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tv   [untitled]    June 29, 2013 8:00am-8:31am PDT

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learn. they are not inclusive enough situation that there is a benefit. [speaker not understood]. don't wait till election time comes [speaker not understood]. [speaker not understood] now so they will see that you will be worthy of their vote. thank you. >> thank you. good afternoon, supervisors, and happy [speaker not understood] week also. i'd like to say thank you for the different issues that was brought up because they need to be brought up because it's just common sense politics, i think, very much common sense. if you want to add a bunch of people, work on transit. worry about the child care, because i'm a very big supporter of open space,
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especially in my neighborhood. build, build, build, but no parks, nowhere to sit. so, really remember that because we need some open space. the kid need somewhere to play. you know, next we're going to build further out into the bay, i don't know what's going to happen. i don't know what was brought up, you know, even before the mission bay thing. but the thing is remember the children. they need somewhere to play. adults need somewhere to sit. the t-line as slow as it is anyway, so [speaker not understood] make it slower. just use common sense politics when you vote on this. thank you. >> all right. are there any other members of the public that wish to speak in this hearing? okay, colleagues, any final comments or questions to any of the parties? all right. at this time this hearing has been held and filed. [gavel] >> item 33 is in the hands of the board. colleagues, can we take a roll call vote on this item?
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>> on item 43, supervisor tang? tang aye. supervisor wiener? wiener aye. supervisor yee? yee aye. supervisor avalos? avalos aye. supervisor breed? breed aye. supervisor campos? campos aye. supervisor chiu? chiu aye. supervisor cohen? cohen aye. supervisor farrell? farrell aye. supervisor kim? kim aye. supervisor mar? mar aye. there are 11 ayes. >> this ordinance is passed on first reading. [gavel] >> colleagues, why don't we go back to our first 3:00 p.m. special order, i'd like to invite back up the representative from dpw. >> thank you. we had an opportunity to meet with property owners who came and requested [speaker not understood]. we are striking from the record five properties from the list. i will read them off to you.
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1750 la salle avenue. 29 53 22nd street. 285 st. charles avenue. 1380 newcomb avenue. and 28 45 cesar chavez. we'll be meeting with the property owners in regards to their concerns and to address them properly. >> thank you. colleagues, any final questions to dpw or any other members of the public that wish to speak with regards to this hearing? okay. at this time without objection, this hearing has been held and filed. [gavel] >> and with regards to item 41, first of all let the record reflect that without objection, the underlying report of assessment costs will be amendeds as our dpw staff has just recommended. colleagues, can we take this resolution and pass it unanimously same house same call? without objection, this resolution is adoptsed with the underlying report as amended.
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[gavel] >> and at this time why don't we go to item 31 -- i'm sorry, item 34, madam clerk. is it fair to say this item was not called out of committee? >> this item was considered at land use and economic development committee at a regular meeting on monday, june 24th and was not forwarded to the board as a committee report. it will be heard at the july 9th meeting. >> thank you. so, this item is not in front of us at this time. why don't we go now to roll call for introductions. >> supervisor yee, you're first in roll call for introductions. >> thank you, madam clerk. colleagues, today i'm submitting a resolution authorizing the execution and delivery of a multi-family housing [speaker not understood] for 1100 ocean avenue for an amount not to
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exceed $19,500,000. this will allow for 45 units of affordable unit in district 7 of which 25 of these units will be for transitional age youth 18 to 24. this is not an obligation of the city -- from city funds. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor yee. supervisor avalos. >> thank you, madam clerk. today i'm asking to draft legislation around our [speaker not understood] air and transportation ordinance, actually amend that ordinance. [speaker not understood] was passed in 2010 and the goal of hactor was to implement the city's transit first policy for city departments, reduce the size of the city's vehicle fleet and promote the purchase of low emission and zero emission vehicles. since its passage it has led to reducing the city fleet by 99 vehicles. however, this year's budget has raised some issues with [speaker not understood] we need to address. one is the requirement to
