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tv   [untitled]    September 1, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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e-mail me at info at >> thank you. >> i have a card from bill ford. and you have two minutes. >> hi, good evening, my name is bill ford and i have been in san francisco for 12 years and at the moment, my younger son, chance heart is broken, he is supposed to be starting 6th grade, but this year he has no school to attend. he sent a letter from san francisco unified saying that he has not been registered at this school that he was assigned, and there is no school for him to attend. when i heard the superintendent describing the excitement and the joy of the first day of school of all of the students, my heart sank too because on the first day of school my son was at home, he has gone from being a student body president
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to being truent, my son is on a wait list with 500 students waiting for space at one of the middle schools in san francisco unified and i went today and looked at the list and counted up the number, there are 500. this list has not changed in months. and school has started and the list has still not changed, told me that there has been no movement and never seen this before. my son has been told that if he cannot attend the school, that has space, there is one middle school that has space, then there are no other options this school is over an hour away by public transportation from where we live, some of the upc, what we were supposed to do if after september 6th, when the wait pool ends, what are our options? we were told that we can put my son in private school. my son, i don't, my son, my wife, and myself do not think this is right. so i am here on behalf of my son who is a little nervous and
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he wanted to come to speak, but he was nervous, we wanted me to ask the superintendent and the board of education to do something about this situation that my son and 500 students are in. that is equal to an entire school. i cannot believe that san francisco unified two want over 500 students to leave the district. economically it does not make sense and it does not make sense, i understand... for the district and proclaims to be dynamic and ininclusive to have this happening. we are asking, please, do something about this situation, my son has already missed 7 days of school and 500 students have missed it and he has missed trying out for the baseball team and missing his education, and please do something about this. >> >> mr. superintendent? >> sure. so sir, if you could, if someone from upc that we could have him talk to?
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>> so what i am going to ask you to do is if you would not mind, could you get this yes's contact information and make sure that someone follows up with him as well. >> thank you. >> all right, i have one more card, miss marian chat field tailor. >> thank you, so much. i didn't quite know the procedure, but i will for the future. i'm here from citizens of public initiative called public engagement for public schools. and we are not an organization, we are a group of volunteers, who are trying to develop a strong (inaudible) of cheer leaders and people who love our schools, and will be vocal and organized to advocate for our schools. and we just don't know quite how to go about doing that. and we don't want to start a new organization. and we want to just figure out
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a way that san francisco is not necessarily with kids but just everybody, and all of us. would, band together to be really vocal and dynamic and passionate, and organized advocates for our schools. and so we have been at this for a couple of years and interviewed a lot of people including the people sitting right around this semicircle and we have also conducted some civic dialogues and we have talked to hundreds of people from every neighborhood and from all ages, from middle school to very old people. and we have a report to present and we are going to do that on september the 11th. and at the public library. >> and there are fliers that i want you to pick up on your way out. with all kinds of information about how you can get a hold of us, and learn more about it but basically the thing to do is to show up at the main library in
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the latin o hispanic room on september 11, from 2 to 3:30 and you will hear what other san franciscan his to say to us in conversations for over a year about how to support our public schools. so join us and thank you so much we will see you there. >> thank you. >> >> all right. >> public comment is now closed. >> we will now move on to item k. advisory committee reports and appointments to the advisory committee by the board members, are there any this evening? >> seeing none, okay >> we will move on to item l. special order of business. the first item the tentative agreement between the district and united administrators of san francisco has been withdrawn, and so i would like to call to order the public hearing and adoption to the
