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tv   [untitled]    June 4, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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it needs and i am just so excited to be able to come and celebrate miss soto. so please give a round of applause for miss soto. [ applause ] >> congratulations, thank you so much. >> you are welcome. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> this is an honor. and i just want to say that as long as soto is every single family liaison here in the district this is our job working with the families every day. we are the liaison and we are the bridge between teachers, family and students. and brings it to the district
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and the community and ceo and we are here to help and support working as a team for the main goal of the students and thank you for everything and this is for all of the family liaisons in the district. thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> for the next item this is one of our favorites the annual student scholarship and awards presentation. and what we are going to do is call up the organizations one by one so that you can present your students. we would like to get everybody and get you all out of here before 7:00, so i am going to ask that we keep our remarks to a minimum. but take the time that you need to celebrate your students. so i am going to start off with the filipino educaters of san francisco. if you can approach the podium with your students.
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>> right, we will skip them and move on. >> san francisco, alliance of black school educators? miss marshal, should we move on? >> one minute? >> we will pass. >> okay the next organization association of chinese teachers. >> yes, so as the students took to line up along the podium with you and you can announce them one by one, and maybe they can just tell us where they went to high school and where they are going to college. good evening, superintendents, and board members, and everyone.
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my name is danny wong soeshs of chinese teachers president and i am honored to announce the winners this evening. so they each scholarship is... they received $2,000. and the process is select a base on the academic achievement involved in extracurricular leadership activity and other community services so i am actually going to turn it to them and they would just introduce themselves to the school they attend and what college they will be going to. >> my name is sidney i go to galile high school and in the fall i will be attending amhurst college. >> hello, everyone. my name is cicilia young and i attend briten high school and next semester i will be
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attending the university of california san diego. [ applause ] >> hi everyone, i'm vanessa chi i attend george washington high school and i will be attending uc berkeley. >> hi, my name is shaja and i am going to mission high school and i will go to uc irvine in the fall. >> hi my name is angel and i will be graduating from lowell high school and attending cornell university next year. >> my name is richard lee and i am from mission high school. and i am going to uc berkeley. >> >> hi, my name is (inaudible) and i attend galaleo academy and i will be attending uc
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irvine in the fall. >> good evening, everyone, my name is (inaudible) and i am attending galaleo high school and in the fall i am going to uc berkeley thank you. >> hi, my name is wendy and i am going to be graduating from mission high school tomorrow, and i am going to berkeley as well. >> >> okay. >> thank you. >> so are we ready for the san
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francisco alliance of black school educaters? >> yes. >> so please come to the podium and do you have students with you? >> yes. bring them with you. >> >> good evening to everyone and to our president and for the superintendent and all board president and to sister ester and to all present, we would like to thank you for this opportunity to announce that on may 9th we gave away, 13 scholarships. and we have one recipient that is here with us this afternoon that we would like to introduce her. hi, my name is anna and i am
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graduating mission as well tomorrow, and i am going to san francisco state. >> thank you. >> thank you. so much. >> thank you. >> wait. >> would you like to read the names of your other recipients, and the other, yes. >> president norton, vice president fewer, i just have a... superintendent carranza, it has been a wonderful day. and we are pleased to be before you this evening. on behalf of the san francisco alliance of blad school educators the following students received a $500. (inaudible) from independent high she will go to school
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college at san francisco. bianca (inaudible) she will go to dylan university neand pritny from isa and layton college and you just mish anna and soto will attend the city college of san francisco. and (inaudible) mission to remove and will attend hemp ton university and hall from mission will attend csu north ridge and andrew from independence will attend stand ford university, johan from mission will attend richmond community college. and grace (inaudible) science and technology will attend uc davis. >> thomas from mission will attend alabama aand m >> and and they will attend the college (inaudible) and city college of san francisco.
