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tv   [untitled]    September 13, 2013 12:30am-1:01am PDT

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passed. >> item 14 no business. commissioners. >> no. >> no new business. okay. okay. >> adjourned. >> can we have a motion to adjourn. >> so move. >> second. >> all in favor. >> >> okay. good morning, and welcome to the transbay joint authority
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board of directors meeting for september 12th. and take roll call. >> harper and metcalf and sartipi are expected and we will call the meeting to order. with director lloyd? >> here. >> reiskin. >> here. >> kim. >> are there anything for today's meeting? >> if none, new or old business from the board of directors? >> seeing none, we will move on to the executive director's report. >> great, good morning, directorses and members of the public i would hope that you had a good summer, i would like to report on a milestone that we recently reached, since the ground break of the new station since august of 2010, we have been busy on the construction of the under grounder portions of the facility and we demolished and recycling 100 percent of the materials that were used to build it and the
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shoring wall and we excavated down to 65 feet and built trussles to put in the heavy equipment and cranes and we also built a vast internal bracing system and relocated the utilities and installed over, 129 micro piles. and we have layed in the geothermal piping, poly ethalen that will use the constant temperature of the earth ocore which is around 50 degrees f and that will allow us to cool the buildings in the system and that is a contributor to the gold lead. and we have been putting in the water proofing and reinforced the steel and we recently and this is what we celebrated for the 4,000 cubic yard of concrete, in total we will pour 142 yards, every three weeks, we are going to come in on a
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friday night and start around midnight and then pour until the following day on saturday and in total we are going to pour 15, just for the slab foundation and that should be completed by summer of next year and the entire concrete pour, the 142,000 will be completed in two years and it was that event that we celebrated and our special guest of honor was house leader pelosi and she was with us and gracious and lovely throughout the ceremony and also joined by mayor lee and we are appreciative of his leadership and support and chair person kim was present and at that ceremony we gave each of the spokers a token of our appreciation which i want to give to the board members and you can share this with your family and friends, and it is a sample of the clay that we collected 400 feet, and this is deposited before the last ice
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age, 100,000 members ago, maybe the kids can take it to show and tell in school and i will hand that out. so, what i did want to mention is that in addition to building for the future, we are also preserving the past as you know with the archaeological exhibits and the mammath tooth. we had a successful summer with the interns, and i submitted to the board the write-up as has been submitted with what they learned as well as a video and it has been very rewarding to all of us to thank you for all of your support and i would like to ask sarah to present the quarterly's reports. >> good morning, directors, sarah, galati and these are your standard quarterly financial reports starting with the budget to actuals through the entire fiscal year, it shows that we were within budget for the fiscal year and
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right now we are working on the preparing the financial statements and the auditers will be in the last week of october so that we can present the financial statements to you for the end of the year. second report is the contract status report showing contracting activities proceeding as planned and showing our dbe and sbe percentages and the third report is our investments and earnings report and we continue to have the land sales invested in the u.s. treasury notes that are coming due on a quarterly basis and we are using those to fund the cast notes package and contractor construction reimbursable expenses and the inception to date report shows that the capitol expenditures through the life of prament and then the final report, this is a new report that we have added and showing the draws on construction and any contingecy
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and since we were not processing trends and had the revised base line budget adopted from march to august there was about 2.2 million drawn down on the construction down on for change orders and if you have specific questions steve could come up and give you the details on those. and as well, a 195,000 net draw from program reserves that is a combination of adding in a credit change order for kls out of utility packages that are complete and the cast connects amendment that you approved at the july board meeting and i am happy to answer any questions. >> steve? >> director reiskin? >> one question, on the budget, and it looked like a good chunk of the salary line item was
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expended and one thing that we look at in the heavy construction was the desire to staff up a little bit internally and i think that when we talked about that there was room in the budget to do that and to add the positions and i just wanted to get a confirmation that there is space and i do think that more agency staff, to over see the work of all of the team would be helpful. >> absolutely, and actually director, i was just going to mention this as part of the next line item and that we have hired two people, and senior construction manager who you will meet today, dennis church who will report on the labor agreement and he comes to us with 26 years of experience from cal transand worked on the drive dwell project and a civil engineer and he will be working with brian dikes on the construction and a lot of experience on the dispute resolution work that we well be embarking on and also have
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hired a senior program manager that starts on december 16th also from cal transand he is also a civil engineer and both of the new team members are licensed civil engineers and his name is mark sabana with 27 years of experience at cal transand he will be joining us this coming monday and will be filling bob's shoes. so we do have the budget for that. >> so, the next line item is the quarterly project labor agreement report and we are going to have dennis present that but i also want to mention for the veteran's part, ted wang and you have met him before and he will be reporting on a few items and we have a special today, eddie ramerez who will be joining ted as well to give information on what we are doing with the veterans and so dennis, please?
