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tv   [untitled]    April 30, 2013 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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i do think that we should have, or at least consider having a joint committee of the board of supervisors and the trustees of city college. we are already engaged in so many partnerships with city college and having that i'm going discussion and having them be a part of the discussion with the school district is something that i think that only benefit all three agencies. i hope that is something that we move forwards to. >> president chiu: supervisor mar. >> supervisor mar: i think it is wonderful to have a dialogue, and to add live on the points that supervisor campos made, another supervisor amniano (sounds like), who created the committee of education, in which i said on for years, there should be some way to them through the college board of trustees
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and that important decision-making , on the city level and i know our advisor to the mayor and education -- mendoza, sitting in the audience as well, i hope to work with many of you together to bring a working group on how to support the college system more especially . . in this time of crisis but in long-term i think that would be helpful discussion i want to say that the suggestions made by a few colleagues new amendments on this, supervisor kim's suggestion for page 2, line 24 which takes the sting out of the word "inflating" by replacing it with growing, i think that is a really good amendment. i will make a motion that we add that to the amendments. and added the suggestion of
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supervisor wiener and chiu, to address the concern raised by wiener about tying our hands too much in the general fund, my suggestion coming from the advice of those two supervisors, on page 3, line 15, strike three words "competing unfunded budgeting", so that the amendment would read further resolved among other priorities that the board of supervisors shall consider additional support blah blah blah. i will make those two amendment. i would like to say that it's been a good process discussing these issues. i think there is nothing more important to me than moving forward with a strong voice from the city supervisors as many of you said supporting our city college. a i've been at the education level
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as a former president and vice president, and not letting the city step on our toes but this is a gesture of support in the spirit of faculty and community saying we need to support city college and a strongly urge support for the amendments in the resolution as a whole. >> president chiu: we have not yet voted on his previous amendment. i would like to suggest madam clerk, if a motion to amend, is that we are considering and that is embodied in the document that you circulated along with the two additional amendments that he described on page 2 line 24, substituting the word growing for inflating; page 3, line 15, striking the words competing unfunded budgeting. further discussion on supervisor mar's motion to amend? supervisor breed. >> supervisor breed: my comments are not necessarily about the amendment ; is more about the resolution as a whole. >> president chiu: any further
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discussion on the motion to amend? supervisor wiener. >> supervisor wiener: i support the motion to amend and with that . i will be prepared to support the resolution i do want, i agree with supervisor campos that it is all about balancing budgets needs. the unfortunate fact is and without respect to all of usin this building we are not doing , a great job in some areas balancing budget needs if you look at the needs of our park system and the cleverness of the streets and the public petition system. we are not even coming close in terms of adequate funding. one can advocate to put an additional area into our budget in terms of , supporting additional outside institutions
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it is admittedly very critical to our city and a completely legitimate point of view ,but we don't have the funding for many of the core critical needs now not by a long shot. we are already not balancing. that's all i'm saying. thank you. >> president chiu: any further discussion on supervisor mar's motion to amend? can we take motion to amend without objection? without objection the amendment is adopted. gvl (gavel)let's move now to the discussion underlying resolution. supervisor breed. >> supervisor breed: i want to comment. we all have a different way in which we believe we should go about that, city college is clearly an important institution ; the majority of my friends who graduated with from galileo high school went there, play ball, and did all kinds of other things in many of them because of
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city college have been able to go . to four years additions , in addition to that the john adams campus i cannot tell you how many can people i had to take to the john adams campus to get registered for the ged, have such an amazing program, anyone in the city, if they wanted additional education opportunities , for an extremely reasonable price city college is the place to go. even last week there was in chinatown at an amazing event or the culinary school there, i was looking for you president chiu but did not see you; we all know and accept that it is an important institution for our city. and think that one of the points that was brought up by supervisor campos and reiterated by supervisor mar, is a need for some level of joint meeting so we can actively be engaged
