clinton, i have all
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those things. why? because i take the people, singers, students, and children and i did so many benefits at the club which i was commended by many organizations. so, i don't know cesar latin palace 15 years from 11:00 to 6:00 every sunday for [speaker not understood]. i'm applying for this license because people, they don't have a place which they can [speaker not understood] music, [speaker not understood], i went to cocomo. my place is now finished. something is wrong, it's very sad. very sad, but nice place. i sold the business because my doctor did that some practice. i was completely paralyzed from my neck down. whatever you see, i went [speaker not understood] to get well. and i play piano and god gave me that gift and i want a great piano for you and anybody to enjoy life. >> thank you very much.
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commissioners, do you have any questions? >> i see here that there are on your application that you said there is -- are no organizations that you could have spoken to or done any public outreach to. and, so, i went down to malia cohen's office before this meeting and i got you two organizations and phone numbers so that you can do some community outreach. here's the papers. >> you said there were no community groups you could do outreach toedthv it says there are no community groups. so, i went down to malia cohen's office, supervisor cohen's office and got you two organizations so you can do some outreach to. oh, no problem, no problem. * >> thank you. is there any other commissioners -- okay. thank you. why don't you have a seat and we're going to do public comment, okay? no problem. >> okay. no problemo .
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>> no problemo, gracias. nice to see you again. hi, lieutenant knight representing bayview station. i just received this about a few hours ago. but in reviewing it, there were a few things that we had missed and i provided raj with a new copy. the last two lines i actually went over it with cesar and he's in agreement with it and it has to do with the number of security on the premise when he does have events. he's agreed to 1 and 50. and that was stipulated by him. as well as [speaker not understood] turning into a type 48 license. so, that's pretty much it. we did do some outreach -- >> what type of license is it? right now it's a 45. >> okay. 42, sorry, a 42. so, we did some outreach with our community letter. so, we actually put it out on
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our community letter letting them know there was an opportunity, unfortunately it wasn't a timely thing. we got this kind of late. so, they got that notice just less than a week ago. so, we'll continue to do that if there's any other hearings on this. we'll let them know as well. >> all right. thank you so much, suzanne. thank you. >> anybody else? seeing no further public comment, public comment is closed. commissioners, what say you? >> so, brief security guards all the time or -- they're going to be on staff. >> cesar, cesar, it's okay. he's just talking to lieutenant. >> so, i'm looking at the application, but i'm also -- >> he has he has up to capacity for 200. so, just depends on the capacity that he has that day.
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if he anticipates, you know, 150, then that would be three. which doesn't seem unreasonable given the area. and, you know, he has had -- i'm familiar with cesar's palace in the past. i grew up in the mission, so, i'm very familiar with it and i think that this is reasonable at this time. >> i was actually -- was asking -- >> definitely -- >> no, i understand the 15. i think cesar -- thank you, officer, yeah. cesar, i think you remember class cat, diana is my partner. you know, glass cat. you've been there with the salsa and i know what you do and it's a great thing because now we don't do salsa any more. there's no place -- there's no place to do that. >> no place to go. i'm saying these three security guards you have, either somebody you're going to have on your staff or somebody you'll hire from the outside?
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i'll have deputy sheriffs working for the club. >> deputy sheriffs. deputy sheriffs [speaker not understood]. that's better than that i cannot have. it would be nice if san francisco or [speaker not understood] -- >> as long as you feel comfortable they're doing the job for you. you don't have to. the commissioner, around the venue or the model, there are about 700 feet is no one residence or people -- >> i'm just -- i'm just trying to be preventive. it would be excellent security. i'm not cheap. >> okay. >> thank you. all right. commissioner, commissioner lee. >> well, i have no problems -- >> do you want to make a motion? >> i make a motion to approve. we have a motion. do we have a eked >> second. >> we have a motion and a second. commission perez made the second. >> do you want to attach
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conditions when you make motions? i'm sorry. >> i see. you are attaching [speaker not understood]. >> i'm attaching the police recommendation, the good neighborhood policy, everything that was discussed. >> and the second accepts that? >> yes. >> commissioner perez. >> aye. >> charles: hyde? >> aye. >> charles: ted? >> ye. >> commissioner joseph? >> aye. >> good luck to you. * [inaudible]. >> no, it's over. fine, you got your permit, done, finito. [laughter] >> 5f. >> item number 6, commissioner questions and comments. so, i have a question of staff. nick? >> yes, ma'am.