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tv   [untitled]    September 11, 2013 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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and the recent with the railway station and the san francisco historic buildings, and the much younger era and in the modest era this building is unique and not just for what they did and also for those who worked in lived in the building in later year. most of you don't know this played an exciting role in the 60s when san francisco was the start of capitol for psychedelic rock bands, i remember those times very well because 45 years ago this summer, i was a british university student. and the holy sea of the fillmore west where joplin were playing, and so last week, when george went into the building and saying that i am back. and i am traveling back in time to where george in the building and in the late 60s and was a founding member of the first
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psychedelic rock bands and the living covers for the local grups and the messages service, and the stories for the businesses who worked and partied in the building and we could not remember who installed the green garden in the basement of the building. and i smiled and i told him that we had to take it a light lighter in the watering system. and he did remember the space and they were part of the old road crew and they provided the sound equipment in 69 and jefferson airplane and the velvet underground and they have been expounded and also developed the electronics for those new electronic guitars in that era and manufactured a repaired guitar and for david crosby's 12 string guitar which
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is still in the family and still exists. and george hinted and we can take a video of them. and he hinted that joplin's nude with beads photograph, and might have been taken in a studio up on the second floor, and so, okay. and so where is the building with a lot of colorful paths and we keep on researching it, and eventually we will try to get some videos put together and actually dedicate it to a video of a website in the building. and the one last point before everyone disappeared back into the details. in all of the major cities around the world that i have been to, and i have been to a lot of the italy an cities as well. one thing strikes me that they have figured out how to bury the overhead power cable and why can't we do something in the sunset district and why can't we plant the trees and i think that this action alone, because i recently rented a
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house in the outer sunset, this actual could really change and invying rate the area and i am sure that they would only be too pleased to help financially and one last thing, some of the slides if you might have seen. we would love to move the trolly bus power cable to the downward side of the building to get a clear shot into the building and we are putting a tremendous amount of effort into restoring the building. what i would like to do is move it out of view and also we are talking to the hong kong family that owns the building to the right of that picture and that garage was the original henry dolcer garage and we are asking, and this is a toughy, if we can buy it from them and also the brick that we saw today, and these people, and
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their far east are prepared to hold you to ransom. and so we will see what we can do and we very much would like to purchase that and then visit together so that you have a complete landmark. >> good afternoon, commissioners, my name is aaron and i am the project engineer and design on this from the very start, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with jeff he has nothing but the best intentions in rehab taiting and restoring this building. and i was shocked in the amount of damage that the termite haves done. i have never seen anything like this the real extent of the damage was no one did it and opened up some of the interior walls. and an example here, is in this slide, and at the entry, and we opened up to see, what was going on with the foundation
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and discovered that it was along the western side due to the water from the adjacent property and when we removed the stucco on the wall to investigate it even further, the whole thing collapsed. and so, it is removed my faith in a higher power, that is more than gravity at work here and as this was literally holding much of this building together. and so, we endeavored to rehab tait this building and make sure that it as a landmark is here and we upgraded it to the full rig ors of the code and bring it up to ada compliance and it is starting in the sprinkler system to insure that it can benefit the neighborhood. and it can offer a good viable commercial space for the potential tenants and keep the
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neighborhood vibrant. and as we went through the project, the extent of the damage became more and more noticable to such an effect, that and here is the perfect example. and this is the severe termite damage at its worse and actually we will open it up and look at it from the end and you will see that a lot of times they are just hallowed out and this is a major load bearing beam, and into the cardboard. and when you took off the finishes. and so, it is our goal to work with the planning staff and we have been grateful to have such a great staff working with us. and the level of detail is absolutely paramount to everyone involved in this and as a result we also hired someone to review this work to make sure that it complies to
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the standards for the ten standards for rehabilitation. and then, we are really excited to see this move forward and bring this into the next century and have it here for the future generations. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> do we have any public comment on this item? >> seeing none. commissioners? >> commissioner wolfram? >> i guess, i have one sort of general concern, which is about integrity of kind of what is left, because pret where much and that is why i asked the question of whether he has actually visited the site, because i think that it is obviously a lot of damage and this work needs to be repaired and i am looking at the material and i am just wondering if it seems like pretty much everything is being replaced on the front, the doors, the windows, the glass blocks, the stucco, and so
