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tv   [untitled]    September 2, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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director [speaker not understood]. >> i was wondering if the commission's by laws would allow electronic voting. >> they don. ~ do not. that's not in our by laws. >> is there any other discussion? bylaws ~ >> don't we have to have public comment? >> yes. public comment on the proposed action. jason freed, lafco staff. what i just heard read i think would be a big detriment to this program. i think that while there are some questions that still need to be answered, this is the wrong way to go about it. you are going to be derailing this program. it has a very sensitive start time. if we can get this thing started in the spring, all these things that we're talking about can occur. if we continue to wait, the things that shell is saying they can potentially do, those
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contracts they have available for us to get in-state labor, hydro, ghg free, start to go away because they're going to start selling those contracts to other vendors that they have, other people that want to buy that energy. and, so, we need to keep this thing moving forward. i understand, commissioner arce, that you have some kaiserious concerns. those are concerns that have nothing to do with the not to exceed rate. they have other program designs and we can continue to have this discussion. you doughthv need a resolution to have that continued discussion. simply ask the puc staff, i am 100% willing to bet with anyone that ken malcolm and anyone else with the puc would be willing to come back and have those discussions with you here or if you want to have more sit-down meetings one on one with any of you that have questions, we can do all of this. i think what you're about to do is going to seriously harm this program and i would encourage you to volt no on that resolution at this time. thank you. ~ vote >> thank you. next speaker. well, what a night. derek burks, san francisco
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green party, local grassroots organization in our city. so, i want to scare you a little bit and reassure you a lot. the scare you part is that commissioner arce, you're absolutely right. they could set the not to exceed rate next week. they could move forward with a shell program and no other program, which as i said is only less than 4% of what we envision. so, but with that said, the reason that advocates have recently voted and said to the sfpuc and to lafco we would like them to proceed with these not to exceed rates is because they are now competitive with pg&e. especially if you compare it to a pg&e green rate. and what ms. malcolm proposed to us tonight are rates that will probably be even more competitive, even competitive with pg&e's brown power rate. the issue with the shell
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contract is that whether we like it or not, the local buildout that we all want is no longer tied to the small phase 1 part of the program. it's no longer tied to the shell contract. so, the reality is now that the shell contract is going to have competitive rates if the sfpuc sets competitive rates next week, now that it's going to have competitive rates, the advocates are not concerned that there is going to be a large opt out of the program. after the shell contract is underway, as long as there's no large opt out, that's when we start building this next phase. when you get into phase ii and we do the buildout. and as commissioner wald rightly points out, that buildout is not going to happen unless we -- you as a commission, you as a department, we as advocates, make sure that the sfpuc and the board of supervisors does it. and under ab 117, the 2002 law
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passed for community insurance aggregation, i want to reassure you, and this can be done, if the sfpuc ends up not doing the program we want, the board of supervisors is empowered by that law, ab 117, to get advice from the local agency formation commission on how to build out that buildout program regardless whether the sfpuc wants to do or not. and you the department of environment because you have been involved in a lot of energy efficiency buildout would be the natural vehicle for that. so, the reality is we all need to make this happen. and if we find that the sfpuc is not getting it together, we can make it happen ourselves. is that a risk? yes. will stopping the not to exceed rate vote next week change much? the answer is no. and as mr. freed said, if we get this not to exceed rate thing out of the way, we see how much money we've got to work with the buildout, then we
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can get this second phase rolling. so, i agree with your expressing the concerns you've expressed. i wouldn't make it so leveraged on you better work with us or else. let's just express the concerns and express that you want the not to exceed rates to be competitive with pg&e. thanks. oh, and you can leave out the rec thing because if you insist that we do the local buildout that's envisioned by all the laws and resolution that the board passed, then that means we will get away from recs right away. so, you don't really need to get into that territory. >> thank you, mr. brookes. next speaker. hello, commissioners, judd holtz man again from 350 bay area. i won't take too much time just to point out that mr. brookes and the advocate coalition and lafco would be the two entities who have worked the longest and the hardest on making this program what i understand the commission also wants it to be.
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and i would urge the commission to look at the representative of lafco and the representative of the advocates and listen very closely to what they are urging you to do as folk who didn't last check in on this in september, but have been doing this day in and day out. i also would just support commissioner wald's comments that it's all of our responsibilities as citizens, as advocacy organizations and certainly as the commission on the environment to make sure that this happens and that convincing ourselves that this could be a one-top check box everything is going to be okay and then we stop paying attention is both unrealistic and will probably result in negative program outcomes going forward. thanks. >> thank you. other speakers?
