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tv   [untitled]    July 5, 2013 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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permits that we have issued. in addition applications to the san francisco reader program has increased from three applicants fiscal year 11-12 to eight applicants fiscal year 12-13. right now we have a huge challenge. while applications to the program are increasing and more productions are expressing interest in basing here we find ourselves in a situation where we don't have a state space for productions to build cover sets. cover set is a set built and repaired and kept available throughout issued in case of need. aor example there is bad weather, or someone in the cast is unavailable and a different scene needs to be shot in its place this cover set is where they go having the right kind of things that status critical to any production. historically we have been fortunate to use hangar 3 out
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of treasure island and this is been consistent location, we have had production -- the spaces been ideal to build the sets and we have also from time to time been able to have warehouse space from the port of san francisco. hemingway and -- the hbo film shot here, two years ago with nicole kidman and clive owen, -- the spaces as well as other poor properties are currently filled with america's got the tenants and others have moved for one reason or another mostly for america's cup activities. i met with leaders of the port, the airport the redevelopment agency, the real estate department, all of the agencies have been supportive and have done their best to
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help us. we have really tried and they have tried but we have not been able to turn up anything. under the current rebate program all fees paid to the city of san francisco of related up to 600,000 dollars per film or television episode and that includes the cost of state space owned by the city. while other rebatable cost are attracted to productions including, permit fees we rebate up to four police officers per day, street closures scenes, anything that would write a check to the city for those costs are related at the end of the film provided that met the required number of shooting days. without the stage space to build covers sets we will lose productions. rather than shooting a few days
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i beauty shots to make it look like the whole shoot was shot here like they do in vancouver. we were excited about the possibility of shooting the whole film that i had the talent we don't have the space to build a cover set so they decided to shoot elsewhere. we estimated that was a loss of approximately four in dollars and local spending as well as a lack of local job creation and not to mention the opportunity to showcase our city in high-profile feature film. our current challenge is this. hbo wants to shoot seven episodes of the new tv series here. if we lose this it will be a shame. the series does not have a name yet but it is currently going under the title of the untitled michael lannen project about three
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san francisco-based friends - explore the highs and lows of life as part of a new generation of gay men. the shot the pilot episode here in april and now they want to come back and fill the rest of the series between september and november. this is an incredible opportunity for our city we have not had a tv series since trauma and that ended in early 2010, an nbc series. hbo plans to hire as much local chris possible and will feature the castro neighborhood to audiences around the world and if you're familiar with hbo series the usually run for multiple series. we would like this have to production here in san francisco. we are at risk of losing and we don't have stage space.
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currently there is another series sheeting today and tomorrow, they are doing a pilot and they get picked up they will go to series in the new year. we want to try to win this series here. it is a high-profile director and producer which would be amazing for san francisco the fact is if we don't have a rebatable space we will not get them. we are recommending the board of supervisors to amend the legislation to allow the director of property of real estate to consult with the film commission to lease property and to sublease to companies that they can build their sets. if we exhaust all efforts to find city-owned space, we are asking that rentals cost be made to the available for rebate just as when they are renting city-owned property. we are not asking for any new additional money.
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it would allow us to use money already allotted to the rebate program under different circumstances if necessary. without the ability to use this money in this manner we will most likely continue to lose potential productions and jobs and local spending san francisco. i hope that you will recommend to the full board that you will pass this amendment to the rebate. thank you for your time and if you have any questions i will be happy to answer them. >> supervisor cohen: colleagues he have any questions? seeing none let's open up to the public. >> my name is dan camp, a union location manager working in san francisco in the last 20 years. i want to talk directly to the impact that this makes directly to the city of the
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major series. i work not only on trauma but also on nash bridges; in the sixties since i worked on nash bridges the film office would give me a form to get to the accountant about the economic impact to the city, police department, port, parks and rec. the bottom line that they would pass to them, in the first season it was over 16 million dollars went >> supervisor went to various city departments. this is not include money to crew or to businesses or to locations; many millions of dollars more were given to business owners and individuals were filming at their homes and businesses.
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and the crews - i am now working on a low budget feature film called quitters. all of these individuals live in san francisco. we all appreciate to be able to live and work in this area. it makes a huge difference to us, these people such as myself, we work without the certainty where our next jobs are going to come from.they come and go a week at a time or a month at the time. thank you for your time. >> supervisor cohen: next speaker. >> >> my name is catherine howell; i'm currently the copresident of the newly merged screen actors film, american federation of television and radio artists.
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i'm here to speak in behalf of our four thousand members in this area, in our local. a lot of said about the job opportunities for the crew. susanna mentioned background. what is quite often left out his actors. we are the community of well-trained, professionals, experienced actors. like the crew would depend on our jobs coming here and there and we are lucky that we are able to live here and make our earning in this local. many of us have developed strong film careers through being cast in productions being filmed locally. in addition to the monies for the dob, the salary, it also means for us many residuals down the line which keeps us going between jobs.