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there is not everything is new and this building is 81 years old and we don't want it to look like it is brand new when it is all complete. i think that it is older and so even some of the things like the little side light windows on either side of the display windows is it necessary to replace those? are there some things that you could actually keep? the marquee? i am questioning the level of newness that is going to happen when this is all done? >> here in the back, was within five seconds of missing that main window, the center window had collapsed and the part front, and the front part of the building flexes as the buses go by and one day when the lunchtime that window collapsed and that was after we came down to the city building department and we actually had the head of the building department give us a lecture like you don't know what an
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emergency scaffolding permit is and we don't give those easily and we got roasted. one week later that window collapsed and it was just after she had walked underneath it and we go back to the city and there was a (inaudible) and we got the scaffolding to hold the front of the building up and the problem is honestly, from just that damage from the perspective, there is no plate and there is no foundation, i mean the foundation scrum bells and everything is gone and i think that it was like the brick discussed before we take it down brick by brick and in this case, that front has detached itself from everything and it was flapping and the scaffolding up and we will do as much as we can and the club will be repaired and professionally and that will be a fabulous when it comes back, and it will be found and the original drawings from los angeles, and we are redoing the chandalier being done by a
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designer in la and so we are replacing everything that we can structurally and it is being very dangerous. >> and what about the display windows? >> the display windows on either side? >> the small window? s could those be retained? >> our goal in that portion is to retain as much as possible. and this however, at the bottom are all chewed out and not in contact with the concrete and so the force is actually going by in the redwood into the concrete and so if we can, we can insure it in place and repair it as much as we can. and however, we would want to replace the windows in kind with new insulated at the very least. they will make sure that they walk and they look exactly the same. and and the foundation needs to be replaced underneath and and
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it will be shored in order to help with the foundation and cut in the bottom of the stoves to the good wood and put in the new plate there and so we do hope to save that portion of the facade and the stream line modern portion of the west and it is beyond the repair and completely disintegrated and the whole western side of the building is 12 inches and as a result of this and this that was going on at the foundation. and that portion has to be repaired 100 percent. >> and commissioner? >> i just want to talk about how we went from the ridiculous to the sublime relative to our earlier conversation about the brick and now to the attention to wanting to take on what sounds like rebuilding an entire building and i appreciate what commissioner wolfram is saying, but i have
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and i love this building and i am very thrilled that it is a landmark and that there is someone here who will take such loving, you know, pay such loving attention to it so that you know, even down to you know, getting a light fixture recreated and i know that all of these things are expensive and i love that your stories are fantastic and that you are able to have a video ar khief of the people that have been in and out of that building it is fantastic. and so i just want to applaud you for your efforts and thank you. >> on behalf of the historic community of san francisco. >> thank you. >> and this is an inspiring project and i move approval. >> pretty basic. >> yeah. >> and second. >> commissioner hylan? >> yes. >> just to pick up, and i was
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going to say that i commend you for loving this building. and i think that it is an inspiration to have the building owners like you and but i would like to pick up on what commissioner wolfram has asked and has there been an evaluation of the existing materials of specifically the window frames and the smaller windows. and some of this material could be removed and reenstalled. so that, i mean, i mean, i will pick that up. >> particularly the lobby doors and the lobby windows. they are the stainless steel that were pocketed with what used to be non-compatible rivets and screws that were used and so as a result of the integrity is completely gone and the water has gotten inside and framed and the doors and the mechanisms in the door don't work any more and so
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structurally. as jeff alluded to, the window was insufficient to each take a minor vibration from the muni line and so as a result in the interest of safety, we are pushing to get this replaced with a new window and we will of course have as we have been working with the staff, make sure that it matches as much as possible. for the existing window. and the configuration and there as a couple more pictures here and that the glass block for example, and you can see here is it is just a mix match of the styles that are and with no decertainable pattern and regarding the glass block we are going to chose, the style and going to make it more
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controlling in the society, and the lobby window frame which is essentially the rail that acts as a structural report and we are taking the pain of death, and so it is insufficient. and you can see that some of the rusting that is going on here as well. and this is a view of in the lobby window. and these hazardous materials and the lead paint and it is in the project as well. and in the interest of doing it right. and with the 24 reminding and the star findings and we would like to bring it up to a good standard and that we would like to put in the double pain and as a result, just a larger and stronger frames for them.