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following tentative agreements, to all of them but there will be an individual vote on each agreement. number one, the hearing to the centive agreement between the district and the international brotherhood of electrical workers. local 6. and number two, glazer architectal metal and glass workers, union, 718, iron workers, union, 377, united union of roofers, and water proofers and allied workers local 40. carpenters, and locksmith
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union, local 22.united association ofjourneymen and apprentices of the plumbing and pipefitting industry of the united states and canada, local 38; plasterers, local 66; sheet metal workers, local 104; auto, marine and specialty painters, local 1176; teamsters, local 853; and automotive machinists, local 1414 (joint common craft >> and number three to the tentative agreement between the district and the international union of operating engineers, local 39 and at the present timive agreement and between the district and the service employees and international union. local 1021. >> moved and second. >> i see no public speakers for this item. and so, at this time, i would like to call on the superintendent to read the recommendation for each agreement. >> thank you. >> president norton, i would like to call on executive director carm elo scarloto to read the motion. >> thank you, superintendent. >> and board. >> so the recommendation for the tentative agreement between the district and the international bother hood of workers, has got the san francisco board conducts a public hearing and adopts it in
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the related public disclosure documents. >> are there any comments from the board on that agreement? >> i know. >> okay. >> roll call please? >> thank you. >> ly. >> yes. >> we are going to vote on that. >> i understand that. >> but, since, they are all the same. do i have to not vote council, on any of them? >> i think that i do. >> yes. >> okay. >> and so, yes. >> so the advice is yes, not vote on each if that is your intention. >> okay. >> just for the record, as said that i have been advised by the council that i need to tell you before any of you vote that will be abstaining for the purposes of conflict of interest on all of these, my husband is a member of the union and has the financial interest in the contact. >> you will be abstaining on all of the agreements?
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>> okay. we are voting on the ibw, local 6. >> yes. >> thank you. >> ly? >> yes. >> logan? >> yes. >> fewer. >> yes. >> haney. >> yes. >> maufas. >> yes. >> mendoza, dr. murase. >> aye. >> wynns. >> abstain. >> norton. >> yes. >> five iayes. >> the agreement between the joint common crafts the recommendation is that the board of education of the san francisco school district consults a public hearing and akopts the agreement and the related public disclosure documents. >> okay, are there any comments from the board on this agreement? >> seeing none, roll call please? >> thank you. >> ly? >> yes. >> logan. >> yes. >> fewer. >> yes. >> haney. >> yes. >> maufas. >> yes. >> mendoza, dr. murase. >> aye. >> wynns. >> abstain. >> norton. >> yes. >> five ayes. >> proceed. >> tentative agreement between
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the district and local 39, the recommendation is that the board of education conducts a public hearing and adopts the agreement and the related public disclosure documents. >> thank you. >> any comments from the board? >> seeing none, roll call please. >> thank you. >> ly? >> yes. >> logan. >> yes. >> fewer? >> yes. >> haney. >> yes. >> maufas >> yes. >> mendoza, dr. murase. >> aye. >> miss wynns. >> abstain. >> thank you. >> and miss norton. >> yes. >> five ayes. >> thank you, proceed. >> tentative agreement between the district and the service employees international union, local 1021, recommendation, that the board of education of the san francisco unified school district conducts a public hearing and adopts the tentative agreement and the related public disclosure documents. >> i want to just make sure that because you said that 1021, i read 102, which is how it was presented in the agenda.
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>> okay just to be sure that we are squared away. >> i see no comments from the board members. on this final agreement, roll call please? >> ly >> yes. >> logan? >> yes. >> fewer >> yes. >> hain y >> yes. >> maufas. >> yes. >> mendoza, dr. murase. >> aye. >> wynns. >> aye, not being the same agreement. >> thank you. >> you you did vote aye. >> yes. >> norton. >> yes. >> six ayes. >> thank you. >> item m, discussion of other educational issues, there are none tonight. and item n, consent calendar resolution rhees moved at a previous meeting for a second reading and action, there are none this evening. item 0, vote on the consent calendar. roll call please?
