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tv   [untitled]    April 25, 2013 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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other events because i don't think that there is anything more important than this project. i am unapologetically biased that way. it will be schedule as a special meeting in between. >> between the july 11, and the august? >> no, in between, when we get the bids and then in july. so we could have two meetings in july, for example. >> yeah. >> i am taking a vacation starting the 13th. >> that is the problem. the board members are gone. >> director metcalf we will do our best. >> okay. any other questions or comments? >> okay. >> thank you very much. >> okay. >> and move into item nine which is approving the draft anticipated disadvantaged business enterprise participation level program for the physical years, 13-14, through 15-16 and authorization
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of the relesion of the draft adpl for the 30 day public review and 45 day public comment process. >> directors, we have calculated a percentage for our fta funded contracts which are the administrative type of contract and legal services that it would be planned to be awarded between october first of this year, and september 30th of 2016. with when we will run the methodology it will run into a 14.8 percent dbe for those contracts and also calculate at a small business target, although, it is not legally required by any of our grant ors and it is not something that we would report to any of the grant ors, we do want to continue to focus on small business, participation and so for, all contracts to be awarded in that time period, not just fta funded contracts. which are estimated to a total of over 394 million, we would suggest a target of 7 and a
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half percent for those contracts for dbe and sbe participation. and we will put this out for a public comment. we will send it to all of our stake holders and we will be participating in the business out reach communities and public participation process to get comments, last fall or last summer we held a small roundtable of our offices in the small business advantaged business and we plan to do the same this year to get their comments on this and we will come back to you in june for final afinal approval. and although we have never received any comments that would have caused us or never received comments before, but nothing that causes us to adjust the percentage. >> how do the proposed numbers compare to the current year numbers? >> it is very interesting, the 14.8 percent is right where we are at right now, program-wide, 14 percent for the dbe for
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these last set of three fiscal years. >> this is something new? >> i would call this a program wide ebe goal, it is not anything that we will report to fta because they have made it clear that they are not interested any more. but i think that it is a good threshold for us to keep in mind because we don't lose participation on all of the contracts not just those that are funded. >> the 7 and a half percent is just based on the dbe and that would probably be higher when we take these into consideration as well. how did we arrive at the 7.5. >> you can take the attachments here and walk you through the methodology and not to get too much into it, but you take your contracts that are planned to be awarded and you look at the north american classification codes associated with each of those contracts and then you look into dbe data base for
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dbes that are certified to do that type of work and then you look in the census bureau for the type of businesses in the 9 counties that are registered for that type of work and then you just do the proportions. >> this is a similar methodology to the fte? >> we used the same just on the broader set of contracts. >> how does that compare with our existing empirical performance. >> 7 and a half percent is much lower, since it is just the participation, it is at 20 percent for the life of the program. and 21 percent right now for these past three years and so i think that 7 and a half percent is a good target to keep in mind for dbes but i would expect it to be much higher when you consider sbes. do we not have data? it is hard to apply the same methodology to run the sbe numbers because the data bases don't use the same types of
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classifications. the codes are not in it. >> i understand. i don't mean to belabor this. i think that we were surprised when the fda said that this is how we want you to do the calculation because it seemed a narrow and technical way as opposed to looking at the past performance and so we have to do that for their purposes but for the other program, i think that it is great that you guys are doing, we don't have to use their, some what limited methodology, we can just look at our own past performance and we can look at other projects in the region and i would want us to be inadvertently setting a low target, even though it is, again, it is just a target and it is not for the reporting purposes, i think that it is still important. >> sure, we can take a look at that and what we will do when we come back to you in june, we will look at the sbe percentage distinctly from the dbe percentage from the program
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wide contract. >> that will be great, thank you. >> anyone else? >> thank you. >> okay. >> so, no members of the public want to address you on that item so you are looking for a motion. >> so moved. >> second. >> first and a second, director harper aye. >> lloyd, aye. >> metcalf. >> aye. >> reiskin. >> aye. >> item nine is approved and go ahead and move into item ten. >> which is approving the recommended applicants to the transbay joint pores authority. >> bev will report on this item. >> thank you, maria and directors and members of the board. we put out this, we had the cac going for six years now, and i want to acknowledge jim lacerous who has been a member
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has termed out it has been a member and served as at chair for the entire six years to date. so his participation is appreciated. we had a great response to our interest for applicants this year and we had a total of 19 applications and virtually without exception, the candidates brought a wealth of experience in multiple areas of which we are looking for on our cac. if you are not familiar our cac is 15 members, and each of these 15 seats is designated to have a specific area of interest or representation including a bicycle advocate and a disabled advocate and a representative from labor, a resident of district six and almost without exception, people brought a breadth of
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experience to the applications. we have a total of 7 recommendations brought to you today. and including three returning members and four new members to the cac. and two of the new applicants are here today, and they would be available to speak if you would like to. and if you have any other questions, i would be happy to answer them. >> i have no questions, on the recommendation and i am happy to support it. i know at least two of the folks and they are great and would be great additions. just a question on the functioning of the cac, aside from the appointments, we don't ever kind of see or hear anything from the cac or if we do i have forgotten. are there, do they make recommendations to the tjpa? is there any... do they issue reports? is there anything that comes out that would be relevant or of interest to the board?
