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tv   [untitled]    September 13, 2013 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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it end up going to southeast where we capture all the flow conditions so that all the data can be compared and the data is reviewed by the california institute and they'll be producing the reports it's a little bit of 0 third party green infrastructure data. but the purpose is to predict how well, the infrastructure is going to be. >> can i - >> so the monitoring - >> say that again so the
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california - >> so when we get our data downloaded they're looking the infrastructure. >> so then is a report general rated. >> we'll gotten newland and leeland and that might be something when we sit down the 3 thought of us to get the report out. >> i think this would be better because in the future we're going to be looking at the data so it will be easier to move things forward. >> so the san francisco state rain program performed extremely, extremely well, but some of the other reports showed in the early days where we would
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like to be. >> i welcome that and as you know we're having over 2 thousand people attended facility wastewater facility towers. their liking i biking or walking with them or a garden tour. we had one 20 something-year-old came he came and toured and as of april 2013 we've had 60 presentations. the metro work has been phenomenal we want to continue. we've completed surveys where we go day by day and we've been getting a lot of press. we had the chronicle out and we
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took them out the forest project as well. some of the stakeholder event we have the community meetings coming up. we also have some going on program meetings in stones town and lombard and tourists that is by u s f. and we have another schedule in and the date is november 2nd. we're translating documents into russian and somalian and other things. that's a quick snapshot >> any questions? any questions. >> my last update is julie -
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>> good afternoon commissioner director. my update is not as formal as karen's. i thought i'd walk you through the photos there's been a lot of the work so i want to show you some of our challenging and complex projects >> so starting with the cal versus this is a photo here of the observation hill. that's a hill where two chnt landslides were taken. we've had to lay back the slope and that's preceding well shown here is what we call the
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spill we cut on the same side of the valley a little bit further down stream and unfortunately we've discovered new features of concern in that area that could cause some slope instability so we'll have to add some reenforcement to that hill. and our record and fema team are working to determine how best to address those challenges. we're also involving the technical advisory panel and the california department of safety. i believe we will have a better idea of the magnitudes of that cost and impacts of those changes within a month. it's certainly within the contingency funding we have and
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that's why we have that type of funding. this is an area obviously with a lot of seismic activities. it's not unusual for those types of locations to energy those features. this slide shows the grout work take place on the opposite side of the valley on the right side. wu you can also see further in the slide down below the placement of the dam we're starting to move material into the new dam and also, this is a credible path item. we need to bring that rock fill up so we can button recess a
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better position on the slide this is a area that was identified from the beginning. so we need to bring that rack up as quickly as possible. and this is the last slide. nice overview of the entire slide again grout activity on the left and you can see the rock fill of the outer shell coming up there. annoy moving toering ton you've been briefed on the extremely challenging positions the skwooeg ground. the reason we decided to build this tunnel with the usual method the good news they're in better control we're not seeing as much ground water intrusion
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we're moving about 1 hundred and 50 feet a week and we only have 6 hundred feet left so the financial hoe is expected if september. because of those skwooeg ground conditions we still have the reenforcement the spacing has to be able to be done to keep the face of the tunnel stable through excavation so a lot of work had to be done that slowed our progress over the last few months arrest so the water treatment plant this is the project that the operation staff has had access to. okay for some reason it went - sorry about that.
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as i said the beneficial use and the final completion is due this week. what i see on the right-hand side this was addressed to the treat and the process will help us retain the area. this is the next 17 million gallon reservoir that was built as part of the project. i should say on the water valley treatment plant we're going to be able to put back $8.2 million. on the bay tunnel the installation of the inner pipe lining has gone well. we have actually laid the entire
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tunnel already. and final wielding has been complete on two miles of the 5 miles. we're going to be starting the grout between the inner and outer lining low density cement will be put in this week. other foists there were a nice article in the san francisco chronicle about this project about a month ago. seismic upgrade and this is where we cross the hayward fault and this is the cement bronx box this is being built under mission boulevard. the work was progressing well until again, the features of concerns were discovered in the
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last few weeks. and showing in this photo f is the special trenching we did with the help of our engineers of record as well as the original geotech to help us identify those features. i'm pleased to reporter report that now the impact self-look to be as severe as we find out but overwhelming we were concerned that the new feature may require a redesign but those could be just secondary diverse fashion of an tuff fault zone. to the best case scenario minor delay for the week or two of the trenching that would be made up. and it would be a 6 month delay
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the worst-case scenario. we're seeking the assistance of our geocommittee on this issue >> two anywhere projects in the peninsula. csa upgrade the new pump station is being tested and will be turned over to operations >> i'd like to on the crystal springs how did it deal with the influx of the springs. >> say that again. >> i was informed we were pumping water from the springs; is that right? >> richie assistant general manager actually by bringing
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water down front seat from the reservoir we can divert into the reservoir and so we don't have to pump anything it goes through a pump looifr line. >> so the capacity was increased. >> we increased from 9 hundred plus goggles and the excess water you went into the two reservoirs. >> i want to make sure because the rate payers were concerned about the availability and quality of water thank god you decided to move that water in case of the emergency. >> i think the one plant was
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the one we invested so if we had to treat the local reservoirs. >> i should emphasize that all the improvements we've built in the recent years were very helpful we had a lot more flexibility. when we work in those facilities we make it a point to address those enters so it's been challenging to build that much improvements but we've been able to manage so far >> this has a deal with the question of the emergency state manufacture maybe we can calendar this but it doesn't
