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tv   [untitled]    September 21, 2013 3:30am-4:01am PDT

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can take and utilize and or to use the mothers as the workplace environment to provote for the business and updates in regards to things that we have accomplished with the strategic plan and so the office is connected to the bridge communications to do the survey and so we are first going to conduct surveys with our 17 regulatory departments, and eleven neighborhood economic development organizations. and to bridge communications we will go in and do to talk to them in terms that it has been four and a half years. what impact has our office had positively, negatively, are there improvements that we can make in terms of our communications with the assistant center opening up? and then we will move into
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doing a comprehensive survey with the controllers office for all of the clients that serve to date. >> we awarded an rfp submission that they submitted along to help to design educational and out reach materials for the gross receipts program and then also an out reach strategy, and in the budget, to positions were, two full time positions were funded and so, those, we hope to have hired, those are positions are in, i think, technically they are in the tax and treasurer's office, but oewd will be overseeing and managing them to implement the out reach strategy and to do, out reach, and education, to the business community. and discussions that we have had is that we really need to target, first with our small
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businesses, and because may, once this passes, and we continue our official business registration date to may, may, 2014 will be the first increase that businesses are going to actually have to pay out with an increase in the business registration. and so, the business registration, there is sort of a two-step. >> right. >> may of 2014 is the first step and then, may of 2015 is the official business registration, amount that was passed and that will be the new business registration amount. and also, to help then to get the businesses, understanding, you know, that starting in 2014, they need to kind of track, the gross receipts and the payroll tax, and then getting to, you know, i think certain sectors like the manufacturing sector which are going to have some unique components to it and some of them are retail, and wholesale
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and manufacturing and so, making sure that we get to the smaller ones that are first, who do not necessarily have, you know, large cpas or cp, or an accounting department, in their business, to begin to work to begin the transition in preparation for the gross receipts. >> healthcare security ordinance and so the universal healthcare announcement has been the mayor announced it and yes, so, september 26th is going to be the first meeting we just received that announcement, commissioner, our president commissioner adams has a seat on the council, and if any else, and it will be a voting member on the council, but, should any of you like to attend the meetings, please let me know and i will make sure that you are apprised of when the meetings take place. and i think that part of you
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know, while on one hand it has been great that at the federal level, that they have delayed the implementation of the employer mandate, from 2014, to 2015, for those businesses that have been 50 or more full time equivalent employees, and this may, allow a little bit more of a window of time to sort of sort out a little bit, our healthcare security ordinance and the aca, but for the smaller businesses, or for the part time, i think that where the confusion is going to sort of arise, or one point of confusion that is going to arise is individuals are getting the message, you need to register with, and you need to, you need to register and you need to take personal action on making a decision of how you are going to be, what kind of healthcare you are going to be making sure that you have.
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whether it is any starting from medical to, you know, a subsidized, insurance plan with coverage california or purchasing through coverage california. and for businesses that are providing the health insurance for the full time employees and that, you know that may not be an issue but for the part time employees and so, kind of where, this sort of, i think that the big sort of intersection is going to be, is that, under the 9th circuit supreme court ruling made the determination that the city option was a realistic alternative. and the city option will no longer be available for an individual to be able to enroll in because that does not meet the qualifications for the affordable care act and at this point, all indications are still, that the health reimbursement account is not going to be allowable and so
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when we have an employer mandate for businesses with 20 or more employees, how does that money get connected with the employee who now has that individual mandate to take action? and so this is, that is going to be one of the core components that the health, the health council is going to need to work on, and to address. and i, so, are there any questions about that? i think that there is going to be a pretty tight window of time frame to get some decisions made. >> i do have one question on that. >> so are you saying that, that decision is held off for the small business until the 2015, or is that going to... >> well, i think, i think for the larger businesses, who have the employer mandate, who have the employer mandate at the federal level, it puts a little bit less of a squeeze on them
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to be having to work to time wise, if they were having to work with a january first implementation date, and it puts less pressure on them to be dealing with the compliance at the federal level while we are trying to deal with the compliance at the local level and you know, hopefully, one of the things that will be coming up is whatever shape or form this takes, you know we hear from the business all of the time, that it is like, please try to make things match up in terms of reporting requirements what we have to report. so whatever gets, whatever ends up happening, with the healthcare council, you know, this may allow us, maybe a little bit of time to sort of work out some reporting requirements so that it mirrors a little bit and it is going to continue to be the same with
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the sho. >> and where the city option is not a city option to pay into. and healthy san francisco is going to stay in place, because that is what it is going to cover, and the undocumented, those whose income would be lower, and just a small group that will fall outside of the margins of medical and so the healthy san francisco will stay in place. and i think, that going back to what i said, is that for you to be paying into the city option, as a means of providing an