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and i do have some concerns. and is really going to come down to the details and if the building is recreated to kind of look like it was and so there were a couple of issues and it is going to change the appearance of the building and i think that is for this architecture, if you are going to look at it and say that i would suggest that we look at a single pane. >> from the big window? >> yeah. >> it really is not going to come down to the details and i know that you love the building and i do this work a lot and i don't want to create more work for you and discourage you from doing good things for the building but i am concerned and i think that the doors, and
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maybe the mechanisms are defunk, but could the doors themselves have the hindges put on them it just seems like the whole replacement. and well, if a may, the doors that are in place, they are so buckled and warped in the rusting that is going on for the last whole life i guess. and it is not practical. to replace them or to work with them so we are try to recreate them and match them in the side as much as possible and we are going to bring it back to more of the original style in terms of the handlebars, and the bars let around the doors and so it is not just the mechanisms and the workings of the doors, it is really the entire door that is really not salvageable.
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>> and in terms of the double glazing, i mean, that is something that we could certainly talk about with the staff. and my concern is the structure and the integrity of at least the frames are structurally sufficient to take what is 15 pounds per square foot and design reload. and at the moment, just cannot even take, a tenth of that. and so, one thing on the doors that i have been just been reminded and again, because the building is scaffolded and we have been attacked a number of times with the graffiti and that is it. and the doors themselves were attacked with the brake fluid and acid three weeks ago and i was up on pointing one side of the building myself to get rid of all of the damn graffiti and right now it is being eaten by whoever did this damn thing and we have told the police and
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they have us on a watch in this area right now there is a lot of tax going on to the buildings and what we are trying to do is hurry up and getting it done and getting the cameras in is but as i said we have got all of this done, and like japanese writing all over the doors right now. from the brake fluid. and in addition, someone has already reattached the doors with screwdrivers and so there are holes and holes and they are in bad shape. >> i will encourage. >> if you could keep them and put them on display somewhere. >> i appreciate your attitude towards restoring the building and i would encourage you to pay attention to the delicate details because even the profile change of the window frame, if it gets too chunky it is going to dramatically change. >> we are working very carefully on that. >> so, you know,... >> commissioner pearlman? >> i think that this is a
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philosophical question, you know from the preservation community, clearly the community wanted to save this building by making it a landmark and whether we knew the condition or not before it was made a landmark, you know, relative to our, you know, are we creating a brand new building that looks just like the old building that is a conversation that could have been had when the building was designated but i think that at this point, we are in a position where i agree with commissioner hylan that we should be paying attention to these things and it sounds like the staff is in terms of the details that they are created or recreated in a way that are as compatible as possible. but, you know, i doebt think that there is any other choice, it seems like and from what mr. o'neil is saying, there is really not much of a choice. but and i agrees that we should pay attention to everything that is possible to save. but i would, you know, i would
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second the motion to move this project ahead as quickly as possible. with such a you know, an owner like this who is willing to go to the extent to do exactly what you are asking. >> thank you. >> commissioner wolfram? >> commissioner? do you have a comment first? >> yes, tim, the department staff and i just wanted to point out to the commissioners that there are conditions of approval that we think will help alleviate some of the concern and that those were conditions that were recommended by page and trum bell to make sure that we document everything before the work progresses. so that we can pay attention to the details. >> i don't so a condition here relative to the relative of the design of the storefront window and they mentioned that there is a different proposal now and so maybe one condition that we can add is that the project sponsor could work with the
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staff to define those details of the closely match, and more closely matched the original details because that is not i don't think that it is one of the conditions right now. >> shelly, staff, and i, the condition number 3, requires that the project sponsor provide the specifications and the shop drawings for the future to be replicated. and that includes the doors and fixtures and awning and you are right windows should be part of that but it was intended that the shop drawings for the windows. >> okay >> and the reason that i think that i mentioned that is that they have started submitting the shop drawings already and in the existing drawings. >> maybe we can add that. >> yes. >> okay. >> and that is the maker? >> yes, it is, but i have a question about it? >> are you referring to, i am looking at the 1940 drawing here, the display? >> i was actually, i was
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talking about the big window, the display windows i was asking for the possibility of keepleing those those... >> and we are trying to keep something. >> i understand it. and i am with you on what the line of questioning, yeah. >> but we are going to be talking about the major, windows. >> that is right >> okay >> and i understood that was to be included with number three and if he made more laoer that is good. and to the second, and yes, that is good. and commissioners sorry to interrupt, one more thing that the commission we want to consider with the halody building and the reconstruction of the curtain wall the commission did ask for the periodic check ins to review, and if the project sponsor is amenable of coming back and giving us an update or the review of the update on these shop drawings that may be something that you can add to the motion. >> could we do that? >> would the commission be okay with the arc?
