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tv   [untitled]    September 5, 2013 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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under the pla. second, most of you were on the board a few months ago when i sent around the matrix that demonstrated there is no exclusion of nonunion contractors under the pla from performance of the last pla. and that there was substantial participation of minority contractors under the pla from the performance of the last pla. so, if the intention is to allow more participation in bond measure work for nonunion and for minority contractors, you get that already with the pla in place and there is no necessity, then, for a threshold to achieve that. third, there is actually a provision thanks to the -- your acceptance of a recommendation by staff that rewards local contractors who have a history of employing local workers. and they would actually then have an advantage in bidding on work under this pla. so, if the intention of the threshold is to protect that
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class of contractor, that threshold is again unnecessary. we actually reward them under the pla. thank you. >> thank you, mr. terio . so, this resolution is going to be held over for action at the august 27th regular meeting of the board. it will not go through committee. now i would like to hear a motion and a second on suspension of the rules to hear 138-13 sp2 to accept the voluntary closure by envision education, incorporated of its metropolitan arts and technology charter school, effective august 1st, 2013. roll call, please, ms. [speaker not understood]. yes, difficult need a motion. thank you. >> second. >> thank you. i heard motion and i just went right on. thank you for the second, vice president fewer. roll call please ms. castro. >> thank you. mr. logan? >> yes. >> ms. fewer? >> yes. >> mr. haney? >> yes. >> ms. maufas? >> yes. >> ms. mendoza? >> yes. >> dr. murase?
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>> aye. >> ms. wynns? >> aye. >> thank you. [speaker not understood]? >> yes. >> 7 ayes. >> now i'd hear a motion for 138-13 sp2 which is the resolution to accept the voluntary closure by envision of metropolitan arts and technology charter school effective august 1st, 2013. motion and a second. >> moved. >> second. >> thank you. may you please read the recommendation, mr. davis? >> yes, i will, thank you, president norton. superintendent's proposal 138-13 sp2 accept the voluntary closure by envision education, incorporated, of its metropolitan arts & technology charter school effective august 1st 2013 whereas the california legislature has charged school boards with reviewing and acting upon petitions for the establishment of charter schools and conducting oversight of charter schools
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and whereas in accordance with california education code sections 47 605 and 47 6 07, the district approved the envision and education incorporated petition for the establishment of the charter school which began operations in san francisco on august 25th, 2005, and whereas on september 13th, 2011, the district approved the charter schools renewal for a five-year period ending june 30, 2017 and whereas envision now has ceased operations of the charter school and intedthxctionv to voluntarily surrender its charter and otherwise forfeits all rights and privileges granted under that charter ~ and whereas on july 25th, 2013 unction the governing board of the charter school informed the district that the charter school was voluntarily closing and ceasing operations and a copy of this correspondence is attached hereto. the superintendent requests that the board of education take the following action. one, the board of education
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here by accepts the envision education incorporated voluntary closure of metropolitan arts & technology charter school. two, in light of the charter school's voluntary closure of its charter and its cessation of operations, the charter is here by terminated effective august 1st, 2013. three, the board of education directs the superintendent to inform the california department of education of this board action on or before august 23rd, 2013. and 4, the board of education directs the superintendent to ensure the charter school's governing board abide by all provisions as outlined in education code sections 47 605 and 47 6 07. relating to the closure and wind up of the charter school's affairs. >> thank you, mr. davis. ~ i have no public speakers signed up for this item. are there any comments from the board or superintendent? any comments from the board or superintendent?
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no, all right. roll call, please [speaker not understood]. >> i do have a question. so, the students that were at metro and presumably thought they were going back at the beginning thev school year, what's happened to them? >> so, back in may when envision made the decision that they needed to cease operations at metropolitan arts & tech, they met with their school community on three separate occasions, informed them of that fact, handed out applications for sfusd schools. they then passed those along to me. i provided those to darlene lim in the enroll em placement center and she worked with those families to place them. i'm sorry. >> essentially, this was may. so, they were actually well passed the assignment process and were already in second round by then?