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individual health coverage, will the city option does not meet the affordable care act standards. >> so for the individual, who is going to have to pay for their own coverage, it does not make sense to be paying into the city option and they are having to pay, does that make sense? >> yeah. >> and then, i said that the on-line business port tal. and where we are working and we should have a decision in terms of who is going to be project managing it, and by october first, and then starting that development, and the wage, or the wage step task force has one more meeting this month. and i'm pleased to say that the direction that we have been going in and what i think that our focus of recommendations and so it will be finalized this one, is focusing on
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strengthening the interdepartment enforcement efforts and i think that we through the task force investigations have discovered that that is probably the most effective means of dealing with wage theft and so we are working with the city attorney's office and district attorney office and the police department and all different entities and the department of public health and the state is moving in to that model and the agencies, and inner agency groups, working together to do, wage theft. and over, creating new regulations. >> and so, which is, which i think, you know, we first need to focus on what we can do and what rules and regulations currently exist and make them operate more efficiently and be more effective. >> real quick on the on-line
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business portal, it says jane, and you would like to have jane with the lead project manager, is there anything that the commission can do to help that? >> at this point, i don't think so. i think that we are... i mean that we still have to go through the traditional hiring process and make sure that that follows. and it is regular procedure. >> because what she did with the business 1, 2, 3, licensing on-line is like phenomenal. i know that the people that use that and she did a great job on that. >> yeah. >> so, okay. >> so that is the direction that we would like to go in. >> and then, there is a list of series of workshops and conferences and i am going to include this because you are not necessarily aware that martha once a month goes to give how to start a business 101 at the sba and also does that periodically at our economic development organizations and i think that quarterly, also, does that, at
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the library. and so, and then, commissioner, yee riley is going to talk about a workshop that is taking place towards the end of the month. and i want to highlight that, and i briefly mentioned last month, about the shops small campaign which is part of the small business saturday and so the office is sponsoring the and you have it in your binder but these will be going up. and these are baners on the light poles. >> and they will be going up in the city throughout the targeted area to encourage between now and the holiday season, to shop small. >> and where will they be placing the baners? >> i... >> we do have. >> they will be all over the place. >> and we don't have the money to be able to have them all
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over the place and in certain areas have already committed banners and priority of commitments. so, i will get you the list, i don't recall, them offhand, i think that haze valley is going to be an area. and we are, the women impacting public policy, and they have been taking a look at how do we balance, and putting these in our neighborhood commercial corridors but also putting them on the thorough fairs where there is a lot of traffic too, to be a reminder >> great. >> and then, i, we are going to start doing some more out reach around the landlord responsibility for the ada notice. and at the time of lease, and
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lease renewals. and so, we are starting that with voma has a code seminar coming up in november and we will be presenting at that. and i have been having the conversation with some insurance companies, who have land lords and things of that sort to start helping to disseminate the word more. >> and then, just to give you, and keep you, i have put in some information about the status of the rfp for the formula retail study, and that is rfp responses have been submitted to planning and those are under review. and also i wanted to bring to your attention that supervisor weiner is called for a hearing on the double parking and so i talked to the staff and they are looking to get it toward the end of the month and i have alerted them to our commission's concerns and the
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discussions that we have had back in may. about the proposed plans on polk street and second street, where they are going to be removing parking and essentially it will be forcing delivery vehicles to double park, to be able to do. to be able to have a bike lane and a car lane and a car lane and then parking. after there, there is a list of legislation that is before the commission to be heard. >> >> and with that i, conclude my report, unless you have any questions or anything. >> any questions for the director? >> and we have not already answered? >> and i do want to just
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address commission and agendaize the reports and so we will do them at the september 23rd meeting >> next item. >> item 9, president's report, discussion item. >> and other than going to the meeting on the 26th, i would like to remind, my fellow commissioners that the council of a district merchants will be having a mixer tomorrow night at the anchor brewing company, and that is all that i have for the moment. >> thank you, mr. president and that takes us to item number 1
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0. vice president's report. >> and nothing to report. >> thanks. >> commissioner reportses and discussion item? >> i have something to report. >> and we have been working with the sba and the california small business development center and the bank to offer a money start for a small business seminar. and to the chinese speaking, business owners. and it will be on september the 21st, a saturday, from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and it is going to be at the u.s. small business administration, office. and san francisco, district office. the address is 455 market street, suite 600 san francisco. and so, the course will be conducted in mandarin. so, for it will be beneficial for the language, business
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owners to attend this meeting and it is a introduction course and the record and self-employed individuals and those who want to explore. and it is just ten dollars and then it will be breakfast and lunch it will be provided. and so i think that it is a good opportunity for people to attend. and we also have the fliers available at the small business assistant center and we also sent out to numerous non-profit organizations in china town and hopefully we have a lot of people attend and learn this knowledge, thank you. >> it was through yee riley leadership and she was able to
