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tv   [untitled]    April 4, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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resolution approving it and that it's served you can recommend to the state any number of conditions. whether or not those conditions match the police department's recommendations. >> okay. i appreciate that and the establishment may decide to put up a camera in consultation with the police, with northern station i believe it is, or with supervisor breed's office if it's helpful. i know there are businesses more than willing to do that to help out but i have a problem mandating it so the motion move it forward with a positive recommendation and as well as removal of condition number 11. >> okay. >> supervisor yee. >> so i will be seconding that and i really don't want to repeat what supervisor wiener had said and i pretty much agree with his statements about mandating surveillance cameras. i think again if the owner want
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to be a good neighbor and help out with the community issues that would be great, but on the issue of mandating i am in agreement with supervisor wiener. >> thanks and thank you to ms. avery for the community outreach and the letters of support as well and good luck to the business. colleagues it sounds like we're unanimous with this and can we approve the motion by supervisor wiener without objection? thank you. mr. evans please call item number four. >> item number four is a hearing to consider the issuance of on sale beer license to cesar ascarrunz for cesar's ballroom located at 820 26th street. >> and do we have a representative from mr. ascarrunz here?
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>> good morning supervisors. >> good morning. >> i believe you know who i am. the beginning of my entertainment was in north beach and i was the only business at that time for 10 years that i used to do benefits for the youth program in the chinese community and also the italian community and also seniors. in the 60's i was the only night club to allow gay dances in north beach, no other club in san francisco area at that time was able to do that. even i help -- i never knew mr. harvey milk was gay. i helped him with the leaflets in north beach because i liked his style. when i moved to the mission district in the early 70's there was the
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quieto crime drug and 6:00 o'clock was finished. there are only two places on valencia -- [inaudible] and nothing else. up at the mission there was the a couple o places and a few produce markets and the excelsior district was [inaudible] or nothing. people say if you're going to open this business in six months you will sell socks on 20th and mission. take a look what i did in mission district. i built up that neighborhood so great. that's the best place now in san francisco. i never ever -- when i was 23 years on mission and i asked for police assistance. i used to have excellent, excellent security. any type of crime, anything stop. i was
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mentioned in 60 minutes with [inaudible]. i was invited to the white house by president regan, president bush, president clinton, president bush -- >> mr. ascarrunz, can i ask to you focus on the site and we have an important hearing coming up. >> yes. this is a simple operation. i am not opening this place because -- people don't leave me alone in the streets. we don't have a place to dance. we don't have a place for benefits, nothing. it's no more cesar latin plaz plaza -- >> this is about the liquor license. >> it's beer and wine only just from the place is very nice. it's a beautiful place. i am saving -- i talked to a lot of people in the neighborhood, even to people and tell me welcome
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to this neighborhood soy this is simple operation. they're going to dance and also in case you want to know when i was in cesar's i don't -- donate and people were dancing for free. nobody in the country has that -- nobody can touch that, so this is -- i'm not opening -- and also 50 people started working in that place. 50 jobs and myself -- god gave me everything and in the afternoons and tomorrow on the radio which i -- mention the city and the police department. the police department are helping. this is something peoples needs and this is what i am. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. now a report
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from alu. thank you. >> mr. cesar ascarrunz has filed a application with alcohol and beverage control seeking type 42 wine and beer premises for 820 26th street. the premises located in plot 321. it's not located in a high crime area. this premise is located in census track 9809. and it is currently located in undue concentration area. abc received one letter of protest and no letter of support. the department recommendation. there is no opposition from the bay view police station if mr. ascarrunz agree to the
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recommended conditions. alu recommend approval with the following conditions. condition one sale and consumption of alcohol beverages shall be between 7:00 a.m. and 12 midnight sunday through thursday and 7:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. friday and saturday. the petitioners are responsible for free of litter over the premises which they have control. loitering is prohibited on sidewalk or property adjacent to the premises under the control of the licensee as depicted on the abc form 257. graf fey shall be removed from the premises and parking lots under the control of the licensee within 72 hours of application. if the graffiti occurs on a friday or weekend day or holiday the licensee shall remove it within 72 hours following the beginning of the next weekday.