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>> that's correct. >> that was somewhat irresponsible for them. >> i thought that i had read in one of your memos, mr. davis, they were also offered enrollment at the city arts & tech as well. >> that is correct. yeah, i left that part out. they were offered enrollment at city arts & tech or to go to another sfusd school. >> so, do we know where the students that were at metro are and did many of them go to city arts & tech? or where are they? >> they are expecting that about 80 students will transfer over to city arts & tech. they had about 120 when they closed. >> and do we know where the others were landed? >> i have not received a report on that. when i saw the applications at the outset of the process, many
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had requested lowell and other schools, but i could get you a report on where they went. >> i would be curious to see where they went. it was unfortunate it what in the second round. >> [speaker not understood]. >> right. >> so, if you could report back to us, that would be good. thank you. >> any other questions or comments from the board? yes. >> follow-up on that. you probably said this, but when they made these requests to sfusd schools, they were just in the line with everybody else, right? >> yes. >> they were not given any priority? >> no, they were just given some assistance to make shareholder they knew where they were in the process. >> they still have that anomaly kind of jumping in at the end is an advantage in a way -- >> actually, it isn't i don't think any more because of the spring transfer process. so, any school that is over enrolled has more requests cannot take new people in the process. they go into the wait pool for
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the spring transfer like everybody else. >> actually, these students are at a disadvantage. they weren't able to engage in round one. so, i think these students at no fault of their own would like to be entered in our public school system noncharter. i feel like there should be some sort of accommodation to try to get those student placed somewhere. ~ students i don't know. but i personally feel like it's not their fault. maybe it's not a special preference, but i would like to know what happened to those students, you know, because they're sort of in limbo. it's no is fault of their own, at another timev >> i think we should find out what happened to them. ~ too i don't think i'm in favor of special -- >> any other comments or questions from the board? okay, roll call, please, ms. castro. >> thank you. mr. logan?
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>> yes. >> ms. fewer? >> yes. >> mr. haney? >> yes. >> ms. maufas? >> yes. >> ms. mendoza? >> yeah. >> dr. murase? >> aye. >> ms. wynns? >> aye. >> and ms. norton? >> yes. >> 7 ayes. >> okay. item r, board members appropriate sail for [speaker not understood] there are none tonight. item s, board members report. commissioner murase, would you give a report from the committee of the whole meeting of june 24th, 2013? >> yes. at the june meeting there was one information item, review discussion of no child left behind california office to reform education waiver. and i'm very pleased to report that the waiver was granted by secretary of edward jones
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indication arney duncan, making us one of the first and only district-level waivers of the no child left behind, which means we no longer have to punish our students in high stakes testing and really impossible score improvements, and that we we're really at the cutting edge of school reform nationally. and i just want to recognize our superintendent, richard carranza, who has been working very closely with superintendent of multiple districts up and down the state. he has really proven to be a leader among these superintendents. i really appreciate you and the whole team of district staff who put together the waiver. >> yes, commissioner wynns. >> since we now have an update, having gotten a waiver, so, i wanted to ask what our next steps are. and i particularly wanted to ask at the time we had that
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meeting. and i think at the time we applied, too, i asked the question about what are we doing to hold back on contracts or what is our plan to redirect the money that we had been required to set aside for transportation in sef? so, can we get a report on that? >> sure. commissioner wynns, obviously there's been multiple iterations since even that june meeting. so, staff is in the process now of actually pulling together a report that we'll bring to the board. and then there's a number of conversations not the least of which is with our administrator union, our teacher union about what the effects are going to be in terms of the evaluation process, which we all know it's negotiated. we don't anticipate significant changes, but we're going to enter into those conversations as well. so, we'll bring a comprehensive report about what the next steps are as we compile those. >> and including something
