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tv   [untitled]    September 15, 2013 8:30am-9:01am PDT

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we also would like to thank commissioner maufas who attended the first meeting and actually stayed through the whole meeting and was engaged in and participated in and was able to give some feedback. and her daughter also attended so that was nice. and the pac will revisit the information, the superintendent shared, with us and we will meet next week and we will be looking at sfusd student data and the suspension rates and other school climate issues and the initiative to set the priorities for the year. and the pac numbers will identify the interest and will form the project teams and then we will report the process back next week and i really want to commend georgia brat williams for just the effort and just the intentionality that she had when she was recruiting the pac
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members and really creating a diverse, group of members. and that is important. and the vision that she has about building the community, and the capacity. and how important it is if we can do this as parents and the same model into the schools and really bridge that diversity. and it really needs to make us a unified school district. and so one last thing that i want to be able to plug >> and if anybody is interested, you can contact the office of family and community engagement, is that the office?
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yeah. >> it will be on september 28th and if you are interested you regular officer on-line, at sfgedu, and family engage institute and if anybody has any questions, they can contact somebody at this number, 241-6185.
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>> [ speaking in a foreign language ] . >> could you share with the pac when the next meeting will be? >> the third wednesday of the month and i am not sure exactly when that date, and so it is next week. >> and september, 18th, october, 16th and but the third wednesday of the month. okay. >> and what time? >> starting at 5:45. and okay. >> we can and we begin promptly at 6:00, and if you have, children, that would like to come and eat, we would begin at 5:45, and we begin and start promptly at 6:00. >> thank you. >> okay. >> does anybody have any questions? >> seeing none, thank you very much. >> thank you very much.
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>> okay. and we will move on to item f. public comment. on consent items and i have one card from vice president susan soloman from uesf and i believe that you wanted to speak on two groups of items,; is that correct?? >> okay. please approach the mic. >> good evening, commissioners, superintendent carranza, the two items that i wanted to speak on are the first one is on probationary appointments, of teachers, so by my count, 219 new teachers have been hired this year. when we looked back to last spring, and the five previous springs, that is how many layoffs we see. >> i am sorry, you know what i will just stop you for just one second. >> either items, t7 through, they are pages 37 to 49. >> correct. >> and item b, 7, through,
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>> i might have started backwards, president norton? >> and so, yes, there is the, and c6, and v7, b8 and b9, i believe, and there are pages, no that is not right either. >> sorry. >> sorry, we just, you can start over again. and do you want to start with the other item first? >> yeah. just because we want to be clear and if then after your commentary the commissioners want to sever the item. >> right. >> and thank you. >> so, i did, the other item has to do with the bringing on intern and training social workers.
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so, that we have as pages 67 through 76. >> right. >> on your agenda. >> right. >> so these would be items f16, and actually, and 67 to 76 was the probationary. >> f1 through f16, yes. >> f1 will you f11. >> okay. >> and 2 g to 2 f. >> right. >> got it. >> sorry again. >> so. it is helpful to learn that
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there will be social worker in attorneys and trainies at a lot of schools. and my concern that i just wanted to raise is that each one of these items and there are several that say that the sites that there will be sight supervision from the sfusd schoolworkers and wellness coordinaters. and this is at no cost to the district and i assume that there is no stipend for the extra work that the social workers and the wellness coordinaters will be doing and this will have an impact on the work load and so if there is some way to to coordinate the wellness workers that will be supervising trainies and that will be helpful to the trainies when we have mentor teachers and master teachers for the student teachers and student
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residents, you know, teacher residents, and so i just wanted to raise that as an issue. >> make sure that it is a successful program. >> the other issue is agenda item 4 a. and it is the list of probationary appointments and again, 219 new teachers, hired, and when it comes to layoff season, this year, in spring of 2014, i hope, that the board will be cognoscente of the fact that every year, approximately, 200 teachers get laid off and every year, just about all of them get called back, this year it was all but two of them got called back and an additional 200-plus teachers get hired. it does not seem necessary to layoff teachers if we are going to hire them back, and then double that number by hiring another 200. there may be an explanation for this, but under the emergency
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appointments on page 73 in the agenda. there are a number of 30, let's see, 26 emergency teachers, hired and now typically, a school district has to let, the commission on teachers credentialing know that they were not able to find the credentialed teachers and that is why they had to have emergency appointments and right now, we only have one hard to staff position and that is special education. and there are many different kinds of teachers listed on here including a few eld teachers and that will be an elementary multiple subject teacher, so, there are probably going to be teachers that who could have a regular appointment for these jobs. and then we also have 44 interns. and so, the jobs are there and we don't need the layoffs, thank you. >> thank you. >> i apologize for my
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confusion, earlier about the items. >> we will move to g. >> move and consent. >> there are any items withdrawn or corrected? >> yes, there are. >> and there are corrections to the following bresolution numbers. 2 p on page 46 should read, 139-10 b16. and 2 q on page 47 should read 139-10 b17. 2 r on 48 should read, 139-10 b18 and 2 s on page 49 should read, 139-10 p19. and there is also a correction to 2 a.