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>> okay. >> the periodic check. >> i think that is very efficient because it is not dependent on other cases that comes early. >> yeah. >> first. >> right. >> so, thank you for your efforts. yes. >> okay, so we have a motion on the floor. any other discussion? >> seeing none. >> second vote >> both of those amendments, okay, with the maker and the seconder? >> oh,, yes, and the arc one. >> yes. >> yes, we will thank you on that. >> commissioners there is. >> i am sorry, just for... i am sorry before we make a motion, could we get clarification on when you would like that hearing to be held prior to issuance of any building permits or simply as details for the elements. >> i am actually going to come to you with a package of the shop drawings for approvele. it would make sense to get in front of the arc at the next meeting. >> okay. >> and this will take you
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several weeks to review it any way. >> let me ask a question. >> because the shop drawings come once the building has the permit that is being built. so that is the question, okay. >> and the details, but the details are wrong. >> yes. >> prior to building permit issuance. >> right. >> does that make sense? >> okay. >> i think that the goal here is not ho hinder the process. we want to be supportive and offer our expertise if possible. and so, that is why details are better than... >> yeah, >> because they are much earlier. >> i don't know if the commission will be able to hear from the project sponsors on how to schedule this type of review, but i think that they have some concerns as to how quickly they would be able to
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get the shop drawings back and whether or not they will be able to proceed with some of the structural work meanwhile. >> and i think that so we understand that it is also the details that will be going to the planning staff, any ways? >> and it would just come to us and come to the arc? >> and the department staff and with the holladay building, what the commission approved was basically the periodic check in. and we approved the drawing or the project according to the conditions, and one additional condition that just required the project sponsor to show up and work on the final details. and as start of the it if you will, it was not connected to the building permit. >> yeah i mean, don't even make it a condition. >> you know what i mean? >> it is done. >> and then, in keeping of the hall aday building, the
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buildings or the comments help them to refine the shop drawings and other elements that were still in play that were part of the approvele and that was a great role for the arc and good to have that kind of advice and we don't have to pay for it. >> the drawings prior to going to the shop drawings. and we would not want to be showing any of the building process down because these are details that would not have even gone to the fabricator. >> could we name it so that the sponsor is not over reaching and that the storefront is our prime concern is that what we want to see? >> right. >> the front and doors zme. entrance doors. >> yes. >> yes. >> if i may, commissioners. we have the shop drawings in, and the latest revision that was submitted was a tweak of that. her team's recommendations that we have and we match the potty
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styling on the outside and really just, and we would not want to hold up the process, so that we could at least get started with the structural work and work at a staff level with tim and shelly and find in the shop drawings and... >> if i might, if they are already in existence and i would love to get the arc on the calendar and get them to the arc next time. >> and i want to satisfy the commissioner's concerns because you risker not having an approval right? >> so let's make this a condition that you will come in next time to the arc right? because you are going to resume any way. >> right. >> commissioners, there is a motion and a second on the floor. there have been... probably discussion with some additional suggested additions to that motion. and i was wondering if i could, sort of go a different direction which is could we
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trust our staff to make those decisions for us? >> yeah. >> that is your guys... >> i mean, yeah, because again, it sounds like compared to the hall aday building which was a very extensive and very long time frame, this sounds like a very small building and it is happening in a short period of time and i would hate for the arc if we don't have a meeting next time we now in the middle of september and we are now 5 or 6 weeks beyond. >> and that is my concern that i don't want to create a problem for the sponsor. >> and i think that the staff noticed that we want those details to be as much as the historic details, as possible. >> and i was just voicing my fellow commissioner's concerns and it sounds like we don't need to add that commission. >> all right. so we are removing. and okay. we will not meet until the end
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of september. that is my certain. >> so commissioner john you are just removing the second condition in regards to a periodic check in to the arc. and commissioner pearlman you are okay with that? as the seconder? >> yes. >> okay. >> commissioners if there is nothing further, then there is a motion and a second on the floor. to approve with conditions, adding to condition number three, that the lobby windows included in the list of features on that motion? commissioner hylan? >> yes. >> johns. >> yes. >> johnck. >> yes. >> matsuda. >> yes. >> pearlman >> yes. >> wolfram. >> yes. >> hasz *. >> yes. >> that passes 7 to 0. and in places you on item