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tv   [untitled]    June 3, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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francisco ordinance code and in addition the establishment of a street design committee and ordinance to fire code. we appreciate supervisor campos excuse me. presenting to our committee on april 9th and to follow up on our request that the design committee be implemented and the idea to steal the efforts. this exact leadership - they welcome the opportunity to work with the board of supervisors to make the streets of san francisco safer >> thank you, colleagues if there's no additional comments we'll open up to the public. i do have public comment cards if you'd like to speak on the
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items 1 though 5 i will call those names. and public comment will be two minutes. (calling names) and those are the cards i have >> thank you supervisors and thank you supervisor wiener for pushing this important legislation. i want to thank supervisor kim and a chu as well as campos for the great amount of attendance you've put toward pedestrian
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safety. it's very heartening to me to see those issues. i think some of the issues that have - i'm glad to see those being pushed forward and i support what's being done here >> thank you. next speaker, please >> good afternoon supervisor wiener and campos. i'm the nutrition educator. i have 3 points that i am really excited about. working with the mission has been amazing.
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it's bring back a lot. first, it creates a safe place for people to assess fresh produce. we work with a lot of folks who are ada eligible. .2 that provides an avenue to help folks engage in healthy habit. and it's in the bartlett corridor. it was not a safe place grouping up but is now. and lastly it brings back community and cultural. it is the biggest and most important part is giving back the cultural back to our friends and families.
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i think this is really important. in conclusion i'm in support of this it will create save streets and provided essential services >> thank you very much. >> next speaker >> good afternoon. i'm a long time mission resident and i'm the the committee of admission market. supervisor campos didn't get an opportunity to mention the center for the arts. i'm become involved with this project because it's important that our neighborhood be safe. that we come total as a neighborhood. public safety is very important. i've had an unfortunate
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opportunity to wit a shooting at about 6 o'clock. part of the problem is that the shooter was able to hide behind several cars. and i thought that is an example if we made that a more pedestrian friendly neighborhood friendly well lit and well uses street, there probably wouldn't have been an incident like this. i have a teenager and i've seen wonderful changes because of the merry can do. i know that supervisor campos gets it and i want to thank you, very much. on our on behalf of in speaking to the importance of this project. thank you >> thank you very much. >> next speaker
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>> good afternoon i'll keep this brief. i'm here to support the package of the safety improvements. it boils down to we want to create more trust between the public and the committees. and that's all >> thank you. >> good afternoon supervisors tom with liveable city. i'm here to speak in favor of this package. back in 2005 we had the complete street ordinance. we should be coordinating. on the streets you should be doing all the improvements. i'm appalled to see that has
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rarely ever happened. one of the major standards in the better streets plan we should do - but we see in our neighborhoods on 8th street we've seen those curb cuts. so there's an opportunity to make those streets much safer for pedestrians and that's not having so that cooperation needs to happen. if you don't build these together with your wasting the taxpayers' money. and another thing is the safety. a lot of people are killed on city streets. and if you turn streets into fear people change their travel
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behavior. people that cut off from transit and the things they need. we subtle need to get our arms around that. and the fire safety those trucks are enormous but this allows that
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it's really about creating positive change. and this block in question is in the block and it will benefit the sate on this block and show a lot of investments in the community not to mention who have worked tirelessly on that project. this will allow vehicles to pass through and benefit the neighborhood a lot. this will create a lot of opportunities for events on thursday and outside of thursday to engage the community.
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and this will help to invest in the community i hope you allow this legislation >> thank you. next speaker, please >> hi i'm paul from the escape with from new york peas we have a business on 22 and bartlett. this has been in the works for two or three years. it's uplifted the whole neighborhood. this is specifically a partnership between government businesses and the local community. and i think it's a case of rising tied lifting all boats and will benefit all aspects of the community. so that's it thank you >> thank you very much.
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>> next speaker >> good afternoon. i'm the program director with the basic education partnership with san francisco and running the cabin the ranch. for the last 3 years we've run cooking demonstratess and invited the english and spanish. we have haelth i didn't eating programs and how to shop the market. this last year we helped students to get jobs. we fully support this and the bartlett project to help folks get out into the community to see the bigger world and the parents can get a chance to be
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out in the community and eat food together and thank you so much for your time >> thank you. next speaker, please >> (speaking spanish). >> does anyone want to provide translation? >> i'm the health and ammunition coordinator.