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it means contributions to our health and retirement plans. and as i said it means another step towards building and maintaining our careers. i very much support anything that has to do with sfsan francisco film incentive. >> good morning i am ed lantz, representative for local 785. i represent their area and teamster drivers that work on projects. some of those would be here today but they are working on a movie called quitters and a time warner
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production, potential tv series that susana talk about. when work comes to the area, work could last for a couple of days. but the holy grail as far as we're concerned of the tv series, in this case in michael landen project which could provide ongoing employment to us and this is -- not just the wages, but also how people get paid into their pensions and benefits.a lot of times teamsters do not have health and welfare for the families if they are not working on these projects. thank you. >> good morning and thank you for your time.
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my name is karen lipny (sounds like) i have over 20 years of experience and ended a -- run with the american federation of television and radio artists. while the film rebate program is helpful i think the city needs to take the next step. i urge you and the board of supervisors to amend the scene in san francisco rebate program. production brings good jobs and enhance the san francisco as a tourist destination. thank you. >> hello my name is joel alora (sounds like) a summer
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associate at the law office of -- which focuses on independent production. i do want to reiterate what everybody said but we want to voice our support for this legislation. we hope that you will support it as well. thank you. >> good morning my name is joanne desmond, i am assistant business agent with local 16, the stagehands union here in san francisco. i would like to echo the sentiments of everyone in support of this. i just got rough figures for you this morning from our office. from 2010 to the middle of 2013, half year, the film production has accounted for over 22 million dollars in direct wages to our members with an additional 14% going to health and welfare benefits and an additional 7% going to members' pension funds so it is a big boon to our members and
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i would appreciate on behalf of our members your support. thank you. >> next speaker. >> hi my name is claire brighton, i am a local actor. i have a lot of friends who are also actors and i'm speaking in support of this legislation. a lot of my friends have been forced to move elsewhere where there are better tax incentives for firms to be there so they are able to make a living and i am sad to see great talent to leave the area and i hope this gets passed. thank you very much. >> good morning many ms. laurie shockley, the current theatrical and television representative for sag/aftra. i'm here i'm have of our four thousand members. 20 of them are working on day players on quitters.
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it is imperative that we keep production in this city. i have anecdotally been in the production industry for over 15 years in san francisco and i heard about the problems of office space, cover sets and i'm in full support of this. thank you for your time. >> supervisor cohen: thank you very much. of any other members of the public who like to speak on item 3? seeing none, of the comment is closed. supervisor campos. >> supervisor campos: thank you madam chair and supervisor ferrell and staff. this is a no-brainer. i had a quick question. thank you also to the film commission. is anything else besides what we are doing to the amendment of this ordinance it can be done to deal with the issue of space? i know that you have spoken to all of the city agencies, all of the city department.
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i don't know for instance if there is anything else that some of these other jurisdictions are doing. is it just an issue of the physical limitations of the city? just wondering if you could talk a little bit more about that. >> if i understand you correctly, is there anything of that we can do right now? >> supervisor campos: anything else that is a good idea. >> ultimately what i would like to see is defined a property that can be used as a dedicated stage space that is currently under the control of certain city agency. i don't know. i have identified buildings in the city that seemed very appealing to us that look like they might be open to a change in use; right now they are occupied either by america's cup or for instance the-- is good to be occupied by the town
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school for the next year while they are doing renovations. i am looking at properties there and also at hunters point tried to figure out where we can land and land long-term. what we are going to be doing in the film commission is creating a committee to study this more and figure out where we can go and how we also generate funds to actually -- a lot of the places are very raw, for is a place out at hunters point has no sewage, no electricity. they could bring porta potties and generators. we have to figure out where to get funds to sound proof that because if it rains we cannot record sound. >> supervisor campos: i would encourage you to pursue that. are you working with the chamber of commerce, small business commission, private
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sector to see they can help? >> well this has not been officially announced yet but the friends of the film commission nonprofit is starting to be working with those agencies to try to generate funds to help us with the stage space. >> supervisor campos: district 10 has a lot of talent. i think it's great and a lot of work has been done in the -- that i represent and castro as well. i don't see why we can't get anymore this business, it is such an amazing city. i'm happy to support this and i would like to be added as a cosponsor. >> supervisor cohen: great. that you reached out to the representative of hunters point about your interest and concern and need? this is the first i have heard
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of it. >> i have not. >> supervisor cohen: oh, okay. >> she is very reasonable. ( laughter) >> supervisor cohen: are there any other comments? alright, john updike for real estate wants to weigh in, give him two minutes, just kidding. >> good morning supervisor. to expand the supervisor campos's question, we are in the search for several months and looking at several major facility needs for the city and is part of that analysis and outreach of the brokerage committee i'm hoping we will also find some other opportunities beyond what susanna mentioned that could suffice for a longer-term solution. because we have things such as our elections need which is a very large need; central shops need, these are in the order of