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139 dash 10 b1 award number 5 on summary page 6 and agenda page 28 and the following wording is added and acceptance of the grant include the requirement of the (inaudible) and finally we are withdrawing 4 a 139-10 k12 on pages 119 and 120 from the agenda. >> okay. thank you. >> and are there any items removed for the first reading by the board? >> mr. wynns? >> and the first reading, i am sorry. and you want to sever something? >> okay. so are there any items severed by the board? commissioner wynns? >> thank you. i would like to sever, wait, i am sorry, i have to go back and look and because i turned the pages based on the corrections i want to sever w1 on page 52,
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and w8 on page 59. >> okay. >> and that is w1 and w8 severed by commissioner wynns. are there any other items severed by the members of the board of education for discussion tonight? >> seeing none, roll call will take place under section 0. so now we move on to section h. superintendent proposals there are none this evening. i, there are none. >> j, request to speak regarding general matters, i have one card. bill ford approach the microphone and you have two minutes. >> good evening and first i wanted to offer my deepist sympathies to miss wilson's family and friends on her
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passing. and i would like to speak to the parents listening on the radio and watching on tv and just ask that if you are frustrated with this school board's wait pool system or if you know someone whose family has been adversery affected by the system and please come to the next school board meeting on september 24th, at 555 (inaudible) at 6:00 p.m. and let the board and superintendent heard your voice. and i spoke here two weeks ago asking, my son chance and asking the board, and superintendent to see if they could come up with a different policy and my son offered one choice and visitation valley. and he was unable, and we felt that we were unable to get our son to that school. and because it would take over 1 hour and ten minutes commute time four times a day. and i heard from several members of the superintendent's leadership team including leadership members of the ebc. but they basically was told that there was no solution and
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there is no plan and take it or leave it. and i believe in a policy boils down to take it or leave it as a failed policy. my wife put on a letter to a petition that we wanted to offer to the superintendent carranza asking him to stop the wait pool system and with ken box and the students from starting school and in four days we received 400 on-line petitions. we these are people that we do not know and they are all offer most of them offered experiences that they have had that have adversely affected their child or worried about when their children entered the district. and i have also want to say that my wife has been told by the school board president that we did not choose visitation valley because it was unacceptable. that is not true. it is a very fine school. we believe that when the choice was when my wife had to leave work which i believe that the other family haves to make this choose to commute the son to
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the school or exit san francisco unified, it is a failed policy. before i leave, i am asking the parents listening to come in two weeks, but i would propose that at the minimum the school board of superintendents should offer a school bus going towards visitation valley, there are six school buses right now all coming to the west side of town, there is no transportation offered. and going on to the visitation valley. please stop making it so hard to enroll in san francisco unified school district. >> thank you. >> and okay, we will move on now to item k. and advisory committee reports and appointments, are there any appointments this evening? >> seeing none, and item l. special order of business. a public hearing and adoption i will now call the public hearing and adoption of the tentative agreement between the district and united
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administrators of san francisco, uasf. and may i hear a motion and a second please? >> so moved. >> second. >> thank you. >> mr. superintendent, would you please read the recommendation? >> thank you, president norton, i would like to ask carm elo scarloto to read. >> the treatment between the district and united administrators of san francisco. uasf the recommendation that the board of education of the san francisco unified school district conducts a public hearing and adopts the tentative agreement and the related public disclosure documents. >> thank you. >> and i see two public speakers, at the podium, for future reference, if you could please fill out a card i would appreciate that. please state your name and you each have two minutes, thank you. >> it will be less than two minutes. january lee, president united
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administrators of san francisco, and i just wanted to say that we have worked hard on this negotiation. and we believe that it is a great tentative agreement, and we enjoy our negotiation with the district. and i know that it is hard to believe sometimes. we are involved in what is called interest-based bargaining. and it seems to have been working so far. and we would like to continue and we thank you for ratifying and approving this tentative agreement. >> thank you. so none of your patriots want to address the board? they were just standing? >> yeah. >> okay. >> thank you, miss ling. >> are there any comments from board members on the tentative agreement? >> seeing none, roll call please? >> thank you, wei? >> yes. >> logan.
