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tv   [untitled]    September 21, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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happy to do it and happy to do it with him. so, thank you. (applause) >> thank you. supervisor wiener. supervisor kim, do you have a commendation for today? >> no, i don't [inaudible]. >> gotcha. supervisor cohen.
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supervisor cohen? do you have a commendation for today? >> why, yes, mr. president, i have several. this is my favorite time of the day where i get to honor people who are doing outstanding work in san francisco. so, please put your hands together and please welcome mr. emanuel stewart. mr. stewart, where are you? (applause) >> don't be shy. i am going to go on and on about how wonderful you are. so, ladies and gentlemen, this is mr. manuel stewart. he is a teacher here within the san francisco unified school district. he completed his bachelor's degree and teaching credential program at san francisco state. he obtained -- got a fan right here. he obtained his masters of education administration from u.c. berkeley in 2012. he's been an elementary school teacher since 2003 with the district and he serves on the school district committee and the task force that focuses on
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science curriculum for elementary schools as well as selects the textbooks. mr. stewart has developed in owe v-8 i have curriculum and approaches teaching that has helped him relate to his students and keep them engaged thereby increasing their learning outcomes. mr. stewart represents the future of teaching and is a model for teachers in san francisco as well as the nation and it is most deserving of this honor. and i also understand him to be a fantastic track coach as well, all right. so, please, my friends, help me recognize and honor mr. emanuel stewart. thank you. (applause) >> thank you very much, mr. stewart. why don't you share a couple words with us. >> share a couple words with you. no problem. first giving obedience to god because that's who guides me in this whole journey. second, supervisor cohen, thank you so much. and to the san francisco
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unified school district team has allowed me to do so much of this work in the area, not only in science, but education as well. so, many of those team members are here from our deputy superintendent, guadalupe guerrero, my boss, assistant superintendent dee-dee -- >> is guadalupe here? >> guadalupe is here. there he is in the back. my executive director where i work at, and the bayview zone, [speaker not understood]. my former principal as well, ms. emilie white thompson. and i couldn't be here standing before you today taking this accolade without the blessing of my mother, elsie stewart and my wife over 20 years, april ann stewart. (applause) >> i'd like to thank you for recognizing me as someone making a difference in the bayview area in the area of science. >> thank you so much. why don't you step aside over here with my aide and we'll
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take a picture afterwards. i've got a few more tokens of appreciation i'd like to hand out. the next is to recognize an outstanding organization, a long-standing organization with the representatives of the san francisco chapter of the links. please come forward to the podium. so, as they begin to take the podium, i want to speak a little bit about the links. the links, incorporated as an organization of professional, intelligent and of course elegant women. the organization was founded in philadelphia in 1946 with a focus on education, culture, and civic engagement. there are five facets of the links, incorporated. youth services, the arts, national/international trends and services, and health and human services. now, the san francisco chapter was incorporated in 1950 of which pamela stevenson who is the current chapter president, pamela is joined by hundreds of
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members including today ms. angelique thompson, dr. alison metz, both are with the health and human service [speaker not understood]. these women are being honored forted work they have done in the outreach in the bayview committee for president obama's affordable health care act. these a incredible driven women have put together a program that educated bayview residents about the affordable care act and how people can become prepared and stay healthy. because of the affordable health care act. they also have been instrumental in organizing the award winning -- viewing of the award winning documentary, the waiting room. so, ladies and gentlemen, i'm just taking a moment to honor some of my warriors out here in the bayview community that help me hold it down and educate people and keeping the families -- keeping them healthy and keeping them safe. so, please put your hands together and welcome the san francisco chapter of the links.