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50-100,000 square foot requirement so we are out there in the marketplace and we continue the dialogue and hopefully something might come out of it. perhaps it will work for the project we might work for this. >> supervisor cohen: -- there is a whole industrial area that might be helpful, you have trade shops out that way large enough to possibly accommodate. alright thank you. seeing that there is no more public comment on this item, this item is closed. (gavel) is there a motion? motion to the full board without objection. this motion passes to the full board with recommendation. item number four. >> clerk calonsag:(reading) >> we have -- from the office
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of economic workforce development to present on this item. ms. cano (sounds like) >> i'm here to present a resolution authorizing the mayor to cast ballots on half of the city and county of san francisco as owner of five parcels, subject to the proposed renewed and expanded central market district. on june fourth the board of supervisors unanimously passed resolution declaring intention to expand the cbd. on june seventh of the department of elections mailed out ballots to all property owners in the proposed district with five ballots being sent to the city and county of san
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francisco. the city can vote on the five parcels of the board of supervisors . were to approve this resolution a list of the parcels is attached. the five parcels have a total assessment of 29,726.43 annually represents 2.5% of the total vote. if you have any questions of the ballots or the proposed resolution i'm here to answer any questions. >> supervisor cohen: thank you very much. colleagues? no questions. is there any public comment for item number four? seeing none of the comment is closed (gavel) can i have a motion? >> so moved. >> item passes unanimously to the full board. item number five. >> clerk calonsag: (reading) >> supervisor cohen: colleagues
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this is an item i work on with the budget analyst's office. the three topics i heard of that are in need of additional evaluation include the fire department, the use of children's baseline funding by dcyf and the-- we've got ms. severin campbell from the budgets office to present on this item. >> good morning supervisor cohen, supervisor campos and supervisor tang. i have a summary about these three items and i can go through it in more detail if you would like. i would like to clarify that we are looking at a period between now and december 31st. it is unlikely that we would perform all three during this timeframe, so the motions are
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in priority order. that is how i listed them, in that order. the first one is the fire department; the second one is the use of the children's fund by dcyf, and the third is the confidentiality of patient medical records at san francisco's laguna honda. if you want more discussion on this i can talk about it more. that's it. >> supervisor cohen: are there any questions for severn? >> (off mic) >> supervisor tang:can you shed light of some of the items up in the queue? >> we have no pending audits. >> excuse me, there is something in the motion.
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since the motion was passed the stage brought changes. we thought it was appropriate to (indiscernible). >> supervisor cohen: seeing that there are no further questions let's open up this item for public comment. seeing the public comment is items closed. (gavel) is there a motion? >> so moved. >> supervisor cohen: this motion passes without objection. is there anything else madam clerk on the agenda? >> there's nothing further. >> supervisor cohen: thank you very much this meeting is closed.
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i'm the president of friends of mclaren park. it is one of the oldest neighborhood community park groups in san francisco. i give a lot of tours through the park. during those tours, a lot of the folks in the group will think of the park as very scary. it has a lot of hills, there's a lot of dense groves. once you get towards the center of the park you really lose your orientation. you are very much in a remote area. there are a lot of trees that shield your view from the urban setting. you would simply see different groves that gives you a sense of freedom, of being outdoors, not being burdened by the worries of city life. john mclaren had said that golden gate park was too far away. he proposed that we have a park
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in the south end of the city. the campaign slogan was, people need this open space. one of the things that had to open is there were a lot of people who did a homestead here, about 25 different families. their property had to be bought up. so it took from 1928 to 1957 to buy up all the parcels of land that ended up in this 317 acres. the park, as a general rule, is heavily used in the mornings and the evenings. one of the favorite places is up by the upper reservoir because dogs get to go swim. it's extremely popular. many fights in the city, as you know, about dogs in parks. we have 317 acres and god knows there's plenty of room for both of us. man and his best friend. early in the morning people before they go to work will walk their dogs or go on a jog
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themselves with their dogs. joggers love the park, there's 7 miles of hiking trails and there's off trail paths that hikers can take. all the recreational areas are heavily used on weekends. we have the group picnic area which should accommodate 200 people, tennis courts are full. it also has 3 playground areas. the ampitheater was built in 1972. it was the home of the first blues festival. given the fact that jerry garcia used to play in this park, he was from this neighborhood, everybody knows his reputation. we thought what a great thing it would be to have an ampitheater named after jerry garcia. that is a name that has panache. it brings people from all over the bay area to the ampitheater.
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the calls that come in, we'd like to do a concert at the jerry garcia ampitheater and we do everything we can to accommodate them and help them because it gets people into the park. people like a lot of color and that's what they call a park. other people don't. you have to try to reconcile all those different points of view. what should a park look like and what should it have? should it be manicured, should it be nice little cobblestones around all of the paths and like that. the biggest objective of course is getting people into the park to appreciate open space. whatever that's going to take to make them happy, to get them there, that's the main goal. if it takes a planter with flowers and stuff like that, fine. you know, so what? people need to get away from that urban rush and noise and this is a perfect place to do .