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>> yes. >> fewer? >> yes. >> haney. >> yes. >> maufas. >> yes. >> mendoza mcdonald. >> yes. >> murase. >> aye. >> miss wynns. >> aye. >> and miss norton. >> yes. >> and that is unanimous. >> thank you. >> okay. item m. discussion of other educational issues, there are none this evening. item n, consent calendar resolutions remove the previous meeting for second reading and action. there are none this evening. item o, vote on the consent calendar, except for those items severed. >> roll call please. >> thank you. >> miss wei? >> yes. >> logan? >> yes. >> miss fewer. >> yes. >> mr. haney. >> yes. >> miss maufas. >> yes. >> miss mendoza mcdonald. >> yes but i am obtaining from
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k21. >> and mendoza. >> yes, except for k. 14, 15, and 16 that is nay on those correct? >> correct. >> dr. murase? >> aye. >> miss wynns. >> aye. >> miss norton? >> yes. >> thank you. >> okay. >> item p. so we have two consent calendar resolutions that were severed for board discussion, miss wynns. >> thank you. >> thank you, mr. golden, these are both items that have that are modifications to and i am sorry again, and and they result in or represent the contracts with a very high percentage of the modifications 44 percent and 35.62 pensioner and now i am not really complaining about that, but
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what i am wondering is if we don't need a different way of doing, i don't any doing the contract but explaining it to the public but the board agenda, that there are times when we in fact, as we have discussed in the past, you know through the bond program, and particularly, we want to use the same contractor to work on a number of schools, or a number of projects and we, kind of expand the contract or it is not really a modification and or it is only a technically a modification and there, one of them is not that but this just made me think of that. that we put in this percentage way of doing it, as a way when, in fact, we had a history of actually having huge cost over run and modifications that turned it into a different contract, but not for this purpose. and so it seems to me, i am asking you if, you could say whatever you want about it tonight but i am not really asking for a solution tonight, i just want to put this
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proposal that we should start talking about, whether these are actually contract modifications beyond the technicality and we should really talk about a different group of contracts where we have a ongoing relationship with some technical provider and we need to have a way of including different projects, etc.. so if you would comment on that, would i appreciate it. >> but, it being less, and someone objects i would like to take these two together, it is the same issue. >> so good evening, commissioners i am david golden, the chief facility officer, and normally, in construction projects there is sort of a rule of thumb. and in the industry. of sort of ten percent, ten to 15 percent change orders. and, the reason that that is in place is so that the school districts and public entities don't endlessly add work to a
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contract and have 8,000 percent change orders and they never let in new contracts and i guess there was a time when that was convenient to do. and the reason why and by the way, typically the school district, most of our projects are within those norms. and although, modernation projects have a lot of unforeseen conditions when you open a wall in an open building, it is hard to know sort of what you are going to find and you just can't stop and rebid the project. and these two projects are high for a very particular reason, which is they were summer work, and were approaching the start of school. and one of them was a very, very small project on the fourth floor at the jackson building which was a piece of earthquake work that we did not do when we do the moderization and we thought that we were going to do a simple structural fix and we opened the wall and it was rotten and so you have a choice to stop and delay by 3 months or bite the bullet and
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fix the problem and the change order appears to be very high relative to the construction cost. >> and on brad heart, we did three quauters of a million dollars of moderization work this summer trying to basically do all of the cosmetic work that we did not do in the program where we did the ada fire life saturday and the school looks the same and the district is trying very hard to turn around the entire image of brett heart and the community. and make it look as good as the stuff that is going on inside of the building on the classroom we want the school to appear that same way so when we walk through the front door, they go wow, and not just about the teachers and because the building looks good as well and so when we did this work as we came to the crunch at the end of summer we got hit with the dry rot and the cracks and all kinds of things and but the decision was made, do we wait for another summer or go out for another bid or just finish
