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tv   [untitled]    June 8, 2013 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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>> call to order this meeting, on june fourth, would you like to cal roll? >> director brinkman? >> present. >> heineke is expected. ed >> ramos fp >> present. >> rubke >> director. privileges and nolan will be not at this meeting you do have a quorum. >> because of the fire codes,
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if people could find a seat. thank you. >> if you could please find a seat. ? thank you. >> announcement of prohibition of sound producing devices, the ringing off of pagers and other similar devices are prohibited at the meeting. they person responsible for the ringing or the use of a cell phone or pager etc. may be removed from the meeting. please be advised that cell phones that are set on vibrate do cause the interference and so the board requests that they be placed in the off position. approval of the may, 21st meeting minutes. >> all opposed? , no. meeting minutes approved. >> item 10.1 on the consent calendar has been removed from the agenda. >> okay, thank you. >> item 6, introduction of new
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or unfinished business by board members. >> colleagues, anything? >> item 7, director's report. >> good afternoon, members of the board and public and staff. we are going to start out as we do the first meeting with the special recognition and awards that the hard work that the women and men are doing every day and do not get recognized for. and i am going to start bitter sweet and and i am going to recognize a long time employee that has decided that it is time to move on. >> madam chair, and members, good afternoon, vince har ris for the capitol programs and
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construction division, it is a pleasure and a little bitter sweet to represent to you as the award mr. andrew better known as drew howard. so mr. howard is a 91/81 mta manage and her a licensed engineer in the great state of california and he heads our division's project manage and group and we have the several of the folks here to be withdrew and could you stand? >> okay, thank you. >> thank you. >> and his distinguished career, spans over 22 years, and he served as project engineer and overhead engineer unit and civil engineer and project manager for many successful projects for the agency and he is certainly a gifted engineer and really to us at cpand c he is much more than that he is a talented writer and articulate and focused on producing quality work on time and under budget. and drew is a leader in his field and in our division, and he is an example for all of us
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at sfmta to follow and mr. howard and a person who leads by actions and snot not just his word. he is knockal and he has shared his knowledge openly and without reservation and with all of us who needed help, me included. he is a native san franciscan and who is devoted his professional career to this great city and he has enjoyed the experience, i can't acknowledge enough, his hard work, often spending evenings and weekends making sure that projects are delivered by working cooperatively with colleagues and other division staff and community leaders. and a classic example of this is when drew was project engineer for phase one of the light rail project and this project traversed six miles of third street passing through a number of concerned communities. and i can tell you that, the project was his personal life.
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he spent so much hours, and i used to tell them that drew you have to go home. but he was successful in his work, and to help aid and complete that project. i want to say on a personal note, as he propairs to retire at the end of this month i want him to know how much i have appreciated his insight, and his creativity and his knowledge, and his desire to get the job done. on behalf of our division i take this moment to congratulate him and his family and say drew, thank you, thank you, job well done. congratulations. >> would you like to say a few words? >> thank you, mr. howard on behalf of the agency and the writers of the system and the entire city i want to acknowledge how grateful and lucky we are to have you for your career and i hope that you have good plans for your retirement. thank you very much and i am very appreciative of the words
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of vince as well as the presence of my team buzz this is a team and i am not here by myself and i am representing capitol programs and construction, and project management team, and vince did say that i have been here for over 22 years. and it will be just about that on myo fishal retirement day. but i also would like to think that i actually started when i was in the fifth grade because i was a traffic crossing guard. and traffic crossing guards are now part of sfmta and so i think that from 1960 on, i have been associated with mta. and it feels very fortunate about doing that. and one of my childhood dreams was to become a cable car operator. and i didn't make it that far. but i have enjoyed working on some cable car projects and in the future, instead of riding
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my bike five miles to one south vaness i will be riding it around the lake and getting the same five miles in. >> thank you. >> thank you again. >> definitely leaving some big shoes to fill, pedals off into the sunset. next i am going to ask yee and our relatively new enforcement director to come forward and i will recognize a couple of folks from our enforcement division particular area of the agency that is among those who get thanks and recognition and have a hard job and do it very well. good afternoon, madam chair and members of the board and director. director of enforcement and sustain able streak, and thank you for inviting me and our
