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tv   [untitled]    September 1, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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i'm going to introduce this it's a study of the negative consequences of putting 5 hundred faculty out of work to the general education provided for by the cluj. the last point is important because immigrant seeking workforce training and those are people that are out of work and that also those kinds of number one credit courses are targeted at non-risk population but their among the highest in the city that a that are unemployed. and those who need to get back
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on track to go to a four-year university. so we'll understand the importance of city college. i looking at look forward to look at this when we return in september. i'm also looking forward to keeping our city college viable as well. i'll be at a green store opening tomorrow. another person the balboa that is right there's a movement to move them forward. but in the farmers market this green apple hunt is target for kids at all ages. that will require kids to go up
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and down the street to seek information about the various sophistication y where is waldo. please join us at 3:00 p.m. i think i get to choose the raffle events. also on third avenue there will be a celebration during the farmer's market on sunday but we're going to revitality our project. also on sunday join us to celebrate our opening of ca umbrella plagued between fulton and 38th and 39 avenue it's part of our clean neighborhood program. but the folks have been to involved in the process and i
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thank the rec department and from the input from the community. we have a resolution coming up a little bit later today. and there are grassroots organized that are improving. i want to thank also a couple of ladies for their flexibility to make this is best possible park. join us at this clubhouse and the playground as we cut the
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ribbon on saturday. i urge you to join us. you can always check out the fult fulton playground. and there's having their second walkathon it's this friday august 2nd you can go to or thank you madam clerk. today, i'm introducing legislation designed to address enforcement issues with massage par letters in our city. we've seen advertisements in newspapers. our office conducted an informal safer of the massage projects
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and we found 38 operating in our district alone. whether or not they are going to vicinity of the state of or local laws we see that their services if their certified which is a volunteering licensing program. i believe the massage industry has created many loopholes. and through this legislation our office hopes to accomplish two things one for penalties for massage parlors and they're only violations not codified and we
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would like to have the massage parlors limiting to where is a photo identification card. and denying an explanation who's been identified for crimes and prohibiting consumption of alcohol during business hours as well as other health and safety requirements. when drafting this legislation we were careful about not pitting victims of trafficking in harm's way and not to negatively effect other establishments. this is a component of a larger discussion that i'm participating in to figure out how we can help address the issue of human trafficking.
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navigate this friday i'll be attending the child sex conference in which 12 victims of the prostitution ring was found in san francisco. i want to thank our city attorney's office and, of course, my staff and i look forward to the upcoming discussion >> thank you supervisor. >> thank you madam clerk i'm introducing today a hearing in question to discuss with the mta of double parking. it's one of those nuisances and sometimes going beyond numerous that people talk about a lot and rip their hair out especially, when it causes traffic jams and
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cases muni to decay or forces bikes not to use the bike lanes. i think it's beyond of those issues where people view is as being effectively very, very little enforcement. and i can say in the 16 years i've lived in san francisco the driver or pedestrian i can't ever remember seeing one getting a ticket. and we're talking about it's policies where respect to double parking how what the impacts of double parking are on vehicular traffic to explain current not just enforcement policies but enforcement strategies and how it goes about enforcing this
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impact of the law and to report open citations and how many citations are given out for double parking and the frequency and where in the city. the rest i submit. thank you supervisor supervisor yee. supervisor avalos >> all right. mr. president, i believe that supervisor breed. >> thank you. colleagues i just wanted to be relieved because i'd like to introduce my resolution for marcus brooks on the actual complif agenda since this board of supervisors has taken a real interest in making sure we move this through and it's effective for the family who is currently
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struggling to work out the details >> the supervisors i want to thank. thank you all so much for supporting this and i'm asking colleagues to move this forward
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as an item to move on today in the agenda. >> madam clerk is that the end of roll call. mr. president, that includes the right to life pr i know there's a number of folks here as well as for general public comment why - >> those items require an 8 vote threshold and supervisors must meet two thresholds with an is the finding and the brown finding. so with the imperfect agenda item we need to make several items first year first, i want to say that supervisor breed has made a motion. first on the motion there is a
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series injury can i have a second to that motion? >> and let's take a motion on the brown act finding that supervisor breed has made. before we adopt the motion i understand we need to take public comment. are there members of the public that needs to comment on that. you have up to two minutes to speak >> hello board of supervisors my name is ken johnson i'm a analyst san franciscan. and i love my city and a marcus bookstore. it means a lot to me. when i was young coming out of
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school and going to school it was there that i was told and that reading is really important and i was screwing around in school and mr. richardson he really i used to like to look at the pictures in books and he asked beme on that but marcus bookstore it the first black bookstore in the nation. you met everybody black people trying to move ahead trying to do something with themselves. it's a real treasure and it means so much. to the black community it means as much as the cable cars are to
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san francisco and nobody wants the cable cars to leave san francisco. i'm here, no port of london breeds and supervisor breeds and supervisor cowen who support this. i want to go a little bit further and ask the board of supervisors to write a letter to the wanting to ask him how we can use eminent domain to hold onto the marcus bookstore and turn it into a museum or a landmark. this bookstore means so much to the black community and to san francisco thank you thank you very much. next speaker. >> thank you board of supervisors for hearing our story. i'm co- owner of marcus books.