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>> ly nyes. >> logan. >> yes. >> fewer. >> yes. >> haney. >> yes. >> maufas. >> yes, except abstain on 138-27 b3, k24, 25, and 33. >> correct. >> mendoza, murase? >> aye. >> wynns. >> aye. >> and norton. >> yes. >> thank you. >> okay. item p. consent calendar resolutions severed for board discussion and the immediate action. and there are two this evening. k10 on page, 171. thank you. >> thank you, president norton. and so, i think i know that associate superintendent kevin has given us a similar explanation of this and a little bit of background on it but i thought that it is, it
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was worth sharing in the public since it was presented in public the issue. >> thank you. >> and kevin true, the community support department and as per the practice of the past couple of years, what the commissioner of athletics collins distributes a sign-up sheet for all of the athletic teams and all of the middle and high schools and the security and the security t10. and security guards have the opportunity to sign up for any and all of those games the deadline for that sign up was actually yesterday. and so that we can collate them altogether and then give an assignment as to who is going to cover the days and the left over for games that are not covered for this is just for fall now, are covered under this black bear but that is a maximum contract and generally, out of that 60,000, it is a
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small fraction of that that is used but it is only to cover the games that no one signed up for. >> thank you. >> so just to clarify, i am sorry, i was distracted for a minute. so we have your insurance, that our employees will have the first crack at whatever gains they want to have hours for and this is only for the games that we have no other option for staffing, correct? >> that is correct and i actually have confirmed that this week because commissioner collins asked me to send a reminder that we need the sign up sheets back. okay? >> thank you very much. >> and all right, any other questions, comments from board members >> seeing none >> ly. >> yes. >> logan. >> yes. >> fewer? >> yes. >> hain y >> yes. >> maufas. >> yes. >> mendoza, dr. murase. >> aye. >> and miss wynns. >> aye. >> and norton. >> aye. >> six ayes. >> item, k28 on 107 severed by
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commissioner haney. >> sure. i would like to ask the chief of staff... >> good evening, this resolution is part of the middle school leadership initiative funded in partnership and the sales and as many of you have heard about the technology component and also a strand of work that we are working on leadership development and school reform and support and so this year, at mlk, we are working with parters in school innovation and a small grant with each for america, the partner was in similar ways that we are doing with the other schools with the new teacher center around building capacity, to support and retain, our highly qualified teachers. and so this is a non-traditional, very small contract with tfa that actually is about helping us change the paradyme, the tsa board asked me to come and speak on
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richard's behalf, probably six or seven months ago and talked about how they want to shift the relationship that they have with the districts from just staffing people with tsa teachers to really looking at how they can be a supportive partner around all of the leadership development activities for the teachers and this was an opportunity for us with the sales force grant, who also really wanted to promote the partnership work and look at different ways of partnering with tsa and who does have an interest in our school district and being a partner, but in a different way than they have in the past. so we felt, the superintendent and i, and others working on this felt that this was a good opportunity, for a very small amounts of money to look at a different way of working together and it is a part of an over all initiative that if you want more information, i can, and i think that we sent it to the board before but it is an over all initiative with the middle schools and this is supporting martin luther king middle school. >> thank you for that. >> and is this the first time
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that we have worked with tsa in this sort of way? is it, it is normally something that we don't really have and the teachers come in and we partner with them in sort of a more strategic way in helping us with the school and is that a new thing for us? >> yes, do you suspect that there is going to be a lot more of that and is it kind of the new vision of how we work with them as an organization. >> first of all it is a new way of working so the contracts in the past have been about having the certain numbers of teachers feel a limited amount of teacher openings and this is about trying to change that approach and it is a pilot and it is a one year pilot and it is funded for one year and we are going to examine how it goes at the end of the year and as you know we are going to be looking at all of the middle grades and looking at what is the vision for them going forward and we will be evaluating everything that we have invested in and the ipad and the development and the work and partners and school innovation and so, that is
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what, that is why we agreed to do this work together. >> yeah, just one more question about it. it says that we are going to work on teacher recruitment and retention and so since there is a teacher recruitment organization, is there any kind of question there about sort of conflict or a certain approach to that? do you see that kind of influencing the teachers that are brought in and such, or obviously there is a broader approach to the teachers that are recruited? >> it is a broader approach, they are not looking at how to bring in more tsa teachers, it is about how to help to build the structure to retain, the good teachers and partly there are teachers at mlk and one of the things that we have been looking at is how can we retain the teacher longer than the 2-year period, so i think that is a complaint, you know, our
