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tv   [untitled]    September 2, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> public recreation has every bit of the talent and every bit of the heart and soul of anything that any families are paying ten times for. >> you were awesome.
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>> i will ka call the meeting to order. secretary, please call the roll. (roll call). . >> president torres? >> here. >> vice-president courtney, commissioner caen, commissioner moran, and we have a quorum >> >> the first item is to make announcement that public comment on all presentations before the commission will be limited to two minutes since we have so many people that want
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to testify on a number of issues, so i wanted to make sure everyone knew that. approval of the minutes. >> i'll move approval. >> alright. >> everybody signify by saying aye. sorry, public comment on the minutes. there being none, all those in favor, signify by saying aye. >> aye. >> public comments? and the first person i always have on the list is the honorable francisco tacosta. welcome. >> commissioners, my name is francisco decosta and you know i come here from time to time to address you on the certain pertinent issues.
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commissioners, many years ago, i was appointed by the first people of this area to address the issues on things like the infrastructure resources, disclosure and so on and so forth. today, you will see many people come out of the woodwork to address about our resources. the paradoxes, these are the same people that raped this land and way back in 1913, if you read the record act, this city and certain legislators took the right direction by opting and going for and financing
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clean power, what we call hydro electricity, so you will see today many people come out of the woodwork because what they have in mind is money, blood money. they haven't helped to keep our land pristine, they have been slipping at the wheel for a long time, but now today, you will hear them come out of the woodwork trying to position themselves. thank you very much. >> thank you. dr. espanola jackson, do you wish to speak on item number 3, public comment, please come
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forward. >> give that to each one of them, please. >> do you want us to read it first and then you'll proceed? alright. >> i want to thank you, my name
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is dr. espanola jackson, bayview hunter's point, this has nothing do with you but this is some history of bayview hunter's point. the last time i was here and i have been waiting on when the agenda comes to see whether or not a motion that commissioner francesca made and it was seconded by commissioner anson moran, a meeting to come about because you wanted to know about the southeast sector and i'm talking about the community college as well as the sewage plant. so far, that meeting have not been called. i've been waiting for your powerpoint, for someone to come and explain to you the purpose
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for all the things that has happened. this that i passed around shows what my community have gone through since the 60's, what other programs that we have supported and we have supported you, at least you know i have, making sure that the sewage plant stay in one location when other people want it to be moved out of the community. i think it is unfair that your staff, and i know you're going to say it's not your staff, but they're under you, you should know who they are and what they are doing to come into my community and rearrange and try to change things that we put together many years ago. i want to say this to you. i've had attorneys to contact me because they want to do pro bono for espanola jackson because they see the problems that we're having in bayview hunter's point.
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i really hope i don't have to use those attorneys to make you all do the right thing. thank you very much. >> karen uggins. >> yes, thank you, it's huggins. >> you wanted to talk on solar. >> i wanted to talk on your resolution, d. >> pardon me -- >> i'm part of the -- >> we're going to have to wait for that. >> i'm sorry, well, then i do have something else on just public comment. >> great. i've gone to the housing authority on many occasions and i've asked them to look and think outside the box as far as windmills are concerned, we have rehab going on up in hunter's point, that would be an excellent time to look into windmill power, also holly courts has panels on its rao*fs
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but it only heats in the hot water, we want to put in the panel sos we can address the pg&e, there are people that tha* are paying hundred drets of dollars for their pg&e and that can be adjusted. we've done a walk-through and we ask that the holly courts have a charging station to charge electric cars and with making the funding with that, we could pay residents to be security guards to secure those cars during the day and we could reap the benefits of that. also, [inaudible] power, a lot of public housing developments live in wind tunnels, so to spaoeg, next to pork, we have holly park which is an extremely windy park and we're asking that windmills be considered for holly park. i'll come back for the next thing. >> lrlt, thank you, anyone else on public comments? we'll move to item number 5,
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communications. commissioner moran? >> thank you, mr. president, i want to make a couple of comments on item 5e which is the memo or the material we received on chloramine, most of the time we think of water supply is in is there enough and do we have enough to make it through a drought or meet our contractual obligations, this was a nice reminder that two of our fundamental roles are to provide portable water and sanitary sewage services and that those are the two bedrock of public health in this country and that we are the delivery agency for those two services. i just wanted to do a shout-out basically to the people in this organization who pay attention to those on a daily basis, they
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do an excellent job and i think the thoroughness of the material that we had presented to us is an example of that. it also asked that this material was in response to a request of some time ago with we first went to chloramine disinfection to be apprised on a periodic basis. they have asked that saying as though the implementation issues have been resolved and that the state of the art is not changing over time, that the regular reporting be stopped and that they report to us on an as needed basis, so i would support their request. >> are they here? are they here? >> i don't know that they need to be here. >> okay, i was wondering. >> they all work for mr. keller and i'm sure he'll be glad to pass that on. >> any other comments?