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specific about the previously required set aside [speaker not understood]? >> yes, ma'am. >> thank you. >> okay. any reports from board tell gates to member organizations? any other reports from board members? yes, commissioner murase. >> i just want to report tomorrow evening we'll be hosting the ad hoc committee on student assignment where we'll be looking at c -tip 1 middle school feeders daniel webster [speaker not understood]. the enrollment process tomorrow at 6 o'clock here. and the next meeting of the curriculum and program committee will be held on monday, september 9th. the primary agenda item then will be related to the achievement gaps. >> yes, commissioner wynns. >> i just wanted to announce that we, which we would have had last week, we're now holding a budget committee meeting this month because we
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really are interested mostly in new developments that relate to the lcff and soon, very soon, the state board of ed. and others are going to be looking at the related so-called accountability systems. we don't know what they look like ~ and how they might affect the budget. so, we decided that since nothing had been referred by the board that we would not hold a meeting prior to the beginning of school which would have been last month. so, in october we'll have a regular budget committee. ~ lcsf. >> commissioner maufas, then commissioner mendoza. >> i just wanted to congratulate the district -- i went to a professional development day today which was held at presidio middle school and george washington high school. and really, it was just fantastic and it was -- administrators, paraprofessionals, teachers, all coming together in one space which was awesome. i loved that. but it was sort of a if did ~
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buffet of paraprofessional [speaker not understood]. it was a mix and mingle of everything we want to offer. i want to thank the curriculum construction department, [speaker not understood] team and the support staff out there helping. it was just wonderful. i happened to attend the a to z about a to g -- [laughter] >> which was great. and linda wells and julie did fabulous and sort of tag teaming on information what they know about the district, what they know about coming -- what's coming from uc as, what's on the cutting edge and how we as a district can best prepare classroom staff, administrators, paraprofessionals, families to have these conversations. ~ ucs at a much deeper level. i want to say it was stellar. i want to congratulate them. i also attended -- oh, ghosh,
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teaching in a culturally relevant classroom, which was also wonderful with denny morenco. and he was wonderful as well. so, i know that the other half -- tomorrow is at burton high school. so, the other side of the city. and, again, just a bounty of professional development options and it was just wonderful that we could all pick and choose which is even more exciting about professional development. you go and you want to be there. so, i want to congratulate the district staff for putting that on today. all i heard were good things. and superintendent, can you comment on the speaker, the guest speaker today? >> sure. thank you, commissioner maufas, for the shout out. and i also want to add my thanks to dr. [speaker not understood], bill sanderson, his entire curriculum and instruction staff. they did a phenomenal job. (applause) >> what may not be known, the
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virtual popouri development, [speaker not understood], from the notice of all of our teachers coming back to actually game time $20, they did a phenomenal job. ~ today i shudder to think what will happen when we give them three months to plan. get ready. get ready. >> amazing. >> but our guest speaker was jaime [speaker not understood] who was a google -- a google technology speaker. but it's a misnomer. he really talks about technology, not necessarily from google's perspective, but how technology is changing the word. ~ world. he is fascinating to talk about what our kids know and know what to do as opposed to all of us. so, he was engaging. he was very, very entertaining. and we hope to provide a video of what he talked about to all of us here. >> and i know commissioner mendoza wants to give a report. i just also want to adi heard from the leadership of our
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union today that they were very happy with the presentation today. they thought it was really interesting and really well put together. so, i wanted to just pass that along because i think that's important to know. so, well done. congratulations. commissioner mendoza. >> thank you. so, there were a couple of shout outs i wanted to give, too, on a lot of the training that's been happening over the course of the week. you guys have been extremely busy. the project management training that was put on earlier this week was fantastic. i also went to the ipad boot camp as we're launching the middle school initiative. there were trainings for over 30 teachers who were going to be launching the ipad initiative in our middle school which was really cool, too. ido did their lunchroomdesign and i don't know if any of you guys had a chance to look at that, but wow, i would go and sit and eat lunch with the kids. and i hope we can see that, too.
