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tv   [untitled]    September 24, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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session. >> okay. so we're back in open
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session and i'll wait for people to get seated before continuing okay. i'm pleased to report that the board has discussed and concurred on the issues as ms. chang for the new transportations director no
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action was taken in closed session this gives the chair the authority to negotiate the terms and there are some limitations on compensation otherwise i anticipate that the employment agreement will retain the terms. assuming the resolution is adopted it is for october 1st, 2013, and i want to make sure colleagues, we will not disclose any part of our closed session >> so if someone would move adoption of our resolution motion from commissioner campos. >> mr. chair, i know we're going to move forward with the
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next session but i want to take the opportunity to thank you for the critical role that you have played in the way you've lead this agency through this process. i think we are where we are because of your leadership and it's greatly appreciated and he look forward to hearing from our new executive director but i want to acknowledge your leadership >> thank you. >> commissioner weaning. >> thank you, mr. chairman. mr. chairman, i also want to thank you for your leadership in helping to get us through this possess. anytime you congressman leadership you inside to be methodical. i want to commend our outside consultants who worked with us in doing a thorough job i was
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glad about the candidates they brought to us and i'm proud of the process that we all followed. i also want to really i look forward ms. chang to working with you in this capacity but this is a new chapter and i know we're already working together only a few things and i think you're going to be terrific you have my complete support and i view my job and all of the jobs helping to make you an extremely successful executive director. thank you commissioner weaning >> thank you as someone whoet whose notes on the personnel committee but thank you for the
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incredible amount of work and thank you to our intern and want to echo a welcome to our new executive director someone who someone we're glad to work that or with we have a lot of challenges and i'm confident we will be working together with all the outside stakeholders and the new leader of this agency and he look forward to working with till i didn't. >> thank you commissioner kim. >> thank you. i also want to thank the personnel committee and the hawkins committee to make our discussion difficult it was really hard to see all those
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women that were commitments to lead this very important agency and there's great interest in a willingness to lead on really complicated issues around funding a lot of difficult needs and gaps here in san francisco are i think the personnel committee brought 3 amazing amazing candidates i'm really happy to welcome lilly chang as our new director. we've developed a great relationship with the transportation authority and we appreciate how you've sat with our residents and helped to figure out high priorities around transit improvements and pedestrian improvements and bike lanes. i also want to thank maria
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lombardy for her leadership i was hoping you'd be interested n in applying because i've been expressed by your calmness and appreciate how i have answers to every single question i have it's great to see the breath of knowledge but we look forward to continue to work with you and till i didn't khan thank you >> thank you commissioner kim. commissioner mar >> yeah. i want to congratulate till i didn't chang and i want to thank the hawkins company william hawkins but especially bret myers and deputy labianca and i'm happy i can shred finally all those documents.
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i think i was the one who went through every single interview and looked at the qualifications but it was a really great process. thank you chair campos for combining the process as well. in many ways maria leading us through this process for 9 months ease hopefully with till i didn't coming in and hitting the ground running it's what the existing staff show leadership within and i'm really proud of our transportation authority >> thank you, colleagues. i also want to acknowledge the work of other personnel committee members and thank you you for your time and effort in this. i've learned a lot in the process. i want to thank the hawkins company for your support and casting a wide net.
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i want to thank the mta staff and the staff. again, i've been really appreciative under the helm of executive director lombardy thank you for your sacrifice because you didn't expect it to be as long as it was so i really appreciate that. >> so with that colleagues are we ready to approve a resolution? can we have a roll call vote >> commissioner avalos. >> oh, we've got to do public comment on the closed session. so we had public comment before closed session and now in open session it will be good to take
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public comment again. any member of the public wish to commit. seeing none, public comment is closed >> roll call vote. >> on item 10 commissioner avalos. >> i. >> commissioner breed. >> no. >> campos i. commissioner cowen >> cowen i. commissioner farrell. i. commissioner tanking >> tanking i arrest commissioner weaning. i the item passes >>
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(clapping) thank you for your demands that have long been placed on you. i'm very grateful for the work you've put into this process and to the members of the personnel department especially for our process and engaging a whole range of stakeholders. i appreciate your wide range of candidates and identifying a great final process of candidates at the end. we've worked very, very closely with some of the candidates and i'm truly honored to be in the
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company. i've bend from our feedback. i've heard from you and the other folks in the community and thank you to the mayor's office and to the resemble supporting you all in this decision-making process.