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>> on 5c, but i don't see many mr. richie here. >> he's trying to hide from you. >> mr. richie, this is not church, you don't have to hide in the back. [laughter]. >> okay, i found this very interesting, the desalination projts comparison, could you tell me what it means so i can understand about the energy use, how they compare the different -- >> yes, in this case, we compared the bay area regional desalination projts to the santa cruz project t marine project in san diego county on an energy and cost basis, and basically what this shows is that the energy uses for the regional desalination project is lower than the others and that's gr*ifrn by the fact that we would be if we proceeded
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with this project, we would be desail baiting you're getting more water per unit and having to separate out less salt so the energy usage is lower because of that, it increases because it has to go to the east bay mud system to be pumped up to get into our system, it shows the desalination cost itself is much less for that project than other projects which use ocean water for desalination. >> is that a lot of energy or does it require a large amount of energy? >> when we looked at this, this is comparable to our proposed recycled water projects in san francisco. it's far less energy uses thaj hechechi water but it's come probable to the recycled water projects. >> that's good to know, thank you: i'd like to follow up on that because i think it would be interesting to see a
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comparison not just with the other desalt projects but with the other proposed projects we're looking at, whether it's ground water management or recycle or rainwater harvest or the energy comparison as well as the cost comparison. >> we'll definitely do that, this was a response to a direct question about desal projects, that's one of the basis of the comparison of which projects are better to pursue, relative energy uses is a component of that. >> great, thank you. >> any other questions on anything on the communications? >> mr. president? >> yes. >> i would like to for the record make note of the letters we've received to date update today the letter summary for cleanpowersf, august 12 received a report from sustainable, august 12, received correspondence from lean energy us, august 12 received an e-mail from rebecca
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solnat regarding a shell shock petition that she signed inner ror, august 12, we received correspondence from energy shell america regarding the energy supply agreement, august 12, we received an e-mail from the san francisco league of pissed off voters, that's their official title, asking for approval of cleanpowersf, august 13, this morning, we received correspondence from senator mark leno, senator steven lee and ammiano regarding of cleanpowersf, august 13, we received a letter from ibw1245 in opposition, this morning, we received correspondence which i placed on your desk from the law offices adams, broad well, joseph and car doze sa on behalf of ibw1245 and you also received an updated list of 379
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individuals that signed the sierra club petition in support and 379 as of this morning and also four phone call that is i received this morning, so for the record, i wanted to put those in. >> [inaudible]. >> and that's all. >> this is regarding billing, i can give this to mr. raoes? >> he's in charge of billing, he would be happy to receive that. >> i have a question on one of those communication that is i would like to direct to our general manager which is the letter from shell. would you mind explaining the nature of that let e i read it but i would like some interpretation of what that means? >> so, i can barbara to go up,
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but basically what the letter is saying is that shell is offering to reduce a million dollars and put it towards the build-out and then 500 thousand towards build-out, so as it relates to the not to exceed rate, the rate will be the same, however, it would put more of the money towards local build-out. you want to -- >> barbara hale, yes, that, and in addition, they are indicating in their letter that they are in active conversation with counterparties that operate power plants in california and are proposing those plants as part of the supply portfolio and i think they indicated, i don't want to misrepresent what they say here
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, they indicated that they are carbon neutral and are -- i'm looking for the language with respect to the operating status, mr. kelly. in state renewable i see here. >> [inaudible]. >> here it is, facilities operated by union lay boxer i didn't want to misrepresent how they characterized these facilities, so they are carbon neutral wind and in-state hydro, those are the two elements that they point out in their letter. >> great, thank you, i appreciate that. >> do you have a proposal to sonoma county? >> i don't, i haven't seen the
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proposal they put before sonoma county, they haven't reviewed the bid packages, sonoma county hasn't. >> alright, mr. [inaudible], you wanted to comment on item 5e? >> i wanted to thank one of the commissioners, commissioner anson moran for mentioning about item 5e which is chloramine that is put in our waters, and i want to state very clearly that when we talk about hatch hatch khao*e right at the source, we have some of the finest water in the whole world, but then as the water comes closer to san francisco, we mix it with other type of waters from the rivers and we
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also treat our patter with chemicals. up to today, there are many people who cannot stand chloramine, and they have to filter their water to take a bath and so on and so forth, so even though we have certain so-called experts at sfpuc and experts a t the san francisco health department, we need to post the findings on the internet so that we have full transparency and accountability. the water, hatch hatch khao*e water is sacred water and i've said this before o the commissioners, every time i go and meet the first people, they offer me that water always.
