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tv   [untitled]    May 11, 2013 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> thank you very much, supervisor cohen. our next commendation, actually i think we have two that will be provided by our district 5 colleague, supervisor london breed >> thank you. i want to ask sheryl davis to come up. [ applause ] she has folks from the magic zone with her here. you know, it's really an honor to stand before the san francisco board of supervisors, and honor somebody who i have the highest respect for. if it wasn't for this women
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right here, i don't know what i would have done in the community. we have been through so much together. the good times, the bad times, the ups, the downs, and of all of the people in the district, she is a person that i have always been able to count on, because she loves and cares about the kids so much. that she puts them before even her ownself. and to have someone who is this motivated, who is this committed and who is just really dedicated to the lives of young people is really inspirational. sister davis' background that she worked at school of the sacred heart and worked with kids from privileged families and so when she started to work in the western edition and spending time with the kids there, it really bothered her that the kids in the western edition did not have access
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genuinely to the same opportunities that many of the kids who went to schools of the sacred heart. she basically took the lead and got schools of the sacred heart involved and actively engaged in programs and raying money for backpack drives and everything else in our community and she has been the leader of all of these efforts to bring various communities together. i want to just read a few things, because otherwise i will get carried away and start talking about all kinds of other stuff and we'll get all emotional. because like i said, we have worked together many, many years and we have been through so many times together. and sheryl davis known as sister davis to the kids and to the community has been a long time advocate in the western edition community. her service to the community especially youth and transitional aged youth have garnered her respect throughout the city.
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she is known for special programs such as momagic, connecting our most at-risk youth to school programs and employment opportunitis and community involvement and she also formed collective impact, which works to leverage capacity by bringing a host of the youth-oriented programs to the table and her works and accomplishments are so well known she was recently nominated for an award at the prestigious jefferson awards. jefferson wards are given nationally and locally in honor of community and public service in america and sheryl davis is our local hero and winner of the jefferson award and so congratulations on that. sheryl davis herself has not only answered the call to action, but inspired countless of others to step forward. we are honored to have her in the city because she has young people looking at their lives
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and wanting to better themselves and in that mind we turn to honor you today for your commitment to the city, to the kids and to the community. i also want to mention that supervisor farrell and i will be attending your event that you are hosting this thursday, to raise money for the mo magic programs, which support and this is pretty amazing -- we have a lot of non-profit organizations in district 5. and at one point, before sheryl davis, these organizations were not talking to each other, they didn't know who each other were. they didn't know what programs were offered and she has been that convener, to bring everyone together. not only does she bring all of the programs that serve youth together under one umbrella and work together she raises money to pay for fieldtrips so that no child in the western edition is not able to go on one of these fieldtrips. she pays for teachers, so that
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every program has quality teachers, art teachers, math teachers, science teachers. i mean the list goes on and on and i could keep talking about all of the amazing work that she has done and she is really a true example of what it means to really serve and serve with passion and serve with a good heart and i am so honored, again, to be here today and to honor you for your commitment to san francisco and to the kids and i should probably mention your second job, which is you are on the human rights commission. where i don't know how you are balancing all of that in addition to being a wife, a mother and not just a mother to henry jr., but a mother to so many kids in the western edition. and so, on behalf of the city and county of san francisco, on behalf of the san francisco board of supervisors, i know you have gotten many honors, but this is the best one, because it's coming from your friends, your partner in crime
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and someone who absolutely adores you and i want to thank you for your commitment and so today we honor sheryl davis. [ applause ]
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abdullah says he has something after me. you know, i don't want to get, as supervisor breed mentioned, emotional, but i do want to say that although i have been here before, and spoken in front of the board of supervisors, today is especially unique and special, because supervisor breed is among the board of supervisors. and i think when we talk about -- you know, i appreciate the opportunity to be recognized and acknowledged, but when you talk about being a symbol for a community of hope and determination, i think supervisor breed represented that for not just the western edition, but youth all over. i have been really fortunate in my life to be able to go to places where people are interested in helping and supporting from the board of supervisors to schools of the sacred heart, as a teacher working in that school, and seeing what t was to have
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resources and opportunities, but not just to have the rescues and opportunities, but to have the heart to actually share the resources with the western edition neighborhood has been probably one of the best things to happen in my life. when you think about bus loads, we're talking about ten bus loads of kids from western edition to be able to go to santa cruz and talking about doing that for years over time and talking about invisible turf lines and when you take kids, 5, 6, 11 years old and have them together at that age, when they become teenagers they know each other. and they make a connection that can never be broken and a bond that happens. and that is really the only way we can impact and change communities. and the other piece that is really huge for me is that we