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>> well a lot of the cac has been to serve as a public forum for discussion of the design of the transit center and elements we have had as an example. s better market streets program come and speak to the cac so that they can understand how our ro ject is relating to that project and the bicycle improvements and the cac has upon occasion made recommendations, but, we don't typically agendaize specific actions for the cac. >> and co-founder from cal train. cac chair or appointee make a full report to the full board of director. i would like to see to do the same, so that we can become better acquainted.
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>> okay. and we have offered that in the past and not recently, but jim laserous did come a few times to make certain statements. but, we could consider that. we will look at that change. >> i have a question about the ac transit rider. the appointee marla wilson. do you know whether or not she is a member of the transbay riders group that meets monthly? >> i don't believe that she is, no. >> that bothers me, that is group that comes to the ac transit about anything on this project and they are important to me politically, 20 to 30 people and i don't care who they want to serve on this committee. but it will be somebody from that group. because i don't know marley wilson and i called up a couple of people that i knew from the
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transbay riders and they don't know her and i don't want us picking, and i don't not want to disparage this woman she could be great. if i can't talk to her and have her, you know, at least promise me that she is going to become a member of that group, i don't want her on this body. those are the people that the ac transit board listens to when it comes to the problems with the transbay terminal and the problems with anything to do with this and they really should be the people to say, this is someone that we... because that way you are getting 20 riders, 20 or 30 that are active in that group as opposed to one. so i would oppose to her appointment, because you did not have a phone number for us so i could not call her. so i could at least talk to her or find out what is going on. i just, we have got a very active group, around the terminal. and we just need to now, they need to be the ones to say, here is our person that we want
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to listen to about that. >> well, we could do is if you would like chair person harper is just take out marla pending further investigation on that issue and we could appoint the others and then we could bring you... i believe that we... i believe that bob has put out on calls for applicants to apply everywhere and also with the group. >> we have done it with the ac transit. and i don't know, we have not specifically gone to the ridership. >> you have spoken to the rider ship group. >> a couple of times. >> yeah, why don't we do this, why don't we take mar la out for now and go and reach out to the bus riders group and if she is a member of that and if she will become a member of that, if not let's see if they can provide a candidate, will that work? >> yeah. >> okay. >> so we will take a motion to
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amend the resolution to remove mar la for now. and approve the other six recommended applicants. >> so moved. >> second. >> first and second and then members of the public wishing to address you on that item? >> i would like to make a comment. >> patrick, and patrick and company. i attend many of these board meetings but you are right, i believe that the cac, is a joke. i am sorry to say that. there is fine people there, but this board takes no notice of their activity in a minimum you should at least have their minutes so that you can see what is going on, what has come to their. i know that there is one issue about the artwork for the transbay terminal and they wrote the board a letter and no response. i don't think that they are effective and you need to make that order effective. thank you. >> thank you. >> and members of the public that want to address you on
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that item? >> so with a first and a second? >> harper? >> aye. >> lloyd. >> aye. >> metcalf. >> aye. >> reiskin. >> aye. >> that is four ayes item ten is approved. item eleven. >> approval. >> second. >> no members of the public wishing to address you on that. and believe that harper harper will be abstaining? >> lloyd? >>ite aye. >> reiskin >> aye. >> and that does conclude it for today. >> we are adjourned. >> thank you.
