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tv   [untitled]    June 30, 2013 9:30pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> (cheering).
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(clapping). >> thank you so much
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(clapping). >> wow. welcome to the people's house of san francisco. historic. historic day today for all of us for the struggles for many, many years i want to thank all of you for sharing this historic moment in san francisco, california. wow. it's been a long road. many years but gosh it feels good to have love triumph
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overcome ignorance to have equal it triumph over discrimination to have that diagrams end right here in san francisco. wonderful, wonderful. it's a great place to be today in this hall where so many marriages have taken place and so many people have loved each other. we're the very first one with phyllis. thank you phyllis thank you very, very much. and many more weddings to the celebrated in san francisco many more. i know all of you have had some of those feelings before just
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maybe over 9 years ago and, of course, in 2008 when i had the prim of sharing that moment. i want to thank all the people behind me it's an incredible history. mayor willie brown is there (clapping) >> at the state level back in those years all of our members of the board of supervisors. thank you. our elected officials from the treasure to the our state assembly is here. and commissioners and staff and everybody from the city family our city attorney thank you for your wonderful work. wonderful work. (clapping) ladies and gentlemen
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in those times in those moments when people like phyllis stooped and said we're not going to take discrimination we're going to do something about it. when stuart and john looked for courage in people and they found one person among in one person who used the power of his office to make history by also to express the love of this city because that's the most important thing you love the city you do what's right no
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matter what the consequences that that's what gavin newsom has done. courage respect, love for the city and love for the people (clapping) >> lieutenant govern gavin newsom (clapping) thank you, mayor human resources how you all feeling? >> (clapping) >> what a day. a special day. let me thank you, mayor. i want to thank mayor lee foreour stuartship and support for the cause. and thank you, mayor lee for
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appointing me to the board i had the privilege of getting involved in the marriage partnerships it seemed strange at the time. but san francisco has been on the leading and a city open the edge a city of entrepreneurs and it's a special place. i think every single one if you understand the core principle of 0 core values we don't there are not diversity we celebrate our diversity each and every day. so that's what we're celebrating but i'll be brief i've been and i want to connect a quick dot. i've been with all of you
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watching not only the procedures of the supreme court but what's happening with nelson mandela. i say this because of the story of nelson mandela condition it is a not ex-president by leader. and it begs the question that the mayor was making. just because you have a position of authority it didn't mean you necessarily lead it's foekdz who exercise that moral authority this changes the world. that's the life of ghandi it wasn't president ghandi or president martin luther king.
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its people like phillips and i and dell who sped up and had those debates that's why we're here. they didn't wait for anyone to tap them on the shoulder. its people like kate kendall and my extraordinary staff. it's folks like this on stage that stepped up. they didn't need to do it but they did it. it wasn't just interest this was a true commitment to quality. it was chris and sandy i didn't it was the extraordinary leadership of many folks in this room so many of you out there in the audience. so i want to celebrate our wisdom and faith and your devotion to this cause and i'll
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close for participating in this remarkable journey. and like any journey it's not linear it's complex it's a worth journey we're on. and it's a journey that inspires we're not motivated by the cause of quality but it's the best of who we are our human dignity and self-worth interest all for your extraordinary reasoning and gragz on this special day. thank you (clapping) >> good morning.
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my name is kate kendall with the national center for lesbian rights and - (clapping) f you prop 8 (clapping) we i actually i did a quick scan of the audience to see if there were any children and i'm really sorry if i didn't see you i will put a dollar into the bad word jar but it will be work out it to be able to say that. we've lived for too many years under that still maifg piece of
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crap that eliminated our right to marry and made us feel less than but when prop 8 passed and i know you stepped up and gnarled - gal invented in a way that made this possible. that's why we're here. we wouldn't be here today without all the difficult conversations you had the money you gave the volunteer hours you spent we also wouldn't be here await incredible leadership and obviously the mayor and gavin is top on that list. but we also wouldn't be here
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await extraordinary legal representation. and way, way back in the way back machine in 2004 in february 2004 when mayor you newsom had a partner from day one who's been a partner with our community from day one please join me in welcoming our city attorney dennis herrera (clapping) >> thank you (clapping). >> thank you. thank you very much. you know, i, remember when we were standing on this years ago i just