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in working with one another on a more consistent basis and not just when a crisis happens. the voters passed the proposition a which is legally binding; i have been looking at substantive ways in which to support city college. and just wondering, and this is before i got on the board, were there any hearings? were there any moves from the board of supervisors to actually do something when the crisis seem to be occurring? because i am not necessarily sure there was anything done right to this resolution and i just wanted clarification on that if i can get it. >> president chiu: supervisor breed like clarification. last thursday i was a supervisor mar with some of the
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chinese childcare providers early in the evening and then with supervisor farrell -- the next time i am in your district i will look for you. >> supervisor mar;; as to the question about what the city has done, definitely not enough. i know that we as a body have had discussions the budget committee that i think you missed the meeting where there was a discussion of the various services and income support the controllers office percent of to us. but i think that communicated to you some of that discussion. there have been a number of other types of meetings between different factions, the groups that support city college , but i think there needs to be much more of a dialogue and the select committee or working group from the city and the stakeholders
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from the city college system to me is a good step forward in making sure that we are putting our heads together to support this important addition. >> supervisor breed: and i had to make other concerns i wanted to bring up. i received a number of correspondents about the potential for this resolution as it was prior to it being amended. that it could potentially impact the accreditation for city college, and just the fact that things are so very vulnerable at this time. do you think that you give me maybe the response to that so that i can feel a little bit more confident about supporting this? >> supervisor mar: i know some of very concerned about the decision; in june 3-5 when the accrediting commission comes to burlingame, and no timing is very important so the city showing strong statement of support is . so me
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a very positive thing towards the institution i think some are very nervous about the situation and think this could only be . as very supportive of the institution and i think coming from the community , and many brought forces trying to support college system i think that is the spirit as well so this is very supportive of the college system achieving its accreditation and moving forward as an institution that has so many great programs go over it 80 year history. >> supervisor breed: the last question i have, supervisor tang brought up a good point about accreditation and why there was not necessarily strong instance of maybe the board taking a more active role in support of city college for support of the accreditation because clearly that is the most important thing at this time. >> supervisor mar: when the accreditation board came to visit, that was the last thing they
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wanted, for us to be involved. i think that the timing of this is really important. i assumed as many in the drafting of this that we all want to see accreditation . as if they don't have accreditation they don't continue as an institution is in the explicit mentioning of this shows that we are strongly supportive of efforts by the trustees, interim chancellor, and the temporary trustee to achieve accreditation. i think that as we move towards june third-fifth, , with the commission hearings are happening this is a good statement of support. . >> supervisor breed: the last thing that i want to say is, i'm happy to work with you supervisor mar, maybe in a public hearing or something in collaboration with the board of trustees and the chancellor and some of the students at city college to begin an open dialogue around what we can do as a city.
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i want to make sure that we are giving city college of course our full support but i also want to make sure that we are not basically forcing them to take what we are giving to them but we are in fact listening to what their issues are and being responsive to what the real needs are and i know this resolution is not surly bad; it is not a binding resolution. but i'm happy to move forward because of that but i would like to figure outa way which we can be more helpful to city college and i know that every single member of this board feels the same way, sorry i'm looking forward to that, thank you. >> president chiu: supervisor cohen. >> supervisor cohen: well perhaps we could revisit the possibility of inviting city college to have a seat on the joint committee. it is an idea that supervisor
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chiu and i spoke about two years ago when i was chairing the committee and it would makelogical sense because you have embers of the board of supervisors , members of the school board, it would only make sense that we have our public educators educating all students that we continue in that vein, that we are encouraging the continuing of public education. maybe that is something no debate that we can take up but we can begin to address some of the disconnect through this particular committee that exists. >> president chiu: supervisor campos. >> supervisor campos: speaking up on this point, i will be happy to introduce things that allows us to do that but we have to make sure that the trustees of city college are on board and i think that before we could do something like that i would
