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tv   [untitled]    September 24, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> good afternoon. welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of its september the 24th 2013 madam clerk can you please call the roll. >> supervisor avalos avalos present and supervisor breed,
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breed present and chu precedent and supervisor cowen, cowen present and supervisor farrell, farrell present and kim, kim present and mary present and tanking tank present and yee absent mr. president, you have a quorum. ladies and gentlemen, please join us in the allegiance. and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. madam clerk, do we have any communications there are none >> items 1 through 6 those items are countered routine
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unless a member objects it be severed. >> roll call vote. >> supervisor farrell. >> i can farrell i. kim i. supervisor mar >> marie arrest supervisor tang. >> supervisor wiener. weaning i arrest supervisor yee. yee absent and avalos i and supervisor breed >> oh, i. >> and supervisor campos, campos i. there are 10 i's >> next 7. >> it's an ordinance amendment the tax regulation code that refer to the are former tax board that xiert on january 21st, 2013. >> colleagues same house, same call. >> this is the next item that
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levies the property taxed for the city and county of san francisco the community college district and the bay area quality district in a pass through rate for the period erntd june 20, 2013. >> same house, same call this ordinance is finally passed. >> ordinance 9 is an ordinance to provide standards for financial hardship applications of capital improvement costs and requiring the rent board to provide rent notice addressing the hardship. same house, same call this ordinance is finally passed >> ordinance 10 to administer prohibit law enforcement
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officials from detaining citizens after they've become released from custody. >> thank you, president chiu. this ordinance is ready to go but i'd like to postpone the discussion until we have all our members in the chamber so postpone a little bit later in the agenda >> i understand supervisor yee will be coming back shortly. >> and highs on his way. >> so unless there's an objection item 11. >> it's an ordinance to amend the business and tax code for the common administrative code and business regulations and payroll ordinance and the revenue control equipment. >> colleagues can we do this
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same house, same call. passed on the first reading >> and this is to record a memoranda of unreported assessors block number phone number for the bonding invest pursuant to the land agreement. >> same house, same call this resolution is adopted. item 13 to a thorough the wreck and park department to allow the ordinance through 2014 >> colleagues, i want to take the time to talk about ma complain park it's an amazing jewel in san francisco. there's a really great
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contingent of people around the park who are bringing a lot of chingz to that is spelling needed. we got about $10 million in the park bond for them and the views if you haven't seen them a second collar it's a marvel to see and i'm sure you'll accept this >> colleagues can we take this item same house, same call without resolution this is adopted. >> item fourteen is the execution of not to exceed 1 hundred and 65 thousand dollars of revenue bonds to finance certain transportation approving the appropriate actions.
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item 15 is the ordinance appropriating 1 hundred and 65 million of bond precedes to the bond transit bicyclist and pedestrian parking garages. colleagues can we take those items same house, same call >> without objection this the passed on the first reading. >> item 16 is a resolution containing the boards respond to the supreme court on the finding and recommendations in the 2013 grand jury report entitled are the wheels moving forward to the civil grand report from conversation. >> this resolution is adopted item 17 is the response to the board on the findings and recommends through the 2012 and
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2013 open missing the use of public real estate and accountability. same house, same call this resolution is adopted >> this is an ordinance to amend the constitution financing by tax district of work deemed necessary to bring buildings or real property into cinnamons with the service safety code. >> colleagues same house, same call this ordinance is passed on say first reading. we do have a 3 o'clock special recordings >> first to introduce now a items. >> colleagues, i have a number of items today. first, i have a resolution regarding an employee wellness pro-program that is sponsored beleaguer of cities.
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i'm also your representative on the health service board and to the league even if cities an organization that really seeks state level and our very own treasurer jose was elected which the for the upcoming year. in 2011 we voted to have 1 hundred participation that is a league for public health advocacy such physical activity and health food for all residents. the heal program respected unhealthy food and the city is host a 60 class project on cooking and smart shopping.