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i'd like to talk about two listens. one vertical and one horizontal. the vertical line lovingly referred to as the bottom line that we consider in point of view of our decision making things applies to the material a impacts of reality like money. the vertical line has a different purpose. it's the line it differs our quality and the hard part about the vertical line it has to go beyond boulders. so people who come into the store are a wonderful group of folks who are interested in the
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truth the truth is the vertical line and for marcus books being 50 years of anti grave shul it's become a well, that people go to quench their thirst on materials. >> next speaker >> i'm linda thomas i've lived in inform since 1975. marcus books is important to me because i don't want to go into the store and spell i want to go to the shelf and find a
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celebration of books. i don't want to have to special order so i want to find is on the shelf available, easy for me to give it to somebody to read when they're trying to understand something and i'm trying to talk about that comes from my past. a lot of young people those days don't understand anything about black history. a lot of young white people don't understand much about market street. they hadn't had an opportunity to experience some of the things i've had an opportunity to experience. mixing the different razes that have ground up so i try to turn them on to literature and
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without marcus books i won't have any place to get them books to tell them to read. so i'm on the printer on this special icon for myself selfishly and for others. thank you >> thank you. next speaker. . >> thank you for staying late. i'm gail i'm the director - that's better right reporter and a of the meadows school which marcus bookstore is the only african-american bookstore in so far. i'm here to urge you to grant marcus bookstore preservation status. as you've heard this evening
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it's a cultural icon. this community only services to make san francisco more of a special and interesting place. please help us to preserve their legacy. please go on record that you support this icon and you're working for the african-american folks in san francisco and i understand their migrate >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is ms. hawkins and i'm a native of san francisco. been here my entire life. i want to thank supervisor breed and cowen and the other
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supervisors. and thank you for staying to late. i bring you greeting from the black lawyers an organization that i belong to in the anti apartheid headquarters and the fillmore district is known as the harlem of the west and marcus bookstore is very well known where bill clinton went after he left the white house. they admired the bookstore. i would buy literature for their grandchildren. their young adults and temperatures very astute and very well - they understand their cultural and they're going
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on to college and i thank marcus bookstore for that. marcus was born august 17, 1887. he gave us his identity and he hooked united states up with our motherland african where we found out we all came from. okay. and that history in that store is where children can learn. not only ourselves but yourselves too. it's worth saving. redevelopment was tearing - >> thank you. next speaker. . i live in the western edition.
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marcus books needs to stay in fillmore. i grew up and was living in chinatown. it looks different from chinatown but right now, i'm living in the west edition are i see that fill more is very much different than when i was the. there's hardly any remedy in advance of a black business are the chicago barber shop is gone and this is the last black business to the past. i'm also my immediate issue is housing affordability but i see
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that horrify but i need to - i need to empower those folks and marcus books provides that kind of presence. i saw the spirit and it's different having the children walking in there and that's different for the black communities in the west edition to connect them to the past. thank you >> thank you. i'm very active in the japan community. i've defltd into the history and
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the culture information we're not just japan town we're fillmore western edition and we've shared so much and one of the key places we've shared is the city believe. the building started out on post street. it was a hotel with a pool hall underneath. and in those days the pool hall would be a place they would wait for a job. it become a drug company. a place that served the medical needs of our community and who's family is still active in our community today. jim cities i've been working
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with the reproblemistic committee for their status which will come up on august 1st. we've been circulating a petition and people have been telling me their stories. they've told me how they stood outside in the cold listening to jazz all night long and told me about what marcus books means to them as educators and students in the community. this is a great land marble we can't lose it >> i'd like to compliment all the supervisors of san francisco. i'm not trying to scope but i'm asking is to try to save marcus
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bookstore. i went through as a kid. i was going out of state and have books sent to me. i've had people do that to me there's books you can't get no where. and i think it ought to be as a landmark anyway. it's the last landmark in san francisco. everybody has been helping out youngsters getting the real books that you can't get nowhere else but marcus. it needs to be kept in fillmore and i wish you all could vote for it.
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>> next speaker >> ladies and gentlemen of the audience and supervisors good evening i welcome my opportunity to speak in behalf of the marcus bookstore. i'm a taxi drive with a medallion i know his wife and his two sons. i think this is the wrong opportunity for this gentleman to take vaguely of the african-american community and this bookstore which is a historic landmark. it's also a source of a lot of african-american literature in this community. i think with a little bit more push or shove from this board mr. weiss maybe going forward
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with his name being recognized or without being pushed into the stands that causes lawsuits on both sides. i don't want repercussions where we fires me or something speaker i think the bookstore is a library of sort of and i think it's good for the community at large but a source you have historic documents and books for the city and county of san francisco. so i think you can do what you can by talking to the man and his wife instead of pushing and knocking on doors. some of you should gept together and talk with him personally.
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i can help you with that > >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm betty i couldn't help but come down and speak out for marcus bookstore. as a teacher at a school that was a multiple culture school a lot of white students doesn't know a lot of the black history from 1985 to 2003. the history book was excellent when i taught on black history. i said why don't you go to marcus bookstore there's a
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wealth of information you can find all types of stories of present-day authenticity. and my students white and asian went to marcus bookstore and said teacher i didn't know there was so much information about black people here in america. and they showed me the books they bought and i want to say marcus bookstore would you get rid of a gold mine. it's beneficial to all people. i bought my first black. and so they have a