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the job and go and in this particular case and in those circumstances we chose to go. the only down side risky suppose is somebody could say, we did not let that contract out for another bid, but we try very hard to work with within the norms of sort of accepted practice throughout the state and occasionally as we near the end of the summer, to tidy things up and to open schools, we push things to the limit and sometimes we exceed them. >> and okay. thank you. >> i appreciate that. but, i still want to raise a question, should we be talking about a different way, and not in these cases to describe more accurately, when we expand our contract, >> we can certainly do that. >> thank you. >> okay, thank you. >> any other questions or comments on these items? >> no. seeing number, roll call, on
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both together. >> miss wei? >> yes. >> mr. logan. >> yes. >> miss fewer? >> yes. >> mr. haney. >> yes. >> miss maufas. >> yes. >> miss mendoza mcdonald. >> dr. murase. >> aye. >> wynns. >> aye. >> norton. >> yes. >> seven ayes and we are moving on to item q and three superintendent proposals introduced for first reading this evening, the first one, 139-10 sp1, revision to board policy, 5166 students sexual harassment. and may i hear a motion and a second please? >> moved. >> second neit will be held over for action at the next schedule board meeting. >> 139-10 sp 2. revision to the board policy, 1342, community relations uniform complaint? >> motion. >> moved, second. >> this item will be held over
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for action at the next board meeting. >> 139-10 sp3, revision to the board policy, 6173 ininstruction homeless education. may i hear a motion and a second >> moved. >> thank you. >> this will be held over for action at the next regularly schedule board meeting. >> have these all been vetted already through the committee? >> yes, we did vet them in rules. >> thank you. >> item r. board members proposals for first reading there are none. >> item s. board members report. by board members. >> and i believe that commissioner wynns, my want to announce ta there is a budget committee meeting on september, or the 19th. starting at 6 p.m.; is that correct?? >> yes. and commissioner murase? >> yes, i would like to report on the september 9th meeting of the augmented curriculum and
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program committee. >> we had an action item sponsored by haney expanding athrough g course offering to usfd high schools and supporting the course development and submission there was a positive recommendation from the committee and there were three informational items and on the issue of human trafficking, san francisco has been included in the sdi list of top 13 list of destinations for human trafficking. it is a list that we don't want to be on. and we have started a conversation about training people who come into contact with young people, at risk people, and in oakland, unified school district, the school board approved a curriculum on human trafficking, that all 7th graders will undergo there. and so we will be looking closely at that program.
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and we also heard informational items on the 2008 sfud curriculum review. and asked, dr. valenito, of the curriculum instruction to commence a review of the curriculum. and we have received an update on the core waiver, which will be monthly standing committee item. >> and also, tomorrow, parents, the public comment earlier today, there will be a meeting of the ad hoc committee on student assignment that is tomorrow at 6 p.m., in this room. and there are four informational items. first, findings from stanford research questions and investigating how district policy shaped the distribution of the students among the kthrough 12 schools. and number two, prek enrollment process, number three, no child
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left behind, waiver, and number four, future meetings but it will be appreciate for the families to express their concerns, and feedback on the enrollment process at tomorrow's committee meeting. and the next meeting of the curriculum committee will be on monday, october, 7th, and we don't have the next meeting for the ad hok committee schedule just yet >> commissioner haney? >> i just want to announce that we are going to have a rules policy and legislation committee meeting on september 18th at 6:30 and one of the issues that we are going to be discussing at that meeting is the city college and the relationship with city college and what is happening. and so the folks that are interested in that, 6:30, and the policy and legislation. >> commissioner wynns, while you were out of the room, i did take the liberty of announcing the next budget committee meeting, was there any other announcement that you wanted to make? >> yes, i said that the 19th.
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>> yes. >> any other announcements? >> okay. >> so we will now move on to... and what i will do is the recess of the meeting and then we will do the report of the closed session, when we resume and we are going to go to closed session and i must ask the public to leave the room. this meeting is in recess. could i see the adjournment, that before so that it is on television? >> okay. >> yes. and we can do that. so, hold on, we are going to skip ahead to item v, the adjournment, but we are not actually adjourning, the meeting commissioner wynns? >> thank you. >> and sorry, i have to get back. and the board of education, will adjourn its meeting this evening in memory of marshal and markasa hunt who passed away on april 11, 2013, 72 years old and died of a heart attack, she was an sfud parent