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>> good morning and welcome to the san francisco county, transportation authority, my name is john avalos, the chair of the transportation authority, the clerk of the board is erica chang and we are brought to you by the sfgtv staff, madam clerk, could you call the roll? >> roll call, avalos? >> present. >> breed? >> present. >> campos? >> present. >> chiu? >> present. >> cohen. >> present. >> farrell? >> present. >> kim? >> kim, present. >> commissioner mar? >> mar, absent.
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>> tang in present. >> weiner? >> absent. >> yee, absent, we have a quorum. >> very good, could you call the next item. >> approval of the minutes of the march 26, 2013 meeting this is an action item. >> any comments or questions on the minutes, we will go to public comment, two minutes and seeing none, for public comment, we will close public comment. >> and item number two, commission avalos? >> aye. >> breed? >> aye. >> campos. >> aye. >> chiu. >> aye. >> cohen aye. >> ferrill. >> aye. >> kim? >> aye. >> mar? >> mar, absent. >> and commissioner tang in >> aye. >> weiner >> aye. >> yee, yee absent. item passes. >> very good. our next item please. >> three, this chair's report this san information item. >> okay, good morning,
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colleagues, i would like to commend everyone who participated and took part in the nation's first walk to workday. held last friday april 12th and i want to congratulate the individuals and organization to help this become a great event i was not able to participate that day due to a slight family emergency, but it is a great chance to encourage people to walk for all sorts of good reasons, your helpth and the environment and it is the opportunity to highlight all of the work that needs to be done to insure that there are safe and attractive walking routes in every neighborhood city wide. i have been really encouraged by the members of this body who have been taking up a lot of effort around the pedestrian safety as well. >> mayor yee took this advantage to release the strategy that has been developed by the stake holders and kim and yee both held hearings on pedestrian safety in their capacity of members of
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the board of supervisors. >> as chair of the authority i would like to see this body work with the relevant city agencies and authority staff and stake holders to insure that pedestrian safety improvements are prioritized for funding in the neighborhood city wide through the under way prop case strategic plan and pry ortation update. >> bike to workday is coming soon, thursday may 9th. i have my bike back and so i will be taking part, the bay area's 19th, bike to workday. prop case, the tax is long held to under write this event to introduce the new cyclists and supports long time cyclists to sustain their habits. this is a great opportunity for this body to direct prop k funding for the improvement city wide, we need to keep improving and expanding our bicycle network so that the people from all walks of life
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feel comfortable and safe bicycling in san francisco. >> i like to receive a few updates for the improvement of the executive director, at the april first meeting we extended the recruit firm from 4 to 6 weeks, the company is now actively recruiting and identifying potential candidates, and interested individuals are encouraged to submit a letter of interest with a resume by may 24th of this year, a recruitment and related information is available on the authority's website at >> the personnel committee will hold interviews in mid june and recommend the top candidates to the board. the next meeting of the personnel committee is schedule for may 6th, when the team will provide an update on the process. as i called for the meeting, the control office to help to choose the director.
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and it will be added on march 22nd and on the process of scheduling interviews with city agencies and the authority staff and already has begun researching agencies with similar function to provide a comparison. that concludes my remarks. >> okay? and this is for public comment and any member that would like to comment, come forward and seeing none, coming for ward we will close public comment. >> and madam clerk, the next item. >> executive director's report this is an information item. >> okay. good morning, commissioners, acting executive director, the report is on your desk before you. as we have some important guest speakers i am going to try to keep this short there is a tremendous amount going on in terms of the initiatives and i turn it down a couple of pages to make it fit, let me start at the federal level it is budget season as you well know.
