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tv   [untitled]    June 26, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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prop k funds with conditions for annual requests subject to attached fiscal year [inaudible] and amend the prop k traffic calming and [inaudible] fife year [inaudible] programings. this is an action item. >> good afternoon. sorry. this item has two enclosures that were attached to your packet and i will highlight the allocation requests very briefly. most of this request is for the para transit operations program and we fund about half of the operating budget for this. this is also a funding re/kw*us for public sidewalk repair from the department of public works primarily around city street trees. there is a funding request from bart for a civic center bike station. this will serve bart and muni patrons in the portion of the bike station
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that the external to bart and also there's a portion /tp-f bart patrons. it's 190 new spaces. this will fund tree planting and maintenance. this is done in empty basins and also a year of operations of the commuter benefits program. two of the applications i'd like to high /hraoeug are the sfmta's request for the local application based traffic calming program. this is the first portion of the roll out of the new revised traffic calming program. mta spent the better part of 2012 revising its program and the action you will take today is to approve the allocation of funds and to approve the fine work for the revised program. this framework includes the residential and the arterial
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and [inaudible] however it does put more of the funds on the arterial track, which is in line with city policies to fund more projects on high injury corridors. [inaudible] would fund the residential program, used to be the [inaudible] planning effort, now it's funding evaluation of the hundred requests that they're anticipating to come in as far as the new application period that we are now in. evaluation will be done by august and this will fund the design of those 20 locations that would be /shroebgted from this new batch of requests. one of your enclosures -- i want to draw your attention to the traffic calming materials. these are considered the backlog for the traffic [inaudible] and slot
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improvement areas projects and you can sift through and hook at the specific locations recommendations. the walk first investment strategy will fund the planning /tk-p and other stakeholders and they come up with a city wide process for prioritizing pet safety improvements and also a recommend pry ortized list of safety projects. the controllers office will be engaging with a consultant to do some of this work. agencies are here to answer any questions. >> any comments or questions on this item? we can go on to public comment on this item? any member that would like to comment come forward. seeing none, we'll close public comment. colleagues, can we take this item same house, same
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call? the item passes. our next item please. >> fourteen, this is an information item. >> any new items introduced? okay. we can go on to public comment on this item. seeing no one come forward, we'll close. our next item. >> item 15, public comment. >> our next item is general public comment. anyone can comment on any related related to the transportation authority. okay, we'll close. and our last item. >> item 16, adjournment. >> colleagues, we are adjourned.
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[appropriation and de-appropriation - $720,626 to sheriff for overtime - fy2012-2013]1306131.sponsor: mayorordinance appropriating $720,626 to overtime and de-appropriating $720,626 in permanent salaries in the sheriff department's work orders/overhead budget in order to support the department's projected increases in overtime as required per ordinance no. 194-11, this ordinance requires a two-thirds >> >>
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>> june 26, 2013. my name is supervisor mark farrell, i will be chairing this committee. i'm joined by supervisors john avalos and london breed, and will be joined by supervisor mar who is stuck in a meeting. >> clerk young: -- documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. >> supervisor farrell: thank you mr. clerk. colleagues, given that supervisor wiener is
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stuck in a board meeting -- we can and then dismiss those departments. -- so mr. clerk could you please call right now items six and seven. >> clerk young:( reading agenda) >> why don't we have our health service system up.
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>> good morning supervisors -- acting director of the health services system. we want to thank you budget analyst team for their very thorough and thoughtful work with us and we are happy that we have come to an agreement with the budget analyst on our budget for next year. >> supervisor farrell: thanks ms. copy (sounds like) >> mr. chairman mbers of the committee on page 6, recommended reductions total -- approximately 53 percent, or 111 427 would result in savings to the general fund and for 14-15 the recommendation is -- and of that amount presently 123,147 would result in savings to the general fund. >> supervisor farrell: thank you mr. rose. any question for
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mr. rose? can we accept without opposition? so moved. (gavel) up next do we have the sheriff's department here? sure, bree here from the sheriff's department. >> it's on. >> hi. supervisors good morning. i am prima horder, the cfo -- the sheriff is running down the hall to get here on time but we are in agreement and we would be happy to answer any questions that you may have and also have information regarding our supplemental request if you would like to hear it. >> supervisor farrell: mr.
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clerk could you please call item number one. >> supervisor farrell: okay, thanks. we you like to talk about item number one? >> yes.
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-- -- in the interest of time i will work off the prints on the powerpoint. as you can see on the first slide we are requesting to move about 460,000 from the salina salaries and 250,000 from dependent coverage to cover overtime.
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the reason we need to move is that we do have enough cash but we do not have sufficient budget allocation and this is in fact from supervisor farrell's overtime legislation two years ago. this is the second time we have worked with this ordinance; the department is learning how to manage his budget within the parameters of the ordinance which is exactly what we were intended to do. and you can see that in the following slide the problem is primarily due to a structural budget problem. if you look at the pec work order you can see that we have three separate categories. the prominent salary categories, uniform salary categories and overtime salary categories. if you look at the budget you can see that all of the budgetary funds were placed in hermann and miscellaneous salaries which is people like