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tv   [untitled]    February 28, 2013 7:30am-8:00am PST

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>> thank you. is everyone warm enough? this is great weather for making beer. anchor is one of america's oldest breweries. with origins back to the gold rush. by 1896 the famous brand emer emerged. a real san francisco icon and only 118 years old at the moment. not that many years pass easily. earthquakes. fire. and prohibition and bankruptcy all stood in the way. but they would not end our history. anchor brewery has called six locations as home. and today i am thrilled to announce our seventh home here
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at pier 48. anchor's revival was in 1969 when mass markets and beers steamed unstoppable. with anchor facing bankruptcy and one took over to continue to get his favorite brew anchorstein. and at that time no one knew that over the next decade would introduce the craft movement and making anchor the first craft brewery. perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that the first brewery began in san francisco. as these things are part of this great city's dna. today we will still remain true to our traditional brewing methods.
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our beers stand out in quality, taste and originality. most importantly they are still made in san francisco. craft beer has gone global. in sydney or london or singapore, our fans are not only choosing a great-tasting beer. but it's true to its origin. it's the real deal. it's san francisco's beer. in 1969 anchor began its sixth location at the bottom of potrero hill. today we see our development exceeding production capacity. so we need a second brewery. and to stay true to the values we hold, we knew that second brewery would have to be in san francisco itself. we are still a small company. and knew that such an undertaking could be overwhelming for us.
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fortunately the support that we found from others was overwhelming too. everyone took on a can-do attitude. and i would like to extend my enormous gratitude to the ports and to the mayor's office for their help in getting us here today. and also to our friends the giants that value san francisco icons. these reflect the heart and soul of the city towards anchor. and for that i would like to thank all the people of san francisco for the huge support of their city's brewery. pier 48 will ensure our capacity and secure anchor's future. beyond the brewery we want san francisco to be a must-see traction to locals and visitors
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ali alike. adding to that we will have restaurants and museums. we are less well known for our pioneered history for brewing. and our capacity with pier 48 allows both brewing and distilling. we envision in the rock mission development that will take advantage of the water commerce with materials coming in and exports going out. where people can wander around peering through the observation windowing seeing our beer being made. where hundreds of people can any to work. pier 48's future is enormously exciting. now i would like to turn our attention to our big brother.
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the giants are a truly amazing enterprise. and winning takes on many forms. not just winning at the plate. but delivering the best ball-park experience possible along with winning the hearts and minds of its incredible fan base. the vision of what a ballpark could be and the impact on this historic district has been nothing short of amazing. and for their enthusiasm and support, i thank them greatly. i think the vision they had. their ballpark at at&t will continue here at mission rock and again exceed expectations. their support is very reassuring and i thank them for that. but it's more than that. brews and baseball go hand in hand, and since opening here at
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the ballpark, it's no surprise that the giants continue to amass trophies. and with that support, i have the honor of introducing the c.e.o. of the world's best baseball team, larry bear. >> thank you, keith. if you would stay up for a second. we greatly value this partnership. and as you say, it has coinsided. we have partnered for three years and sorry about 2011. >> there was nothing wrong with our beer that year. >> and so just a small token of our great appreciation for the partnership and this new venture that will be for decades and decades long or maybe a century or more. as you have been around for greater than a century. this giant's jersey. if we put 48, you may get
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confused with pablo sandoval. so it's anchor 48. please wear it proudly. we are thrilled to have you as part of our team. [applause] >> thank you very much. >> thank you, keith. we appreciate everyone coming out today. and i would like to in addition to thanking keith and the great team at anchor. i would like especially join with anchor and keith in thanking the mayor. mayor lee and his office. and the port of san francisco. and everybody who has conspired with us to make this happen. it's a great day for san francisco. i think often about the fact that one of the things that makes san francisco unique is that we can have a wonderful manufacturing company here making real products. tied to being the center of innovation. and they do it in a way that is
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very innovative. and here we are in a neighborhood that is a bustling neighborhood of technology and biotech with ucsf up the street. it's a pleasure to be a san franciscans in this day and age. in terms of our project, we are very excited about the fact that anchor represents the first major tenant and the kick-start to our mission rock project. to us it's the perfect partnership. we have been around a while, 1958. but that pales in comparison to anchor. 1896. as keith mentioned they are long-time partners with the giants back to candlestick park days. and anchor plaza was launched in 2010. and we won that year. and so we are going with a team that helps us win baseball games
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as well. this project is interesting in that it's about 20% of the total square footage. 20% of the total size of the project and 5% of the total square footage of mission rock. it will serve in many ways as the front door to the mission rock project. people will see it as they come to games and the neighborhood. just a reminder that the mission rock project is something that we feel will be a major asset to this city. and to this neighborhood of which we have a very, very long-term thankfully lease with the city at at&t park. when fully built out we see this including more than eight acres of parks and open space. sort of this side of town, mini-version of crissy field. between 1600 residential units.