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team. in september of 2012, the enforcement division acquired a mobile command vehicle, through the department of homeland security grant the opportunity, and when emergencies disasters or special events occur, or require on-site incident command, the mobile command vehicle becomes a vital component of our mission. when enforcement received the van it did not come with an operating manual. we had to do the task and it
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took many hours to complete and performed this after hours, and with our existing tasks on top of that. and the van, currently to date has been deployed to the american cup and fleet vehicle and the chinese parade and most recently the cup series so far too, with 19 more to come. and great success at managing all of the traffic successfully. >> supervisor chin began as a parking control officer in 1994, and his duties now are managing and or overseeing the port property, and supervisor dardon began his career as a parking control officer in 1996
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and promoted in 2002 as a supervisor. primary, and serves as enforcements liaison for homeland security. for examplary efforts as i have identified, including initiative leadership and teamwork. and working with the new tools, technology, to enhance, enforcements and information, gathering and staff development. and we proudly, wish to acknowledge and honor supervisor chin, supervisor dardon. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> [ applause ] thank you very much, supervisor chin and on behalf of the agency, the entire city and all of the people who come to san francisco to enjoy these amazing events we offer, thank you so much for your hard work
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that is definitely a special skill set to be able to take a piece of equipment and help to understand it and work it out yourselves. i understand that you have brought some of your colleagues with you as a cheering section, thank you, thank you all for coming. >> would you like to say a few words? >> yes, i would like to thank the director cameron for helping us with this project. and captain james lee and captain debbie (inaudible) for giving us the opportunity to work on this to show what we are capable of doing, we knocked on a lot of doors that were closed and we kept going until we finally found the ones that were open and able to help us out. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> supervisor chin? >> thank you very much. >> one person that we did not get to mention was commander noatelo who could not be present because she is away in the out of town conference, thank you for my support, and
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without those two, it would never be this far with this project. >> thank you, again, thank you very much. >> >> so those, some of those special events that were enabled or supported by this piece of equipment, largely went off without incident. we have gotten just from the events this past weekend a lot of unsolicited positive feedback and i think that it is easy to under estimate what it takes to manage the traffic and parking during these events but this vehicle and the enforcement division does a great job in doing that. and so the other side of managing the special events is the transit side and since we have stood up for the line management center, we have been similarly of how we man the transit service, i would like
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john to come forward with the transit service to come forward to honor one of their staff. good afternoon, madam chair and members of the board, director riskin and it is my privilege and my pleasure to recognize mr. edward dennis today. edward dennis is an acting transit operation specialist working at our line management center and has been with our agency for 16 years and i am going to depart a little bit from the script because i want to talk about really what is not in, it is not written here but it is important to recognize of him the line management center is a new way of doing business for the sfmta and it is a significant change in the way that we manage service and thes a scary thing
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to change the way that we do that, that business. and edward dennis did not just except that change. he embraced it. he walked into the line management center and with a couple of other key individuals was able to create a new training plan, the new standard operating procedure and really decide the business process that was going to make the line management center work. and then he took that and he brought it to beta breakers and took a challenging situation that might have resulted in problems in the past and turned it into a success. so without further adieu i would like to congratulate edward on a job well done. >> okay. >> thank you for your courage and your dedication and i am going to go ahead and present this to you on behalf of the board and the sfmta and ask you
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to say a couple of words. okay. >> on behalf of the board and the entire city and all of the people who come and enjoy the events and get there and get that successfully, thank you so much for all of the work that you have done in the line management center. thank you, madam chair and the board members and the director of sfmta and thank you for those kind words, as i call him he is our acting director of transit services and gracious gentleman. he empowers me and let's me do what i can do. thank you to our director, transit services mr. haly, i think of him almost as a father, because you know he can be rough. he is a good guy and these are the people that empower me. i want to say thank you on behalf of the sfmta team. because without my co-workers
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the units, and other departments like dpt. see some familiar faces, dtw and sfpd and some of the officers that we worked closely with this would not be possible and someone just joined me and i was not expecting, it was my wife. >> wonderful. >> there she is in the back. >> without her, and my two children, i would not have the motivation to come here. and last, you know, lastly, 17 years ago, 16 to 17 years ago, gain this journey, the lord and i. and he has entrusted me to very good people and this city is a testament of teamwork, and it is a good place, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> just a few other items and an update on the central subway
