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tv   [untitled]    September 14, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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thanks >> thank you. any other public comment? >> hi i'm michael i'm the executive director for the district six. the applicant has come to one of our community meetings. we did inform them of the other community groups therapy told to go to other community groups they've done that. they've done what's been asked of them and they've obviously, the owners have other establishments so they know what they're getting into so - you know, i think the thing is your obligation is to go through a check list to meet the requirements so your due
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diligence has been met so it could be to our favor to approve the applicant and mitigate 31 any outstanding things you think are on the permit but they obviously seem to have all the things that are required. the district 6 is in favor of getting the permit their q and we looked to working with them in the next few years to make sure they stay as a good community partner the same way we did with the money arc. at the same time, we had the same kind of concerns of a night club in the area and they turned to be a good neighbor >> thank you.
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any more public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. and the matters with the commission and i have a question >> yeah. >> can you refresh my memory why this permit was not heard with the plays of entertainment a month ago. >> at the time the southern station had asked there be the permit continued to further discussion. was it just for further discussion between the police and the project sponsor? >> okay. thank you. >> officer chan representing the southern station. so two months ago back when this is on the agenda i requested a
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pony time. we had no security other than the general security plan. cateringing towards the operation but nothing towards the extend hours. from that time until now i made several attempts to contact the applicant the owner and i recently spoke with with him a few days ago >> did you make it? >> not exactly. >> what's missing. >> i received with the gentleman submitted so far as the updated security plan but average that that's the only thing i
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received. >> i'm sorry could you please repeat what i asked for besides this updated security plan. >> they sort of outlined how they want to facilitate the expended hours for example, escorting patrons to their cars by they doesn't exactly say how many people they were going to staff for their security. if you have 4 hundred and 90 patrons in the club and it gets out at 5:00 a.m. - and i thought i heard them as a it was 80 ratio and the events were for gaze so >> one to 80or you're talking about security guards i know
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though they, escort folks and patrol the outside area. >> do you feel it's the security guards job to escort everyone. >> no. we would like to see them operational and then if he were or if they were to do that we'll grant them one night >> so what you're concerned about is the fact that they haven't explained fully enough they've over which is not required to escort patrons to their cars. that's the thing you're most concerned about and when their gay nights which would be primarily men i'm assuming they would be escorting women to
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their cars and that brings the occupancy down to half. i don't understand the whole thing >> i think the whole thing is the communication has not been between the station and the owners or the operational commander. part of their security plan will be something we'll discuss. our only concern about the after hours in regards to what you look at it's part of on educational thing. my concern is the club is not open i haven't seen a lot of activities around the club and you can't why are we going to a club that t is not open to an after-hour permit. once the club opens that will be
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worked out between us to make the neighborhood save >> so i'd like to entertain a motion because we've heard public comment and police concerns there's not a list of conditions from the police department. are there? >> from the productive. >> oh. >> i'd like to move to approve this permit. >> is there a second? >> i'll second. >> is there any discussion about this between us not for anyone else in the room. commissioner and a okay. how many nights a week from until 4 correct? how many nights a week >> the permit is until 6 and any night of the week if there's
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no consequences added to it. >> i'd like to see conditions added to it. >> what kind of conditions commissioner? are you trying to restrict the hours or the day >> i understand the stations point where we granted the po e. and the place is still not open and during that time there was no attempt by the permit people to get in touch with the station to discuss further. which makes me a little bit uncomfortable. and so i would say place some stipulations if we're going to go ahead and precede with this >> such a they have to meet
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with the police? >> i'm sorry, i thought i'd make a suggestion to make this a little bit easier. because the commissioner is new. if i'm hearing you correctly as opposed to the limiting days or hours it maybe useful to consider a condition that applicant notify the station in advance of any use of their extended hours use of permits within a certain amount of days of the event to facilitate not just i mean occupies if you want to admonish them to continuing condition, you know, work with the police department but with respect to the use of the steentd hours permit sound like the plant doesn't intend to use
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it that often and to make sure their well in advance to stipulate before they use it and that might go to our concerns >> yes, thank you and so would you like to make an amendment from the amendment. a friendly one >> a friendly one. >> there's no such thing as a friendly amendment it's just on amendment. so what would you like to amend that that at the notify the station at least one week in advance, two weeks in advance >> that was 7 days written in the paperwork. >> okay. we'll make is a
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condition as well. the motion was made by you? >> yes and i accept the condition of notifying southern stationary week in advance. okay. and is the second okay with that >> let's vote. >> on the motion to approve the permit with the condition of notifying the station (calling names). >> if you don't mind i want to admonish you to go and talk to southern station. >> please, please and a like soon. >> trade cell phone numbers. is commissioner lee back? go get him back. we'll move onto the next agenda
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item which is doing business as cafe this is another expended hours permit >> this is cafe mason a union square routine they've been operating 24 hours a day by were unaware they needed a permit. kind of like laura's diner. this is a restaurant that serves a late night union square crowd and travelers. >> hi i'm here to speak on behalf of the my clients. the owner of cafe mason is mr. chung. and has owned and operated this business for 19 plus years.
