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tv   [untitled]    June 3, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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aauthority over, nevertheless, i think that it would be good to discuss what the proposals are and what the impact would be or what they are trying to get at and how just to talk about those proposals. they were sort of highlights as a big deal thing and i don't know if they are a big deal and i think that it will be good for the staff to talk about what they are and what they will do and we can just talk about it. >> you will be glad to know that we definitely plan to do that. >> careful what you ask for. >> i thought that you said that they will be sent to us. >> they will be referred to us for comment and recommendation. >> all right. >> it is not actually a four fifth. >> we don't have to adopt them for law. >> sometimes you ask and you get it immediately. >> thank you very much. >> with that, i believe that we conclude the matters before the commission today. and do i hear a motion to adjourn? >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye.
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>> aye. >> thank you, and good night. good morning. welcome to san francisco transportation authority. my name is john
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avalos. the chair of the committee. the sfgtv staff who are broadcasting today are jessie larson and mark bunch. call the roll please. >> reed present, campos present, cohen present, ferrel present,mar absent, tang present, wiener present, yee, we have a quorum. >> colleagues in route to mexico yesterday we had a recess today. the recess is to actually all go to oakland to
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watch mary quan give the -- to steve curry for the championship. we are all going to take a break about 11:20. >> i believe it is mayor lee giving the key to the player of the san francisco city. i think it's the san francisco, not oakland. >> good for san francisco. let's move on with our meeting. okay. next item? the clerk: item 2: approval of minutes of the april 23, 2013 meeting actionsf 2123 >> is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. 1 next item? take the roll call? >> i'm sorry. that's right.
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let's have a roll call on approving the minutes. the clerk: avalos, breed, campos, chiu, cohen, ferrel absent, commissioner kim? mar absent. tang? wiener, yee, the item passes. >> thanks very much. next item. >> information item. 3. >> thank you. today my chairs remarks will focus on our trip with commissioner wiener and legislative aids, chiu and cohen took to mexico city. i tdp, a non-profit organization
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which promotes environmentally transportation to see projects in mechanic -- mexico city that guide the design of rapid transit. i was amazed to see the bus line that moves about ten times the amount of passenger. during rush hour it runs 72 trains an hour. the metro bus has been able to get a number of people out of their cars and onto transit to provide an alternative that moves quickly and reliably. there was an excitement in pride in mechanic -- mexico city. i think we can see what
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the solution is when these cost are implemented. i'm glad to see this design in front of us today. we should provide whatever support to implement this in the city. i'm also in couraging the bike lane and bike sharing system has been increased by 60 percent by many people who did not ride bicycles at all in mexico city. it's a way to introduce people to cycling and providing an alternative to transit and helping reduce over crowding in the downtown areas. my aid, road the transportation system. i was blown away to see
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many people riding their bikes in the city. once a month it expands to 20 miles of cyclone of bikes. today this committee will prove additional bike sharing pilots that will be taking place in san francisco along the peninsula corridor. i would like to see this expanding so people can take advantage of it's many benefits. i would like to thank itdp and the other delegates for attending. i want to welcome commissioners wiener to add any observations from the trip if they wish?