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[inaudible] of premises shall be with lighting and -- questionable the appearance and conduct of all persons on above the premises. additionally the lighting shall not disturb the normal privacy of neighboring residents. no noise shall be audible beyond the area of the licensee as depicted on abc form 257. interior lighting maintained shall be [inaudible] the appearance and conduct of all persons and patrons in the portion of the premises where alcohol beverages are sold, served delivered or consumed. this license shall not be exchange for on site general license. the petitioner shall
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use electronic recording to monitor the premises and entrances and xitds and actively recorded. this electronic surveillance used during the operating hour. recordings shall be kept at least 30 days and made available to the department and the police department upon demand. note inspector vankoa met with the applicant and they discussed [inaudible]. thank you. >> thank you inspector. so mr. ascarrunz if you could just elaborate on what you were saying. go ahead. >> i don't have no problem. i am very [inaudible] to do something because it's easy to do the right thing because it cost less in the long run. >> so mr. ascarrunz usually a couple of points we make is have you communicated with supervisor cohen of that district and what
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kind of community support is there for the alcohol license? >> i talk to mr. gold stein and says welcome. and -- [inaudible] we like to have something different but i don't own the building and maybe you can recommend the public works there is no sidewalk. >> mr. ascarrunz have you communicated with supervisor cohen's office on this one? i understand you have and if you could elaborate on that please. >> i will do whatever i can. i have no problem. >> have you communicated with supervisor malia cohen's office? >> yes. did you talk to the people? yes. did you talk to the people? yes. they were very happy. >> thank you very much. if there are no other questions let's open this up for public
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comment. if there is someone that would like to speak please come forward. two minutes maximum per person. >> my name is mikeel nolan and a resident of san francisco since 1970 and living in bernal heights. hi the pleasure of meeting cesar ascarrunz and he's been a pioneer and a hands on guy. when you give him a license you know he's going to be responsible in managing the place, managing the people, welcome being the customers, taking care of security. >> >> and playing the 59's on in the. >> >> and playing the piano in the band. this is in a warehouse district. i showed cesar the place several months ago. it's an existing ball room which teaches ball room dance classes
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and he saw it and he talked to the owner of the business and introduced the idea of bringing more people into this very quiet warehouse district to do dancing so i strongly support this. i think it will be great. dancing is very popular in this city and it will bring to this lonesome area of the bay view some culture and excitement. >> thank you mr. nolan. anyone else that would like to speak? >> hi supervisors. thank you for your consideration of this item. the project sponsor did reach out to our office and our initial request was to get in contact with the dog patch merchant associations and the neighborhood association. we took the liberty of reaching out and showing the conditions that the alu suggested. they're
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primarily supportive given the industrial nature and no residents within 500 square feet. they are happy with the conditions proposed. we will continue to work with the sponsor to make sure there is adequate litter and graffiti removal in more than one location but i we can continue to work on through the implementation process. >> thank you. is there anyone else that would like to speak? seeing none public comment is closed. supervisor yee. >> i just want to say real quickly i will be supporting this -- >> are you biases a little bit here. >> a little bias. yes, i remember the club cesar's on mission, and it would be great if we have a few more venues for latin salsa type dancing since i seem to go to every one of them
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and it's nice to have another venue, and if that's type -- to be truthful if it's that type of venue i never seen alcohol consumption as a primary motivation for people to go to these places so i'm going to be supportive. >> thank you. and for those in the audience that don't know i hear a really expert salsa dancer here, so colleagues it sounds like there is support for this. supervisor wiener. >> thank you. i'm not an expert salsa dancer but it sounds like a great venue and i am very supportive of the license. i do have a problem with condition number nine. again mandating that they place surveillance camera and monitor it at all times and keep the surveillance for 30 days, produce it upon demand to the police department
