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tv   [untitled]    September 21, 2013 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> the public now has the opportunity for up to two minutes on item within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board including items on the adoption without reference to committee calendar. please note that public comment is not allowed on those items which have already been subject to public comment by a board committee pursuant to board rule 4.22. please direct your remarks to the board as a whole and not to individual supervisors and not to the audience. speakers using translation assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time to testify. and if you would like a document to be displayed on the overhead projector, please clearly state such to sfgtv and then remove the document when the screen should return to live coverage of the meeting. >> thank you. first speaker. hello, san francisco supervisors. good evening. i wish every one of you can give me few second, few minutes to understand why i'm here
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today. you know my name abdul angel. as american egyptian, i am here coming today on behalf of the young children who live around us. young children have become [speaker not understood] abused by their own parents and close relative. my ex-wife one of them. i've been shot in my mouth and i keep it in my earnest heart what happened to her when she was young, 14 year old. she becoming child abused by her parents and her brother. many other people who becoming
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victimized like her, they beginning to talk about it. they also write a book like you see here. [speaker not understood], she is not the first one. my ex-wife olivia [speaker not understood], she is not the last one. we should [speaker not understood] one of our supervisor, man or woman, to put the time to make a law or new law to protect these lovely children around us. ladies and gentlemen, i don't care if man or woman of you coming with law, to do something else, because i am going to see our and my friend the governor of california to do something else to protect these [inaudible]. thank you. god bless you. >> thank you. next speaker.
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good afternoon, supervisors. stop the corporate rape of our public library. don't give money to the friends of the library. don't accept money from the friends of the library. the laws are there to designed to protect the public interest never work because there is no one to enforce them. certainly not the board of supervisors. i have pointed out that for a number of years the city librarian in san francisco has received from the friends of the library both a discretionary fund and an external consultants fund totaling 65,000 per year. these used to be called slush funds. the reason there are laws to require the gifts to public employees be reported is so that we can know if those public employees or serving the public interest or their loyalty is being purchased by those who have the ability to give them gifts. well unction the friends of the library have no agreement with the city. the friends do have an agreement with the city librarian and the terms of it are that the city librarian will monitor quarterly reports from the friends regarding finances. the city librarian has now
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admitted that the quarterly reports were never produced since the agreement was created in 2005. this is the kind of exemption from accountability from everyone knows the personal gifts buy and that disclosure of gifts was designed to prevent. we now have the california state fair political practices commission investigating the failure to report 65,000 per year in gifts, but no one from the city of san francisco is investigating the loss of resources to the public in san francisco and certainly no one is investigating the damage to the democracy that has been perpetrated to conceal this grant. if you think about it, these gifts are sort of extortion racket to prevent the [speaker not understood] from exposure. no wonder they were never reported. the reason was no matter how much damage is caused to the city, the supervisors and individuals or beneficiaries, david chiu having me arrested
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doesn't solve society's problems and the lies cost money. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. good afternoon, supervisors and president chiu. i have graphics. i went looking [speaker not understood] and here's a picture. i'm in the lake there in the drain speckles lake. month and a half ago [speaker not understood], can you see it? it's dated 1917 by the city and county. and i found some other, few coins old, propellers and stuff. i did find a boat that sank 100 years ago. i'm going to show it to you. speckled lake, i think it was 1890 something that it started. so, i just wanted to show you that.
