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tv   [untitled]    September 5, 2013 3:00am-3:17am PDT

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it will be set back five feet on the third street side where the pedestrians cross the sidewalk there. and then, along third street as michael just showed you where the 7 foot set backs for the town homes there and on 28th you will see the curb cut going
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in and you can see the way that the garage is organized and we have gone to great length to accommodate the loading. and it will move in and move out and not required by the code but it is a way of easing the impact on the folks at mta and the bus turn around and also, we are providing a rest room and a halfback for the muni drivers that will stop at this area. >> diagram that is washed out, it shows the fact that we do have active streets that are turning both of these corners and it is modest because of the widening of third street and it is only 81 feet and 85 feet in depth on that side and the parking behind and very discreetly and we have a lobby in the middle and the town homes in the blue and the retail space is in this in the corner. >> this is a close up view of this space that you would see and there is all of the transit in place, it will definitely be
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a hub in the neighborhood, and the pier 70 develops and the connection between the two neighborhoods, hill and dog patch and 70 this will be front and center. once again, the frontage of the town homes and then going up to the mod um level, and showing the courtyard in the back of the building, and on the front of the building of third street you see a green area right there and that represents a court that is basically on the ground floor and a lobby and all of the floors above that, that is a subtraction from the building volume and we are going to create a vertical garden and so the lobby is at the street level and this will an mate the street and it also become an amenity for the users of the building and every time that we get off of an elevator or a stairway, in the common corridor of the building it gets to look on to this and the city and it is amenity for the neighborhood and for the residents.
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>> and this garden, vertical garden extends to the roof where we have the open space for the roof decks and including planting gardens for the residents. which will be very popular by all accounts. and solar equipment and other mechanical equipment on the roof and the roof decks that meets and collectively we meet the requirements. and so this diagram, flashed up here on the screen it just shows that you need the whole layout of all of the open space from the project starting with the residential strips in front. >> so the design of the outside of the building starts with the history of the neighborhood and it is a rich history and this is a picture of potrero point and irish hill that were leveled to fill in these codes. and that layering of this neighborhood, that the success and generations new things will happen showing a historic police station and a american building that have different eras in the dog patch and across the street as well. is the dog patch which is the
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launch condos. and so showing you the street of the neighborhood and the mix of the building types and scales, the very diverse area. >> your time is up. >> okay. >> the commissioners may have a further questions, did you get primarily through? >> the further questions, i can elaborate at that time. >> thank you. >> opening it up for public comment. i have one speaker card. chyrl, roye? >> high name is chryl and i am a resident and a business owner in dog patch. i own pacino which has been an an core for the neighborhood and i have to say that i am in complete support of this project and i have seen the group that has been mind this and have have integrity and have gotten all of us involved, and looked to all of us for
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advice as they have developed this. they are only going to bring in more residents, and more businesses for us. i can't say enough of when i am on in dog patch, and i have people come into like is this it? and i am like be patient i have been here to eight years it is coming it has been very slow. and i only want things to grow, but this project has the integrity and the intelligence behind it and it is only going to add value for all of us that have been there for a long time. thanks. >> thank you. >> any other public comment on this particular item? >> for that item or the next? >> exactly what she was speaking on but the project. >> yes. go ahead. >> you can step right up if you would like. >> this other mic ma'am.