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last thursday, we started the celebrated the start of the tunneling for the central subway and we had an event and a tour of the site down under the freeway on 4th street where the launch box is complete and the final pieces of the assembly of the first tunnel boring machine are coming into place and chairman nolan was there and mayor lee and president chiu and supervisors kim and breed, rog engineers from the mta and a lot of community members. they were able to go down and see the funnel boring sxhn more than a football length of equipment it was at the first
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portal and will begin next week to make the way northbound and actually doing the southbound and will begin making its way north starting next week and so it is a pretty significant mild stone for us, but we will also join and recall, that we named the two tunnel boring machines as a tradition. and we named them after mom chung and big oma to the san francisco icons and the families of both of them were there and were able to speak and participate. mom chung is first and followed by big alma and so big progress on the central subway. something that was done for the mta and to recognize the very best of our operators who
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despite the difficult operating environment that san francisco and our traffic and our riders provide for have achieved the highest degree of excellence and it is an event that meant a lot to the employees and the first time that i met with twu and the union that represents the operators with something that was very important and would like to see it come back and we have begun the discussionwise them about bringing that back and we are looking at a probably a different way of doing it. but we are working through your secretary, and through the communication direct and her working with the union to bring that event back to really we can nice the employees in accord with all four of the plan and recognize them and as you know is the number one goal of our plan and, just want to let you know that that is happening and it is a good
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thing for the employees and a good thing for the agency and we will keep you posted as we develop that. and then, finally, just want to remind folks that sunday streets is happening this sunday in the dog patch and the bay view, and we are especially pleased to be rolling out in conjunction with the mayor's office on disability and the department of aging and adult services as well as the bay and out reach and recreation program known as borp and the bike coalition a cycling event that will be part of the sunday streets, adults and youth will be able to test and ride the cycles tan tums trikes, and we are going to have a pretty full array of the different vehicles that the people with different disability cans use to be able to enjoy the sunday streets, it has the country's largest and most diverse collection of bikes and it will be offering
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orientation and training for folks to allow their use of it. so that will be taking place kind of in the middle on 19th street and i think that the event goes from 4th and king to the bay view but the adaptive cycling event will be indiana and 19th from 11 to 4 and so we hope to see you out there. >> i think that the safe driver awards will be a really great program to react ate. because that is something that is deserving to have attention called to it as you mentioned that is not an easy job to maneuver the buses through the crowded city streets and i am looking forward to the adaptive cycling event and i have a friend who broke his leg and who is getting around on a trike and the difference that has made the difference in his mobility and just his mood and being able to get out and get around and get to the doctor's appointments and i think that is going to be important and i
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look forward to seeing everybody there. >> do we have one person who submitted a speaker card mr. winer? >> a stake holder, one concern that i have about the central subway is there are over rules, and not even be taken out of transportation services, and in other words, you know, the whole city is going to pay for over runs if there are any. and mr. tutor has a history of overruns and so this is my concern and i think that this should really be addressed. the public has to be protected and we can't be cheated out of
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transportation services and after all mta primary mission is public transportation, and it has been severely compromised for the last two decades, thank you. >> before we move on, does anybody with a comment on the director's report? >> thank you. >> moving on madam chair to the citizen's advisory council, report there will be no report today. item 9, public comment. this is an opportunity for the members of the public to address items that are within the jurisdiction but are not on the agenda and we have a number of speakers. for general public comment. starting with luceia ganela and hunsu kim. >> the question is we will not be able to exist after the realization of the project and my answer is not, because it is
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already disappearing, since september, there are less trees and bushes in the park and in the middle, and some have been replaced by very small ones and different some not in front of the library. and it is just a few blocks, a very nice combination of businesses, mostly restaurants, cafe, nice, buildings, and wonderful views, and a very fragile area with strong character even by these businesses, that is why the people like this area. and this business will likely be disappear because of this disruption caused by the project and there may be by others but very different. so, it will become an anonymous place like many others in the world thank you. >> thank you.