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♪ there's a little hotel [speaker not understood] at the city junction city hall junction there is a little hotel at the shady rest at the city hall supervisor function city hall junction and lots of curves, lots of words at the city junction city hall function and there comes city [speaker not understood] it's the moving kind of budget slow at the junction city hall junction and lots of rules keeping cool lots of land will take a public stand at the city junction and here comes mayor lee he's gonna make us free and here's supervisor you and president chiu we're gonna visit you at the city hall junction
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all aboard city hall - toot-toot - junction (applause) ladies and gentlemen of the audience and board of supervisors, good afternoon. for the record, my name is emil lawrence. i've been a resident of the city and county of san francisco for 44-1/2 years. the reason for my talk today is very briefly this. the they wrote in the chronicle yesterday or the day before that the 49ers' biggest nightmare was the seattle sea hawks, but they're wrong. the biggest nightmare was the board of supervisors here in
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san francisco. they are officially leaving, which now leaves a hole and a gap in city revenues. and now you have a stadium that's most likely going to be ripped down. the problem with that is this. prior to coming here today, the second biggest nightmare in this city are citations for no god dam reason at all. $58 and i can't even understand why i was given it. i get 40 to 50 of these a year. as a san francisco resident and taxi driver. i don't have privileges like you do to park in separate spaces where we don't get fined, but we get fined inadvertently for no reason at all. and i bring this to your attention because i'm tired of going down to one south van ness to the mta and explaining to some idiot there what the
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problem is only to find out he's looking at me through bullet proof glass and telling me he can't solve the problem. so, i bring it back to your attention is this... you have the loss of revenues here. you can't keep jacking up the citation prices in the city. you're running people out of san francisco. you're running them to the peninsula, you're running them all the way down to santa clara like the 49ers and you better start thinking about ti thank you for your time on this issue. >> next speaker. hello, good afternoon, supervisors. my name is douglas yip and i've lived here in san francisco for 61 years. i would like to direct my comments regarding topic nobody wants to talk about, but it does exist because i see the effects every day. a dead gay man died near the
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end of 1999. he used to work at san francisco general hospital next to me. and eventually one of my friends in new orleans says, wait for the voodoo curse because sooner or later it will manifest itself when people don't expect it. i myself call it the dead man's curse, ask colin [speaker not understood] what happened to him. secondly, ask the giants why they have so much bad luck. thirdly, ask the gay community who refuses to discuss a dead gay man. what happened to your community center on market and octavia? what happened to the pride parade? in my opinion, it's all in the dead man's curse. nobody can control it. it's up to the voodoo doctors in new orleans.
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they even have the effect on the room fire, how much money did the city lose in revenues because of that fire? that had to be a supernatural occurrence. i blame it on the dead man's curse. so, let the mayor's office and the board of supervisors continue to ignore the dead gay man, but all i have to say is beware the shadow of joseph [speaker not understood]. it comes when it shows up and nobody is safe. nobody is safe. thank you. >> next speaker. good afternoon, supervisors. my name is spencer ghosh. i've been a resident of san francisco 30 years. i've been a building inspector the city and county 33 years. i'm here not because i want to, but i have to. the building inspection has
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become corrupt [speaker not understood] by those entrusted with its leadership. i have previously complained in writing to my union to investigate and eliminate the hostile work environment at the building inspection [speaker not understood]. nothing was done. i subsequently have appeared at the building inspection commission to request they investigate the hostile work environment created by their appointees. nothing was done. i subsequently wrote the mayor, board of supervisors, city attorney -- are you listening, mr. chiu? the building inspection commission mayor failed to provide oversight as required by the charter condoning government sanctioned racism. i have not been shy calling them the corrupt racists they are. recently a grand jury report was released which confirmed most of the problems i brought up along with some others. the dbi responses typically denial of problems. previous grand jury report issued 10 years ago and equally
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damning is basically ignored. [speaker not understood] current report will also be ignored and nothing done. i am here to request [speaker not understood] involvement. the building inspection commission is about to choose a new director possibly as soon as tomorrow. [speaker not understood] elected representatives of san francisco not yet committed to perpetuating corruption or racism in dbi must immediately call the mayor and commissioners request they not choose any of the persons who are currently departmental political appointees as director. are you listening, mr. chiu? you should further schedule and hold hearings about dbi to allow you to grasp a firm understanding of the corruption of racism and who in that department is allowing it to occur. i [speaker not understood] all seem to be failing. we have a corrupt department, [inaudible]. >> thank you very much. next speaker. thank you. next speaker. good afternoon, president chiu, members of the board of supervisors. my name is dale c. moore and i
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give the tenderloin walking tooerx. i'm here today to allow you for [speaker not understood] in the tenderloin. what a great time we had. there were smiles and partying and screaming and yelling and people could walk across any street without being hit by the number 31 bus. we had a great time. i've been in the tenderloin 30 years and when i walk through the tenderloin [speaker not understood] i have tears in my eyes because i have never seen the tenderloin like that. through your generosity and the generosity of sunday streets i was given a boost to promote my tours and since then i've gotten tours from that sunday that i spent promoting my tours. it was really a great deal. and again, i invite the city board of supervisors to come out on the tours. i've taken supervisor kim's office out and i've taken ex-supervisor bevan dufty's office out. i extend that invitation to you all. come out and be a tenderloin
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street walker for one day and walk with the tenderloin walking tours. second, on thursday i'm running for a open seat on the local homeless coordinating board. so, the supervisors that know me and know my character on the board, i appreciate if they could give me some support for this seat. and if i am afforded the seat, i will give the city of san francisco a wonderful job in promoting more services for the homeless. i've been homeless 15 years myself so i know both ends of the barrel. so, i appreciate any kind of support i can get from the other supervisors. thanks, and again, thanks for that sunday streets. it was awesome. i know supervisor kim, it was in her district, she was out of town for that weekend. her aides why there and a lot of people were here, it was a great time. thanks again. >> thanks, mr. simmer. next speaker. (applause) hi, i'm [speaker not understood] in the tenderloin and i want to give you a 911
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report. this is for you supervisor staff down here. [speaker not understood] go down to the transbay [speaker not understood] for observance at [speaker not understood]. i would leave my house at 5 o'clock in the morning and get there at 6:00 and return home after karaoke [speaker not understood]. that was a 911 report for me. but i'm here also to [speaker not understood] a young man spoke here on 911 about golfing. he talked about integrity. so, i thought i would read a poem that i was inspired by him. it's called something inside of me so strong. how you build your barriers the taller i become. the farther you take my rights away, the faster i will run. you can deny me. you can decide to turn your face away. no matter the cost.
