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tv   [untitled]    September 14, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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uphill to [inaudible] street to take the bus. it will be difficult and dangerous for the citizens around the area. [inaudible] and then they hope to do something on this.
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[inaudible] new system will stet up the bus stop at vallejo and van ness north and southbound. i hope the supervisors will support this motion, thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> [inaudible] i request to set up the bus stop at vallejo and [inaudible] and van ness.
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because the /rez tent there are seniors, they are did i did difficult in mobility. some of them have [inaudible] because they use their walker and [inaudible] and some fall because they use the wheelchairs, moving difficulty. [inaudible] it's also good for health for the normal people. [inaudible] supervisors ladies and gentlemen. i think
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everybody would get [inaudible] . please imagine this if you get old if you [inaudible] also wheelchair. everyday you are to walk the few blocks [inaudible]. so we solely request to keep [inaudible] the two bus stop by vallejo an van ness. tank you. >> [inaudible] supervisor.
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good afternoon. i'm a seen yore resident of the notre dame by cdpc and i'm concerned about roads system ten around van ness and broadway. [inaudible] and having these customs with
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transport department to discuss some of the traffic arrangement and we discuss about a better solution and other solution for the arrangement. the resident council [inaudible] concern and not discuss among themselves everything for the resident and to discuss about what would they like to have about a new system. because we need
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[inaudible] life and to live and to live [inaudible]. we hope the new traffic system can realize these things in san francisco. we hope that you can consider the [inaudible] and concern or concern. you
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will be concern and [inaudible] be better. >> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> hello. i also live in notre dame. i took the 49 bus to come here for city hall for the public hearing. when the bus
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[inaudible] understand that community is here for the seniors and the handicap people. we hope that [inaudible] quality can consider the needs of those people what is not really able to move around freely.
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[inaudible] about 5 percent of the seniors, they need walking aids. hope that you will support our [inaudible] have enough [inaudible] bus stop at vallejo and van ness. all that i got, thank you. >> thank you. next speaker please. i eel i'll call a few more cards.
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>> good afternoon, my name is grace, and i am the resident services program manager for china town cdc we would like to address our support for has owned and operated the notre dame apartments and the building as served as affordable housing for the elderly and disabled for over 40 years. there are roughly 290 residentses who live here and do not own a car. they are traffic dependent, taking a bus everywhere to go in the city. we pulled residents and about 100 residents showed up and they all reported that they regularly ride the 47 and 49 lines in both directions, ranging from a few times per
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tweak up to daily. now, the actual number of residents who frequently use the 47 and 49 may need much higher than this because not all residentses showed up at the gathering. when we found out the bus stops would be terminated as part of the project, we were concerned for our residents' well being. we'd like to thank supervisor chiu for his concerns on this issue regarding the elimination of the bus stops closest to the building. /wo*ut the south and northbound stops at northbound and vallejo, seniors will be able to walk a 10 percent grade hill or walk three blocks downhill to the nearest stop on
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union. this is a large burden -- >> thank you. >> /hr*rb -- and the disabled who live in the community. thank you. >> next speaker please. few more cards, robert vincent, jamal, alex. jeff >> my name is barbara vin /srepbts. vincent. i am here to share our support of this project. i am writing on behalf of the golden gate bridge highway
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transportation district to support the rapid transportation that is coming before you for eir certification. we hope to see it approved rapidly. the center running brt lains are the best way to create better service for transit that extends north of san francisco. the choice to make the line right door accessible [inaudible] in addition if we were to increase operations between north bay and san francisco in the future, the lpa of the van ness brt project gives us the necessary infrastruck which to do so. it is important to prepare for improved d service of san francisco residents. we request the eir documents be promptly approved and that work begin as soon as possible.
