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tv   [untitled]    April 11, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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personally, but to the full board. however, i think that when shell is a company out of the 200 and we are talking about divesting out of them and i don't agree that there is a difference between agreeing to do that and signing a contract with them with the full board of supervisors and at the same point in time we will divest out of a company that is two separate objectives and so i appreciate your comments. and i don't agree with them. and i think that there is a huge difference there and something that should be pointed out. and i am not so sure if anyone approves of us signing contracts with shell oil. and however, that again actually stregtens my resolve and acknowledging that there are trade offs between social policies and investment returns. and as i said before, that is my big consideration here, i completely agree with the climate change movement but i think that we need to be responsible as well and
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acknowledge that the retirement members who depend upon it are acknowledge as well and have a part in this. >> so we already have except for my staff, we already have language and the whereas klous under 12.100 under the board of san francisco employees, to (inaudible) shall have primary authority and fiduciary responsibility for investment of moneys and administrations or retirement system. so we already have in the clause but i will accept your amendments and we can do those for the full board. >> okay. >> so, do we have those okay? >> all right. we have those amendments and we can do it without opposition? elet's move forward. >> and we can do this recommendation for the full board and do you want to the full board two weeks from today? >> the 23rd. >> and we can have a motion to move it forward to the full
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board for the meeting on april 23rd. >> we can do so without opposition. >> and mr. clerk, do we have any other announcements. >> just to an firm that the amendment was accepted and recommended without recommendation to the full board meeting on april 23rd. >> yes. >> that complete thises morning's agenda. >> okay. we are adjourned.>
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>> the clerk of the committee is very talented. i would like to thank sfgtv. thank you very much guys. let's begin. could you please read the first item? >> item no. 1 ordinance the contract modification not to exceed the amount requirement under administration code and authorizeing the director of public works amend as needed architectural services as needed by $150,000. to $1 million for a limit purpose of
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completing the design on september 2nd, 2010. >> thank you very much. i have a couple words. first of all i have to thank you of this item that i'm introducing is to support the continued revitalization of the opera house. the opera house is the only building in the bay view listed on the national directory of historic places and serves as a key for a gathering place. a restoration structural upgrades and i am improvements to the facility so it can function as a larger sight for community programs and uses. the architectural team and fish has been leading this project with dpw. next i would like to call miss judy.
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>> welcome. i'm thrilled to be here. i'm doing a very brief presentation and i think you are going to be very excited by what you see for a supervisor tang just a little bit of history. this is one of 4 cultural centers owned by the city and that is under the auspices of the san francisco arts commission. this is a project as supervisor cohen says we've been working on with tom elliot fish and landscape designer walter hood. do you have this on your screen? or you should have the hard copy in front of you. one of the things we are really proud of on this design team is recognizing the history k place of the opera house in the context of the district. you will see in front of you the
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very interesting history that begins with the loaney people that live along the bay of bay view. the history of the shipyard and very interesting and important to us is the picture on the far right is a history of the racial tensions in the mid 60s. that corner you see on the right hand image is a corner that you will see on a design schematic that we hope to turn into a commemorative plaza. i'm going to move to the next image and see the distribution -- direction we have gone with the design team. the key areas of this project are to improve accessibility with strong emphasis on the historic front and then to
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activate the outdoor plaza space specifically in response to a desire to create outdoor am theatre and very active area for the community. we also wanted to do a greening elements. i suspect all of you have been there. eight very barren concrete area. this is an idea of a historic front of the building and what we'll be doing. you will see a very contemporary walkway. i have another image coming up. the design team under the leadership of walter hood has this beautiful image holding the building in a kind of an embrace, what you don't realize until luke at these drawings, the building is actually at an incline and we really want to place this property and street
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escape to really embrace the heart and soul of the corridor. the next is the detail of the placement of the work along the front of the building. this is as you obviously know it's 1888 historic facade. we've been through all of our entitlements including preservation and we have an ease meant with the architectural heritage. then i just want to show i a little bit more detail on the back design elements. we are very very excited about this opportunity to create a real outdoor stage with seating. we have a very exciting and interesting opportunity to do some greening but also to allow the space open so that is it's flexible. we can do a farmers market, a street fair, any number of things and all of