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seem like we have the same resiliency and i'd like to see that because we're not depending upon generators to replace the powers in the event our g h t source is compromised in any way. i'm sorry to interrupt you >> do you want this. >> i'd like to chaurnd it if we could. >> this is something we've talked about the local build out and what that means and how we can learn from the rim fire and we'd love to come back and talk about, you know, at least where we were so far as being important resilient on the power side. >> and if we could do that as
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part of the lessons learned to do that quickly. >> if we could reconnect the slides please. i've got a couple of more slides left. so this the transmission upgrade project. this is structure number one this is a structure that is close to the service site. this will result in more costs. there was a cement apron on the slope of the reservoir that was indicated on our design drawings so we're going to try to work through a design solution on that issue. and finally this is not an exciting slide we're
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reconnecting the lower and you were crystal springs reservoir and you can see here we've started mobile listing. on the treatment plant i'm pleased with the project. we're annoy preceding with the walls of that reservoir. and this is the backside of the plant. it's pretty amazing they're keeping the plant operable and we coordinated closely with the operation staff on what could or couldn't be done to maintain a certain amount of production. so that concludes my
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presentation i'd be to a any questions >> so the last item of my report i just wanted to acknowledge as you know the gentleman is retiring and i want to welcome nicole. i've been in came back with her when the rim fire happened. it's a great pleasure to work with her and since i'm a seasoned general manager now (laughter) pugh. if you need any advice or anything or learn from my mistakes call me and art will properly introduce you at the next meeting. so welcome i'm glad to offer any
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information and why can't he introduce her now? >> because she's currently in the position laura. >> thank you harland. i wanted to add my praise to all of your employees and your staff, your crews from your general manager on down to the very bottom everybody in the field. you've done - they've done an excellent job of keeping us informed. i had the luxury of being out of town but without even having to call your folks contacted nicole and you kept her informed and set up the daily communications. very excellent job and pleased there was no loss of life. and when i was coming back from
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new mexico there were yellow fire department trucks coming from arizona and other places to the rim fire and that attracted a lot of attention. i'll be here at you're next meeting >> all right. thank you. i think we're >> that concludes my report. >> all right. mr. manager concludes his report. >> we'll move onto the sxhend calendar. my item the committee wishes to remove >> 8 b? anything else. that being said read the calendar >> this constitutes a consent calendared will be acted b upon
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by a active solution and there will be no separate item covered unless the public and staff so wishes. >> without objection is there a motion to move the consent calendar but item b. motion carries and a question on that. in the evaluation process what's the buns and how is it calculated? >> your respond? >> so you wanted to have staff talk about the one of the crazy that's in the evaluation it was the community benefit.
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oh, c m.d. okay. so hr c the mayor has moved the local enterprise program in hr c to a new division under the city administrator so that program is called contract monitoring division under the city administrator and so therefore the terminology has changed >> boo but is this the 10 - up to 10 percent bonus we're used to seeing. >> yes. >> it wasn't expressed as a percentage it was just points so it just - >> so the points are a
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percentage based on the total amount. so typically if you're a a local business that certified with h mc is 10 percent. so if it's a hundred points you get 10 points in addition to our score. if you have a joint venture and you get 7.5 percent and so 7.5 of 1 hundred and that's how the points are calculated >> thank you that's sufficient it was new term and displayed in a dive way. >> it took me a moment. >> well, you get a bonus for pointing out. and with that i'll move item 8 b
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and all in favor. any public comments. all right. there being none all significant by saying i. motion carries >> regular business. >> item the authorize the judgemental manager between the staff and sf puck. >> you're on mr. carr land. >> i don't know where that one is. thank you michael deputy general manager. today, we have before you a understanding between the
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treasure island development authority and the puc. this is kind of nuclei will explain to you we've been operating without it for a long time. just to give you a little bit of history in 1997 the city of san francisco entered into an agreement with the navy. that was tight a. they provide the services. the board of supervisors has authored tight a but we've not had any authority we've been doing it under a handshake. at this time a has the reporter for the water and storm water systems on treasure island.
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they have the agreement with the navy not us we're the contractor. we're the contractor under what we're been formalized under the agreement to do the services now we want a formal all the time to cover the costs and provide n some dichlts. and the contractor our in no way responsible for putting our money out it has to come from reimbursements through tight a but we're reimbursed so we're made whole we're not spending our dollars on treasure eyed >> the development authority is
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a separate service. >> tight is a separate entity and there's the treasure island development. >> when i pass this resolution you'll get reimbursed. >> so tight is rate payers are the resident on treasure island. >> yes. as well as the u.s. coast guard. and so we have a colleague here >> so in this amendment as a contractor we would be paid for indirectly we'd be paid by rate payers of tight a. >> that's correct and we're telling them that's the rates.
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>> are those rates comparable to someone living in san francisco. >> it depends upon. >> single-family residents? >> they set the rates. >> my understanding from commenced with puc staff is for every single-family residents the rates on treasure island are slightly higher about 15 percent than comparable rates in san francisco. >> that's the obvious transportation etc.. >> and, yes and the economics of scale. >> how is the water provided to treasure island. it goes into the distribution system >> i was curious. >> and this is only for power;
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right? and a no, it's for gas and power and storm water services. >> and what about the liability issue. >> that's part of the mo u and we have some language in n there again treasure island belongs to the navy if we you think into certain issues it has to be taken care of by the navy but we have to provide some of the capital funds. >> so if a sue anonymous comes and wipes out the facility we're not responsible and a that's correct. i want to be clear >> a sue anonymous or the -
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>> all the wildfires. >> that's right we that didn't stepdaughters what happens after the fire in terms of the erosion. >> all right. is there a motion and a moved and second. >> any public comments that is the motion carries. >> item number ten. >> public hearing on the 2013 inform the san francisco water system. >> good afternoon water quality description of director. we're here today to conduct the hearing we have to do this ever 3 years. their ideal levels of drinking water that don't take


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