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and 1.47 million square feet of office. and a parking structure to accommodate ballpark visitors. and between the retail restaurants and the public aminities, and they will present a restaurant to folks that come to visit before and after ballgames. we see this as our newest neighborhood in san francisco and to the city. we are thrilled to have anchor going forward with us for, i don't know it's decades, but maybe another century. at least a century to come, right, keith. with that i would like to bring up a man very responsible for the wonderful growth of these businesses and these neighborhoods in san francisco. and somebody that we are indebted to for all of his leadership in the city.
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the mayor, ed lee. [applause] >> thank you, larry. good morning, everybody. you know it's really exciting to be here this morning. i know our city administrator and the project director are here to join doreen and monique and supervisors for the free samples, keith. on this kind of day, we were actually looking forward to the old distillery, the potrero ride, that will keep us warm. but it's unique. when you look at the history of those years with fritz maytag in the 70s. and i was in law school during that time. i won't tell you how much beer i drank, being a cal-berkeley guy.
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but larry, i compare what the giants went through in their history and anchor, and you see similarities. we almost lost both companies and then that he:-- then they rebounded. and they are in fantastic growth. and they are both in my opinion, you are made in san francisco, you are the anchor of this. a large manufacturer. but i also associate with you giants. because they are the manufacturer of the world series championship. that's a great combination. you will be able to create additional jobs here in the shed and pier. and again monique and i talked
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about how to get investments on the piers. if you know the history of this pier and along with the other piers. we had to kind of settle for warehouse of different companies or government agencies. they were the warehouses. and that's what president ho has been struggling with. how do we get our real estate on the port to be activated and bringing down people. and that's what our movement in the city has been all about with our public/private partnerships and the business relations. and of course giant the led it in the at&t waterfront, and it's been exciting to see that. and all the avenue electrified on that. and to see that on the waterfront. and to have have that complim t complimented. and it will be a huge part of
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pier 70. so this is all part of a master plan. i have to admit that was over a year-and-a-half ago that larry told me in confidence. and i couldn't say anything. may come down to the pier. but you can't jinx it, you can't say anything about it. and we were together in 2010 celebrating our world series. and already whispering about the possibility. and will to see it happen is fantastic. and with a home-grown company and to have your iconic symbol to be in play with the port is fantastic as well. i see all of that happening. and again i have to say to larry and keith and to the port and to all of our project managers. we are still very lucky as a city. and even the board of supervisors know how lucky we are. not only to gain the attraction of world status with our
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championship baseball. and also, you have to understand anchorstein is no longer a manufacturer beer like micro-breweries. they are requested and i brought a friend that wants to send containers of your beer to china tomorrow. and i said, you have to stand in line. i have 17 countries that want that beer as well. we have a great market. it's not just local san francisco. it's about where we are in our place today. and that anchor and the world series giant and our port of san francisco are on the map. but they are the international hub for everything that happened. and when we make things in san francisco, and this is the real pitch. that we make it for the whole world. we just don't make it for local consumption. whether clothing or confection
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or food. everyone is asking what do you have made in san francisco. because we want it in china and india and japan and europe, all over the place. because it means quality. it means well-manufactured products. it means people that enjoy their craft and what they do. and it also means a lot of local people get a lot of jobs out of it as well. with this, i will go quickly to the samples. and enjoy the day properly. and if i can be joined by the cameramen and women, i am sure that the media will enjoy the samples as well. thank you very much. and congratulations. [applause] >> thank you very much, mr. mayor and mr. behar and mr. gregor. thank you for your work and
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vision. and before i introduce the next speakers. i want to take a moment to introduce two fabulous city heads. first and foremost, our city administrator, naomi kelly. and our head of waterfront development in the office of economic and workforce development, jennifer maps in the back of the room. thank you all for joining us. it's my honor to introduce two more very partners. we would not be able to move forward here at the port of san francisco without the support of our board of supervisors. and particularly those supervisors whose districts that adjoin our waterfront. it's my honor to work with these two ladies on a regular basis. they are committed to the districts they serve and the broader san francisco. they both come at their jobs
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from different perspectives. but with the common goal that there something here in san francisco for everyone. and with their guidance and input they help make us great. just like we have the opportunity to do so today. please join me in welcoming supervisor jane kim and supervisor malia cohen from districts six and 10 respecti respectively. [applause] >> good morning. i was reminded this morning as the mayor was announcing different members of the city family that are here, naomi kelly, and those others, the mayor likes to travel with the ladies. but in all honestly it's great to be here. and anchorstein is my favorite san francisco beer.