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talk about leveling the playing field and giving kids equal access. there is no way that if we don't share those resources and if we don't share those opportunities and those experiences, that the kids that we serve in the mission and in the excelsior and the western edition and bayview can have the same chances. so i am sure i will be back before you as we go through the budget season, and talking about what needs to happen. but what really, i can't even fully express the joy that i have had over the years to be able to expose children and youth to things that are even just local right here in san francisco. being able to go to the pier. being able to go to the exploratorium and being able to place in a safe environment, we can never underestimate those
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opportunities. i appreciate being acknowledged, but i also appreciate your support moving forward. thank you. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> supervisor, i want to add something. >> it's not public comment time. >> okay. >> thank you. it's not public comment time yet. thank you very much. thank you very much. it's not public comment time yet. i appreciate that. >> thank you again. >> supervisor breed. >> thank you, again and that event is this thursday at 6:00 at fort mason. do i have all the right information? so i hope you will join us, because clearly it's a worthy cause and i'm just really excited to be able to participate in that program and honored to have sister davis here today. so i have just one more thing i want to or some people that i want to
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honor. so all of you, i'm sure, remember what happened on april 20th, also known as 4/20, which is a great tradition in san francisco. but a great tradition all over the u.s.. and on april 20th, traffic came to a standstill for most of saturday, cars swarmed the area, crowds strained police resources, muni and park resources, our residential streets were overwhelmed and in several instances public and private property were damaged. fortunately no one was seriously hurt, although there were a few injuries. garbage overflowed from curbside cans that proved unequal to the occasion and thankfully we live in a city of active and concerned stewards. on sunday, 4/21 staff and volunteers with rec
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laboriously collected litter left over in the park and not to mention the trash collected by the department of public works. it's for this unparalleled publication service that i would like to recognize the san francisco rec and park maintenance yard staff and i'm not sure if they are here, but i'm still going to recognize them. the san francisco rec and park golden gate staff for their clean-up efforts and after this year's unpermitted 4/20 activities in the park. thank you for cleaning up the crown jewel of the city's park and the city was able to get back to business, the business of welcoming thousands of park visitors and families into a clean, pristine and beautiful golden gate park. we are proud of your contributions to en[shao-urb/]
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sure that san francisco continues to be the jewel of the park system. thank you. i just wanted to acknowledge them. thank you. >> [ applause ] >> thank you supervisor breed. madame clerk, roll call for introductions. >> thank you very much, madame clerk and i will begin today by introducing a resolution that begins the process of dedicating a specific piece of land in my district. this land dedication resolution is the first of its kind. it's the first time that we as a city and this development to avail ourselves of the opportunity to buy a separate piece of property and actually dedicate the entirety of that property for affordable housing. i want to thank my staff,
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certainly, but also all the folks in the planning department, the mayor's office of housing and the people who have been working on this project, mission theater who made this happy and i'm happy to see the land dedication happening in the city and county of san francisco. the second all right is a resolution honor national hispanic hepatitis awareness day. i want to thank my co-sponsor supervisor avalos. those individuals, in fact, do not know that they are infected. and among all ethnic groups latinos and latinas have the second highest right of hepatitis a and you are talking
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about latina adults aged 40 and over are 30% more likely than any other ethnic group to develop hepatitis b and by introducing this resolution, i want to honor the many san francisco organizations that are committed to the health and wellness of latino men and women, as well as members of the transgender communitied. i want to identity the following grow ups for the work that they do. project inform, the san francisco aids hospital. (listing organizations) northern california chapter of the american liver foundation, my apologizes. the ccsf and of course our own department of public health and i want to recognize our city is home to innovative viral hepatitis programs in san
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francisco, among many different programs. next week may 15th we will hold a press conference with many of these organizations to continue to raise awareness of this illness in the hopes of cog beer treatment and of course, preventing the spread of this disease. the next item i have is an in memoriam for todd bovey, who was 47 years old, and he passed away peacefully on april 24th, 2013 of complications from liver disease. he was the husband of keith smith, and the father of jared smith bovey, as well as lauren whiteney smith bovey. todd and keith were united by
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domestic partnership and finally being legally married in the state of california. todd had a way to make each person feel welcomed and loved. he was a passionate, funny and he was a joker and always ready to tackle any challenge. he was an enthusiastic advocate for lgbt in san francisco and i would ask that we adjourn the meeting in his honor today. finally, i just wanted to talk about an ordinance that i will be introducing next week. and it's a revised proposal that deals with my originally proposal to add harvey milk's
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name to the san francisco airport. when i made my introduction a few weeks ago, i made it clear the goal of my proposal was to honor harvey milk and in the process of that introduction, we set up a process for discussing the proposal with members of all communities in san francisco. for the last few months we have had meetings with hundreds of people, with dozens of organizations, and we have had heard what a lot of people have to say about this proposal. and two things stood out in the course of those discussions one that everyone agrees that harvey milk should be honored. that we need to recognize and honor his legacy at the san francisco international april. he has truly become not only an icon in san francisco, but an icon for lgbt rights and civil rights for the rest of the country and indeed, the world.