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remove vehicles from service once they are 12 years old. there is a process for waiving the majority of the city's fleet from the required reductions. the ordinance calls for removing from service vehicles that were more than 12 years old by july 1st, 2015. the mayor's budget proposal purchasing 91 new vehicles for total cost of $3.4 million. 83 of these vehicle purchases are classified as hacto replacements. excuse me. the budget and legislative analyst reports that half of the vehicles that are slated to be replaced have less than 50,000 miles. the management provided my office with age and mileageion inv for 79 other vehicles being replaced and average mileage is 61,6 88 miles or only eight of the vehicles have more than 100,000 miles. if there are no issues with these low-mileage vehicles, i believe it would be wasteful
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for us to replace them before the end of their useful life. driving a used car is actually greener than buying a new car. i also believe this blanket elimination of 20-year old vehicles does not take into account the considerable emissions that are produced in manufacturing new cars. 2008 study by sustainability engineer pablo pasture found out the admissions generated by manufacturing of a new prius are equivalent to 40,000 miles of driving a prius. when compared to the emissions of driving a ten-year-old toyota tercel, they would have to drive 100,000 miles before achieving the same carbon emission savings. therefore i am requesting the city attorney to draft legislation to eliminate the provision of 4 03 b. to require the removal of 12-year-old vehicle from the city fleet ~. overall i believe the city's policies should have a strong presumption for preserving our existing fleet for duration of
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life. to achieve this i would like to work with the department of environment, the city administrator and controller to develop a more nuanced policy for when we should replace used vehicles. the policy should take into account the cost and emissions of the entire life cycle of the existing vehicle and replace -- and the replacement vehicle. should should include the age, mileage, maintenance costs, fuel [speaker not understood] and existing vehicle. i also believe we need to review the large number of vehicles that have been excluded from the required reduction and the size of the city fleet while fully understand there are a number of core city functions required private automobiles, it is disappointing to see that fully two-thirds of the city's 1,950 vehicles have been waived from the hacto fleet reduction requirement. so, i would like to work with the department of the environment, the city administrator, and the controller to review the waiver requests and the various departments to see if we can identify additional vehicles that can be removed from the city fleet and to consider if we should revise the waiver process of section 4 03 b.
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as we finalize the city budgets, i hope that this proposal will send a message to the city departments that they do not need to plan to replace vehicles simply because they are 12 years old ~. we should try to maximize the useful life of our existing vehicles because in the majority of situation it is both environmentally responsible and fiscally responsible. i look forward to working with the city attorney, the controller, the department of the environment on this and the city administrator on this legislation. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor avalos. supervisor campos. >> i submit. >> okay, supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much. today i'm introducing an ordinance renaming a stairway in potrero hill after one of our long-time de indicated residents jack balastri. jack was one of the last san franciscans to have worked on the golden gate bridge. he was looking forward to attending the 75th anniversary. he grew up in potrero hill and
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this is also where he raised his family with his wife marie. as a result of his work on the golden gate bridge, jack build enough money to build stairs between carolina street and 20th street which we will be renaming in his honor. his family, his friends, neighbors are delighted at the project of having his name live on. madam clerk, the rest i submit. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor cohen. supervisor farrell. >> thanks, madam clerk. colleagues, today i would like to adjourn our meeting in memory of coleman halloran who passed away tuesday, june 18, 2013. coleman was a native of county [speaker not understood] ireland and long-time resident of san francisco. he's known to most of us for being the father of our poa now president marty halloran. a blood husband of 45 years, excuse me, 45*4 years to rosemary halloran, devoted father of michael, stephen, mary, stepdaughter -- excuse me, daughter-in-law mary, thomas martin and james and stepdaughter alicia.