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>> good morning good moments and i appreciate the opportunity to give me first presentation with this quarterly update i do have experience in the senior compliance fer and so it seemed like to be a good fit when bob used to do these position and now me filling in those shoes and that is where i come in with that kind of a background to dive right in. and to the pla. so we had our first project labor agreement meeting on august 22 and i am going to go through the meeting update and what is current and in the near future and update and also will have an apprentice up to date update regarding students, veterans which ted and eddie will cover. and then i will wrap it up with
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the labor and operators the adults program. >> august, 22nd, when we met with the pla. we went over the construction progress and the upcoming trade package and a high school apprenticeship and veteran programs, and reported that the work stoppages there is definitely harmony at this point and it has been a good quarter, so far to date all of the skills needs have been met, and on the job. we did have one minor reportable incident that one of the employees required some stitches on his arm, and one of the... it was iron worker gurdo and had scratched his arm and ultimately needed stitches and when you need the medical attention such as that it becomes reportable and then the, and we presented and how
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we are tracking all of the labor and one of the questions in one of the past board members is that are we tracking the local usage and also the veteran usage and both of these on the local component we also do track the local labor and steve and his presentation and construction will have the specific numbers but we track by county and we are able to track how much labor force is from san francisco and i am going to go into and show in the veteran's component and they are also tracked very, very closely within our labor compliance system. so, an update on the trade packages, and 7.1, the structural steel, the super structure project was awarded on july 11th and scanska is well on the way to submitals and they are not on site yet, so a lot of these trades have not shown up yet, but we expect by definitely next summer when a lot of this steel that is
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starting to get fabricated soon will show up and there are many from the carpenters and masons. and the next, trade package, the tg8.5, and the walls and glass, that is coming out soon, but, we receive the qualifications from our rfq's two days ago. and we did receive four. and those are under analysis and they are being reviewed at this point and so it was good that we have received four and that is a good number to receive at this stage, of the process. and there will be many different trades on that one, the curtain walls and glass are on all levels and a lot of them are at street level and a lot of the glass on the low end and the street level and on the bus level and even up on the roof top park as well and many different trades, on that. next one is the exterior awning and that is the metal skin or
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the painted aluminum with the pen rose design and we have already received and gone through the prequalification process and we do have four qualified bidders as of august 13th for that. and it is going to go out for bid on next month. and that one too as well, as the architectal sheet metals they came in and showed what the design and the pen rose pattern to it. moving on to structural concrete super structure, the 7.2 package, another one that shows that we went through the prequalification stage, and we have now five qualified bidders for that and that is a very good pool at this point, and this one will go out to bid as well in october. and wids are accepted right around thanksgiving and in a similar kind of trade package here with iron workers and operators and carpenters and this is going to be the dove tail project with the super
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structure steel that scanka was just awarded and they will be doing concrete on top of the structural steel in conjunction with the bes deck and they will be pouring the package and the installs and so there is a connection between the two, throughout the next few years. and trade group 18.1, the bus ramps. and this one has been a very large pool. and there is actually now, seven bidders, or qualified at this point, and that one, also goes out for bid, in october. and this is the one that includes the cable stay bridge and the connections to the free mo*nt off-ramp and the connections in and out of the bay bridge into the transit center and on to a, and in that particular one we are getting a lot of the traditional bridge builder, and that are going for this, and for this type of a
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project, and iron workers and carpenter and water proofers as well will all be on this project. and moving on to the aprenive ship and students specifically, initially, as part what was reported at our august 22nd jac and we had that the project labor agreement between the unified school districts and the building and construction trades council was signed on june 24th, and they are moving forward with that, the multi craft, core, curriculum, which is, i guess, short, mc3, and i don't think that they are calling it mc cubed but three. but that is in conjunction for the trades other than carpenter and because they do and have been working directly with the unified school district and john oconnel tech 21 program and the one item that was reported and that they are looking at, and any additional