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and it's a beer that i grab for when i go to a friends' house. not that it's a plug, but it's important to support san francisco products. and it's amazing that this company has been committed to san francisco and as an ambassador throughout the world. and important to partner with another great ambassador, and that's the san francisco giants. as we look at district 6, that includes mission bay. we have to recognize the history that was here before much of the development came. and that was the development and warehouses. and i came here to shop for furniture and other local wares. and it's exciting as we develop this part of the city, that can manage a lot of density. and sf-made is an incredible
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collaborative here that is working to keep local manufacturing. and increase that part of the sector, which is also a different type of coming of jobs for san francisco. that we greatly need. i am excited to in a short amount of time to welcome this development to this part of the district. and i was reminded it wasn't that long ago on a nice and sunny day, that we also were able to be here with the giants to announce this new development here on seawall lot 337. i am excited for this partnership. and excited to work with supervisor cohen that borders this part of mission bay. and that we are able to develop this complete and exciting new neighborhood. thank you. >> good morning, i am so excited
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to be here, and this is district 6, and if we were in district 10, there will be sun. but at pier 70, district 10, there will be sunshine, i promise. i too share the ports excitement and supervisor kim's excitement. to stand here with the giants, and one of san francisco's oldest business, anchor breweries, to make this announcement. i can't make the bold statement that it's my favorite. i wasn't play favorites. because we have another brewery in bayview. but i want to key on when we talk about development of the city and the southeast neighborhood. they are talking about it in terms of attracting new businesses and new projects.
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what is unique about today, we are emphasizing the expansion of a san francisco business that is based here today. and already is growing and expanding. that makes this announcement more exciting. anchor has been a part of san francisco and potrero hill for decades. it's a great partnership to have have it here in pier 78 -- pier 48, you are welcome. you sense the competition, maybe just on my part, i don't know. nonetheless it's very fortuitous that we are here today. i want to say thank you to keith gregor, and for the giants, larry, thank you for your leadership. and mayor, go giants. all right, thank you. >> aren't they great? thank you, supervisors to be
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here and huddle together to stay warm. and lastly i want to introduce the president of the port commission, maureen woo ho. join me in welcoming president woo ho. >> good morning, and since i am standing here before your tasting, i won't be here long. i have been on the port commission for two years. and i want to acknowledge that i had fellow commissioners working on this project in this part of san francisco. and in 20006 -- 2006 there was effort of the port and the community and with the mayor's office and the board of
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supervisors. to come up with a plan to make this today what is a reality. i think this is an extremely auspicious beginning. we are in the ninth or 10th day of chinese new years. and i think it's important to recognize this is a great beginning for mission rock and anchorstein. and as the mayor said, we are trying to activate the waterfront. and pier 48 and mission rock is what we are trying it do, to combine many disverse businesses. where it's maritime and with giants and anchorstein to bring forward the waterfront. it's a renaissance that we are seeing. i sometimes talk to the port staff, gosh another press conference. because we are always announcing
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something new on the waterfront. so exciting to be a part of this effort. i want to recognize the port staff in their hard work and the mayor's office and port staff to work on all the projects. and this one exemifies so many purposes, i can't wait to see when anchorstein is here, this is a tourist attraction. this is a great beginning. it's not the end. we have so many more things coming, the exploretorium will be coming soon. and i am happy to facilitate what we expect over the next decade. this wonderful waterfront for san francisco, the citizens and
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the world. thank you. >> thank you, i appreciate your remarks. ladies and gentlemen, the moment has arrived. where we get to raise a glass. and for those of you who don't mind the chill, we will actually taste a bit and be inspired -- any who works for the port, that's a no no. larry says the giants too. but he will be on the down-low, so you have my blessing. if i may ask all to join us and make a toast to the future.
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>> don't count. one, two, three. very nice. very nice. >> need some help? >> cheers.
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>> we will be available for questions. thank you very much.
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