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~ through. today there were 32 sfusfd students that were given. i am the future scholarship awards by the mayor ~ and kevin came and joined us and they were all students from sfusd and they got scholarships that ranged from $250 to $1,000 that were private funds that were raised by our mayor. and you saw the back pack give away that's coming up for our kids in the mission. and that is going to be in partnership with the mission promise neighborhoods and that's going to be thursday at john o'connell high school at 11:00 a.m., from 11:00 to 1:00. invite all the kids in the mission to come out and get back packs filled with supplies and books. and then for buildings and grounds for this month, we're actually going to be postponing it because i'll be on my honeymoon. >> yea. >> [speaker not understood]. and i'll be dropping my daughter off at college.
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so, i'll be one day emotional mess and couldn't do buildings and grounds anyway. so, we'll resume with our meetings in september for buildings and grounds. thank you. >> sub. superintendent, you had an announcement? >> great, thank you for letting me chime in on this time period. i also want to give a shout out to leslie gardner and christin [speaker not understood] who led our planning for our administrator institute which we heard from our administrators was very well received as well. really set the stage for the equity work that we're taking on in san francisco public schools. so, i want to thank them as well for their leadership. it was really, really tremendous. (applause) >> thank you. and, commissioners, i'd also like to introduce to you, you often see them at the back, but we have some new members joining our leadership team. i want to introduce to you two assistant superintendents. [speaker not understood] who will be supervising cohort of our elementary schools. (applause) >> assistant superintendent. our very own david wong joining us as assistant superintendent.
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(applause) >> principal at francis school key. joining us is dr. charles float us joining us as high school director. (applause) >> i think everyone else are the usual suspects back there. so, thank you for staying till the very end. [laughter] >> thank you. okay. at this time i'm going to call -- oh, i'm sorry, yes. >> i just wanted to announce that on august 2nd the department of women hosted a child sex trafficking conference and we were very pleased that linda platt, a retired high school counselor, could join us because i think it's very important that this is in the wake of the fbi sting that we understand that this issue affects our public school students as well. 60% of girls who are in human traffic situations are from our foster care system.
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so, there's a big responsibility that we as a city and our public schools have to play in solving this issue. so, you'll be hearing more. i would be happy to brief my colleagues and district staff on this issue. thank you. >> thank you, dr. murase. at this point i am going to call a recess of the regular meeting in order for the board to go into closed session. following the closed session i will resume this regular meeting and read out the closed session items from this closed session and the previous one. i know that you have an adjournment that you want to do. commissioner wynns was going to give the adjournment in the memory of rita [speaker not understood] and we'd like it to be on the radar. with the agreement of colleagues, could we do the adjournment at the adjournment now and i will recess the meeting, is that all right? >> thank you. as a tribute to her. for those of you that don't know, [speaker not understood] passed away on tuesday. this is going to be tough for
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me so here we go. [speaker not understood] was born on january 24th, 1926 at norwalk, california, passed away on august 6, 2013 in san francisco. in april of 1942 she was inturned with her family and 120,000 americans of japanese dissent. she was sent to the relocation center in arkansas and with support from the quakers she was able to leave the camp and attend college in wisconsin. she intended but was not allow today become a teacher because of her race. instead she went to study art at black mountain college outside of ashville, north carolina. it it was a remarkable place with unique curriculum and teaching methodology and this is where ruth developed her philosophy of arts education. she was able to study with [speaker not understood] and she also met architectural and design student all bert lanier whom she would marry, move to san francisco and raise six children. in 1968 as an sfusd parent ruth
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cofounded the alvarado workshop an innovative program that involved parents and professional artists in the public schools so that young children had the chance to develop more fully as individuals. at its peak, the alvarado arts workshop was in 50 public schools in san francisco. it employed artists musicians and gardners and recruited thousands of parents to be involved in public education and certainly was the precursor to our elementary arts program. out about the same time ruth became a member of the san francisco arts commission and began lobbying politicians and charitable foundations to support arts programs. she would go on to serve on the california arts council, the national endowment for the arts and become the first artist trustee of the fine arts museum of san francisco. later ruth was instrumental in founding the san francisco school of the arts, a public arts school. (applause) >> her belief that having working artists in public schools working with students has spread around the country and is embedded in our own master plan for arts education.