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his general manager there ever day is demanding yell - daniel. this is simply a 24 hour eatery no entertainment involved. it seats 80 people and it's between mason and another boulevards there's an - there's another cafe that's due to come in soon. so this cluster caters to travelers as well as other folks from other clubs.
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immediately adjacent is hertz rent a car and the do you only hospital and it is they have a cafe within the areas. we've done as much outreach in the area. my friend went to a community meeting and also a contingent leadership alliance. we also are in e-mail contact are the executive director. there will be a skirt and that security person will be posted outside the front door and smokers will be encouraged to go elsewhere. i click my report any questions for the general managers or the owners they're here.
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thank you >> thank you. commissioners any questions for the applicant? . seeing none, let's see if the police have anything to say. you can have a seat for right now. >> good evening i'm here representing the police station. we recommend approving i approving this permit with the following conditions. condition number one cap and son shall maintain their security while on friday and a saturday nights. condition two cap and mason shall maintain the cameras and this video footage shall be maintained for thirty years. condition number 3 cap and mason
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shall make sure there's no loitering. and i met with the owners sea they're good business folks on mason street and we've never had any significant problems with that establishment >> great thank you. >> thank you. >> i want to please request that any requests come it's hard to make a decision. >> oh, there are in your packet. where? >> under permit and inspection recommendations. >> i have a copy of those conditions. >> i'm sorry i don't have them in mine. >> those are the same
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conditions we've recommended to laurie's. >> thank you. >> is the applicant okay with those police conditions. my public comment on cafe mason? >> first i want to make a comment when people come to the alliance for barrier six there's sincerely sponsors it's not only for the alliance for district 6 but for the coalition of san francisco. there's actually being heard by several community organizations at the same time for future reference. i want you to understand we run several community meetings compared to some of the meetings they're only being heard by one group that's lincoln.
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fellow commissioners the mason meeting was tenant and they talked about the changes to meet some of the on site visits. cafe mason agreed to do other outreach meetings. overall cafe mason is seeking an after hours permit to do the suggested community outreach which has resulted in better outreach operations and truly community partner because of that. and we at the alliance at district 6 commend the cafe for reaching out to the community and their neighbors as we also
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wholeheart wholeheartedly support this. there were other businesses that never did the outreach after they did their presentations and they failed to do their outreach and they're not good neighbors now they make commitments and not follow through. this entity has and we appreciate that and we will see this business tyler. i've been there several times they have great food so - >> thank you. any other public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. the matters is with the commission. is there a motion and a i'd like to move to approve. second and a great can we take a role >> with the police conditions.