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(applause) >> so, ladies, i have a special commendation just for the links chapter and i also have two very unique ones because i wanted to take an opportunity to honor dr. alison matts. thank you for being here and for your help and i also want to recognize angelique tom kins for your unwaivering commitment to the bayview community. you can say a few words. >> supervisor cohen, it is really indeed an honor to receive your accolades here today at the board of supervisors meeting. as you have already acknowledged several of our members in particular, dr. alison metz and angelique tom kins who are chairs of our health and human services [speaker not understood]. through their leadership [speaker not understood] san francisco community based
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organizations, initiatives and programs through s.f. links connect. this is our inter generational preventive health and wellness campaign. we are grateful for the alliances we have formed in the san francisco community. thank you so much for this recognition and we look forward to a continued partnership with you, supervisor cohen, as we continue to promote health and wellness in san francisco. thank you. >> thank you, president stevenson. (applause) >> thank you, supervisor cohen. it is my honor to present the next proclamation. it happens today that we are going to be having a discussion about how we protect and take care of our immigrant communities in san francisco. it also, though, happens that
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this day september 17th has been designated by congress as constitution day and citizenship day in the united states. and both of these days commemorate much of our country's history and what is important to our values here in san francisco. and so with that i'd like to invite up the leadership of the san francisco pathway to citizenship's initiative led by annie chung, invite your colleagues up to the podium as well. give a little background, colleagues. i think it's important for us as a local officials to recognize the work that's being done by the pathway to citizenship initiative program working in conjunction with the office of [speaker not understood]. i want to thank adrian [speaker not understood] and her staff as well as the generosity of five local philanthropic foundations, [speaker not understood] and resource center. the collaborative includes a
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number of amazing organizations in our city that are working together, really to protect, to cherish, and lift up our i am gallant communities. the organizations include asian americans advancing justice with the asian law caucus, ~ api [speaker not understood], the international institute of the bay area, jewish family and children's services, and larasa community resource ten center. i will be introducing today a resolution to commend this collaborative, constitution day and citizenship day in the city and county of san francisco and i know i speak for all my colleagues who want to thank you, all of you and your staff for the tremendous work that you are doing every day to make sure that the american dream for new general rawtions of immigrants is being realized, for making sure san francisco continues to be on the forefront and a beacon to the rest of the country in how we assist our immigrants. with that's correct i'd like to invite annie chung to say a few
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words. >> thank you very much, president chiu, supervisors. so, on behalf of the san francisco pathway to citizenship initiative, all of us want to thank you for this commendation to celebrate national constitution and national citizenship day with us. we also brought along some recently become new citizens through all of the work of the collaborative. we have some in the room and probably some are still standing outside wanting to come in. >> if we could ask our recent citizens and recent immigrants to please stand up. thank you for being with us. >> you know that it's a very, very special when they have gone through studying 100 plus u.s. history questions and then able to answer a lot of open questions in english, and then they will become u.s. citizens. but for some of them, for a lot of our seniors, with us today and people who do not speak english well or know english at all, it's a long journey for them.
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so, celebrating national citizenship day is a significant event and most of all we are very, very grateful for the city and county of san francisco through ocea five foundations and the seven cbos who are in the pathway initiative partnership. i think that we have already scheduled two group naturalizations in june and august. the next one is coming up in september 28 and there will be three more of these group naturalization. our goal is to help naturalize 3,000 legal permit residents to become citizens. thank you very much, supervisors, for supporting the national citizenship day. >> before you leave i'd like to acknowledge supervisor yee. >> yes, thank you, president chiu. i'm really glad that you brought this to our attention at city hall. this means a lot to me also. i for 10 years taught citizenship to immigrants, to similar people from our city in
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terms of their immigrants and saw the value and the joy when they did get -- eventually get their citizenship. and i also have to say that my love continues to teach citizenship at city college. i'm very proud of all of you who have become citizens of the united states. thank you very much. >> thank you. thank you very much. (applause)
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>> and with that, supervisor mar, did you have anything you wanted to add as well? >> no. >> okay. madam clerk, why don't we go to -- i'm sorry? supervisor mar, you have a commendation. please. >> i just wanted to bring up an
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amazing organization that also works to empower seniors, but also building unity with disabled advocates and organizers. so, if jessica lehman and betty trainer can come forward. and the coalition around citizenship and immigrant communities is here. ~ and fitting that and constitution day and citizenship day is before us. i know we have our due process for all measure that's coming up in a moment, but i'll just say that seniors and disability action or sda is an amazing organization that will be celebrating its first anniversary on thursday from 5:00 to 8:00 at the forget me not cafe. it will be an honor to join betty trainer and jessica and many of the leaders and the organizers from sda at their first anniversary. but they have an over 40 year history of combined organizations and i wanted to first say that they're unique in not being service
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organization and advocacy group, but really one that builds a movement of seniors and people with disabilities speaking for themselves and empowering themselves, but also expressing solidarity with immigrant communities and workers and others, too. i've always been impressed with how they cross so many lines in building solidarity and coalitions. they build a base among their leaders and with new members extremely diverse, strong women in leadership, but also diverse immigrant and african-american leadership as well. i know one of our departed comrades, jazzy collins was a really great leader and many, many others that i won't name. but their organizing based approach emphasizes empowerment while still providing essential services. but even just dwelting people together on a social level as well that i've always been impressed with their mass meetings and other efforts. in august of 2012 senior and disability action grew out of the merger of planning for elders and the central city and senior action network. they brought together over 40 years combined experience