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thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> thank you for having this meeting. my name is [inaudible] and i'm here to represent san francisco beautiful and non profit organization en[inaudible]. i would like to extend our support for the van ness brt proposal as it will make the commute faster, easier and much more reliable. brt projects in brazil [inaudible] improved the we look forward to experience [inaudible] of van ness brt project that will be enjoyed by residentses and business owners. i would like to bring to focus [inaudible]
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as this will create unique identity for van ness avenue by installs treelines. we are glad that the proposal will replace trees, but replace [inaudible] we're excited to see the design of the project transform and enhance the street scape and give it a unique and unified entity. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> yeah, jeff cinco. i wanted to put some facts here out of the papers i was provided here for this project. so this project's going to save seven minutes for somebody who travels two miles for $125. you're going to remove half the stops of that which means that people are going to have to
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walk, which means you travel half this, you might save one minute for $125. if you /tpra*fl travel the whole thing you -- now, that's for the two miles. now, the project doesn't take into account what happens at the other end. when you look out your windows here you'll see the buses go upened down the bus expressway nice and beautiful. if you read here, 24,000 cars are going to be able to travel in that lane per day because you've removed two lanes -- 24,000 cars /p-r day or 1000 cars per hour. where do they go? if you read the mitigation report it says sorry, that's significant, but unavoidable. so what happens in the end is down here where the bus -- 47 and 49 need to
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get on this you'll have severe gridlock and anybody that needs to take this line from those areas are going to be waiting a significant amount of time and probably their transit time will be longer with this particular project. now, i know you're going to approve it. if you're going to approve it, i would say do it in a two phase method where you put in express buses and you could have imright board, take out these left turns lanes so you can fig /kwraoeur out how those lack of left terns will affect traffic and make these bus stops have these express buses stop and you'll see the impact. >> thank you. next speaker /phroez. i'll read some more cards. andy, peggy. >> i'm not sure in what order
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you called my name. >> you're welcome to speak now. >> thank you. i'm madeline. i represent folks for [inaudible] and also came here at the request of will have many people, including members of the cac for thebrt project and also several neighborhood groups. wanted to congratulate the team on having done an excellent job in organization outreach in a very complex job. i would like to say that a lot of the people i represent cannot be here generally, but it is in fact their future that we are discussing here. yeah, i just want to point out, as well we all know, whenever initiatives like this are undertaken, there are many
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obstacles to overcome. i know there's a lack of undering or foresight about how solutions can come about. i think we all know there are answers here for some of the issues here that have come up in consideration. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> hi, i'm andy. i just heard someone mention seven minutes as being unworthy of a project like this and i think seven minutes is a very big deal. i think -- when i use the 47 and 49 i'm going to visit one of my best friends and for me it's just to get sushi or get a drink, but i can't tell you how many times we cancelled plans because as we consider the transit options to get there, it just takes too damn long.
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when i see the people on the 47 and 49 i think that -- i think that they deserve those seven minutes. i see not just people like me going out for sushi, but i see women in fur coats going to the symphony, i see young african american people, i see old people, i see people going to hourly jobs. you know, seven minutes, when you're trying to get to work and you're an hourly worker, i wonder how many paychecks get docked because muni doesn't work for people. [inaudible] ed risken recently said to cbs that muni gets half the funds it needs to meet current needs. i don't know of any supervisors calling on the mayor to double funding for muni. this project is
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something we can the right now that's affordable that will help make muni better and this is something that was promised to be completed by 2012 and here we are in 2013 still. i hope you'll approve the eir. >> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> hello, i'm peggy. i'm the chairperson of the the transit city riders union. the san francisco transit riders union is an association of riders of transit in our city who are united to achieve an excellent and affordable transit system and we are excited about bus rapid transit on van ness as the first bus rapid transit in our city. we posted a petition
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on our website just last week for signatures in support of bus rapid transit on van ness. it's already over 100 cigna signatures and growing. i have it to give to you to hook at -- look at it if you wish. there are lots of things wrong with this plan, i'm sure. it's anning way to build a better way of transportation for or city. pressure the mayor to give muni the money it needs. we want in project to adhere to the goals standard brt as someone mentioned. we want this to be excellent, we want it to happen. thank you. i'm done before the dong. do i get [inaudible]. >> thank you very much. just want to note that you did go with us on a trip to mexico
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city to see the bus rapid transit system there and it was great to have you with us. thank you, next speaker please. >> my name's eric from rescue muni and we strongly support this brt, which we and all the people have been pushing for on all the corridors for years and years. thank you for the great job putting it together. we hope you'll vote for it and i appreciate the supervisor's concerns about anything that would slow the project or buses down. we would encourage you as commissioners and supervisors to crack the whip on some of these other brt projects which have really been waiting for these even longer. this one has been like lightening compared to some of them. thank you you. >> thank you. are there think any other members of the public who'd like to comment?