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something inside of me is so strong. i know that i can make it. those of you who are doing me wrong, so wrong, you thought that my pride was gone. oh, no, something inside of me so strong. oh, oh, oh, something inside of me so strong. the more you refuse to hear our voices and my voiceses, the louder i will sing and we will talk. you hide behind the walls of jericho. your walls will come tumbling. [speaker not understood]. my light will shine brightly. it will blind you because there is something inside of us all so strong. so, we come to you today to san francisco. we know [speaker not understood]. thank you for the job that in this the 215 medical american incident saving people's lives. we are not a country made of guns and killing and mental health. we need to do the right thing and we hope today in san francisco [speaker not understood] will get the word to you all. thank you.
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something inside of me. >> thank you very much. next speaker. good afternoon, supervisors. my name is john [speaker not understood] and i'm here on a different sort of campaign today to represent to you the interests of u.s. service members and u.s. veterans currently here in the united states and elsewhere in the country. and i just wanted to start off by indicating to you this [speaker not understood] in the middle. but it basically shows a list of items, [speaker not understood] documents that you use to present when you're looking for work including looking for work with the u.s. military. listed here, the latitude and longitude. there is a reason i put
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latitude and longitude there. of course, all of earth is divided up into sections, part of which we call latitude and the other part be called the longitude. and with that, i just want to conclude with the lord's prayer. our father who art in heaven, hal owed be your name. your kingdom come. your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil for yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever and ever, amen. >> next speaker. jesus said that i have greater witness than that of john, and that's quite a statement to make because john the baptist was written about
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by three different authors by three different books that wrote about him. micah said in chapter 2 verse 13 the baker, john right there, he broke the ice. the breaker has come up before them. they have broken up ~ and have passed through the gates and are gone out by it and they're killing -- that's jesus right there -- [speaker not understood] before them. and the lord the head of them. in isaiah he's called the voice of the lord. that was 700 years before. and in micah he is spoken of as being the prophet like elijah. when christ said he had greater witness than that of john, what he was saying was he had greater witness in the scripture itself and in miracles. i have greater witness than that of john for the works which the father has given me to finish, the same works that i do, their bear witness of me that the father has sent me. and then he said, search the scriptures for in them you think you have eternal life and
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they are they which testify of me. how can you believe [speaker not understood] receive honor of other and seek not the honor that comes from god only? don think i will accuse you to the father. there is one that accuses you, even moses in whom you trust. had you believed moses, you would have believed me because he wrote of me. but if you believe not his writings, how shall you believe my words? jesus said, i am the way, the truth and the life. and perhaps the most misunderstood verse in the entire bible is about judgmentalism. according to the lord jesus christ, if you're not a hypocrite, if you're walking in the light as he is in the light, judgmentalism is good and he explains his own words in matthew 7 when he said, judge not be not judged for with what judgment you judged and with what measure you meet it will be measured back to you again. >> are there any other members of the public that wish to
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speak in general public comment? seeing none, general public comment is closed. [gavel] >> with that, why don't we go back to item 17 on due process. madam clerk. >> mr. president, that item has been called. it's before the board of supervisors. >> all right. let's first hear from supervisor avalos. >> thank you, president chiu, colleagues. first off, i just want to say to the many [speaker not understood] sponsors for this ordinance. thank you very much for your co-sponsorship. the strength of this ordinance and they negotiate on this ordinance has been based on your co-sponsorship. so, i want to thank you for that. [speaker not understood] i'm very emotional now. i'm going to try and get my words in order. first off, i want to ask some
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of the advocates, the members of the immigrant rights community, domestic violence advocates, the lawyers, all the community members and allies, if you can stand, please, and we can [speaker not understood] in the room for your great support for this ordinance just for a moment. thank you. i just want to say -- [chanting] [chanting]
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[gavel] >> we just broke our board rules. >> if i could ask, folks, if you could please sit down. and, yes, supervisor avalos is correct, did you break the board rules. that being said, ask folks for the rest of the proceeding -- >> you just broke our board rules. i really appreciate it. i'm not sure if it's going to make it any easier for me to say what i want to say. i want to say what an honor it has been to work on this legislation with the community. i actually wanted to really work on this legislation for years. i've been working on immigrant rights movement as a laboringer, as a community organizer. i fought against prop 184, 187 back in 1994. it was my first time of actually getting involved in politics and california, we're a state that has enormous immigrant community. my district, district 11 is over 50% foreign borne.