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equipment from roosevelt high school and the carpenters are refurbishing it and actually adding to the equipment over at john oconnel, and that was good news reported on both of those fronts. >> and the summer internship program, and it is very exciting to bring all of those interns in here and i believe that they were on the july first board. and they were excited and they are nervous and happy to see themselves on tv. and we have 13 of them, and they were from various different high schools, and various different universities, and a good chunk of the universities from california, but we did have from oregon and colorado, and it was, we had them spread out throughout, urs and our pmp c and turner, wew corp and they all had interns working the summer interns and they were very helpful. and they got a lot out of it and this shows the mentor ship and got them out in the field a lot and we wanted to show them
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what it is like to work but also wanted to get something back from them to show what it means to be coming to work every day and what you do. and they were excited to see our project which is the iconic nature of it, and it is just the kids got so excited just to be on the site and i think that we really planted a great seed with all of them, even though not all of them were interested in construction specifically but i think that they may be thinking about it. after their very fun summer, but everyone throughout the whole team was mentors. and a few of them stood out and they have one guy zach who has been helping us with claims and been doing good claims analysis and we had our own vif an allow that and helping myself with a lot of the equipment and identification and we got out to the field a lot and so
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vivian was appreciative of that. in the end they had to give the presentations weekly which i think was a fantastic at and you know kind of exposure that you can't have enough exposure to public speaking but this one, particularly stood out, and jessica lee i believe she is from george washington high and she gave an analysis on our shoring system and how it relates to the train box which went so far beyond a lot of the other ones and so it shared a level of who we had this summer and so it was exciting to see how the kids really engaged in that and so now i will move on to veterans and the progress with that and we do track veteran hours, and we absolutely keep track of it, but, the challenge that we have with the veterans is that it is only voluntary to acknowledge that they are veteran and to a lot of them, our, guys and gals
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who are working out there sometimes may be on the jobs but already don't acknowledge that they are veterans and until they say that we can't track it and so with that, i am going to turn it over to ted because ted and eddie that is really what their goals are is to let the veterans know their benefits and it is okay, raise your hand, yes, you will be counted and we will definitely want the veterans on the project and so with that i am going to turn it over to ted and eddie and then i will come back to speak on the adults. >> good morning, board members, my name is ted wo ng with web corp and i presented once before and it has been two years that i have been working on this, it was on behalf of this project and veterans hiring and the goal is a two-pronged approach to look to it, and the veterans hired into the trade positions as well as or existing veterans in trade positions hired on a project as
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well as salary positions and i am not differentiating between our company and the next construction company and it is for the whole regionally. >> and what i found is that we have been able to inspire other organizations you other than united contractors and a contract association of mostly infrastructure to develop their own veteran's hiring programs for their members. and we are hoping to collaborate closely and cross poll enate and use the resources as well. and we are working closely on the local hiring sigh with the additional high and city build and i was able to through the mayor's office send a message to the mayor's office and it got channeled to pat and there is an official city build and veteran's liaison who identifies veterans, local hire, or local residents and veterans and can refer them to all employers throughout the city. and to me that is a fairly big
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milestone. and we also are working with mission hiring hall on identifying the veterans early on to steer them toward the trades and in addition we are also working very closely with the on the speaker series, and with the sf state university as well as city college of san francisco to have actual veterans who are either in salary positions or in the trades present to the veteran students, what it is like to be in that or in those positions what it took to get there and more importantly, what skills that they took with them, and they could translate that to into real world jobs and that is now developing and it is going to be in construction with city college of san francisco and sf state and i now want to not take me more of your time but i have the
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pleasure of introducing master sergeant eddie ramerez who wears many hats and he has done a great amount of work for this region's veterans and it is my pleasure to introduce ramerez. >> supervisor kim, and board members, thank you for the opportunity to come up and speak, i am a native san franciscan and i served 22 years active duty, united states air force and lived all over the world and i am a home owner here in the city, and i wear a lot of hats. supervisor kim nominated me for the va commission and my whole life, resolves around my fellow veterans, and making sure that my fellow veterans get what they are entitled and they served our country. and they need to be successful. and with that said.