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>> drew anderson i was a resident of san francisco for 35 years and we had commercial photography over in the american can company building for a long time and we may be leasing there again currently down in pacifica and so i am very familiar with this and i love the way that the former police department building looked in the architect you are rendering but i think that you know that it does not look like that in real life and i am just curious if any of you can comment on what may be the city's plans for that situation directly across the street from this project. >> you can ask the question, we cannot get into a dialogue. the staff might be able to address or answer your question later. >> okay. >> i know but you don't know of any in the works to clean that up. >> that is all, thank you. >> is there any additional
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public comment? >> sue hestremembersinger again, i wrote up the language if anyone want to introduce it. please. i wish that you would add a condition and at that falls up nicely and in fact they are doing inclusion of the housing yay on the site and the statement was made that the design of these buildings or of these units is small and goes so they will be more affordable. with that in mind, i am asking the commission to set a precedent and start imposing exact language. and no later than 6 months after the first development unit fail, or rental project sponsor shall report to designated planning department staff the sales price or in shall rent for each dwelling
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unit. such reporting obligation shall continue every six months until all units are sold or rented. i am tired of the planning department saying well we have no idea whether they have been sold, and they signed the paper and talking to people about the rent level and the sales prices. and every time that you lock at a chart and you just see housing, and it is delusional, if no one can afford it. so we will have 11 units out of 71 affordable. yes. i love it. but, what about the other 60? and i am bold enough to leave this here so one of you who want it can ask the staff to retrieve it. if it does not i will be heart broken if it does not get any further than this. thank you. >> additional public comment,
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sir? >> my name is john warner and i operate a coffee shop and art gallery across the street and i look forward to seeing the building as rendered and man tested in that location. >> thank you. >> any additional public comment? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. and unless you... no? going once, going twice. gone. okay, public comment is closed. and opening up to the commissioners, commissioner moore? >> the explicit support from the dog patch neighborhood and the number there and very eloquently written letters, makes that an easy project to feel good about. and i think that it is a skillfully executed building, and i like the parts of how the
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building is organized and it really response to so many important issues including the school next door and a number of other things. and the question that i asked mr. yany and i think that he answered it. is that normally, when we do town houses on the ground floor for security, and also the privacy issues we like to raise them up a little bit. and again, the market will determine of how that works the set back and the privacy but on the down side of that privacy is not the ability to hide and conceal. and i hope that the general increase in activity in the area, because of the pier 70 will indeed make that a neighborhood and protect itself and the concerns that i am raising are irrelevant and particularly you have a grade on this side and that is an issue on its own and the idea which i really am entreinged
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about is the idea of the internal vertical garden. and we had talked about that before, and any of the projects downtown, and the element of, and the devil will be in the details and knows that vertical gardens are difficult to do and we have one that looks really really well. and and the school on broderick and i hope that you and your partners that you can create something of similar quality and ability to really grow and be exciting with that the building becomes almost like an architectural icon and people want to go to because it is so, and so i am in support of this building, and i am curious what my other commissioners would say but i would like to move that we approve. >> second. >> commissioner borden?
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>> i am not going to go over the points i think that it is an accident project and it is creative in ways and responsive to the neighborhood and the community, and the eastern neighborhood and so many things that we have discussed at this commission, one thing that imented to compliment you on is the muni bathroom and i think that is a great benefit and i serve on the civic design committee for the arts commission and one of the things that we struggle with is the location of these bathrooms that they have to put on the streets and they are not good looking facilities and not a good place to put them and this really is a great response to a true problem and it helps not blight up the public right-of-way with a facility that has a very discreet sort of use, and i want to thank you for that. >> commissioner antonini? >> yeah, just a few questions, for staff or project sfons soar. i guess that you could explain the tier b affordability. it is apparently different in different parts of the eastern neighborhoods? and this is what is required of
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this sponsor in this particular area. >> sure, and so in the eastern neighborhoods and in the umu district it is the only district where we have the separate tiers for affordability and so instead of having just at base requirement that is covered in section 415 for the rest of staoet just like the impact fees that is tiered as to how much the property was up zoned and in the mum there was a tier provided for affordability as well. and so depending on how much it was up zoned it could be tier a or b or c and those are increasing percentage requirements for on site and off sight and also in the umu and you have the option to safety the requirements if other ways like the land dedication option and or the middle income alternative, and so there is a number of ways that you can meet your affordable housing requirement in umu and this situation, it
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is a tier b site. and so that percentage right now is 16 percent, that used to be 20 percent before prop c passed and reduced everything for the on site and so that is where that number comes from. >> and that is you answered my question and it was subject to the prop c and i guess that also i am not sure if this is and they don't have to designate if it is condo or condo mapped or rental and if it were a rental, there were some things regarding cost to hawkens where someone like this could be interpreted to being allowed on site because of the what the benefits that they received from the zoning. >> sure. >> and we do ask the sponsors for the residential projects to provide a housing affidavit and for this project, it is indicated that they will be for sale in the units and allowed them to be on site. >> next question is on the architecture, it is a little bit
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if we can use the richer colors and darker and it would make it more stately looking. >> and, let's see, one other comment. (inaudible) is aboard and i think that there was a letter from them but they are in support of the project? >> yes, sir. >> you will have to come to the
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microphone. >> and i am going to say one of the project sponsors and valantia, the school director has been parking and didn't know where to come and she is somewhere nearby by. thank you. >> they are very in support of the project. >> commissioner hillis? >> if we could get the architect to talk about the color, i think that they are unusual but i actually like the color choice here and talk about why you chose it. >> sure. >> project architect. do you have control of the computer? >>


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