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we're a district of immigrants and we have to make sure that we are doing everything we can to recognize the great contributions that immigrants make to this great state, to this great city and this great country. and we don't do enough to assure that there are protections and pathways to citizenship overall across the country. we're in the middle of a debate for comprehensive inclusive immigration reform. and i know people in this room have fought, have been to -- i've been to washington, d.c. to fight for more comprehensive inclusive reform. and as also all of you in the room here who are fighting at the local level, that we have real protection for our communities against the devastation that the [speaker not understood] has caused across the country. here in san francisco there have been -- in 2011, 2012 -- 7 84 people, not just people who have been -- people who have
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been deported and many more people who have been turned over to the i-system through criminal justice system ~. this legislation is about public safety. this legislation recognizes that if there is ever a shred of doubt or fear of a vic telemundo or witness of a crime [speaker not understood] to call 911 [speaker not understood] themselves or a family member or community member being turned over to [speaker not understood] and deported, we are having a tremendous effect on everyone's public safety in san francisco. so, we actually crafted this legislation to make sure that we can improve public safety, but we craft this legislation also on the principle that everyone should have due process against the arbitrary denial of liberty. and that is the standard that is in our constitution. we have two amendments of our constitution. the fifth amendment and the 14th amendment that protect due process, and i am really hoping that we can have the strongest piece of legislation that can come out of this board of supervisors that can uphold
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those rights as much as possible. but i know that we wouldn't be as far as we are today without my co-sponsors, but also members of the community who have fought so hard for this. many people who are undocumented themselves, who actually come [speaker not understood] -- [cheering and applauding] [gavel] >> again, if i could ask folks to please respect the rules of the chamber. >> thank you. people came without papers, but without fear, knowing that speaking out is something that is really hard to do, that creates greater scrutiny on one self-, but also to sacrifice that because they're not working for they have selves, but for the greater good. and i am just again very honored to be working with you in that process. i don't believe we're going to get everything we wanted, but we would never have gotten as much as we're going to get without your great work. and everyone in this room is here supporting this legislation should feel very proud about what we've been
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able to achieve and what we have come out of this board of supervisors will be an example for the rest of this country. and, so, thank you for your great work and i look forward to celebrating you when we actually get this passed in the coming week. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor avalos. supervisor campos. >> thank you. thank you it, mr. president. [speaking in spanish] ~ i wanted to say a few words in spanish. i know that it's been a long time -- struggle to not only work on this specific item, but
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on many items involving immigrant rights. and i want to thank all the members of the community, the very broad coalition within the latino community, the asian american community, the african-american community, the jewish community, the lgbt community, the women's rights community, the domestic violence community, you name it, every community has been a part of this process. but, you know, it takes someone coming forward and presenting legislation. so, i am very grateful to supervisor avalos and his staff for all the work that they have done. it takes a lot of courage to take on an issue as difficult as this one. and in many respects it is deja vu all over again because it wasn't too long ago when i started as a supervisor we were debating a very similar issue of whether or not to provide due process to undocumented youth. and it's interesting that, you know, time has passed, but in
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many respects a lot of things haven't changed. and let me say that i respect everyone that's been involved in this process. there are many good people who have different perspectives on this. i think that the intentions that everyone has irrespective of their views, are good intentions. but i do believe that sometimes bad policy is made with good intentions and that sometimes there are unintended consequences that come out of the wrong policy choices being made. and the thing that i want to address today is this issue of the carve outs. i know that is the central question in terms of what legislation we move forward. and i know the intention of the carve outs is to protect and ensure, and to protect the public to ensure public safety. but i have to say that i will respectfully disagree with folks who are talking about the need for a