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he was a 63-year-member of the carpenter's union local 22, charter member of the united irish cultural center and long-time parishioner of st. paul's church in san francisco. he is survived by five sons, michael, stephen, thomas, james, and loyal and devoted friend to those who will miss his wit and charm. [speaker not understood]. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor farrell. supervisor kim. >> thank you. many of you probably read that last week we made an exciting announcement that the market which will be a 22,000 square foot food emporium will be moving into 1355 market street. the old san francisco mart on ninth and market street. this is quite exciting because this will be the first full-service grocery store in the mid-market tenderloin area and the market will offer local
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san francisco vendors an opportunity to showcase and sell locally made food products and promote local -- our local san francisco maker sector to be a priority when we think about the revitalization of central market. long before over the last year and a half, our office was thinking about what it means to ensure stabilization in this neighborhood as we anticipate thousands of new residents and work he who will be moving in. currently we see the construction of two new buildings on the nima 75 4 units and [speaker not understood]. so, this neighborhood will continue to rapidly expand with residents who will need auxiliary services and new retail. i've always been a vocal advocate for this growing neighborhood while promoting a balanced approach to development that ensures we preserve the existing community assets and existing community assets includes local small businesses that currently have always invested in mid-market, businesses like sam steiner's
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which we honored last year, like sales marvelous cafe on market street which recently opened. all of these places are what makes our neighborhoods unique, places that san franciscans want to live and stay. what we have been talking about also in stabilizing promoting local businesses as an important part of our diverse and local character of the city is formula retail. as many of you know market street is largely a c-3 district which allows formula retail as of late. i have asked our city attorney's office to draft interim controls for market street from sixth street to van ness that would restrict new formula retail establishments until we can study this issue further. this is an issue that we have been long concerned with way before the news had come up amongst many of out city residents about the potential dislocation of a 9 to 4 which we got several e-mails about.
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it is not just our district, but residents throughout the city and other colleagues and supervisors as well who are concerned about different developments going on. what we are proposing is just an interim control that would allow new formula retail to have a conditional use. while we and formula retail policies throughout the city ~. we're excited to see that there were new and interesting ideas in multiple neighborhoods and as supervisor wiener recently introduced formula retail on the other side of market street and we want to extend that down to sixth which we believe say more residential neighborhood than east of sixth street which tends to be primarily commercial and office. so, we're really excited to work with the planning department, our city attorney's office, the mayor's office of economic and work force development. it's certainly something we want a very delicate approach to. we understand that there are multiple needs and a large corridor such as this, but we've just been hearing more
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and more both from existing residents. but also new residents that want to make sure we're not creating kind of large formula retail corridors like what we see on king street, but something that people are proud to live in and be a part of. so, we really look forward to that conversation. also more feedback on this issue as we move forward with this. and the rest we submit -- i submit. >> thank you, supervisor kim. supervisor mar. >> thank you. colleagues, i wanted to let you know that one of our city and global icons, the cliff house, will be celebrating its 150th anniversary on july 19th, and i'm introducing a resolution to honor the family and the 150th anniversary of one of our amazing places in san francisco. it alsos was july 12, 2013 [speaker not understood]. the clubhouse is one of our renowned historic landmarks that was founded in 1863 and there's been about five different versions of it from a
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number of fires and rebuilds over periods of time. and i think my favorite one is the turn of the century very iconic one that a lot of post cards from san francisco show. but in 1896 our former mayor adolph sutro rebuilt the clubhouse. later that clubhouse with stood the great earthquake of 1906, but was burned a year later ironically, and was reopened in 1909 by emma sutro merit which stirred with stood a handful of storms, [speaker not understood], several facelifts, the swinging '60s and non-swinging '70s and weather challenges. [speaker not understood] ggnra and the cliff house drew in everyone over its 150 years from working class families to the city's social elite and three u.s. presidents. dan and mary have operated the cliff house now for the past 40
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years. they have received three generations of employees and staff and manage a very eco friendly business with the most recent edition of a brand-new wind turbine on the street as well. this july 2013 join me as the cliff house celebrates 150 years. also join me in congratulating the clubhouse. also, if you want more information there's a lot of history on outside, the western neighborhoods project website. i think there's like 139 photos with different buildings. also on july 17th and 18th there's free history days at the cliff house in the terrace room from 1:30 to 8:30 p.m. with lots of history buffs like myself. on friday, july 19th, there's from 7:00 to 11:00 p.m. there is a major celebration as well. you can get your tickets online at the cliff house website. also, i wanted to alert you, too, we had a successful launch of our clement street farmers market.