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they don't offer me anything else but that water. that's how much they respect that water. as for the chloramine, we need to address that so that fewer people are adversely impacted by chloramine, thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. decosta, any further comments on the communications item in the agenda? alright, there being none, we'll move forward to item number 6. other commission business? any public comment on other commission business? item number 7, we move to report of the general manager. >> i have nothing to report. >> nothing to report. consent calendar? i know there was a witness that wanted to testify on an item on the consent calendar but it has to be removed by a member. .ing -- >> shall i read the items? >> yes, please read them and
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we'll go to commissioner -- >> item 8a, accept the work performed by shau line incorporated for contract ww480 and improve modification number 4 by increasing the..[reading].. a fiem extension of calendar day, item b, accept work performed by proven management inc. for contract number ww482 and authorize final payment to the contract torx item c, accept work performed by precision engineering for contract ww504 with an express reservation of rights related to work performed on 15th avenue to west portal avenue and increase the contract by 138 thousand 918 in a time extension of 55 consecutive calendar days and authorize payment to the contractor. item d, approve the proposed memorandum of agreement between the san francisco public utilities commission and the
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san francisco housing authority and authorize the general manager to execute the agreement and to amend the agreement if necessary. >> commissioner caen? >> i would just like to discuss this item. i don't understand how they're going to be getting the money to pay us back if they're not getting federal funds? >> which item is this? >> d. >> item 8d, and your question is to the general manager? >> no, my question would be to mr. rydstrom. >> oh. >> good afternoon, commissioners, today ride stro*m, general manager and cfo, so item d is a proposed memorandum of agreement between the housing authority and the sfpuc, the housing authority has been hit with additional federal budget cuts which has even more seriously affected their budget. they are already operating in
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very lean times because they typically only receive about 70 cents on the dollar of their application to the federal government. that being said, we do have timely water and sewer payments from the housing authority, they have however because of the additional federal budget cuts fallen short in their electric payment sos the item before you is to authorize the general manager to negotiate an up to 4 year repayment plan for them to have time to work with their commission, to go through their budget setting prioritization process and then to include in that a way to become timely again with their electric payments. their calendar for their budget operates on the federal fiscal year starting october 1 and i have discussed this with their staff and so we are looking forward to your approval if that's before you today and your will today to successfully negotiate a one, two, three, or
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four year term to repay us to be timely on electric. >> so, this has not been done yet? >> it has not been done yet, it is subject to your approval so this is one of those items where you have to approve it because it is a negotiated memorandum of agreement. >> i see, thank you. >> ms. huggins, it's your turn now. >> thank you so much, commissioners. my name is karen huggins, i'm the president of the holly courts president council and i'm president of the tenant and san francisco housing authority tenants union. now, i do agree with this resolution, but i believe you ought to hold the fete to the fire of the housing authority, as we know, the management of that housing authority is in
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the reason it's in the trouble it's in, it will not look at residents as resident leaders the way it should, it would not look into resident management the way it should and also resident empowerment and they need to do that to fix the problems that they have or they will continue to come to you for help and bail-out. as i mentioned before, holly courts has a panels for just heating hot water, i've gone to the housing authority and its commission and it's acting ed several times and i've asked them about the solar panel that is we need to change to. i asked them about the charging stations where we need to enact that for charging of electric cars. i have met with -- it's too costly, we can't do it, well, i know there's programs out there that they can try to work with to get this done. all development, senior and
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family developments needs solar panels on their developments and with we're going through rehab, it's an excellent time to try the windmill factor and the solar panel factor. thank you very much. >> thank you, ms. huggins. any further comments? yes, i didn't realize you wanted to comment on this. go ahead. >> espanola jackson from bayview hunter's point. >> dr. espanola. >> yes, thank you, sweetheart. i want to say this, we need to know the history of the housing authority like you need to know your history, you know, how you came to being. in the 40's, public housing did not pay pg&e and our gor -- garbage, that didn't change until the 70's and we need to find out why did it change in
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the 70's because during the wartime, and you can check and find out for yourself, when i bring you information, you know i know what i'm talking about, also one of the things we really need to think about, you saw what happened in florida, the sinkholes, you know san francisco is having some of the same problems. >> right in front of my house. >> what you need to do, sir, is get staff to go to the city and get the maps of this city because this city has nothing but streams running all through it, so the water is going underneath and the bay is coming in and everything's going out and that's how these sinkholes is comes. let me say this, it frightens me, especially when everybody's talking about building, building building and talking about toxic sites as well as landfill sites and most of san francisco is landfill, we need
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to start thinking about the safety of the people here in san francisco. now, get them to get the map because this would occur in bayview hunter's point when they were building the swimming pool when willie brown was mayor, they were bingeing and they kept digging understood water, so i said, they're not working, i said what's wrong, we're digging underwater and i said go to city hall and get the map, i said there's a lot of streams in the city, there's a lot of streams so we need to have some people who are qualified to look into the situation about the city of san francisco having sinkholes and i'm supporting solar and you know i'm your ambassador and i will be going to sacramento tomorrow. thank you. >> thank you. i will instruct without obstruction to design a sinkhole task force and come
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back to us appropriately. thank you. any other comments on the consent calendar? the chair will entertain a motion. >> i'll move it. >> moved by commissioner moran, seconded by [inaudible]. >> everyone in favor, say aye. opposed? motion carries. >> item 9, approve an increase in the construction contract cost contingency for contract number wd2581 in the amount of 8 million 5495 thousand and an increase in the contract duration of up to 53 consecutive cal car days and authorize future modifications. >> my name is jif bajwa, the item in front of you is regarding the nit tunnel, in april of this year, you had