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working with seniors and people with disabilities and among their accomplishments in their short first year, it's been an honor to work with them as well along with residents and organizational partners and my office. they passed legislation that will require single room occupancy hotel owners to be more accountable. it helps to empower seniors and people with disabilities of people within those single room occupancy buildings and make them less isolated. it also required installation of grab bars in all shared bathrooms in the sro hotels and phone jacks equipped in all units. and it also was part of an effort that -- of a study that sda did along with the central city and other s-r-o collaboratives that it was action based research that looked at the lives of seniors and disabled people in some of our -- some of our lowest income housing in the city to speak for themselves to come up
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with recommendations and our office is following through with sda and others to make sure that other recommendations that came out of that groundbreaking study are followed. sda along with their coalition partners received an award for their s-r-o housing advocacy from the national association of area agencies on aging. they also worked on the successful campaign for prop c, our housing trust fund that will pump in $1.5 billion over 10 years to affordable housing. hopefully many -- much of it for the vulnerable populations for people, seniors and people with disabilities. sda has also provided information and support to over 1700 consumers with issues with the threat of eviction for hoarding and cluttering. public benefit a-d-a or accessibility issues and housing discrimination. they've also conducted workshops on patient rights, managed care, advance directives, health care expansion, and emergency preparedness. they also work with many others
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in the women's and domestic violence community on the domestic worker bill of rights and domestic workers as well to ensure the rights of home attendants who provide critical support to seniors and people with disabilities. as a younger person that's learned tremendously from the work of betty trainer who has known me since i was a young guy, probably decades ago to many of the new leaders like jessica, the director, i really salute them and honor their work of empowerment and giving voice to our seniors and people with disabilities. so, i'd like to call up betty trainer their board chair and jessica lehman to give remarks. >> [inaudible] of our advocacy work and empowerment work as supervisor mar mentioned. and i want to also thank the board for your support over the years because as an advocacy group we appear many times before the board, particularly committee meetings and all. we have a lot of people just as we have here today for whatever
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issue that is important on that day for our members. and, so, i want to thank you many times you have been supportive of our work, particularly in the area of pedestrian safety and low-income housing for seniors and persons with disability. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor mar, and to the entire board. this is really quite an honor to be here. as you said, we organize and educate seniors and people with disabilities to have more of a voice in the city and county and county. and it's not a productive year. ~ it's been a productive year. [speaker not understood] we worked with your office on was one of our biggest accomplishments as well as starting more training on disability around the city, working on proposition c and working on the statewide domestic workers rights that recently passed the state senate. it was also a tough year with the loss of jazzy collins who i know many people here remember well. and we have a lot of work ahead of us making sure that san
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francisco is safe, healthy and livable for seniors and people with disabilities. many of our members are very low-income. many are people of color who are increasingly being pushed out. and, so, we have a lot of work to do to make sure the city is welcoming for all of our seniors and people with disabilities and we really look forward to working with all of you to make that a reality. and we hope to see many of you there thursday night with us. as supervisor mar said, it's our annual celebration, celebrating our first full year as senior and disability action. we'll be at laguna and hays from 5 to 8 so we hope to see many of you there. so, thank you. [cheering and applauding]
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>> thank you, supervisor mar, and for the great work that we are discussing today. colleagues, unless there are any additional commendations, why don't we now go to our 3:00 p.m. special order. madam clerk, can you call items 19 and 20? >> items 19 and 20 constitute the special order at 3:00 p.m.. the board of supervisors has approved a motion to sit as a committee on the whole approved september 10, 2013. public hearing to consider the proposal of the successor agency to the redevelopment agency to enter into a disposition and development agreement for the sale and development of land located at 280 beale street, commonly known as transbay block 6, with golub real estate corporation and mercy housing of california beginning april 16, 2013. >> thank you, madam clerk. i first want to recognize supervisor kim in whose district this dda applies. supervisor kim? >> thank you, mr. president. this hearing is to consider the
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successor agency's proposal for the sale and development of land located 280 beale street to golub real estate corporation and mercy housing california, the california nonprofit affordable housing developer. this block is commonly known as the transbay block 6 and i'm sure supervisor breed got to work on this plan as the redevelopment commissioner previously. this parcel is part of the transbay redevelopment area. in 2003 an agreement with the transbay joint powers authority and the city, the state agreed to transfer approximately 10 acres of state-owned property in and around the former transbay terminal to the city in order to help fund the terminal which will soon be the home of many of our public transit lines, caltrain, and hopefully high-speed rail. tjp was given the power to sell the state owned parcel and use the sale of revenues to finance the center as i just mentioned. we just achieved a major milestone. the beginning of this month with the cement pouring with
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our representative nancy pelosi. as i mentioned, this is a former redevelopment area plan and pursuant to those requirements, 25% of the housing that is built in this area plan must be affordable to low-income and an additional 10% must be affordable to moderate income residents. we do have mike rizzo who is a senior project manager of the office of community investment and infrastructure here to give a brief presentation on the background of the area and details of the transaction to answer any questions from the board. thank you. >> so, with that i'd like to invite up city staff. if you have any brief comments you'd like to make. is there anyone from the agencies? okay. colleagues, any questions to mr. elliott on behalf of all the agencies involved today? and if not, why don't we go to public comment on this topic. are there any members of the public that wish to speak with regards to the disposition and
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development agreement that is described here? okay. seeing none, public comment is closed. [gavel] >> colleagues, any final comments in this hearing? if not, without objection, this hearing has been heard and is filed. [gavel] >> and madam clerk, on item 20, supervisor kim, any comments? okay. why don't we take a roll call on item 20. >> on item 20, supervisor cohen? cohen aye. supervisor farrell? farrell aye. supervisor kim? kim aye. supervisor mar? mar aye. supervisor tang? tang aye. supervisor wiener? wiener aye. supervisor yee? yee aye. supervisor avalos? avalos aye. supervisor breed? breed aye. supervisor campos? campos aye. supervisor chiu? chiu aye. there are 11 ayes. >> the resolution is adopted. [gavel] >> colleagues, why don't we go to our second special order at 3:00 p.m.. madam clerk, could you call items 21 through 24?
