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tv   [untitled]    July 20, 2013 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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and the lgbt community was targeted and later he was for hiv rights & an organization. he was a regular contributeor to this raising crime slug that focuses on are homosexuality is illegal. it's punishable in one of the countries but up to 5 years. the country prosecutes more people for having sexual relations from south africa. he was the most prominent gay rights activities to be killed in african. so i would like to submit a
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memorial in his memor >> thank you supervisor wiener. mr. president, seeing no other items on the agenda >> at the time the public may commit generally on the subject matter of the board without reference to committee calendar. >> please know that comment is not allowed on issues that have already been commented on. speakers using go translation assistance will be given twice the time to testify and thank you >> stop the hate and don't give money to the friends of the library.
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i'm going to speak with or without graphic today and forego my prepared remarks and in order to make some remarks about what happened today. i assumed i knew ms. collins but if she was that prominent i must have known her. it's true that you can grant the floor two particular individuals or a southern number of individuals on a certainty subject if that's appropriate. what you can't do is open the microphone to everyone who wants to speak and express one point of view and not another. someone who was intelligent and sensitive would made it specific about who feels granted the
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floor. you can't turn around and be urban intelligent and insensitive and then blame it on the citizens >> to let someone talk in in front of the the microphone is not okay. it's sensitive to me because the library rikdz my comments based on content and point of view all the mind. when i started i was young and poor. i got mid age class and got one suit from goodwill and, of course, they couldn't treat me any better because their bias
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>> know you not that the unrighteous shall not be hefrpt the kingdom of heaven. nor drunks should inherit the kingdom of god. your set apart from your sin your righteous based on the life of jesus christ and those who become christians didn't fornicate they married or left their girl. they in the morning were homosexuals or downstrokes they were separated from their sin.
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now john the baptist was the best and jest said i'm better than him >> jesus began to say onto the crowds. what went you out to see a man clothed in soft ram it is not necessary. for this is whom it the written behold i send my messenger before you. those who are born among women there has not risen higher than the john the baptist. now john was not worth to
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unleash the sandal. come onto me all you that are heavy laden >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm executive director of library urges association. the library has been stall on providing some information and no wonder our san francisco library is by far the richest libraries of all the libraries reported from an unanimous book serving one half to one million people. how rich is san francisco library. the medium and mean budgets for the libraries in this group is 28 and $38 million.
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san francisco public libraries budget was when this was reported $92 million more than triple the average. now why do i talk about the san francisco library because we should be getting the best service from that library and we're not. the library has instituted a program for so-called increases in hours and a while the total number of hours is increasing they continue to cut evenings and in one case weekend times what people say they want most. they tried initially in may to come up with a program that would cut 42 sessions every week in the city. we'd like the peripheries to pay attention to moor the library
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does not cut weekend hours but it adds evening and weekend hours that it increases the open hours at the mainland libraries which is the worse of the comparison libraries and it should stop the reduction of days. thanks very much >> hi good afternoon. i'm barry. today is face and morning day from the jewish religion. i'm here to find out that late last time that mayor lee had declared this in favor of operating illegally in san francisco and i think it would be great if you ask mayor lee if
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his daughter works for this app and whether that could create a conflict of interest. i'm very, very much concerned it's making it difficult for the cab industry when those apps are out there. in fact, some of the insurance companies of the drivers of those particular vehicles have told me they're not covered if they get in an accident. it's important to get out there considering there are apps all over the city saying there are having lower costs by using those vehicles but you could risk your life in them and you couldn't get any coverage for that. i'm very much unconcerned you
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may get a resolution countering with mayor lee had said sporting the regulation of the taxi industry in the city. any day now we'll get an opinion from the administrator law judge. in closing, i want to say in america of ms. collins becauseer e she was a very compassionate citizen >> i've been a taxi driver since 1979 so the mayor declared it lift day instead of praising this community he should have announced that san francisco is
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the only major city without taxi service. our taxi service has been buried alive. those folks are unregulated and a no wonder they have no workman's comp and no inspections no ada accountability. they provided the serves to the weight neighborhood and they have notions. i can assure you have that that the person insurance policies exclude transporting passengers for the fee. 44 how can you have the coverage? pittsburgh that's the city's duty to provide reliable transportation to evidentially and that includes the seniors
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and disabled and yet the mayor praises them. and the city attorney refuses to act why dennis. isn't it your sworn duty why are you the only city center in the nation who refuses to enforce that. what is to become of us? we spent our whole lives doing this job and now if the city of san francisco just the regular folks are going to have any transportation by taxis >> thank you. next speaker, please and a govern here i have a street tag burned graphics
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burdening burned in the san francisco earthquakes got a lot of animals and worms and aunts in that. gloria gloria, i think they've got allies the budget is going under you don't have to answer i see the distant thunder calling gloria, gloria, city gloria you're also running up the items. but you're really city don't remember.