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the first major farmers market in the richmond district. this past sunday, it's going to go on forerv sunday from 9:00 to 2:00 p.m. so please join us in the inner richmond [speaker not understood]. rock climbling wall. unfortunately i didn't have any of my colleagues to join me, but it sure was a thrill. also, i wanted to say there's a lot of creativity on this 11-member board. we have our district 11 haiku poet. we have a bass-playing, classical violinist in our president. matt gonzalez [speaker not understood]. he has an exhibit opening up called things i didn't know i loved at park gallery which is clement and third avenue. it will be opening friday. join me and matt and others from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. it is a new body of work of his
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collages and sculptures. he uses debris found on city streets for his collages and sculptures. he gives a strong commentary on consumerism and capitalism and how paper is used in presentation for articles for sale. he also dialogues on the themes of cognitive liberty, whatever that is. and i'm looking forward to supporting our former colleague who is now helping to run the public defenders office with jeff hadachi, supporting him on his artistic endeavors and really supporting creativity on this board as well as our former colleagues as well. please join us. and if you want information, go to park, park life for more information. the rest i'll submit. >> thank you, supervisor mar. supervisor campos had asked to be re-referred. mr. president, while we're
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waiting for supervisor -- okay. >> thank you. thank you very much. colleagues, my apologies, and thank you, madam clerk, for re-referring me. i just wanted to ask that i be allowed to do an in memoriam for ms. [speaker not understood]. ms. marinko died peacefully friday, june 21st, 2013. she was 93 years old. she was born in santa ana el salvador and lived in san francisco for 62 years. she was preceded in death by her husband of 46 years, guillermo and is survived by her daughter elizabeth as well as some extended family. we want to send our condolances to liz and the entire family. we know that she lived a full life. she was a kind and gentle soul who quietly and positively influenced so many people, so
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many lives over her 93 years. her spirit will certainly live in our hearts forever and folks are invited to attend the rosary tonight at 7:00 p.m. and the found rat mass will take place tomorrow at st. paul church. so, i ask that we adjourn the meeting in her memory. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor campos. supervisor yee asked to be re-referred. >> yes. real quickly, i just wanted to add my name to supervisor mar's resolution on the cliff house. and the reason for this is because my uncle was actually a bartender there during the '50s and the '60s. >> thank you, supervisor yee. mr. president, seeing no other names on the roster, that concludes roll call for introductions. >> thank you. let's go to general public comment.
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>> the next item on the agenda is the opportunity for the public to comment generally for up to two minutes on item within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board including items on the adoption without reference to committee calendar. please note that public comment is not allowed on those items which have already been subject to public comment by a board committee. pursuant to board rule 4.22, direct your remarks to the board as a whole and not to individual supervisors and not to the audience. speakers using translation assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time to testify and if you would like a document to be displayed on the overhead projector, please clearly state such to sfgtv and then remove the document when the screen should return to live coverage of the meeting. >> thank you, madam clerk. and i just want to make a note and reiterate that we should only be hearing here public comment items that we have not yet had public comment on before. so, for example, today we've already had public comment in previous meetings around c-e-q-a or cpmc. those would not be subject matters for public comment today.
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so, let's hear from our first speaker. good afternoon, supervisors. stop the corporate [speaker not understood] public library. don't give money to the friends of the library. don't accept money from the friends of the library. the privatizers take our institutions, reduce the number of people who benefit, and increase the profit for the few. the public library is just the most flagrant example. the trouble is the board of supervisors tried to build careers by being part of the rip off. the budget committee this year has been a travesty. the city librarian told the budget committee, and i quote, we have one of the highest visits per capita and circulation rates per capita among urban libraries. the whole truth and nothing but the truth includes the fact that san francisco is the second highest and per capita expenditures in the country. 233% above average. the only city higher gets 28% of its funding from the state of ohio where it's located. san franciscans pay more for library service than anyplace in the country.