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earlier this month, president obama released the proposal for the fiscal year, 2014 budget it has a lot of things that match very nicely for what we are advocating for in san francisco it has a 5.5 or four billion increase over 2012 levels 50 billion program to provide immediate transportation investments in key areas and the proposal for 2 billion in additional funds for new transit expansion projects unfortunately it relies on a peace dividend from the wars in iraq and afghanistan, and we feel that it has no chance of passage, given the lack of appetite to identify a new source for transportation as well as everyone beginning to realize the impact of sequestration. the one great spot is the tiger program generating economic program and that has managed to
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survive. it is over 350 million available minimum size is 10 million, in the past for san francisco this has funded a part of the parkway and transportation improvements in the mission bay area, san francisco tends to do well and according with the mayor's office and what the priorities will be for the fifth cycle and another budget-related document at the state level that the california air resources board and the department of finance released the first investment plan for auction from the cap and trade auction and this is there was also 8032 and this is one of the ways in which the state hopes to reduce greenhouse gas levels as we reported previously, the proceeds fall significantly below of what the governor had anticipated in the budget which is about a million dollars, the two auctions have brought in a half a billion and there is good news, in the investment
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plans, that has come out, and well it does not name specific project and link them to specific dollar amounts it does say that the largest share of funding should go to sustainable communities and clean projects including rail modernization and high speed rail programs and transit oriented development we will keep an eye on this and report back to the finance committee next month, this plan will be presented to the legislature on april the 25th. for the parkway, it continues to move a pace within a couple of important milestones in terms of notice to proceed in the last couple of months, in late march, the link, the concessionaire for the project assumed operation and maintenance while the people may not realize that they are maintaining even one of the facilities that was built by cal trans and operating and maintaining phase two once that is built. and now phase two construction is under way and so the stuff going on above and below ground
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and you can see it as well as the work to stabilize the soils in order to build the tunnels we have a lot of information and photos on the website, www.precidio >> the park stationary circulation study has finished the effort to collect the data on existing conditions and work with the other stake holders and come up with a number of alternatives to deal with the configurations with the i280 ramps the kiss and ride and drop off and these were shared with the advisory committee on march 13th and there will be a wider public out reach effort coming this summer, (inaudible) transit made some significant progress on this. on march 21st, we presented to the geary cic, conceptual engineering drawing for the original center and the five alternatives as well as the new
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consolidated service center running variance, to the committee. this is a big mouth full we need another acronym. this is important because it gives us a handle on what some of the technical and the policies constraints are with each of the alternatives and clearing the way for the study for each of these. >> and also working with commissioner mar's office in particular on trying to identify the set of near term improvements that can move and as well as integrating the projects into the longer term and the near term. and then, the transit has reached another major milestone too and has had the sfmta had a kick off for the prelim phase and it will bring the project to 30 percent design and marks the transition from the authority conducting the environmental studies and handing over the remainder of the project to design, build and implement. you will see a funding request coming before you to enable the authority to finish the phase
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and to fully fund that engineering phase that will come next month. and the last two things that i will highlight is the transportation plan is again, in that really big home stretch, we have made presentations to the director's working group and the technical advisor's committee and the citizen's committee on a variety of sort of the last projects that we will produce for putting the whole plan together and we have had an equity analysis and the core, network which is looking cumulatively at all of the impacts downtown and what is it doing to the roadway and transit system in place and also presented to, is the draft of the fiscally constrained scenario, we will bring the equity analysis, and the core circulation study to the plans and circulation committee next month and we are planning a major sftp and that will be unveil the fiscally constrained
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as well as (inaudible) additional revenues and the last bit on to the sftp as you may recall is the earlier out reach tool which had the budget and the city's budget czar for the day and that has won an award for the north california planning association for the public education tool. and expect that she will be back as we have the final investment scenario presented to the public and we will reencarnate that tool. i will conclude my remarks and be happy to answer the questions about anything thatdy not highlight. >> okay. thank you. director. comments or questions? >> to public comment? >> this item it now open for
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public comment. >> goods morning chair avalos and fellow commissioners my name is jackie sacks and i am a member of the citizen's advisory committee and as far as the geary brt situation is concerned as you know, i was one of the individuals, or many individuals who not only wrote prop b, but help to reauthorize prop k which is what you are working with now and what i told you last year before you went on, before you went on your summer recess, and i am going to tell you again. i suggest that all of you read the final report of the geary transit traffic force report that was published back in 1990. and also, you read, you also get a copy of the final, the final, findings that were made
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in 1995. and on a right rail transit system on geary boulevard. as far as the brt is concerned, i attended the workshops and started thinking that a lot of people are asking, what about light rail? we want light rail. and that is what the people voted for back in 1989. that was grandfathered into prop k and as far as the transit report, and as far as the transit i am on the chair for the subcommittee as well to figure out what to do in the future, i told them last week at the subcommittee that you should look into see what prop b was in prop b. and what was completed, and what was left to be done. and was grandfathered into the prop k. and what prop k was already