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all the things you said and i do instead. all the city voices in our head. calling city hall gloria. gloria, gloria, gloria you're also running after some item and i think you've got to slow down you feel the city slipping away. calling city hall gloria. thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon i've from the youth services and while we provided services across the district i'm here to promote for the shelters and drop in centers we offer immediate safety food and lawyered up and case managed to prevent exploitation on the
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street. i'm sure residents due to economic hardship that makes our vulnerable youth traumatized invisible and a low self-esteem and achieved. one of our youth rights our - you use the space to use my mental space i use the clothing to feel better and i use the space for not to talk about or miss direct blame i'm thankful that the world leaders haven't press the red button and i thank you for your shelters thank you >> thank you good afternoon i
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want to thank the examiner for the cover story let's put it on the record. i'd like to ask the mayor's office and the board of supervisors don't anyone have any sort of a relationship with mr. and mrs. jimmy. when your facing over 2 hundred felonies someone somewhere might be helping i. so say so if our not in writing that way the seniors will know the truth and that applies to the past and present mayor. and, in fact, talking about the mayor's office let's put it on the record that the board of supervisors and mayor's office funneled away a very worthy cause. they'll miss one more game in
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san francisco and they're in as usual will be suffering the loss of tax money and that's the legacy of san francisco fumble away the 49ers and hope nothing happens durable the america's cup because something tells me the dead man's curse and all i have to say i will not be flying out of san francisco out of san francisco in the foreseeable future because i can't afford to end up - thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm betty tillman a retired san francisco
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unified school district teacher. i moved into a new building that's located on golden gate and a franklin. i moved in that believe in march. i have been harassed and tortured and a sod missed i have hiv. everybody knows my story. it seems like i'm a senior citizen on a hit list, however, because of my christian religion jesus protects me obviously. all the things that have happened to me i wouldn't be able to stand her before you. i believe that i am not going to
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be demissed i need help. i want my life back. they stole my life. there is no reason i have worked very hard. i'm an honest person integrity there is no reason that every night i go to sleep that during my sleep i'm sexually assaulted. i was supposed be teaching overseas. i was supposed to be a teacher helping other teachers around the nation something happened with that. things have happened to me i want to stopped.
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>> thank you. next speaker, please >> that's devastating news in the western edition mayor rogers building i'll talk to that lady. that's it really devastating but today, i'm here as i was lecturer noument and declaring a state of emergency for negroes. i'm with the organization that's called the community reform committee. i'm up here putting noticed on the board of supervisors but i'll speak about an event in the community and the june committee. and i put my name on there because my intricate and i told
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the committee i didn't want my name on anything so i'm asking whoever is no charge we inside an emergency meeting of accountability. the other thing in the western edition they have a public hearing in the western yoiths along with public hearings with the supervisors christen and the number is the number that she filed this one - anyhow may this meeting i'm meeting with the oversight committee and the o w d to find out what happened. our supervisor has been in office for 5 months but i'm up here saying we need the city and county to look at what happened
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in the western edition all those businesses are closings. have you been down on fillmore. my name is ace and i'm on >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> yeah. supervisors daniel for the record. i was thinking on my way down driver's license that ace was talking about some of the conditions we're facing in the fillmore area. you know, traveling have on martin death and the outcome people like san francisco the city like san francisco i think it's appropriate we should entertain some types of outcome in a country that we say life and a liability and it's
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protected. now as american people individual some days you feel like you have no power and some days that's why people come down here and say things and when you're not receiving justice and not receiving equality. if i didn't believe it san francisco could change you supervisors and a mayor, i couldn't stay consistent to keep sound an alarm not just san francisco but the country. at the end of the day you might run into a person you don't like here. i want to say with that resolution also in urging our federal government along the the president or attorney general
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whoever we need to take a lee good look at justice at the end of day we'll go insane if we don't get some kind of justice. >> thank you. next speaker, please i'm going to get to know how to. >> excuse me. sir, can you speak into the microphone. >> i need to know how to show the document. >> if you step up the document will be under the light. >> greeting to everyone. i want to let everyone know that
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my mission is life so truth and rightness and i'm going to call names. and this has to do with the recent june committee and supervisor breed i'm going to single you out. sir, please speak directly into the microphone >> because you're the one 3 promised certain things against the poor to put on the june 12th celebration. i integrate you on that, however, a lot of the stuff is a mess and you can help straighten it out. for example, you say here in this moving forward port the now a june committee efforts to create a physically responsible event. i've been trying to get an
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accountant of the event some clarity on all things and this is what we got. this is the budget we got. that's all we got since the beginning. i've written on letters to you and sent messages to your staff. i've talked to your staff >> excuse me. sir. >> who's been with me for years and i'm asking you inform help us get clarity on. >> excuse me. sir. >> on this physically. >> sir. >> and financial. >> you should be addressing our comments to the whole board of supervisors. >> to the board. >> thank you. >> i'm hoping we can find some sunshine on this event and i'm holy the board members of
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conscience of particularly the admirable my friend here supervisor campos. i'm hoping people can encourage the supervisors who made promises to fulfill under no circumstances promises because you're all involved she promised everybody. there's lots more and a lot of secrets. thank you very much are there any other members who wish to speak. general comment is end >> madam clerk can you please read our adoption. items 5 it through 56 is considered for a motion
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>> colleagues anyone want to sever any of those items. >> madam clerk please call the roll. >> on items 52 through 56 (calling names). >> thank you, colleagues. those recessess and - those recesses are adopted and motion approved. can you please read the memorials and on on behalf of the supervisor campos and supervisor cowen for the late james brown.
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on behalf of supervisor kim and there are two folks. on behalf of supervisor wiener for the late mr. erick and on behalf of the supervisor kim and avalos for the late ms. collins >> madam clerk any more business in front of the body. >> that concludes our agenda and a ladies and gentlem - ladi that concludes our agenda we're
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>> this lodge is home to some of the best fly casting pools in the world. these shallow concrete pools don't have fish. this is just a place where people come to practice their fly casting technique. ith was built in the 1930's and ever since, people have been coming here to get back to nature. every year, the world championship of fly casting is held in san francisco and visitors from all over the globe travel to be here. >> we are here with phil, general manage