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[speaker not understood] for ibew1245. just a brief comment. we'll be supportive of the resolution. it would be an addition that the program goals that tonight did not set -- the resolution be revised it does not meet all goals and does not comply with state's environmental laws. as was discussed earlier today. the decision on the rate structure will determine the scope of the program including its environmental impact. and the sfpuc was required to conduct environmental review before it makes a decision on the program in accordance with c-e-q-a. thank you. >> thank you. any other speakers? seeing none, public comment is closed. [gavel] >> commissioner king. >> call the question. >> the question has been called. and if we could perhaps get one final read with the amendment from commissioner josefowitz, if you would mind to do us the honor, commissioner wald, unless our director has a more
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succinct expression. >> do you have a better version? >> i don't know if i do. what do you have? >> okay. the program as we heard it described tonight does not meet all -- that's your amendment, right -- goals. >> the original goals. >> oh, all the original goals. and we encourage the puc to work with the department of the environment to craft a program that is acceptable to the san francisco environment commission. is that what you got, ellen? >> the program as we heard it described tonight does not meet
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all of the original goals -- >> goals. i assume. >> i want to say commission. the program as we heard it described tonight does not meet all of the commission's original goals and we encourage the sfpuc to work with the department of the environment to craft a program that is acceptable to the environment commission. [speaker not understood]. >> we can amend it now because we called the question, right? >> right. that's the question. all those in favor please say aye. actually, you want to do a roll call vote, may be easier at this point. he called the question, which -- >> do roll call. >> can we just have it read again? it was back and forth. >> the program as we heard it described tonight does not meet all of the commission's
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original goals, and we encourage the puc to work with the department of the environment to craft a program acceptable to the san francisco environment commission. >> so, and the commission there is what, is us? it doesn't meet all our original goals? >> yes, that's what josh is saying. >> okay. so, we're not including the second bit that angelo said? i just want to under that. >> that's what it is. >> would you mind rescinding your motion to have a brief discussion, commissioner king? >> [speaker not understood]. >> you were calling my language which was your language. >> and this is to be conveyed in a letter to the puc or are you sending me in? >> [inaudible]. >> i don't think we need to decide how to deliver it till we decide what it is, if
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anything, we're delivering. >> right. >> [speaker not understood] he would really set us straight on this stuff. proceed to roll call vote if we can, monica. >> [speaker not understood]? >> aye. >> commissioner king? >> aye. >> commissioner josefowitz? >> no. >> commissioner wald? >> no. >> commissioner wan? >> no. >> [speaker not understood]. >> aye. >> so, commissioner arce was aye. commissioner king was no. commissioner josefowitz was -- what was your vote, commissioner josefowitz? >> yes. >> aye, okay. commissioner wald was no. so, that's -- commissioner wan was aye. it doesn't pass. >> see you next week, vice president courtney.
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if we can call the next item before doing that. if we can, we've kept a lot of folks. can we make our presentation to our labor folks? we have to stay here very briefly. >> i've got to go. [multiple voices] >> if we come at 4:00, we can have a quorum. >> [speaker not understood]. i don't know how many people you would have. i would like to say now that we've decided there is something we're going to deliver, because we said we're
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to do make change in this community that i using the community. citizen engagement is the key and he want to thank the greatest mayor in the world mayor lee. (clapping) >> not even election time.
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anyway thank you all for being here. when i first landed in san francisco i i know it's a similar story for you i thought about where i was golden going and i understood its name origin as he city of st. francis. i think that means you come here you've got hopes and you've got hopes for the city that's compassionate. it represents the best of the cities it isn't the rough and tunnel city that i've had experience in but it had the special sense of freedom and compassion and quality and quality and all those things are
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happening with a banner year of getting rid of proposition 8 and celebrating life (clapping) where we're a pretty special place. it's even more special to create new jobs for people. we've never forgotten where we've came from the city of st. francis has never gotten and that's distinguished us. project hope has been about our expression now conditionally 50 times. our compassion and our opportunity for everyone who lives and works here to demonstrate that compassion. to each other. to that make this city a safer city and a more successful city but for the city for the 1
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hundred percent. i want to a thank las vegas e devon and the whole staff for being here and the public health department. i want to thank our sf thank you and today sports 6 hundred members of our technology companies that point to experience not only the use of technology but also express their compassion for the city in giving back to a city that's helped them be successful. today, we have four very special sponsors and thank you for keeping your rates down. sprint for keeping us communicated prima facia. and virgin mobile and assurance
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wireless. their not only sponsors here but have brought anti volunteers and every time we get those opportunities you know what it's like first year perhaps for the first time looking somebody in the eye and saying i care about where you're going and i don't want you to necessarily live the rough-and-tumble street life. get some she felt and food and take a moment and think about what's happening next week. we care about your background. we know there may not be other supporters in your life. we care about you a because we know about life and want to share >> compassion in san francisco. this is what project homeless is