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do we have comparable performance for the money? not a chance. [speaker not understood] per capita, he we own 44% above average. in circulations per capita we are only 22% above average. why is that, you might ask? first, we are slightly below average ~ in collection items per capita and we are also slightly below average in [speaker not understood] expenditures for materials. you have an increase this year in the budget of 9.2%, 3% materials increase and only the electronic, not one penny increase for printed materials or books. up until a week ago they had a plan to cut 32 hours evening hours, all the hours after 8:00 p.m.. your budget committee treats the city like [speaker not understood] like a hero. if you can feed people a reassuring falsehood and keep the money for yourself, you are a hero to the budget committee because that's what their careers are based on. david chiu having me arrested
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does not solve society's problems. and of course like always, the lies cost more than the money. >> thank you. next speaker. good afternoon, supervisors. i'm peter war field, executive director of library users association. first i'd like to say that last week represented a success for library users association and our allies. the library backed off of its plan to cut every single 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. hour in the city. that would be 18 branches that are open two or three nights a week. would have been cut every single evening from 9:00, where they're open from 9:00 back to 8:00. it did not fully back off, but it backed off on most of those cuts and that was due to our education and publicity campaign as well as folks
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signing petitions, sending e-mails and other communications and coming to the library commission immediately preceding last week, june 20th at the june 6th library commission. unfortunately, we still have some serious questions with regard to the library's priorities. first of all, the library's budget which is one of the highest per capita in the country as you heard from the previous speaker. we are second highest among 87 libraries serving half a million people or more. the library's budget is increasing by 8-1/2 million dollars, yet there isn't a single evening being extended after 9:00. there are no additional evenings being held open until 9:00. and evenings are still being cut under the library's revised plan at marina branch, noe valley branch, park branches, losing saturday morning hours, all of those the most desired hours. the public will have a reduced
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choice of where they can go on evenings. now four nights a week till 9:00 with the new plan only three nights per week till 9:00. no additional howardx at the main library, nothing at 8:00 p.m. or eveningses. ~ hours books budget is frozen. 8-1/2 million dollars more, why? >> thanks. next speaker. hello again, supervisors. my name is isaac monet and i really wanted to comment today about there is a wonderful store getting ready to open in my district which is cvs and maybe i'll be able to travel again because i had to pull my prescriptions from walgreens because of the behemoth drugstore it's becoming and little wal-mart, you might as well say. but the thing is we have to make sure that we look at some of these stores that are
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opening in our neighborhoods, especially in district 6 because, with all the construction and all these different thing that are going on and the legislation for different things that are going on for these different stores, i would think that maybe some of the contracts should be looked at that the city has with these pharmacies since they don't have a diverse population of people working in them. and maybe because a card or some of the pharmacy things should be pulled from these stores that don't represent that neighborhood. thank you. good afternoon, supervisors. my name is stephen edwards. >> shift to your right. my name is stephen edwards and i live in the mission-dolores area. i'm here to ask you to make a priority of undergrounding
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utilities. for too long san francisco has relied on 19th century infrastructure to hold up 21st century infrastructure. something needs to be done about it sooner or later and you need to have a plan to do that. i spent some time, quite a bit of time in berlin, in east berlin, a city that was 70% destroyed in world war ii and suffered from 44 years of total neglect under a communist regime. it is completely undergrounded. the utilities were in such bad condition that the gas lines underneath the sidewalks leaked so much that they killed the street trees. that's how bad it was. our problem is nothing compared to this and it needs to be dealt with. please make a priority of it. thank you. good afternoon, president chiu and supervisors.
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i have graphics. i know president mandela hasn't been well, but january 1999 he had answered [speaker not understood] on this letter, here it is. and he noted the supportive nature of my letter and appreciated it and wished me the best for the future. and i wished him luck and sent him things, the administrative secretary. hope he gets well soon. and congratulations to nick [speaker not understood], across the grand canyon on tight rope. ♪ and it's going to be a grand canyon morning after if we can hold onto the wire why don't we cross the wire [speaker not understood] together and we'll escape the darkness and we'll be searching way up hi