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want to have a conversation with them so that for this to work for a select committee if that is the route that we are going down, it has to be a two way street, cannot be a situation where one body of the two wanted, but the other one doesn't. i am interested in pursuing that. and working register provides a cohen and approaching city college; if the response is positive interesting something along those lines. i understand the concern that i think summit city college have expressed, this fear that they don't want accreditation, and what is happening with the trustees to kind of be put into any kind of risk by any action that this board takes. i personally don't see how a nonbinding resolution can have
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an impact especially one that quite frankly makes it clear that we support accreditation. that we support them doing everything that needs to be done to put their fiscal house in order. we are simply saying, ensure your involve the community and interests and needs of the students and teachers as you are making those decisions. and the other thing just think is important to note here about this resolution is that it does something that unfortunately hasn't been done enough of. that is that the cities making the statement that you know what? we care. as a county , board of supervisors we care about this agency and we are paying attention and even if you are not agreeing , with the specifics of what we are saying we want to be partners in this effort. i think that an accrediting body would only see the fact that the city government is interested as a positive thing because that means there are
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more partners to help in this endeavor. >> president chiu: supervisor yee. >> supervisor yee: thank you supervisor campos for the statements you made. as probably many of you know, the accreditation folks made a visit, their final visit a week or two ago. they will put their conclusions and hear about it soon. in many ways, maybe this was the right thing, the timing is right. if they are working so hard in trying to - they meaning the board of trustees city college - to get their house in order, having a select committee, a joint committee formed, by the way the have extra time, come to more meetings. that may not be the right time.
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i want to reiterate, supervisor campos's statement that it's a two-way thing; when i was on the other end of the board of education, it felt like it was not a two way thing; nobody ever asked us at the beginning what the agenda was and so forth. just a suggestion. that you don't come up with the joint select committee, where all three entities are in the same committee. it would be so crazy to do that. where you have one item about the school district, and why would the city college want to come? that's why i think there is a joint select committee between the school district on the board of supervisors.
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and this is a joint select committee . anyway between the school district and city college so i recommend that we go that route. >> president chiu: supervisor cohen. >> supervisor cohen: i wanted to clarify that i wasn't suggesting that we make decisions without the input of our partners in city college. i was saying that this is something that based on the conversation we have had today the bush continue to open and extend an open hand to our partners that are in the education business. thank you. >> president chiu: and supervisor farrell. >> supervisor farrell: i like to terminate the discussion and call a vote. >> president chiu: madam clerk. call the roll. >> an item 17 as amended, >> supervisor breed: ofm (off mic)>> breed aye.
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>> supervisor campos:aye >> president chiu:aye >> supervisor cohen:aye >> supervisor farrell:aye >> supervisor kim:aye >> supervisor mar: thank you everyone, aye. >> supervisor tang:aye >> supervisor wiener:aye >> supervisor yee:aye >> supervisor avalos:aye. there are 11 ayes. >> president chiu: the resolution amended his the resolution amended his adopted. 19. 130179 [agreement - tom eliot fisch/knapp architects, jv - authorizing waiver of certain as-needed contract requirements in order to complete design and engineering of bayview opera house - $1,275,000]
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>> can we do this same house;. ordinance passed in first read. >> making clerical corrections and tables. >> president chiu: same house same call. ordinance passed in first reading. >> rollcall vote, item 21. >> supervisor breed:aye
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>> supervisor campos:aye >> president chiu:aye >> supervisor cohen:aye >> supervisor farrell:aye >> supervisor kim:aye >> supervisor mar:aye >> supervisor tang:aye >> supervisor wiener:aye >> supervisor yee:aye >> supervisor avalos:aye there are 11 ayes. there are 11 ayes. >> ordinance passed first-rad. 22. 130134 [liquor license - 2379 chestnut street] resolution determining that the issuance of type 42 on-sale beer and wine license to ferris ferdon for ferdon olive oil, inc., dba we olive, located at 2379 chestnut street >> supervisor farrell. >> supervisor farrell: i want to thank my colleagues had
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neighborhood safety for hearing this. -- it's been a great -- this license will allow us to offer wine tasting, very non-intrusive, farris has been a great member of the marine am urgent association ;together with my office old off the first annual stroller derby day in the marina district and i hope that we support him in this. >> president chiu: can we take this item same house send call. without objection this resolution is adopted. what are we going to roll call. >> supervisor campos you are first in rollcall introductions. >> supervisor campos: i am proud to introduce