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i'd like to a thank our transportation authority myths staff led by cynthia fong and other staff members. i also have to give my gratitude to the whole team. we all work as a team and anyone of us does and can step in but especially thank you to maria lombardy for her hard work and personally family sacrifices in serving as our intern director. with other pressing demands on our staff and to develop our long range plan that took a lot of work not only to keep our
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work movie you kept us amazingly on top of our work while making sure that our packets got out and you did it with grace and with commitment so thank you very much maria. i want to acknowledge the leadership of my former boss and mentor. i was privileged to serve on his management team for the last 10 years and i'm proud to have long been there in approving the transportation if san francisco. his vision as a strong urban core in awe ignore for a meeting place for people inspired me and many of our team to do our best
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work everyday. his performance with the strong staff exemplifies our teamwork. now i'm excited to build on his leadership and to bring to the role as an urban enthusiast and a working mom. in movie our agency forward i'll be ignite by you our board and community members who did meet with me and are trisht to our city across the city and they and the other city department folks advised me with their inspiring ideas and where the capacity is less well depend i'm xhtd to this process.
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i'm especially n indebted to my family today my father is here and my brother and my husband and, of course, my sister in law. they've allowed me to give it my greatest personal attention and this process was very reflective for me and, of course, i lost my mom during this time and i really have to thank my mom whose watching from on behalf of her possibility modeling for women as we meet our potential to be our best person as well as working moms. it's tough to have careers
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whether you're a man or woman. i'm especially excited about the opportunity to meet with my colleagues we've been meeting and lunch and having drinks and challenging experience and i'm learning from them each today to bring the products to frustration and transit performance really require the creative solutions and there's already threatened folks working from the california trance and all the recreational eastbound agrees. they're already our partners and we're going to build on that.
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i'm committed to with work with our folks and to pilot new solutions and approaches. hopefully, there be an inclusive dialog hopefully, i'll 3450e9 your expectations and exceed those >> thank you and we look to working closely with you. ms. lombardy want to thank you. again for your service and your work and look forward to working with you again but i want to offer you a couple of comments thanks >> i'll be very, very brief because i'm very humbled by all
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your kind words if i knew how long this was i might have not said, yes but i'm thrilled with the experience i've learned a great deal of this agency. what's nearest and dear it to my heart is working with everyone. everyone is very, very wonderful and the words is incredibly motivating. many months it's different for an agency to work over so many months. but we're here working for you and it's a privilege to work with this board and we appreciate our guidance and the
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deeper engagement with the authority. we've been making a lot of changes. we're working on many, many changes and building on the staff of the mta and with the priorities that board has. last but not least i'm so, so proud of you till i didn't and i know your mom would be i got to interview you and from the get-go she was a keeper. i think commissioner campos would be interested to know she felt she hadn't answered questions well enough. we're willing to have you here to build upon the community with the state of level.
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i hope to continue to work with you and i'm so happy for till i didn't >> thank you. okay. it feels like a whole days gone by but congratulations we look forward to working with both of you. okay madam clerk can we go onto the next item >> item 5 change of the orders from the university of muscular dystrophy to conduct a case stud and public-private partnerships and negotiate the non material contract items. >> colleagues, any questions or comments. let's go on to public comment. 2 minutes per person
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>> good afternoon, commissioners aim jackie socks i've been on the subcommittee since 2000 and i'm very - i'm very involved with this project parkway project and i strongly support - i've supported this item since it was first brought up in the finance meeting and i strongly urge you to support this now. thank you very much >> very good any other member of the peanut butter public who wishes to speak. seeing none, public comment is closed >> roll call.
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>> (calling names) the tome passes. >> the item passes. >> item 6 allocating 9 thousand in prop k with conditions and all the time the 5 year strategy plan it's an action item. >> comments from commissioners seeing none. public comment? >> commissioners, i looked over this item and i've spoken about this before. before you vote on this item you have to remember that there's money in prop b