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tv   [untitled]    July 11, 2013 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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two minutes to speak. >> thank you good afternoon supervisors. my name is joe relying i didn't i'm a retired lieutenant from the san francisco police department i served as the commission secretary for 6 years 2004 to about 2010 when supervisor campos was a commissioner at that time. i first meet the commissioner when she came on the commission. many of the points have been aired and in the interest of time i know it's precious. i would urge the commission - the committee to consider commissioner jose appointment. she was familiar with the
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methodologies and a she's not somebody i ever saw of being afraid of asking the tough questions being the minority and she said, you know, sometimes as meetings broke up at midnight and donates because the parking garages was going to close. i remember those nights sitting there in the long and pro transacted meetings . to sum up the depth of her experience and the major initiatives she's been involved in i urge you to reelect her >> any other comments please come up. seeing none, none public comment
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is closed >> colleagues is there a name you'd like to forward for this appointment. >> supervisor campos. >> i defer to the members of the committee but i just wanted to make a quick point. i first of all, thank both applicants mr. frank thank you for you interest this is one of the most important appointments we make. and i think it's one of those bodies that makes very important decisions that impact the daily lives of people in our city and neighborhoods. i had the honor and pleasure of working with jose and i'm here to just imfatally support her
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appointment. i appreciate the challenges of scheduling meetings in the last few weeks i know the kind of work she does makes it different but she is a hardworking as they come he's thorough and smart and even if you don't agree with her you respect where she's coming from. i think the po a respects and appreciates her fairness. one of the things that she has done through a number of initiatives whether it's counts general order around youth or the rights of young people and there are a number of those things making sure the department is transparent for the diverse communities.
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the last thing on staffing i think is a big priority has to be a big priority. when we were on the commission we were the first time we actually met our charter mandate and it was when we had the budget crisis and deficit that we faced that those classes stopped and i appreciate you had people like jose and others coming to the board and saying we know you are u have a tough economic crisis but we have to make sure we keep up with the number of officers so i appreciate that because i know that was not an easy thing to do >> thank you supervisor. >> thank you i want to thank both commitments o candidates for coming and applying p.i.
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it's wonderful to have people interested in serving our industry. i'm have famous withhe commissioner jose on her job. the chief highly recommended supporting her candidacy and i wanted to make sure we had a chance to especially talk about someone it's important to me and that's making sure we continue to push for staffing the department in a way that we have the appropriate number of officers but also as we have significant number of retirees we have that institutional knowledge walking out the door so we have to actually push to bring on those classes. i'm happy that you as a
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commissioner has pushed for that. i know we have someone who cares about the department and san francisco. i want to make the recommendation that we move forward forward the name of commissioner jose for the appointment of the board of supervisors. >> is there a second for that? >> any other comments. >> just a few comments. i want to say to mr. franke appreciate our interest but i would have preferred to see a candidate who knew exactly what their applying for and the job function a little bit better. i represent the bay community that has an uncanny ability to attract a lot of negative behave
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and activity. my work with the police department and the captain and the chief as well as even the executive director of the office of citizens complaint is very important to me to be able to maintain a safe san francisco for lack of a better way to describe it. this morning i received communication there was another shooting. i hope the next time you due your due diligence and study and become familiar with the role of the police commission it's a highly coveted policy position it has the ability to influence the direction of our public safety and first responders and
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police officers. just what that said commissioner jose i'll second the motion that supervisor breed put forward. i hope you'll be successful. i hope you that are watching the closed circuit broadcast of today's hearings i thank you. we really appreciate people on all sides of the aisle that are willing to be a participate with you. you're not alone out there thank you for your services >> if i may add one point. i just think for the record the gentleman talked about the occupied movement and the police
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department. my experience is our police department did a pretty good job in its interaction with that. i want to be clear about that i don't know if you were thinking about oakland are other jurisdictions i think it would be a disservice to leave it at that. and by the way, jose has bill reilly i didn't speaking for her and she should be proud of that >> thank you supervisor for your comments around how the police handled that situation last year. and i thought coming from a different board and having been involved with some of the decision i thought they did a good job. there's been a motion and second to forward the jose to the
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fulfill board with recommendations and seeing there's no objection this motion is move forward. congratulations jose and mr. frank sorry you're not be able to do it this time but like my colleagues i feel if you have further interest you have the opportunity to going go to the commission meeting and see what they did thank you very much >> i'm going to move on to item number 6. >> item number 67 ordinance to establish the airport advisory committee and establish that's powers and duties. >> okay supervisor campos is the major sponsor. >> thank you very much mr. chair. i will be brief.