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thank you so much. >> i am going to back to the filipino educaters who are here now and do you have any students with you? >> i am not sthur. good evening to all of you,ed audience and the commissioners, and the superintendent and the other staff members, good evening. i am not sure but i did call them to see if they can make it and if they can't we still honor them. i do have the draft, actually of the program. so just pass it down. >> the filipino educators presented the high school seniors awards from recognition
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night last may 15th, 2013 at the manila town center at the international (inaudible) so we had actually 23 recipients scholarships but this is actually based on 152 high school seniors who are graduating with a gpa average, b and above, or a b. or a b plus and above. and beyond 4.0 and above. so, out of that 23 rerecipients we have daina, (inaudible) catriana (inaudible) and steven (inaudible) and alicia, (inaudible), and sean (inaudible) and clark reyes, from abraham, we have lauren
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(inaudible) and hannah (inaudible) and jessica (inaudible). from galeleo we have brent, avan (inaudible) and rosalegene vil la. and one more from balboa, kathleen (inaudible). from george washington we have angelica (inaudible) and from lowell we have poly (inaudible) and bernadet (inaudible). from sala britan, we have christina (inaudible) and this is actually not a, complete list and i may have not mentioned maybe two or three names and any way you have a view of what happened that
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night thank you very much. [ applause ] . >> thank you. >> all right, we will move on to the latin american teachers association, lata. are there any representatives from the audience? >> no. >> okay. they could not make it tonight. >> okay. >> then we will move on to the san francisco achievers and i know that we have san francisco achievers in the audience. >> >> my name is henry (inaudible) and i am here with the san francisco achievers, and i want
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to thank miss casco is the superintendent of the board for inviting us and we are very happy to be here, the achievers is a scholarship program that awards scholarship to african american male students from the san francisco public high schools and with gpas of 2.5 and up. with financial need. and we awarded 24 scholarships this year, the scholarships are worth 9 to $12,000 spread over a 4-year period. and tonight, we have eight of the 24 scholars here with us tonight and i would like to have them introduce themselves and i wanted to get hoover down here but he would not come. [ applause ] hoover, is the sort of the soul of this organization. and i just want to recognize
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his important participation in san francisco achievers. [ applause ] so, with that, let me have our students introduce themselves. >> hi everyone, my name is antoio and i am a senior at gateway high school and i will be attending san francisco state university. >> hello, my name is (inaudible) and i go to gateway high school and we will be graduating this saturday and in the fall i will be attending saint mary's college of california. [ applause ] >> hello, i'm (inaudible) and a tend walenburg high school and i will be graduating on friday and attending (inaudible) college. [ applause ] >> hi i'm jamar spears and i
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just graduated from isa high school and attending san francisco city college [ applause ] >> my name is emad and i graduated from (inaudible) academy today and attending the san francisco state university [ applause ] good evening my name is isreal (inaudible) and i just graduated from (inaudible) and i will be attending (inaudible) [ applause ] >> good evening, my name is (inaudible) harrison and i go to balboa high and i will be attending clark university. >> i do go to george washington high school and i will be going to ccsf san francisco city
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college in the fall. >> and thank you very much. >> thank you. >> doctor... (inaudible) henry? >> we want to say on behalf of the board and the staff that you were generation about the comments with all of us but we want to thank you for the dedication to them. this is your legacy my friend and thank you very much. >>
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>> all right. we will now move on to the united administrators of san francisco. >> good evening i'm richard (inaudible) the proud president of the united administrators of san francisco. president norton and commissioners and superintendent carranza, i am happy to announce that usf is here to present 9 scholarships four from uasf and actually five from uasf and we had a tie, and four from sue shider in honor of her twin sister kathleen and i would like to call (inaudible) to the
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microphone to announce the awards. >> along with us we have jenny horn and also our vice president (inaudible). >> good evening, president, i mean superintendent carranza and president norton and board members. and we are very proud every year we give united administrators gives $8,000 in scholarships. we usually give four $2,000 scholarships but this year we had one that was so close and it was a tie. so we are giving 3, $2,000 and 2 $1,000 and sue, administer her scholarship and she is giving four people $1,000 and another $5 on 0 and another $250. >> we did have grad you lacings going on so not all of the students are here and so i would like to read the names but she will give out the checks to the people that are
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here. and shara. >> and come up here and just say where you are going. >> and school and where you are going. >> i am graduate froming mission high school and i am going to uc berkeley next fall. >> up here and sidney lynn. and kelsey from walenburg and we have anna ma from galeleo. >> and we do have regina, and the scholarships and cathy scholarship winner. and come on up here this is regina romera. >> hi, everyone. i am attending lowell high school and i will be attending uc santa barbara as well. >> also winners are rosie perez, and she is going to san
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francisco state. lorena from mission high school and briana taylor from cal state north ridge, thank you very much. >> >> all right. and finally, but certainly not least, we have the united educators of san francisco. >> good evening before we get into our scholarships we have one other presentation that we would like to make first. >> we do have good evening. i am happy to say that we have certificates for the 2 student delegates for their thoughtful
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and determined service, as student members of the san francisco board of education. [ applause ] >> so you can see that wendy is here, windy ly and what should we do with megan wong? >> give it to justin right there. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you. >> the united educators of san francisco had a ceremony in our office last friday, where we honored the following students, some of them cannot be here with us tonight as we understand. but if any of you are here they
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are welcome to come forward and be recognized now. >> we have chelsey from walen buger and windy ly and (inaudible) ly and poly, and mirium from burton and mark young from lowell, and kelsey stewart also from walen buger and so you can see that we agreed with the administrators on one of the twins but we thoughs to go for both of the stewart twins. our scholarships are largely named for our past leaders and jim for mitchell and because of the areas of interest of those three leaders and the students are asked to write about them in different, in different areas, so thank you very much. [ applause ] >> thank you, and on behalf of
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the board, congratulations to all of the students. lata is here. okay great. and so the latin american teachers association. hold the button. okay. thank you i apologize for being late. my name is laura (inaudible) and i am the president and i am happy to announce, the following winners, they were given anything from $1,000 to $2,000 scholarship to go to either 2-year college or a 4-year university, allison sanchez from mission high school and (inaudible) hill top high school and angel la (inaudible) downtown high school. and jacaline (inaudible) downtown high school. and karina marquez from the academy of arts and sciences.