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1 hundred and 62 cities in the state of california signed on. we're fortunately that we have a wellness serve like stress management classes but we still estimate that 68 percent of our city employees suffer from an imagine. and we want to expand on the programs started by katherine and thus becoming part of the cities heal campaign. i want to let everyone know i support the s b-746 that passed in the assembly and was presented to governor brown and sent this letter to governor brown and asked him to sign the letter. this bill is important because we need transparence and it's
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needed to control the x latino costs in the state. we want to negotiate and approve rates. it's essentially to h ss in negotiating the health contracts and this would allow them to make compared comparisons and thereby promoting balanced competitions. i think we're all in support of cost transparency and senator lengths bill will pave the way were i'm introducing an amendment inform point film rebate probation amendment. the first amendment allowed rents to be amended and
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structure an upcoming hbo series that will follow games in san francisco. the series about pend over $2 million between now and november of this year here in santa fe san francisco. today, i'm introducing another production. and also to extend the program through june 30th, 2016. we represent the wave of the future our film rebate program must continue to encourage production in the city. we have a new web in television and the popularity as i went through netflix and the card series is the first of its kind to win an emmy. it continues to be about jobs in
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san francisco and those have the budgets similar to projects and employ crews and strarz and we want their business. thank you supervisor farrell >> supervisor that kim. >> supervisor mar. >> thank you madam clerk. colleagues today, i'm introducing a hearing and an analysis for question of fact that studies the impacts that sugar sweden beverages are having on our health care. i want to thank the supervisors for sponsoring this request. the sugar sweentd beverages is sweet tease as well. the dramatic growth of obituary is an epidemic according to the
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surgeon general from 18977 to 2002 americans have doubled their accumulation and obtain obesity and sugar sweden benches make up 10 percent of the u.s. diet but they over if you if any health benefits. many health experts who treat the children for obesity 710 displays the height drinking of 1 hundred percent fruit drinks and good ole water as well. i said to add that the american heart association say that adult
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women should commune more than an 6 tea respond of sugar and men no more than 10 and one bottle of snap he will is 17 tea spoons of sugar ca can you think about that that shows you the problem have added sugar for many of our communities. had he this costs argue health care system a tremendous amount of money some say it's $24 billion at the height care level. so not only do we have a public height epidemic with obesity it's an impact of costs on our health care system. san francisco must understand the total cost of high sugar
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consumption we need to quantify the scope and the means to address it. my requests will ask 3 basic questions what does the scientific research talk about the high sugar benches number it what's the long term financial risk that the cities have related to health care costs and 3 what policies and other cities and states had mitigating it's impact. i'm grateful for my colleagues and staff with a board public health coalition of not only great health institutions but grassroots and parents organizations that address those issues everyday.
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hopefully with this study and the hearings we can work together and shape up sf to decreases the con simplification of sugar and reduce the obesity and reduce the health care costs to our city >> thank you, supervisor mar. supervisor wiener >> thank you madam clerk. >> i have a few things today. first, i. calling for a hearing to assess the impacts of the currently proposed revised dog management plan that the golden gate recreational area just released this has been over 15 years and has come to the board.
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you'll recall colleagues, i offend a resolution e opposing the 2011 of the plan. i have a lot of respect for this organization they manage a lot of the properties in san francisco and north and here but this proposal will reduce dog access on those properties. very significant areas that will be completely off limits to people with dangers. we will see is significant impact on the ability of many, many sfogz to access those recreational lands with their dangers. we will also see a significant impact on our city parks as many people with dangers who use to go to for con places now use the
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parks payroll so the purpose of hearing is to learn about and for the public to learn about the revised plan. what has changed since the last version. as well as to learn about the impact on our parks. this is an important subject inform many san franciscans. i also. introducing legislation today amendment our combat fee legislation. you may recall when we approved a mission bay project there was confusion about whether the mission bay projects were responsible for the impact fees and it turns out it
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inadvertently granted a permission to mission bay. when the bay policy was daumentd in the 1990s they were granted a 10 year exemption for their agreement to build roads and that was supposed to expire in 2012 and instead we inadvertently made it permanent so it this will remove that and they will have to pay like everyone else. finally i have a memoriam. eddy passed away tuesday and she was a native that congratulated from san francisco. she was a figure out child born to her parents in 19421928 she was a loving wife and a
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discovered mother to her 5 children. in 1985 she began volunteering at the hospice and for those who don't know it's on 18th and diamond it's a wonderful hospice that has provided loving care for people especially during the height of the aid epidemic. she arcade is a chief and was universally loved and respected within the institution and she would spend her own money sometimes to feed the folks. and the rest i submit >> thank you supervisor wiener. supervisor breed >> thank you today, i'm introducing the cultural japan
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town is it not. it's an expansion of the a product of over a decade of work and most importantly commented folks in the japan community. over 1 hundred years old it's on the oldest japan town in the united states. it's very important community in the western edition and it has a unique history. i have my own memories of growing up near japan town and spending time at the cherry bloom festivity and all the other great cultural events. it's important we as a city and county of san francisco protect the economic health of japan town. the japan town community has orchard to graft the success of the planning department the
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history prestige and the mayors workforce and development to make sure we keep a significant japan town in san francisco. so many people have given their time and energy i want to mention two people in particular. robert of the japan town task force who is really committed to this and steve who i might butch his last name i truly, truly appreciate their commitment to this project in general. thank you all so much for your hard work. the community top priority to preserve japan town. the community identified over 3 hundred cultural buildings an