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without even a warrant without policy discussion about this so i support the license but i don't support condition number nine. >> thank you. can we just have a roll call on this item mr. evans? >> supervisor wiener. >> yeah i don't want to vote against the license. i support the license so maybe what we can do is i can make a motion to amend to remove number nine and vote on that and i'm going to vote for the license whether or not condition nine is there because i think this is a great application. >> that sounds fine and i know ms. bruses spoke in spoke of the alu conditions. it doesn't prohibit the owner from voluntarily using the electronic surveillance as suggested by the alu as well so your motion supervisor is -- >> well, i would make a motion to forward this with positive
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recommendation without condition number nine and i would say as a district supervisor i am very sensitive to the needs of the district supervisor to work with the community and have appropriate limitations on venues, but i view this as this is a city wide issue because this is happening all over the city. >> okay. i think i will be supportive of that as well, but so can we move this forward with a positive recommendation? supervisor yee. >> can we just vote on the amendment first? >> okay. let's use this as an amendment to supervisor wiener's amendment to strike condition nine on the electronic surveillance. is that your motion? >> yeah condition to strike nine. >> district city attorney again. condition nine is listed in one of the whereas clauses and listing the police department
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recommendations so i believe we amend this resolution just as we did with the last item to change the resolved clause to provide that that the board supports all of the police department conditions except condition number nine. >> so that the motion to amend then. can i mr. chairman just ask -- [inaudible] i have a question for you. regarding video surveillance. if it were not required for the license but if the police station and sprofer supervisor cohen asked you to do that can you do that. >> you put something into the microphone. it's not nice to have take liberties of people
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sometimes going in and out. i will have the best security you can ever imagine. never, never, ever the police was called at cesar latin plaza or cesars and i owned in the 70's eight night clubs and restaurants and never had a problem with the police but to monitor your life it's not healthy for me, not even for you. cameras are cheap -- >> if supervisor cohen asked you to put a camera up are you open to that? >> oh yeah. >> thank you. that's my motion and again if you want to put it up voluntarily working with supervisor cohen and the police that is great but i have a problem mandating it so that's my motion. >>i am voting in opposition to the motion. i think that we need surveillance mandated in certain spots on a case by case basis and i think this is the
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type of business that probably needs surveillance so i am voting in opposition to that so this is amendment. supervisor yee. >> i ask for a separate vote for the amendment then because i was going to be in opposition to it. in january these clubs are pretty. >> >> in general these clubs are well secured and so forth but on particular saturdays it's a little different and knowing that these types of areas -- especially there's a lot of them breaking into cars around this because it's so isolated and great to have that type of surveillance to stop that because even -- there's a similar like club over on maraposea and connecticut and
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the break in to the cars there are a lot, and i think they have cameraos site would deter that so i'm going to be voting against the amendment. >> so mr. evans can we have a roll call on the amendment. >> on the motion for the moment by supervisor wiener. supervisor wiener. >> aye. >> supervisor yee. >> no. >> supervisor mar. >> no. >> mar no. we have two no's, one aye. >> can we have a roll call on the item? supervisor wiener. >> i don't think we need a roll call. >> just move it with recommendations. >> we can move the item forward without objections colleagues. thank you. thank you. mr. evans please call the next hearing item. >> item number five is a hearing
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and presentations from the municipal transportation agency, planning department, transportation authority and department of public health. >> and this has been called by supervisor norman yee. >> thank you. i requested a hearing on pedestrian safety issues on district 7. i did so for many reasons. i know first hand how important an issue it is. i know it's important to hundreds of people that i spoke to on the campaign trail who shared their stories. i also know that because of the dozens of district 7 residents that have reached out to my office since my election with their concerns and priorities. pedestrian safety is a public safety issue in san francisco. in the first three months of 2013 six people have lost their lives because of pedestrian
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collisions and two in district 7 and i find this is unacceptable. the city and myself as a supervisor we all have the responsibility to do everything that we can to improve this situation. pedestrian safety to me is also a question of being fiscally responsible and making it most out of money that the city spends. on the cost side every year collisions between pedestrians and cars cost the city an average of $15 million and district 7 trails only district 6, three and four in how much the collisions cost the city. on the spending side i want to make sure as a city we are making smart investments based on data, and that we try to coordinate among the many city agencies under which these matters fall, so that we are efficient, coordinated and effective. finally i think