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this is keep in mind is all about access. there is full access completely surrounding the buildings. this project also includes interior work, ada bathrooms will be installed on 2 levels. the stage will get accessible treatment and historic balcony will have some structural engineering work done and the last image which i'm really excited to share is kind of our vision for the future. this is what it will look like as you imagine with performances going on and festivals going on with this wonderful activation which will include new fencing, new lighting, new seating and just i think a sense of vibrancy. the project is 4-and-a-half million that is coming through
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11 city sources. this is across multiple city agencies and we hope to raise an additional half million dollars. and we would like to give local brick by brick program. i'm happy to answer any questions regarding the contract. >> thank you very much for your presentation. before we bring up brook to say a couple words. could you talk to me, i didn't see in the description the possible design for connecting the parking lot to the plaza. >> the mendell plaza. the design work on the fence includes a large ruling gate
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that will be across from mendell plaza. with the intent we'll close off the bay view project for the children and will it encourage movement from the man dell plaza to the bay view plaza. >> what material is it made of? >> the final work will go through final design. it's actually going to be metal with a twist in it that will have a kind of a ripple effect so you will be able to see through it at some angles but it will block and provide privacy for children's area and will be lit from underground so in the evening the light will shine
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and it will have a sense of movement to it. >> will it mechanically move? >> i don't know the answer to that. i will find out for you. >> looks like we have a question from commissioner campos? >> thank you madam chair. thank you for this presentation. it's a beautiful building. just a couple questions. for the outdoor theatre, what was the seating capacity? >> it's a flexible seating compassey. -- capacity. i think it's about 180 now. the idea is it might work for both performances on the stage or could be reversed so people can sit and face man dell plaza.
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>> what's the playground? >> our property at the bay view could be opened up to the children's playground. it's why we moved the current play area for the programs that take place now is along 3rd street. let me show you on this. >> so starting out it won't be connected? >> it's not connected now because there are two separate properties owned by two separate departments. but we imagine a time where we can put a single gate. the gate that runs between the two properties is not being changed but we do imagine m time it will be lovely for the community if we could link the two properties together. right now the children's area that is used predominantly by the tenant
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organization is here and we want to move it here so it could be synchronizity. >> are there any local neighborhood artist involved ? >> the arts project was invested years ago along the gym. but this commemorative plaza area will be a piece of public art. that has not been determined yet but this commemorative area will be where art is installed. >> if there are no other questions, i would like to bring brook up from dpw to also comment on this item? >> sure. from public works. i had the opportunity of managing
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the rec's center renovation about 6 or 7 years ago. and i highly admired the playground. just on the contracting conversation, we have as needed contracts at dpw that supplements some of our resources that we go out to private sector to help us do some design work and the reason we come before you today typically it's a 3 year contract and added 2 years to complete the work and as some of the delays we have experienced the capacity has run out and we are coming to you to give us a waiver to allow to design team to complete the work and start construction this summer. >> thank you very much. thank you. i see no public comment. let me ask. is there any public
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comment? seeing no public comment, it's closed. is this an action item? can i have a motion? thank you. motion made by supervisor katie tang. without objection, we've moved this item. thank you for a fantastic presentation. i'm so excited. i know we all are. we'll all be at the ribbon cutting. mr. clerk please read item no. 2. approving legislative analyzing work plan for 2013. >> thank you so much. good morning members of the committee, from the budget and analyst office. this is in your packet. i just want to pass it
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in case you don't have it. this year, every year we present the work plan for the service hours. this is based on not only last year's work plan but how weal -- allocated our services last year. we will not project the budget in may. it's on a 2 year budget and we don't think there is a reason to review this year unless there is major changes. we did reduce a number of hours allocated to budget and we did distribute them to legislative item because we have items over the first couple months and also 2 performance audit to continue special projects at the request of the board. we also attached our performance measures. these are so performance measures that we've offered in prior years. if you have any
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questions? i don't see any questions. it doesn't look like we have any questions. thank you very much. >> i would like to take public comment on this item no. 2. seeing no comment. this item is closed. before i close it, is there a motion? >> so moved. >> thank you very much. without object this motion passes. thank you, mr. clerk. is there any other items? >> this concludes our agenda. >> thank you. this meeting is adjourned.
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