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>> we have cooking demos for families. it is really great to see how families come to the market. and people have a lot of fun and it's a good time for people to anyone
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>> 7 days a week 3 hundred and 65 a year we want that to be safer. it's a
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we're happy to be working with the planning department and the fire department and insuring that flexibility for the traffic on the marketplace. again, i think that possibilities include a 4 inch curb we have we have the opportunity to do and not be limited by a lack of legislation thank you, mr. shall i >> next speaker >> i'm bill mccloud. for almost 20 years my office is in a building that abuts market
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street. i spend 3 years on getting a bump on our residential street. and bartlett is a mess. it's been a mess for years and unsafe. and the proposal for the plazas a is really wonderful. market has been a great thing. the supervisors that at some point allowed a 5 story condo project to become an 8 story project. also the bartlett grag was underground and it would be wonderful to see the city make sure it transforms into a new
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space. i know you guys are not in the funding process but if the original design involved pavements from side to side could be funded then the fire department would be happy and we wouldn't be having this conversation because there wouldn't be curb cuts. and i would love to see the original proposal find for funding from the city or smoirl so everyone will be happy. and the parking in the mission is a big problem it's getting compounded daily. ii want to say in leaving and it's a compromise by the parking issue. i hope you guys land use about
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address that and a thank you very much. i have two additional public comments cards (calling names) >> hello, i'm zach. as you know and heard earlier today the facts are alarming. san francisco is currently the most deadly city in the united states of america. and i watch victim after victim gets run over. our committee unanimously said they'd support this package. our committee drafted a letter and we commend supervisor
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wiener's. we welcome the opportunity to continue to work with all the board of supervisors on this important issue. thank you very much >> thank you, mr. bloomberg. >> i'm howard. i'm a resident. i'm a member of p sock. i support the efforts of chairman to take all of the agencies and put them together and coordinate their activities. mostly in support of the initiative we suggest we start talking with the state to get the urban issues resolved. as discussed earlier a lot of regulations were talked about in
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regards to the environment. it's important we show the state wire cooperating with each other. we want to reduce serious injuries and facility. this is going to be a real challenge. we're going no, the wrong direction and really kworptd action is required >> any additional comment on items 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. fall i want to thank the departments and members of the public to express their points of view. we talk a lot about having liveable and walkable streets
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and - if i could ask folks with their side conversations to take them outside. thank you. we're not done with the items yet. we talk about having liveable and walkable streets. there is a significant public desire to improve the safety of our streets. this legislation will bring our process and standards in line with our words. i can say from personal experience and i know that colleagues have had the same experience but there are fewer things that are demorlz to our neighborhood to have the legislation shot down with
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those education and enforcement are critical aspects to pedestrian safety on our streets. we need to keep in mind that not all the education in the world is enough. if streets are designed in a certainty way you will have accidents. if streets are designed in a different way you will have less accidents. if you have places where folks can get across more quickly that will reduce accident plaintiff's and better voishlt. we need to make positive changes to our physical investments. so colleagues i ask for your support for items 1 though 5.
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we have several minor amendments. the first is for the amendments to the public works code. the public works requests this. i have distributed. in addition for the review legislation on page 2 line 18 where it says the committee will submit a report twice a year is departments have requested it be once a year so it can be a more meaningful report. and the third one my staff drafted would be on the street design review committee legislation on page 1 line 25 adding subdivision 8.
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they may participate in the review of their project as necessary unquote. those are the three amendments >> thank you first of all, i'm happy to make the motion for those amendments and i want to say i support this entire package. i want to thank supervisor wiener and supervisor. i think i want to take a moment and give a shout out to elizabeth i'm sorry to see you can go. we really need to consider the pedestrian advocates for moving a convenient that we've been frustrated on.
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i think that supervisor wiener and i have hoped this legislation will be one step in the long walk to bringing safety on our streets. i want to take a moment and acknowledge the concerns we need to work through with our fire department on this issue. i do support what supervisor wooerlg and campos said. i hope the future conversations will help us to reduce the number of facility that are happening on a weekly and monthly basis. thank you supervisor kim and i will second the motion. i'm not sure if i missed it butd
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a number of meetings with the fire department. and many, many phone conversations and etc., and we'll continue to be in communication. we may not loopholes have a hundred percent on everything but we've continue to work in a clauf process >> i want to make sure we're including that amendment and i'm looking forward as we move forward on those legs to make sure we can approve our pedestrian safety. in terms of some of the issues that were brought up to in terms of how we can balance both >> thank you. so colleagues if there's no further discussion is there a
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motion to recommend the items 1 though 5? >> that will be the order. >>. madam clerk call items 6 and 7 together >> files 6 and seventh amendment the subdivision code to adopt a policy that would be converted to the 2024 and restrict future buildings with a specified number even if owner accompaniment units. in was continued a few works ago. item 6 was the original piece of legislation has amended by supervisors chu.
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and then two weeks ago we duplicate the file it will be creating 7 and inserted an amendment into the taking - and then he continued both items so we would have both versions on the table without unnecessary continuance. thank you for fayette that process. are there any public comment cards? is monotony filled out a card please do so and i'll call the public you will have two minutes to speak