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bring in the financial institutions and i want to thank you for the time that you spent in working with the financial institutions to put together the workshop. >> thank you. >> which is important. >> so thank you. >> commissioner o'brien? >> yeah, i just one quick announcement and it must be a work in progress for quite some time and if you are picking up a permit, for construction, related work, and whether it is small or big, or even if it is putting in a new office or a restaurant or whatever, and one of the components is the san francisco unified school district tax. and heretofore when you were going to the last desk at dbi and paid, for your permit fee, and you didn't know the system, and you have to take off to the
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unified school district on vannesss and go in there for the cashier's check for the appropriate amount of money and get a receipt and run all the way back to dbi and pick up a permit and that was a gripe for a lot of people for a long time that is inefficient and so i think that it is going to be effective. september third and you will not be able to pay the tax at the same time that you are paying your permit fees. >>, and we work in small steps and that it. >> great, thank you. >> director? >> well, i want to thank commissioner o'brien, because it is through he identified this through the permitting committee last year and as the committee chair and we have had and he helped identify, you know what the issue was, and
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then, we have had conversations with director or acting director, and so it is not just the small business commissioners but through the conversations through the acting director and he really wanted to do this and i think that this is again was a part or come about as part of our communication with the departments on things that we can do to improve the processes for businesses and so i want to thank commissioner o'brien for or articulating how it can be done. >> commissioner dwight, i represented the commission on august 27, tuesday on the their small business advisory committee meeting, and we had
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conversation with the formula retail and the conversation about the street scraping and the effects on business and i just explained to them the role here to be an advocate for the small business and sometimes we have to do smings that we will make recommendations sometimes, that may not seem and to deal with it at the legislative level and i was among friends so it was an easy meeting. >>
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>> and great, we are going to talk about, talk about the subcommittee meetings later on and i mean next time? >> good. >> okay. >> and any other commissioner comments? >> and next item, please? >> item number 12, general public comment? >> do we have any members of the public who would like to make the comments and any future small business commissioner meetings? >> seeing none, public comment is now closed. >> next item, please. >> 13, new business. >> do we have any new business? in front of this commission? >> i guess, i saw the legislation, that is going to be coming up in front of the commission, i would like possibly at a future date if
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tangerine could come back, and and things start to make sense, and another overview. >> and not moving in the next month, but towards the end of the year, i would like to, because now i think that things are starting to fall into place and some things are starting to make sense, not all. but some. so. >> sure. >> and also, that the forwarded the e-mail, from... and from larry low. >> yes, and he is willing to do a presentation on aca. and so, we will, i will connect with him, and work out what best we can do, you know, in terms of out reach, and that we are putting together something,
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or how we will utilize, i think that they are one of the grant recipients for coverage california. eand i will let you know that you will contact him. >> thank you. >> great. >> and any other new business? >> okay, anything none, next item? >> i believe that it is 14, adjournment. >> we have a motion to ajo*urn? >> i would like to make a motion to adjourn the meeting in honor of president steven adams' mother. >> thank you. >> and i second that. all in favor, definitely yes. >> meeting adjourned. meeting adjourned at 6:35 p.m.
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commission. we are just proud to be a part of this great community event. >> we started this 3 years ago, this thing called met pole. it was part of sunday to
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participate in a pedestrian oriented family way. 3 years later. the ping-pong festival has taken on by itself and wanted to take on the diplomacy for china and also to focus on a community of youth, family and seniors to play ping-pong and pick up this exercise for all to participate in this community. a long time ago when i was little, i played for years on and off. now from the master, the station, he's been getting me back into ping-pong. i'm excited to play with the mayor and everybody else today. >> mr. wong said it was a tough match. it was very exciting
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when it got to two. you didn't know who was going to win. and then he has some from his friends on the side to win this match. >> he's really good. a little bit better than i expected. we'll have a rematch later on. >> even though in the beginning level, it was really competitive against the police department and he takes it like a great relationship with the community. >> playing with table tennis club since 1997. i'm one of the founders of this club and now our members starting from 7 people to now more than 200 members. >> i have been playing ping-pong for about 8 months. my dad taught me how to play
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ping-pong and i have watched it on computers and then i tried it myself. >> a lot of people like this sport and it's increasing a lot of the members. >> i think all of the different youth and seniors and families really get something out of this. it is also a way to participate. it's great to have so many organizations that are reflective of what they do everyday and come out and play ping-pong. >>the meeting. if
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everybody can take their seats. >> good evening. i would like to call to order this special meeting of the san francisco unified board of education for tuesday september 17, 2013. >> miss casco would you please take the roll. >> miss fewer, haney, mr. mendoza, murase, wynns. >> i would like to call