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(inaudible) from san francisco international high. marshal, and (inaudible) john o'connell high school, and sharon (inaudible) mission high school. william (inaudible) balboa, high school and william (inaudible) mission high school. and those are the recipients of the 2012, 2013 latin american teachers association. thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you. we will now move on to our student delegates' report. >> megan cannot join us due to graduation. there is nothing to report out but i would like to recognize
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the newly elected delegate cooper logan. [ applause ] >> okay, you know there was a question miss ly about where you are going to college next year. >> i will be going to california state university sacramento. [ applause ] >> congratulations. >> all right. >> we will now move on to the parent advisory council report. and after the pac report if i don't hear any objection from the board i also would like to move up the pack or the special order of business to the pack of appointments we will do that after the pac report, thank you. >> good evening, superintendent, president norton and commissioners, district staff, this is a very
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brief pac report, about the description of how we did our pac recruitment and also or commitment to maintaining a diverse parent body for the advisory council. this evening, the pac is recommending 6 parents to the parent advisory council. and two-year term, starting next school year. we are excited about our nominee this evening. we believe that there they are bringing new perspective and new voice and a new or a broader perspective of community networks to the council. we are very committed to maintaining a diverse population, and reaching out to the diverse communities, of different representing different neighborhoods and communities and ethnicity and cultures and experience and we believe that the experience and expertise and ties will strengthen the work that the pac has been doing and it will
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take our work into a new direction. so we have a few of the members here tonight and we realize that we still have an under represented community and so with that in mind, we left another seat open to the intentional recruitment in the fall to have the community represented on our bod yso we have a few of the members of the nominees here this evening. >> i think that i want to do and we need a formal motion and a second to consider the nominations and so let's do that and then we will do a roll call and there will be a number. >> okay. >> yes. >> so should i read the actual requested actions? >> after the motion. >> after the motion. >> so, i heard a motion and i need a second. >> second. >> thank you. >> so now, would you please read the recommendation into the record. >> with great pleasure, president norton. i'm really actually quite delighted to be able to do this.
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the requested action is that the board of education appoint to the parent advisory council five regular members and one alternate member who will serve a two-year term starting july 2013 this summer and the members are angela (inaudible) and (inaudible) and donna fisher and margaret wilson and warren wong and some of them are here so is this a good time to introduce themselves? >> well, my name is margaret wilson and i have four kids, all attending the san francisco unified school district and i have one graduating from sc
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carmichael middle school going to (inaudible) high school next year and i have one that is graduating fifth great and going from bessy elementary to the middle school campus as a fourth going into fifth and i have a preschooler that goes to (inaudible) and she is transferring to sammy (inaudible) next year. >> hi, (inaudible) and good evening everyone my name is angela and (inaudible) i have two kids. (inaudible) one is in 8th grade in san francisco middle school. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> and a second one in garfield elementary school. >> and first grade, thank you. >> warren wo ng. [ speaking in a foreign
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language ] . >> i have a kid who are attending... spring valley elementary school second grade. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> okay. and everybody in. >> i have no public speakers on this item, are there any comments from the board? nets vote and we can welcome them. >> seeing no other requests for comments or questions from the board i think that we should do roll call. >> ly >> yes. >> fewer. >> yes. >> haney. >> yes. >>