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the second thing that we learned that is in the process of honoring harvey milk, it is important for people to make sure that the honoring does happen in a way that brings people together. that actually is consistent with the legacy of harvey milk, that was basically unifying san francisco. with that intent and that spirit, this proposal is being introduced. it is a proposal that we have been working on for the last few weeks and i want to thank a number of colleagues on the board who have spoken to me about this issue. i want to thank mayor lee. it is with his support that i am proud today to announce that next tuesday, we will be introducing an ordinance that will do a number of things. first, it will make it clear that we in san francisco intend to name one of the terminals at the san francisco international
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airport after harvey milk. that the process for naming that terminal and deciding whether or not to name other facilities is a process that should include public involvement, and with that in mind, there will be a committee that will be formed. a committee that will be appointed by the mayor, and the board of supervisors, so that they can come back to this board and make specific recommendations as to which terminal at the san francisco international airport should be named after harvey milk and rentation as recommendation as to whether or not any other terminal, tower or passenger loading area should be named after any other individual? what this process does is one, ensures that we recognize harvey milk, but it lass also allows the public provide
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their comments not only how to honor harvey milk, but other individuals and institutions in san francisco for that honor. for harvey his election was only about openly representing lgbt and making sure that members of the chinese-american community and african-american communitis were represented and win thing that has been clear to me in listening to what people have to say is that many people want to make sure that this process is inclusive of all communities, and as someone who is a member of both the lgbt community and latino community, i personally know the importance of making this process inclusive. we will be finalizing that ordinance in the next few days and i look forward to engaging
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my colleagues on the board into a more detailed decision of this proposal. what this proposal also recognizes is under the charter of the city and county of san francisco, the authority to name an airport or any facility ultimately rests with the san francisco board of supervisors. we look forward to having a transparent and inclusive process in the next few weeks. i look forward to this matter being forwarded to committee and having a discussion in committee and again, i want to thank mayor lee for the way in which he has been able to work with us to make sure that this is something that we can all get behind. i also want to thank my colleague supervisor scott wiener. it has been very important for me that the two of us as the two openly lgbt members of this board have worked on this item and i appreciate his support
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and input. and again, i look forward to a meaningful discussion in the weeks to come. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor campos. supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much. colleagues, i have a heavy heart today. i have an inmemoriam that i would like to ask that we close the board out in the memory of one of san francisco's most active civic activists, a woman by the name of babette, who peacefully passed way in her home. she moved to san francisco in the 1960's. one memory her daughter often jocks about is her mother never
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publicly said her age. we can say with confidence that she was pretty senior, and she had beautiful memories of the hills for it's sunny weather and very friendly neighborhood. she worked as a physical educational teacher at the she was a founding member of many
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organizations. she also carved out a sign for the benchs and laid out stone mosaic. she had her hand in prompting community gardens and had a hand in the design of interstate 280. now anyone that has a hand in the design of a freeway, you know, has got to be pretty strong-willed and that is exactly what she was. she had some say in the development of at&t park and we can thank her for bringing the 19 bus to potrillo hill.
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[speaker not understood] she didn't want anything fancy, but she did want a party and i would like to close out the board in her memory. thank you for this consideration, colleagues >> thank you, supervisor cohen. >> supervisor farrell >> supervisor kim? >> supervisor mar? >> thank you, madame clerk. today i am calling for a hearing on the benefits and impacts of a unique san francisco former of open space called parklets. san francisco is leading the world in this innovative type of open space, the world first formal parklets were initially conceived and installed in san francisco in 2010. now 38 parklets have been
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installed throughout the city. they aren't there all of our districts, and they are concentrate in the central part of the city and major merchant corridors, but i'm interested in considering spreading them more to the outlaying district like the richmond. in the richmond we're in the merge of opening our first parklet and several applications, the first on clements street. parklets are critical in increasing the amounts of public seating in our corridors and good evening good greening the areas, and allow beautification of the corridors at low-cost. they are extremely economical
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and they open up a new commons in many of our neighborhoods. however, there are impacts on parking and some residents and merchants in areas where there are currently few or no parklets may be concerned about pedestrian impacts, upkeep or maintenance. so the hearing will examine all of these issues and more and allow input of concerns and sharing of best practices on how to make our neighborhoods better. also co-sponsoring, supervisor campos and supervisor yee who sit on the golden gate highway and transportation, along with supervisors wiener and breed as well. i am introducing a resolution urging the california state legislature to pass senate bill 755, which would require all proposed new construction or refurbishment of bridges to
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take into accounts a suicidal barrier to become eligible for state or federal funds. the top three deadliest suicide bridges in the world are in the united states and two of those bridges are here in california. and as many of us know the golden gate bridge has had more suicides than any other in the world. tragic number currently being over 1200. suicide is the most common or is most often an impulsive action and barriers could significantly restrict the number of suicides and i think with the leadership of member ammiano, i urge your supported of this resolution. the rest i will submit. >> thank you, supervisor chiu. >> thank you, madame clerk and i would like to co-sponsor the resolution that supervisor mar
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mentioneded. as a city, as some of you know we have a 130-mile underground network of fiber that we use primarily to connect city buildings and assets such as traffic signals and fire stations and we're expanding that network with extremely modest initial investments. many around the country are installing super high-speed infrastructure, and we can do better. in our 21st century world, cities need access to affordable high-quality broadband. my legislation is simple, whether we open up work for a sewer or redo or pave our roads we should put in fiber cond