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all about and hopefully with that opportunity something might occur where someone says i want to do something for myself and get out of danger and maybe a daily existence of survival and maybe a hopefully life. something i constantly say we have to create hope in this city for those who have a lot to be hopeless about. this is why the services we provided today and the food and everything from dental to open california support associate services and mental consulting and maybe a little bit of mass age can actually open up somebody's heart and mind and
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want to take care of themselves. this is what happens in our city when you combine the technology companies and you combine them with the hearts that have been there with the associate programs and departments and, yes i'm going to continue to expand those programs. i understand that as we create for shelter it has to have ongoing services and we're concentrating on those services. people have to be able to change their minds about things and they can't do that with too much challenge. and this level of comfort likewise us to have that conversations and it's with you the volunteers we get this special opportunity to do that. i want to say from the bottom of
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my heart and as the representative for all san francisco thank you, thank you, thank you for all you're great work, bring forgot the love of this city and make sure we continue with generations of other people we've got to continue being helpful and this is what san francisco is all about. thank you for being great san franciscans (clapping) >> as we think of our 50th event we think about what the mayor said this is a city of compassion. there have been 23 though volunteers that help the needs of the homeless in this city. 3 thousand. if you do the math that's 1 out of every san franciscan has been involved and have been involved
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with the homeless in our community. that is something that no other city can boost and that comes from the top down. when we think about what our city has to over one of the you biggest things we have is people who are ill maybe they're on the street from diabetes. last week, i saw a man who said i've worked for 20 years he hurt his back and now he's addicted to his painkillers and living on the street. i said let's work together by we've he got to get you healthy first. and the way we can do that is by using the health department services.
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what can we do for the most vulnerable person. it's not just the medical it's creating a relationship with the client and with the patient so they know they can trust their doctor and come in and he not be judged and comfortable with their medical director and that's because of the director ms. garcia. and that's the spirit we embody so today thank you barbara garcia and the rest of the council for all they've done. we wouldn't be here you think back 50 times ago and it was pretty much the staff that said we want to do more and that's the leadership of barbara garcia. so thank you barbara
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(clapping) we had a special teacher we'd like to give to barbara and is mark here as well? oh, there you are (clapping) so hopefully mark and barbara marseille is the director of community height programs and it daily support. any time we have a need she points us to the right person. it's that type of leadership that appraise services but we don't just stop at medical we know you need showers and hair cuts so thank you to dp h
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(clapping) the next person i'd like to introduce is janet oh, sorry there you are. i just met her today and i think we're going to be faster friends anybody who wants to help the homeless is precious. she's respond who tom is also here. whether you shield has been here from the beginning and how many of you are here from blue shield today? look at all us. i have blue shield as my required that i think my dr. is downstairs. thank you so much. (clapping)
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>> good morning you i'm jan it chd for blue shields. wire at the corner of market and belly. we take our commitment to our fellow county members at heart. it's core to our mission. i i'm here to mark the 50th service event and mayor lee we want to thank you for your ongoing support for your compassion. we're proud to be your neighborhood and partner. we want to thank the staff at the homeless connect and all of you who are taking our time to be here. we really appreciate it. so as a california based san francisco not-for-profit our
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mission is to make sure all san franciscans have quality care. i'm thrilled you're happy with the rates of the city and county of san francisco (laughter) i'm equally thrilled we've been here. since 2004 we've attributed about $4,000 and we're very proud of that (clapping) >> and frankly the only thing i'm more proud of is that today, we have more than 1 hundred blue shield employees here volunteering their time (clapping) so with that thank guys four being here today
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(clapping). >> thank you janet we also have sprint with us. they have been with us from the beginning. we have every single event people who haven't talked with their loved one that these sometimes, people come in and haven't talked to their loved ones for years and so we want to thank you for bringing our wonderful volunteers and for coming ageism event so people can connect with their loved once. >> good morning this is a rally so let's hear interest. i'm chris and i'm so exist to be standing here at the public and
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private sector for the magic of homeless connect. i want to take the opportunity to thank mayor lee. as it's been said sprint has been here providing a phone bank and allowing people to connect. this is not my first time here. i'm also recommended of people who connect through volunteers like you or people connecting on the phone i only feel uplift. also those fire department's are not just about the events but about people. there are two people at sprint that work for us that's matt and
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another gentleman. please stand up (clapping) between the two of them they've been at every single event and set up the phone bank and rallied the sprint volunteers. and a i have i didn't takes the phones home to make sure this things happen. so thank you i have i didn't and a matt (clapping) before i hand off to my peer i want to say where why i think the wireless is important. i see many heartwarming things but theirs people who don't get
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to talk with folks. so we'll continue on an ongoing basis to make sure those people connect and the wisely make sure that people stay connected outside of project connect. so jane (clapping) >> thank you chris. it's terrific to be here. i want to thank mayor lee and one of our staff and it's the reason we're available in california. i'm jane wallace and we're thrilled to be here. i've heard a saying that engineers built the 81 tank but sprint build the arc. so this is