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>> commissioner wiener? >> two things to note. we've learned quite a bit from officials in mexico city about how they move forward with their bike sharing program. even though we are behind them, on the heartening side our general bike structure is ahead for mexico city and i know they are working very hard to advance their bicycle structure and made me feel very good of where we are in terms of bicycle structure and the other is howit reminds me of how in incredibly slow we are in california in u.s. and actually delivering these products. i object their latest line they have 5 large brt lines. their
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latest line came within three years. ours, just to get through environmental review is taking forever and will take another 3 or 4 years to get van ness brt built. granted mexico probably doesn't have the same regulatory constraints that we do here in california and ceqa and other facts but it points to the fact that years ago we used to be able to deliver these large important quality of life changing infrastructure projects expeditiously. and today 1brt line takes many many years long and we have to improve that process. >> thank you, also what was remarkable was the bus system in mexico city previously
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consisted of a lot of private drivers and now they have joined to one metro bus system and trying to figure out how to break apart these different organizations to one. the congestion and traffic are incredible. the saturation that i have ever seen in my life and it's really hard to get around. 20 million people live in the city and it's very important to be able to move forward and the metro system is always on the table. i will finish my comments. i want to encourage the commissions to attend the board workshop on the transportation plan which is the longest vision for the dealing with the existing needs, pedestrian safety and
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transit crowding and how we want to shape our transportation for the future. the workshop is thursday may 30th from 1:30 to 5:30 on market street. that concludes my remarks. if there is no questions from colleagues we can go to public comment. two minutes. >> i took this to mexico. many in san francisco finding out how our roads are clogged. i think when you go to a place in a city like mexico is an
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important place to learn a lot of things. we need to try our best to address the traffic flow in san francisco. this has been addressed any main press and i do not see any action happening right here in the chamber. even as i'm speaking there are people having side bars, others busy on their iphones and this is a problem with representation. if the representatives think they know everything and yet they don't want to listen to the constituents because many of advocates are fed up with you so we don't come here. so the least you can do is do what you are supposed to do. in conclusion let me tell you it's good that we have a process
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here like ceqa. we need a process. but what we really need in these chambers is sound representation which is lacking. thank you very much. >> thank you. any other public member would like to comment? >> good morning chair avalos. my name is jackie sacs. i'm the member of the advisory committee. when you were in mexico, regarding the bike plan, did it coordinate with the buses? did they have ada compliant buses with the wheelchair lifts? did you see any conflicts because it's a
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major issue here in san francisco. that's what i wanted to bring up. >> thank you. we did see on the metro bus system that they had access for wheelchairs and wheelchairs strapped in and they have ramps that you were able to get on the metro bus system. there is a long way to bring harmony on the streets between mexico city and cars and bikes. there is a major route set up for buses and cars in the city. bike are hard pressed to the safe. we were riding a lot and we felt we were putting our life's in our hands. there is a long way to go. cars and buses have the right away and everyone else has to look out for their
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lives. >> thank you very much. >> okay. going on to our next item. >> the clerk: item no. 4. directors report. >> i will be very brief. you have the executive director report at your desk. it will also be posted on the website by this afternoon. just a few highlights at the state level. governor brown released his may revision to the budget. not a lot regarding transportation. there is a general budget comment. the government was conservative in relation to budget. there is a $2.8 billion more in revenue available. they will decide how much they want to use versus set aside for another year. there is no
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noteworthy change. this is upsetting for a lot of members who wanted to go to cap and trad. there is a significant legislation going on. and some agencies are responsible for dolg out and using the -- it may not be fully prepared to do so. we'll see how it fares. the money will be paid out eventually. third results are due any day now so that will give us how much funds are available. very quickly, the plan bay area, the regional transportation bay area, the final address in july. we submitted letters of comments
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to metropolitan transportation agency. they said before san francisco did very well in this plan which is especially trying to coordinate and incentivize better transportation to make the best of our transportation dollars. there is a lot of advocacy and follow up. exciting news on the central subway even to get non-engineers and excited. the tunnel machines that are going to drill the two tunnels are arriving. april 25th the first one arrives and the second one is in early june. the first driving of the first board, there is going to be some celebration and major event with that construction of that
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project moving forward and finally on comments. van ness brt reached two amazing milestones. one is before you today, there are two, an -- allocation in getting the caltrans, state department of traption -- transportation to sign off on 104 projects. this is difficult. on a state highway that requires an enormous amount of perseverance. kudos for the projects team. 19th avenue transit study. this is a study that has a really innovative group of partners working
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together. authorities, caltrans, san francisco state university and gallery and other state agencies looking at the possibility of relining the motion view for the parks of merced. there is information available on the website and there is an outreach coming this fall. i will close with two more comments with respect to the bike sharing we are allocating funds in the agenda later today. for those interested there is an open session at city hall about the bike share program. this is a regional pilot that will take from santa clara and san francisco. lastly the chair calls for the controllers office to do a performance audit of the authority and the
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city has completed the authority of the city and agency stuff and finished their surveys of other similar entities of california and we expect to see the audit available in the next couple of weeks. that concludes my remarks. >> this you for being brief and would like to open for public comment? any member is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> we can take a recess and come back here at 1220. we are >> okay. we are back from oakland rotundum. i want to thank the sfgtv for bringing us back. we would like to continue with item no. 5.