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that pedestrian safety is a community issue. people of district 7 know where improvements needed and today by looking at the data that the city departments are presenting and listening to the public comments i think we are able to get a real sense of the needs of the district. there will be several departments that will be presenting. i'm going to do this a little bit differently. i'm going to ask most of the departments that are involved to do the presentation. then i'm going to ask for public comments, and then i will ask for the transportation authority to make their presentation as the last piece of this before i question -- we can question the departments, and in doing so i wanted to be able to capture all of the information, data, and so forth and get public comments
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in regards to what they're seeing in their neighborhoods and their particular intersections before the transportation authority, which of course has some resources to address these issues, so that's sort of the order they will be taking it in, so first up i would like to ask christina alea of the department of public works who will present on the jurisdiction of public right away who is responsible for what and how we currently coordinate pedestrian safety improvements with street repaving and other road maintenance activities. >> good morning supervisors. i am christina caldron alea and engineer and project manager with the department of public works. dpw manages and
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maintains the public right aways and in general from building face to building face. we maintain approximately 878-miles of streets which consists of 12855 blocks and 7200 intersections. we work with other city departments to maintain and improve the public right a way. as you know building faces are regulated by city planning. we work with city planning to prioritize street scape projects for funding and work in the planning place of the projects. we work with the public utilities commission on street lighting and especially pedestrian scale lighting. we also work with them on sewer and water projects. when we do repaving a lot of the projects are joined with the puc to make the sewer
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and water improvements at the same time. we work closely with the municipal transportation agency on transit and traffic operations, on the over head system during construction, and we also work closely with them in planning and design of our street scape projects. we work with the transportation authority to program funding and planning of many of our projects. we work with the department of public health to promote pedestrian safety and active transportation. that is walking and biking. and we also work with the mayor's office on disability for curb ramp improvements. dpw worked closely with these departments as part of the better streets plan as well. within dpw pedestrian safety efforts fall into three categories: maintenance of the streets and sidewalks, enhancements, and helping the city develop pedestrian safety policies. in the maintenance category we
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have a sidewalk inspection and repair program, a street resurfacing program, curb ramp construction,. under enhancements we have the street scape projects and in developing pedestrian safety policies we worked with mta and department of public health on the pedestrian safety task force. so for the sidewalk inspection and repair program under city and state codes the property owner responsible for the repair and maintenance of the sidewalk fronting their property. if the property owner fails to repair the sidewalk after being notified the city will repair the sidewalk and invoice the owner for the cost. the inspection and the repair is handled by the sidewalk and repair program which was established in 2007. the program inspects all sidewalks throughout the city on a 25
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year cycle. the inspection schedule is prioritized by pedestrian usage and the types much streets or elements used to prioritize include whether the street is a commercial district, sidewalks along muni routes, sidewalks within 500 feet of schools, public facilities, hospitals or senior centers and population density. this is a map specifically of sidewalk inspection and repair in district 7. you can see that we have completed inspection and repair along judah, kirkham and latman and between fourth and 12th avenues and then we have 18 accelerated sidewalk repair program which are the stars and those are complaint driven so we have completed several of though projects in the district.
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moving to our payment renovation, our street resurfacing program. it includes grinding and paving of the asphalt, base repairs and curb ramp construction. with the street bond funding we are now adding bicycle and pedestrian and traffic calming improvements along with the repaving projects. these efforts which we call solve the paving projects are coordinated closely with the municipal transportation agency. our curb ramp program's goal is provide accessible s of travel for all public sidewalks. >> >> due to the construction of curb ramps following all state and ada guidelines. $8 million of the current street repair and resurfacg