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to approve with the police conditions (calling names) >> all right. so on to the next item 7 c it's doing business as for a place of entertainment ass at the 41 clooement street. >> we just got those conditions. they've applied for a entertainment permit they'd like to add karaoke. they have offered some hours it's in your packet. commissioners >> do you want to talk about
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business. >> we have a cafe and coffee and healthy juices and desserts and if you guys have time please check out our facebook package. we have a lot of pictures. we are very strongly supported by community and a lot of, you know, high school and mid school and all the way to the 30s community. we have reached out to our neighbors because we're the planning commission we've sent out 1 hundred and 50 radius reports and everybody has been notify in the neighborhood.
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>> sounds like fun. >> commissioners. >> so i just again, because this is a conditional use they went to the planning department so there was a lot of outreach done through the planning department. do you happen to contact any business organizations in our areas. it says in our application will are not any in the area and i asked another commissioner and she came up with 3 off the top of her head >> i asked i chinese restaurants and also the belly dancing places and folks said there was no such thing. i asked mr. michael's who is always taking care of the community and washing the sidewalks i even asked him he's
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been there for thirty years and said there's no such thing so i couldn't find any and any other commissioner comments or questions? >> just one. so to say the hours of operation would change inform 2:00 a.m. friday and saturday and a right >> great thanks and a all right. you, have a seat we'll hear from the police. >> hello, i'm the permit officer at the richmond station. i met mark the other day we the wake through of his place a lot of construction needed to be done. the conditions we're asking for is a little bit better sound proofing as well as there's a
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secondary exit to the east of it which doesn't go into the lobby it goes back to the karaoke rooms and we asked that be locked from the outside with a energy exit inside by better monitoring their place. it has parking and street lights and there's nothing going on in that part of the time. richmond station is hoping for the approval with the conditions we've state. we believe it will be a sober place for those who don't want to go to the bars to have something to do at admit >> go ahead commissioner perez. >> did you having happen to notice if the doors to the
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karaoke place has windows. >> there's two large rooms behind the cafe. those rooms are going to be built into karaoke rooms 3 in one and 2 in the other. i've talked about with mark about the windows and the windows need to be unobstructed. and spent quite a bit of time and it sounds like he wants to do the right thing >> and on say secondary exit would you suggest panic hardware what that is. >> we want to prevent someone from the outside getting in so it can be locked from the outside yet for an emergency people can leave. >> any other questions for the
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police? no. thank you, officer. we'll open it up for public comment. no public comment? all right. seeing none, public comment is closed. the matter is now with the commission. is there anyone want to make a motion >> i want to move to approve with the police conditions. and with the police conditions panic hardware on the backdoor. >> condition number 2. >> no both of them it's called panic hardware. is there a second >> second. >> great any discussion? >> all right. please take a
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vote with the police conditions (calling names). >> thank you. we'll now move on to item 7 d john luke. doing business as for limited live performance and 370 grove welcome >> this is a little bar and restaurants it's formerly the blue. they moved to this location. they specialize in dinner and they want to add entertainment and they have no additional conditions. john luke >> i'm john luke.
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i started my business in 2007 on polk street. saved a lot of money and moved i'd like to say it's the best neighborhood. it has jazz music so i wanted to have a dual like piano in the restaurants and no have a license that's why i'm here >> commissioners any questions or comments. >> did you do any community outreach around the piano. >> yes. >> here they are. >> nice to see you guys. any other commissioner >> i love your accent (clapping). >> any other comments as it relates to this permit? arrest why don't you have a seat we'll
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have the police come up do we have an officer here to speak to this permit? >> good evening commissioners officer dave northern station. with regard to this the northern station has no objection at that time, and the northern station has received an e-mail of support for this applicant and a great. >> any questions for horrify no. we'll move on the public comment. public comment is now open so if you want to speak line up and speak into the mike >> i went to a terrific mixer and the vibes are great and the guys have a great personality and it goes with the
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neighborhood. so you know when i get a spot like this it becomes a jewel and it's a great place to meet people if you want to have a cocktail and a hang out this is the spot thank you >> thank you and i'm david. this is the very first time i've spoken and there is no down side no noise possible complaints it's in the nature of what's going to happen there is perfectly suitable to the neighborhood. i live there. i feel in love are san francisco in 92 and i'll support any live event. i was