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>> we had an outside organization do a compensation study in looking at classification within the ta compared to other aces -- agencies of scope and size and brought back recommendations for classification and we approved that in the personnel committee. any comments or questions? let's go on to public comment. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> roll call vote. the clerk: reed, campos, cohen, ferrel, commissioner kim? mar, tang absent, wiener absent, yee
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passes. >> next item? >> is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. item no. 6 -- campos, avalos, chiu, cohen, commissioner kim, mar, tang absent, wiener absent, yee, item passes. >> next item no. 7. item 7: appoint wells whitney to the citizens advisory committee action >> no comments from
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commissioners? is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> same house, same call. the item passes. next item. >> item no. 8. item 8: adopt the bayview hunters point mobility study final report and business plan action >> okay. thumbs up from commissioner from this point and we'll go to public comment. >> good afternoon commissioners, i'm a member of the cac. this item was brought before us at the last meeting. i suggested you have someone from the san francisco housing authority as far as the working group is concerned has been working on this project, there is a project hope is an
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umbrella. the hope 6 is an umbrella of the san francisco housing authority and the housing authority not only consist of the hope 6 projects, but it consist of the family units, the bay view sunny dale projects as well as the 22 senior disabled development throughout the city. so i suggest that you contact the working group, contact someone from the housing authority and have them sit in on this item and have it go forward. thank you very much. >> thank you. any other member of the public would like to comment? seeing none we'll close public comment. >> same house, same call? the
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item passes. next item? >> the clerk: item 9: approve the fiscal year 2013/2014 transportation fund for clean air program of projects and authorize the executive director to execute a contract with the bay area air quality management district for $798,405 in fiscal year 2013/14 funds and to enter into agreements with applicable public agencies, establishing conditions for the use of these >> the clerk: sf 912 >> item passes. >> the clerk: item 10 item 10:allocate $1,608,747 in prop k funds, with conditions, to the san francisco municipal transportation agency for three requests, subject to the attached fiscal year cash flow distribution schedules and amend the relevant 5-year
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prioritization programs action123 >> okay, colleagues, comments, questions. public comment? >> we have miss sacs coming. welcome. >> good afternoon again. one thing i have been working on the five year plan since it started. i was appointed in 93 to c a c. you have to remember is that the property that was passed in 1989 there were things that were done, things that have been done that were grandfathered in prop k passed by the voters years later and a couple years you have to go before the voters again to extend prop k. i suggest what
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mta wants to dorks they -- do, they have to see what's been done before anything else can be done. thank you very much. >> thank you. any member of the public would like to comment? no public comment. colleagues? motion passes. >> item 11. item 11:appropriate $240,432 in prop k funds for environmental analysis and advanced conceptual engineering and allocate $1,311,847 in prop k funds, with conditions, to the san francisco municipal transportation agency for preliminary engineering for the van ness avenue bus rapid transit project, subject to the attached cash flow distribution schedules, and amend the relevant 5-year prioritization >> item 11. sf 111234 >>
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>> okay, colleagues comments, questions? >> public comment? >> i'm very familiar with this item and i approved it previously, but one thing you have to remember is that when you are working on van ness which is a state highway that there is no -- that trucks also travel on van ness. when they are doing and working on van ness you have to remember there is signed posted on franklin and golf. but there are signs posted on both streets saying no heavy trucks allowed on those streets. you have to take that into consideration before anything goes forward while they are working on this. thank you very much. >> thank you. any other member of the public comment? we'll
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close public comment. let's do a roll call. >> the clerk: avalos, breed, campos, aye, chiu, cohen, ferrel, ferrel absent. commissioner kim, moore, tang absent, wiener, yee, the item passes. >> okay. we'll go on to our next text. item no. 12. >> the clerk: item 12: introduction of new items information during this segment of the meeting, board members may make comments on items not specifically listed above, or introduce or request items sf 121234 >> last time at the finance committee we considered the item proposed. today i would like to provide input to the planning to work program and request that the planning staff work with planners on a broadway chinatown neighborhood transportation plan for which i understand there is also some
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regional funds. as a focus of the neighborhood transportation plan i would like to request that the study examine ways to mitigate the heavy traffic flows on broadway between van ness and central corridor downtown. this quarter has born a very high volume of vehicle trips since the 50s when the broadway connector was between lombardy and the interstate 405. at this time after embarcadero became the blvd, i this i we need to rebalance the flows and economic plan. in addition to the safety and economy measure along broadway, the left turn capacity at van ness onto broadway and the development of alternative routines or modes to