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school district and other school districts have had that it is great to, you know, as many of these tsa teachers are wonderful but it is a short commitment and it contributes to turnover and so i think that one of the things that we are exploring is how can we look at ways to keep both tsa teachers and other new teachers whether it is the urban teacher residency and the new teachers and the intern programs and what can we learn about how do we create the supports with the principal, to keep all of the great new teachers that we are investing in. >> and so that is why it is very different approach and why it is a small contract. >> okay. >> vice president fewer. >> thank you. >> i think that the thing that concerns me the most is that they have a problem with retention, and i think that we look at nationwide, i have heard the figures as low as 9 percent that we see in the classroom and so that is why i have some questions about, i can understand that the recruitment and so they are really good at recruitment and i think that they are
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struggling also, and i think that is why with tsa they are sort of not, i would not say that they would be, that the organization that would be helping us with retaining, building, a city teacher, workforce in the classroom. which is what we are trying to do, right? especially in these schools like mlk, so i sort of question that role. i mean, i think that 32,000 is a small grant and i think that it is reasonable to look at for a year and then we reevaluate it and i think that we should be sure and be cautious that we are looking to in our school district retain, teachers in the classroom, and so that they will see it as a career and commit to our classrooms and especially in those schools that need ak celebrated learning, you know? and the students who have the most challenges and so i know that we have many teachers and the relationships, and with the
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tsa teachers they do not say and they stay in the world of education, but they are not particularly seen in the classroom, which is what i think that we need help with too. and where we looked at our human resources and i think that i spoke to mr. bush man about this, and it was. we looked at these and it is different if they had it down, but we don't have it down and i don't think that they have it down really. so i think that is why we are going to give them a grant and i mean, that i think that 32,000 is a minimum investment and a small investment to see how we can collaborative and i think that we should be collaborate and i know that you are doing this and i will just say this with the labor partners because they are listening to the membership of the teachers and what keeps them there and the longer they say why would they not stay and those are the main and i think that they are hearing it on a
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constantly daily basis. and so any way, those are the concerns that i have about this, but thank you for the explanation. >> yes, thank you. i just want to remind the commissioners that we appreciate the feedback, this is part of a grant. that is being externally funded. and we currently invest lots of money in many different ways of supporting human capitol especially the teaching force in san francisco and so i want to make sure that the context is set that we are not foregoing all other types of professional development, or retention strategies, is this one of a portfolio strategy that the board is clear with us and we want to be innovative and be sure to find what is working. and use it, and we are very, very happy to be working and very closely with our teacher's union, and in the urban teacher residency program, for example, where we spent hundreds of
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thousands of dollars and don't have the retention there either. i don't think that anyone has figured this out which is why we want to be innovative and explore all of the possibilities that we can around the retention of the teachers, they are critical to us and i want to be sure that we keep this in context. >> commissioner wynns? >> thank you. >> okay, so no surprise, i have tremendous conflicted feelings about the teacher america. but my main concern today not just about this and i don't just mean about today, i mean, right now, what is going on in the country, is we see the pervasiveness of not only the teacher of america but a number of other organizations that are frankly araid around the privatization strategy and around the anti-untonight
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strategy, and i, so i... and so i understand, and this is the problem. i mean, we were pretty clear that when we were seeking, which i as you know and i am totally behind and whatever i can do. i want to do. are changing our work related to private funders and helping them to support the work. but we were really clear that what we wanted them to do and the deals that we were going to make with funders was to support the work we want to do. in line with our philosophies. and yet, we see a lot that we have private funders and i don't know that these are among them but the private fundsers who say, we are going to give you this money but spend it on what we want to you to. not what we want to. and so, i have some concern about this. and so this is part of the it would be happy to give you money to privatize your schools or your professional development or whatever else. and so i have grave concern about that.