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that is called one vet, one voice, we have two entities out there that work in silos one person does not know what the other person is doing, so by creating one vet one voice under the umbrella under one vet one voice, and we bring all of these entities together into a one stop shop into eventually. and which will be the veteran's building and the veterans don't just need a job, and we need to look at the total person. the whole concept. and the veteran may have a job, and if he does not have the mental state ready to work. and he is not going to be successful. and so we look at, and housing and employment. and healthcare, and education. but that is a model that the state of california is doing
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under the inner agency on veterans san francisco can take the lead. if we do it right, under the one vet one voice concept, we could copy this county by county, and throughout the state. and so my pledge is to make sure that one vet and one voice is successful and i am doing everything that i can to bring and unite all of the resources and veterans in the city of san francisco. on october fifth i am having the second film festival at the mission cultural center to invite the community to learn about what is facing the men and women and i invite you to that as well. and one of the inspirations of this one vet one voice is ted and because when i found out what ted was doing, you know, dad and you are doing this and so why not get this all under
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our umbrella and so i have chase bank on board and hilton hotel on board and many other agencies that are on board to help with this initiative and i do a monthly town hall to bring the partners together, and to provide and i would love to see a veteran's cafe opening up at the new terminal and one possible. and the experience that they need with the boots on the ground in running a business and with that, i thank you for your service. >> thank you, master sergeant. >> thank you very much. >> and thank you, ted and eddie, and i could not get that like they could and i felt that their spacing was better than i could. so thank you to you both. >> and moving on to the progress regarding adult and talking about web corp they do the work directly with mission hiring haul and city build with
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the adult and not just veterans as well and they have continued to work on that mission hiring hall for a lot of the administrative components and city build for trades and they have been successful connection there. and now as i wrap it up with basically some reporting trends. and all of the trends and they do have a one to five ratio apprentice to the journey man and we are getting the goals in all of the trades besides the laborers and the operators and that is such as the electricians and the cement masons and everything that is outside of those two, pile drivers and surveyer and welders which we have a lot of, with all of that shoring out there. so we are definitely exceeding our goal of the 16 and 2 thirds percent with those trades. and this is a chart that
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specific to laborers and operators combined. and that is what we are looking at is the green line is what you have to hit. and what we are filling in, you know, from a graphic cal standpoint, if you fill in under the green line you are meeting your goals and so if you could see, very for at least the last year, they have done very well with hitting their goals with laborers and operators and each are tracked a little differently and the operators have a one to four ratio and laborers have a sliding scale that is roughly one to five. and but, that and they continue the commitment by all of the trades and you know, all of the subtrade contractors, you know, from web corp to skanska and also to meet these goals. so there is labor harmony and so if there are any questions for this quarterly, review i will ted and eddie and myself
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for them. >> any questions? >> director reiskin? >> i just want to i guess comment first that i think that the pla seems to be really working very well and i want to commend you all on that and particularly what the apprenticeship numbers are better than i think, many of us thought that they could have been, and i would like to see, i think that we get over all labor hours by county and it would be great to see the apprentice numbers by county as well. and the work on the veterans, is great, and i don't know that it really relates to the pla, but the intern program is really phenomenal and for the agency and by the us and web corp and it seems like everyone took it seriously and a lot of mutual benefit came out of this. and not really maybe, part of
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the pla, but, the bus ramps and i noticed the qualifications were done back in february. and it is just, and it is not until october that we are putting them out to bid and i know that you have been reporting and monthly, there have been some issues and is everything resolved on the bus ramps? i bet that that is moving forward and are there any schedule impacts to the delay in being able to advertise for the construction? >> no, there is absolutely, no issues at this point, and there was a non-linear analysis and it will be presented to the ssrc and that is one component in the difference in time wrapping up all of the reviews with cal transat this point and the time line of the schedule is on tract and it is not on a critical path to schedule at this point, but it does have a fair amount of float, and so, and also, one of the things that actually has helped it as well is that we have been able to pull back the duration of the schedule of the
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construction as well. but at this point there is no limit on the schedule. >> thanks. >> well, thank you and welcome to the staff and i also do appreciate the time that you spent ongoing over our different programs, particularly the student internship program, i know that it is something that i have asked a lot of questions about in the past and i am glad to see that our young folks are getting a subnative experience learning about issues and areas that i did not have exposure to in high school and so it is exciting to see that occurring. >> thank you for your comments. thank you and, now we have steve giving the update on the construction progress. >> good morning, directors, steve rule with construction and doing the cmo work for the tjpa and as everyone has pointed out it has been quite a successful couple of months since we