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this piece of legislation offered by state senator bill mawning (sounds like), it will lay the and excise tax of one cent per fluid ounce of any beverage with added caloric sweeteners. the bill this legislation directs any money generated by the tax to childhood obesity ; prevention programs for the state of california the city obesity rates in california have more than tripled. obesity as long health applications including the increase of diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, as mine some forms of cancer. it is estimated that obesity costs california 52 billion dollars
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. annually in health related costs and loss of relativity an average american drinks 49 gallons of sugary drinks which contain 49 pounds of sugar. is the largest source of daily calories for children 2-18, sugary drinks are heavily rocketed al (correction) marketdc to children. it increases the childhood risk. especially for african-american and latino children born after the year 2000. i hope my colleagues support me in
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passing the senate bill 622, , and i one affect my colleagues cosponsoring this resolution supervisors avalos, mar and kim. >> thank you supervisor campos. supervisor cohen. >> supervisor cohen: thank very much the day i and introducing and organs establishing formula retail controls on the southern portion of third street. many of you have heard the news about fresh and easy and how it is being discussed, how it's going to be sold. particularly the us market share and how that would potentially and other clothing stores. it took years to attract grocery stores to the -- however, with the potential that they might close the location on thursday i heard loud and clear from many of the constituents,
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all across our francisco that they want a say in any potential formula retail establishment that takes place. the community worked very hard, fresh and easy, to ensure they were hiring locally and being good neighbors. the neighborhood is also changing rapidly and it is important that we balance more comprehensively any proposal for formal retail in this corridor to make sure it meets the needs of the community without negatively impacting the small business or the architectural character of the neighborhood ., because of the complex zoning on the third street corridor the southern portion is not subject to any of our city's standard formula retail control. this legislation will ensure that any new formula retail operator that locates and the southern portion of , third street will need a conditional use approval reviving the community with the opportunity to
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weigh in on whether it is appropriate for the neighborhood. i am also introducing a hearing request to discuss the budget and legislative analystrecently completed audit of the cities implementation alignment program. ab 109, as a way to address budget challenges, the public safety committee and the board had many hearings about the implications for san francisco. more than a year later i think that the audit revealed that we have some work to do and look forward to having an in-depth conversation about how we can improve our delivery of services to the realignment population in this coming fiscal year .the rest i submit madam clerk. >> thank you supervisor cohen. supervisor kim. >> supervisor kim: i want to
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introduce the first in a series of legislative ordinances that will kick off the creation of two new parks in district 6, which has the least amount of open space per capita including president chiu's district. this is a result of efforts that began in 2009 excited to see this project happen. following on the heels of a park code ordinance today i'm introducing two resolutions for the -- built on the cal trans parcels located under the central freeway between valendia and -- quite close to -- i think it is going to be a really creative use of the site which is currently just parking lot but will be access by residents to both skate in and walk your dogs. our office is been partnering with the mayor's in the
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community to negotiate a final lease agreement, and it has been quite a lengthy process. i would like your knowledge john updike any staff at the real estate department ,carol wong at attorneys office, kelly presser -- -- and robin, -- logging many long hours trying to reach this agreement with caltrans. in addition to fighting to fully fund the development of these parks the city has done a tremendous job in reaching an agreement through a lengthy process for a blended park model, >> i will be hopping on my bike and writing with many kids from sutro and peabody school because this week is right to school week.
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a number of youngsters and and poster contest but i specially like olivia l -- fifth-grader. showing a bunch of animals writing on their bicycles in front of the golden gate bridge. i love the creativity of bike to school week and the safe route to school effort throughout the city, the whole coalition of dph, ptas and all the advocates of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions are really getting us out of our cars and more into alternative . ways of transportation friday morning, sutro and peabody, really fun and invigorating. if anyone wants to join us contact my office. i also am submitting a million-dollar accept and expand for a few program that the department of the environment has been developing over the years, called bay ren.