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i made a proposal to honor the legacy of harvey. in the process of putting that together i've may be seated with stakeholders with a dive group of folks rep many communities. including the individuals in the business communities. i see mr. lazarus here. one thing is that everyone agree we as a city should honor harvey milk but how this revised proposal came about. one that we want to honor harvey milk but in a way of bringing
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people together. and because of that we wanted to put together a proposal that only allows the city to recognize the legacy of harvey milk but honoring the legacies of other folks from other xhundz u communities. so this legislation strikes a balance by creating the airport advisory committee. it's a committee that would make a recommendation to the san francisco board of supervisors which under the charter has the final say on what happens at the airport. what the ordinance does it sort of makes it clear we want to honor harvey milk by naming a terminal at the airport by not which terminal so the committee makes a troemths the full board.
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it leaves the possibility of having other terminals and other facilities naming them after other folks. we want to make sure that is a collaborative process this is what the make up of the committee as recommended would be 5 committee members appointed by the mayor and 45 postponed by the board of supervisors and this committee would then make a recommendation to the board of supervisors. it's important for this committee to be diverse to represent the different communities. and i would say we want to make sure we move forward this forward the timing when it comes time to honoring harvey milk the timing is for an appropriate
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time in terms of the rights of the lgbt community. one of the things i've been struck by and seeing what's happening is how ghiblg a matter of a few years we frrment a country talking about how maybe domestic partnerships might be acceptable to annoy having full marriage rights for all individuals including same sex couples. this idea is you have to come out and make sure that people out there know that we gay people think lgb t people can't
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come out and discriminate against folks who know other lgb folks. without the legacy and the work of harvey milk we wouldn't be where we're. i respect flu ask for your support. it's a proposal that strikes the right balance and insures we honor the legacy of lgbt hero. >> any public comments at this time? >> hold on a second supervisor breed. >> thank you supervisor campos. i just wanted to ask you a few questions b about this process. i know that the airport
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commission expressed interest in developing a process. and i wanted to know are you still working with them on this particular process or are they still going to do a different process then what your proposing here today >> thank you for that question supervisor. the way this works even though the airport commission has jurisdiction in terms of setting certainty policies so for me and the mayor's office it is important that the portion of the chart that covers the board of supervisors and quite frankly is was an effort to make sure this was a politic process as it would. the work of the commission at
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the airport that they've been doing can be useful and augment and supplement the work of this committee. there's policies around naming. they could be useless to this committee. what we said to do was make sure we had a body that was representative of both the legislature and executive blafrnz that once we get this task force they will work well, that the airport commissions body, if you will.