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in 2010 after decades of discussion, ruth finally allowed us to rename the school of the arts as the ruth [speaker not understood] san francisco school of the arts. we promised her that we would be the trustees of her legacy as a pioneer of arts education and make sure that her dream of arts high school being in the civic center alongside other landmark arts institutions would be accomplished. as the trustee emerita fine arts museums she was one of the staunchests to build the museum in golden gate park. when the new museum was built she donated 15 of her iconic wire sculptures where they hang de young tower. i visited two days after her passing. ruth's spirit is there. one of her sculptures hangs on the steer overof the oakland museum of california and her spirit is there ~ and it's
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definitely in the [speaker not understood] san francisco school of the arts. in recent years ruth has no longer allowed her to participate in the cultural and civic life of the community but she remained interested in all that we were doing to accomplish our goals for arts education in san francisco public schools and for the new ruth [speaker not understood] san francisco school of the arts at 135 van ness. superintendent carranza was able to visit her and meet with her last year. i have been privileged to know ruth and her family for more than 20 years. i consider it an honor to have known her and to have learned from her. and as we mark ruth's passing, we remember how much she contributed to our community. recently her san francisco fountain in front of the hyatt hotel in union square brought her life and work back into the news and we also have the beautiful fountains in japantown, large keep tour on the embarcadaro both based on ruth's work and research and complex paper folding, the mermaid fountain at the square, [speaker not understood] san
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francisco state and murals in several san francisco schools that were done part of the workshop. a memorial service for ruth will be held on tuesday, august 27th, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the band show on the museum concourse at golden gate park across from the de young museum. donations in ruth's honor can be made to the ruth [speaker not understood] fund and sent to 111 6 castro street, san francisco, 94 114. 11 16 castro street. the board of education and the san francisco unified school district administration expresses its sympathies to the lanier family. her surviving children, 10 grandchildren and four great grandsons. we pledge our continued commitment to our promises to ruth that with you her family, we will be the keepers of ruth's legacy for all the students in san francisco now and in the future. thank you.
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>> thank you, commissioner wynns. and now this meeting is in recess. if i could ask the room to be cleared, please. we are now at item t, report of closed session actions the. i'm going to first repeat the closed session actions from the closed session of august 6, 2013. the board of education by a vote of 7 ayes approved the contract for two principals. the board of education by a vote of 5 ayes and two nays, maufas and wynns approved a contract for one chief of human resources. the board of education by a vote of 7 ayes approved the contracts of nine central office staff as follows. three supervisors, four program administrators and two directors. now i'm going to read out the results of the august 13th, 2013 closed session. public employment, the board by a vote of 7 ayes approved the contract for one program
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administrator and one assistant principal. in the matter of sb and sfusd, the board by a vote of 7 ayes by the authority of the district to pay up to the stipulated amount. in the matter of zow and sfusd the board by a vote of 7 ayes gave the board to pay up to the stipulated amountment in the matt of of mpn and sfusd the board by vote of 7 ayes gave the board ability to pay up to the stipulated amount. in the matter of the insurance company, the board by a vote of 7 ayes gives the authority of the district to pay up to the stipulated amount. victim lit san diego baytion in the personnel matter, the board by a vote of 7 ayes gives the authority of the district to pay up to the stipulated amount. item u, other informational items posted in the agenda is the informational notice of classified personnel transaction. we did hear item v previously. so, with that i will adjourn the regular meeting of august 13th, 2013.
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thank you. [adjourned]
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>> sfgtv, we are ready to begin. >> good morning. today is wednesday, september 5th, 2013. this is a special meeting of the building inspection commission, i would like to remind everyone to please turn off all electronic devices and the first item is roll call. >> president mccarthy. >> mar? >> here.