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>> items 21 through 24 comprise the special order at 3:00 p.m.. persons interested in planning commission approval on july 8, 2013, conditional use authorization to increase enrollment at an existing preschool and allow for an accessory religious facility within the preschool on property located at 3771 and 3781 cesar chavez street. item 22 is the motion approving the commission's decision to approve the conditional use authorization. item 23 is a motion disapproving the commission's decision. and item 24 is the motion directing the clerk to prepare findings. >> colleagues, for this hearing we would be considering whether the planning commission's conditional use authorization to increase enrollment at an existing preschool and to allow for an accessory religious facility within this preschool was appropriate. before we proceed, i'd like to ask supervisor wiener if you have any updates that you would like to share before the hearing. >> thank you, mr. president. after several mediation
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sessions conducted by myself and my staff, the parties have agreed to a resolution. and i want to first thank my legislative aide andres power for really playing a critical role in getting this resolved. and, so, i want to just appropriately outline for the board what my motion will be, and we will have the parties then come up and affirm that they have agreed to it, then i'll make the appropriate motion. so, what we will be proposing is to take the planning commission's conditional use and to add additional conditions to it. and, colleagues, just by way of context this is a proposal to expand the enrollment at a preschool on the block of cesar
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chavez between dolores and guerrero. if you're familiar with that block, it has challenges around traffic because it is the last block on cesar chavez as a small neighborhood street before it blooms out into something approaching a freeway east of guerrero street. so, there are some traffic issues there so we wanted to just work out those issues in a way that would allow the preschool to expand. so, it would be -- the additional conditions that i'll describe and i've circulated the actual document, will allow the project sponsor to enroll up to 29 children for the first nine months. after nine months there would be an expansion to 42 months unless civilian administrator determines the violations of the permit has occurred, and expansion [speaker not understood] should be authorized. the project sponsor would provide one curb side monitor at the drop-off location for cars that are dropping off kids and one additional monitor
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could be a teacher to bring the children from the sidewalk into the building during morning drop-offs. the project sponsor would have to communicate and require that parents and guardians as well during dropping off and picking up of children must only pull forward into the loading zone, not reverse pull-in. and that they have to move up to the front if a space opens up in front of them in order to avoid backing up the entire block. during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up, driveways shall be temporarily blocked and this property with cones, another temporary means. the project sponsor shall minimize unattended vehicles by communicate totionv all parents and guardians that they should avoid leaving vehicles unattended when dropping off children. the planning commission required that the project sponsor apply for a white loading zone from the mta.
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if the mta grants the white loading zone, the project sponsor shall operate the loading zone with the following conditions, and specifically that the number of vehicles during morning and afternoon drop-off and pick-up at the white zone shall be limited. a maximum of 28 individual vehicles may use the curb side white zone between the hours of 7:30 and a.m., and similarly 28 vehicles may use the curb site white zone between the hours of 3:00 and 5:30 p.m. under armour finally, the project sponsor shall produce a drop off plan to all families and shall document presental guardian understanding and consent to those requirements. 9:00 a.m. so, colleagues, those are the amendments in substance to the conditional use. and i would now ask that the
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appellants and the project sponsor approach the lecturn and i have distributed to them a copy of what i have distributed to you and i would just ask them to state your name, what role you have here, and state that you are agreeing to the resolution. >> thank you, supervisor wiener. my name is richard [speaker not understood]. i'm the appellant. i represent citizens concerned about sues aer chavez street. i represent over 100 people, residents of san francisco who are concerned about this block. we truly appreciate supervisor wiener's time, efforts, listening skills and judgment in reaching this settlement. we agree with supervisor wiener that the carrot and stick approach serves the best prospect of changing and correcting [speaker not understood]'s behavior. so, with that, we're hopeful. they for the last two weeks under the pressure of this appeal and their expectation, they wanted to