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>> hansu, kim, lance. karns? >> good afternoon, madam chair, and directors. president of the (inaudible) company. and i have come here today to speak specifically about the new riding services and its impact on the taxi industry here in san francisco, from my perspective and i want to make it very clear to everyone that there is a reason why you need a badge and testing to be a licensed taxi cab driver and there is a reason why they have to be properly insured and inspected and metered, and it is astounding to me, and i understand that the jurisdictional issues but that we are allowing people to take their personal cars and pick up the public like a taxi cab with an app. and i am going to give you predictions here and this is not exaggeration, if this
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continues it will deregulate the taxi and the med dallons will go down and any lenders will not come in, what you are going to see is a major crime happen with someone who is picking up the public. you are going to see major accidents happen and this is not exaggerating it is already starting to happen. in terms of the taxi industry i have to ask you simply, if you want a deregulated market that is fine. desoto cab and other companies will work under a deregulated market. as a matter of fact if i turn myself into a sedan service under a state license, put out as many cars as i needed and not pay medallion holders and do the inspections or the insurances that i feel necessary, we will wipe the floor with these services because we have an enormous service demand, i don't want to see that happen but if this continues to go forward in a deregulated manner i will
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transform my taxi into a sedan service and that is the reality here today. i understand that we are making some strong efforts of enforcement, but i am telling you that the industry is going to collapse without strong, strong enforcement. thank you. >> thank you. >> lance, caners, followed by michael barrette? >> i am going to need the overhead and i will start my counting. so, good afternoon, my name is lance carns and i am a post (inaudible) to the central subway and recommend that it be cut to save the north beach neighborhood from needless construction disruption and to that much needed funds into muni and sf's budget. here is a break down for 2018
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which happens to be the end of the city's budget cycle and the end of the central subway project. and the city is going to be in a shortfall of (inaudible) and the subway project will be in a shortfall of $422 million. and over six years that amounts to about $70 million per year. and this map here shows the central subway and it is those for those from cal train and up to the china town is the main central subway and this is an oul line up here which is what they called the pagota projector option and you will notice that there is no station there. and where it winds up this is a little map of the heart of north beach which is washington square park and the pagota pal ace and this is the size of a holder as you can see here, the
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buildings around it. and it has a direct line of site and sound into the park. what does it cost? >> it costs, 70 million in federal funds, and local funds is 9 million. and 3 million are to the owner of the building, and with the site and 6 million is for the construction, and the additional construction and this is a past amounts passed by the mta board and if the cost goes over that, the mta will need a new number there. >> thank you, mr. pine. >> michael barrette? george bloom and greg giber. good afternoon madam chairman and board. i am representing north beach and the city of san francisco, and suggesting that we do not do the pagota dig, originally this is not in the master plan.
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and they want to spend 80 million dollars to dig two parallel tunnels under stockton street. and it never were planned on and they also do not have plans to put a station there, this is just going to be the (inaudible) left there and in turn, the person that has the right to that property on that, we paid 3 million dollars, and of our tax payer's money, for nothing. and to... they originally planned to stop the boring in china town and it makes much more sense to keep it that way and none of the extensive work on both forest street or on to the procidio will continue for at least 15 years so i strongly suggest not to do the dig of the go