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>> good afternoon. my name is /stkwrabg key. i'm a member of the citizen's advisory committee. i'm very supportive of this project for the simple reason that as one of the writers of prop b back in 1989 that was passed by the voters back in 1989 there was a four corridor study and the van ness corridor was one of the studies that was brought forward that had the top priority. i'm all for this project because it'll help the senior disabled community, as well as those individuals that will be depending on the new facility of california pacific. it's between post and gary on van ness. i strongly support of
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this eir and hope that you support it as well. thank you very much. >> thank you. if there are any other speakers, please come forward. if not, i will be closing ing public comment. anyone else who'd like to comment, if you can please line up along by this television set by the windows. thank you. >> my name's robin and i'm a member of san francisco transit riders union. i'm a resident of san francisco and van ness has always been a big part of my life because my parents work along van ness and i go to school there so i've used van ness avenue to get to school. i'm really glad that this project is coming along and i hope that the consideration to transit riders are being taken into consideration so this will be a sustainable project. i'm
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glad we're making the step forward for a project that would help people feel more proud of san francisco transit. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> hi good afternoon, my name is jeffrey johnson. i'm with transform. i used to be a former open city council member staffer. i'm here to advocate for brt. we're doing it in oakland, we have some of the same concerns you guys have. with seniors, we had it three new stops with in particular project. they're doing it in san jose, they have an emerald line in oregon, they have a project in ohio. some of the concerns -- i know commissioner breed talked about drilling underground, but in seattle they're taking down the double decker freeway, that drilling understood ground is very expensive. up in oregon we did a really good job with proper
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vegetation, trees that are over, like, 75 years old. there has to be a vote to remove the tree. if we're really serious about climate change and emission reduction, we need to get on board with the brt because we can only build so many roads and i just think it's a really exciting project and we should do it. hank you. >> thank you very much. and if there are no other members of the public who would like to comment, i will close public comment. public comment is now closed. okay, this item is live before us. commissioner chiu, with these items. >> colleagues, i'd like to make a motion to add the northbound station at vallejo. specifically the language i would add would be on page three of the resolution that we have to add an additional whereas clause that states the
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northbound vallejo station would provide enhanced access to the people in the northbound corridor and then on page six under section five in the second line it would read, "turn, including the northbound station variant." and then on the next line, /theurpd line of section five, it would read, "the authority hereby approves the lpa, including the northbound vallejo variant." with that i would ask for your support with the reasons we've discussed before. >> motion from commissioner /kphao*u chiu and seconded by commissioner yee. any discussion on the motion? commissioner wiener? >> [inaudible]. >> okay. so colleagues, can we have a roll call vote on that motion? >> on a motion for item number three, avalos i, breed i,
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campos i, chiu i, cohen i, farrell i, kim i, mar i, tang i, wiener nay, yee i. motion passes. >> commissioner wiener. >> thank you, i look forward to voting for van ness brt project. as with any major transportation project it entails very hard choices and we have limited roadway and there are always going to be difficult choices and you're never going to make everyone happy. i completely respect those who have concerns about the project in terms of the parking, traffic impacts. i understand that, but now is the time for us