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and so i am, going to vote for this, again, and it is a small amount of money it is a one year deal but i am not interested in a spectacular different results and i want to echo what commissioner fewer said, you know, if we were to say out there in the world of education, you know what? we have a contract with tsa to help us with teacher retention and, people roll on the floor laughing because that is their biggest weakness. so, we need to, i am going to do it on the condition, not that you necessarily need my vote. but the only way that i will support anything like this in faout thank youer is if we have a comprehensive report about all of the, all of the teacher america impacts on all of the schools in the district, as you know, i have recently, raised the issue about certain schools, where they are and by the way it is not a secret.
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because teacher america tells all of the graduates and all of the funders and the public this. what we are doing is getting ourselves into all of the parts of the school districts. we want to take over this and take over that. and there are schools in our district where there are administrators and teacher of america graduate and they are biased in favor of teacher of america graduate and they go to events where they say, okay, teacher for america graduates now that you are an administrative positions we want you to focus on hiring teach for america interns and so i want you to tell us how much of that we are we have in our school district so that we can know that it is not just a sort of silent creeping take over if we were going to do it, somebody is going to have tell me, that we want to have this company do this for and yous that for us and in that case i will vote against it. >> smr superintendent.
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>> again, commissioners we appreciate your feedback. i want to remind the public, that the teacher of america teachers are pems members of the union, and they are members, and i also want to be really clear about what the commissioners are asking us to do. and so are we being directed, and i want to clarify to do a teacher analysis in terms of students learning? in terms of added value for each teacher and have a comparison of all teachers and how they have been able to increase student achievement? and i think that goes contrary to what we have publicly stated that we don't use the test scores to evaluate the teachers per se. but, it is slippery slope here and i want to be clear about what we are being asked to do because we will do the pleasure of the board. >> can i respond to that? >> i am not asking for that and i understand that what i am asking for, i can only have if
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the majority of the board is in favor of that. but i suspect that the majority of the board is in favor. what i want to know is a review of all of the contracts that we have with the teach for america, further i would like to know how much administrators and how many teach for america teachers and other staff people that we have in each school. which will tell us what the profile is, of those teachers in the schools that have teach for america graduates as administrators. or a departments that have it. i am not asked for that, i don't know what, you know the board may want to discuss this whole issue. i am only say that this is something that i would like to know and i think from our earlier discussion, that there is consensus on the board that we would like to know that because when i raised that issue before, there was and there were other members of the board who said, yeah that would be good to know. >> commissioner murase? >> i would be interested in the
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kind of data that she has asked for but i want to remind my colleagues that there was a committee meeting last year, twr (inaudible) presented a lot of very detailed data comparing teach for america teachers performance with non-teach for america teacher performance and the results were similar and you could not say that the teach for america was a silver bullet and what was pointed out to us by solomen was that one of the differences was that it provides first year teacher training and coaching. and so, what i would like to ask is, given the concerns that are expressed by my colleagues that we have a report, in the same perhaps in the personnel committee of this program of mlk and included in the compile of the best practices for successful talent management, i would like to see, what things can we learn that is
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successful, in terms of retention and including a bigger investment in first year teachers and coaching because these are the elements of successful teaching and teacher training. so my request is that a report on this program, on this contract, be made at personnel community in the spring. >> you are saying that you would like direction from the board at that meeting. >> right. >> and i want to be clear and i want to thank commissioner murase which you stated about the comprehensive support of the teachers get there teach for america is part of what we want to learn and that is exactly the type of thing that we want to learn and we are a learning organization and we are not going to be exclusive are ininclusive of any one approach. >> could you make a note of that and i believe that vice president fewer chair's the personnel committee and she is not in