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so i don't think their mutually exclusive. and certainly when we propose the legislation and the mayor's office supported it we were aware this other group had been created by to ultimately this group will make the recommendation to the board of supervisors >> that leads me to the second question. i have, of course, received what may colleagues have people in support and opposition i up mine is really a 50/50 split in terms of support. oftentimes referring to the airport and i know there have been some changes as it relates to this legislation on the four terminals and in the resolution you have here it's specified a
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decision technically has been made to actually name one of four harry milk and i'm just trying to understand, you know, just want purpose there would be in terms of a task force to determine how this works if there's already a commitment of a specific name - it's kind of like what's the point in having a task force when there's a recommendation inserted into the resolution because their soliciting input it's just a matter of what terminal how does that work >> i think the decision to name it harry milky think many people
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that were cabins the idea of naming the whole airport they were in favor of naming harvey milk there in some way. the idea that when you only focus on one entity, if you will, the airport you're not able to recognize people from other communities and that's why the shift what from the entire airport to a terminal. that in the lgbt community whether or not the airport should be named after one individual and that was something that is important to me as the author of the original proposal by itself bus it's important for the mayor to
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recognize harvey milk. and the fact we have a number of terminals and other facilitates at the arrangement leaves room to name others. it leaves room for us to make sure there is some recognition given to harvey admissible. and i think the terminal that should be named after him doesn't mean the committee work is not important we haven't made a decision of which terminal and that will be appropriate for some discussion to make a recommendation to the board >> and part of you know what i'm wondering would be this is not necessarily language in the resolution but part of teaching is communicating what the
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history is what the story is and i was wondering would the task force be tasked for whatever location is chosen how would they be tasked with educating the public through, you know, some level of inhabits or a permanent exhibit is that going to be in is some way not only what they see when they land at the terminal or on the website. we all know that san francisco airport has exhibits on a rotating basis are we looking into something that's more permanent and how can we make sure the education is incorporated with the name so that the message is clear
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>> and i appreciate that question because i think it's important to make that clarification. it's not so much that it's a it's the naming but what you do with that there has been an educational component with that. this is important in discussing with the mayor's office that whatever decision was made so if it is terminal x or b that it's not just the naming that happens but educating the public of the legacy of harvey milk or who else we decide to honor. and that would be part of the charge, if you will, of the task force >> okay. thank you and a okay. any other questions?
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public comments at this .2 minutes >> good afternoon john with the traffic association. our interest is to provide and review the impact proposals to enhance the traffic to our city. so anything on this issue is important. this provides for an open transparent process that will allow for the development of policies and criteria and procedures that will enable the opportunity to enhance the visitor experience by highlighting their accomplishments. at the same time very important protecting the brand recognize that san francisco brand international enjoys throughout
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the world and not cause visitor confusion. and finally as the member of the airport naming committee it's my personal hope and beef is that the deliberations we're enclosing through will be available once it's established for this reason we support the decisions of this committee >> good afternoon members. john lazarus chamber of commerce. i thank the commissioners on this issue. the chamber made it clear in san francisco traffic we've invest in creating a brand a worldwide brand in san francisco in that the airport is part of that brand. same san francisco is historically name facilities
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after great san franciscans. the water and power city was named after an individual. those are appropriate things to honor people that have a legacy to san francisco and we believe that facilities at the airport are appropriate to be nominated for san franciscans that leave a legacy and we look forward to the work of this committee and seeing a successful conclusion to honor the memory of supervisor milk but all san franciscans who have had a role in san francisco and the airport itself. i appreciate it personally i'm getting older and older by the day i was a young city attorney
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in 1978 and i think it's an appropriate thing to do and i look forward to working with the inspires >> i want the record to reflect he said 1998. (laughter). >> that's okay jimmy finished my math in 1978 (laughter) >> hello, i'm tom president of the harvey milk lgbt club i'm excited that our club is going to be honored to support this compel. obviously the milk club is no stranger to naming important institutions after harvey milk
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i'm here to talk about a different legacy that harry left san francisco and our cities legacy is a beacon of hope across the world. when prop 8 which campos raised people doesn't put cameras on the streets of washington, d.c. they sent those cameras and focused their attention on san francisco because we have become this beacon of hope to queer people across the world and that's the message harvey has left us. i'm sure we've heard about the 40 thousand passengers that come through the airport every year i was a young passenger as a queer people who came through the airport because i know that it
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was a place i could be accepted and so many of those passengers are coming from other places. i'm sure that russia will arrest folks are openly gay. that's a completely different mindset we're hopefully and i'm very happy to be here supporting this legislation and the naming of the terminal after harvey milk >> thank you. >> hi i'm erick i'm with the neighborhood association in the mission district we work with a lot of lgbt latinos and we're happy to name the terminal after harvey admissible. i remember when mr. chavez when
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the street was going to be renamed the fight that broke out how difficult it was to rename the street. there will be always difference of opinion but it's important for us to make sure that we honor and respect those people who have fought not just for the working class but all lgbt people. this also creates a place where we can have heroes that are recognized everywhere to the lgbt community also in a way that their work is honored. thank you >> thank you any other public