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tv   [untitled]    September 25, 2013 9:30pm-10:01pm PDT

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is there a second? >> second. >> thank you. roll call on the proposed amendment. >> miss wei, logan, fewer, haney, maufas, mendoza, murase, no, wynns, norton, >> so, any other proposed amendments, comments from the board? >> i just have a clarifying question about this proposal and i wanted to know under disciplinary measures it talks about punitive measures but we don't talk anything about reeducation. i didn't know whether or not that was just for the formity of this because
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if someone is engaging in sexual harassment we would want to educate them on why that's not right and not the proper thing to do. i'm wondering, so i'm fine with this if our practice is to actually educate our students on it and but if it is not clearly practice in this school district, then i think there should be something added that it's a disciplinary measure also includes and education or some education component on it to cease behavior. maybe you can clarify this for me, mr. davis? >> well, i can't clarify that that education component is part of this policy. we could make sure that it's included in
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a complimentary administrative regulation. we can atd that specificity there. >> mr. davis? >> madam president, board, it could also be tucked under any appropriate action under disciplinary action. you have to take classes and be counseled. it can fit under any appropriate action. >> under the student part it doesn't say appropriate actions it says the district will take any action against any employee. i would hope so. >> i understand, i miss construed. >> perhaps we could amend this section. >> did you want to if you are clarify it? >> i feel that so i'm open to discussion with fellow board members if they feel that it should be included in this policy. if not if we can work with the department. i would
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suggest putting it in the policy. but i'm open to my colleagues suggestion as to how they feel about this. >> i was going to propose that we put this to make it parallel and also to allow us to interpret later what appropriate action means whether it means actual discipline or educational reeducation kind of. >> i would assume that it would mean that it would be disciplinary measures with an education component to it. am i correct? is that your normal practice? >> thanks, so yes. thank you for the suggestion. >> okay. i'm going to move that we amend this section that we add appropriate, section 7, no. 1 and we add the word
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appropriate in line 3 after subject two and add the word appropriate in the disciplinary action. thank you. any comments from board members on the motion. >> it says appropriate action for employee? >> appropriate disciplinary action for the employee as well. >> there may be some situations which it's not discipline when we talk about some sort of approach. >> i agree. >> that's twice in that paragraph. so are we saying we are going to strike the definition in the policy?
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>> commissioner wynns. >> what i'm hearing is he's saying disciplinary has a different meaning for employees because it's a legal term. but that should we use it in the context of students it would limit our options because discipline for students is not the same as discipline for employees. in other words we are required to discipline employees who, but we have choices about what we can do for students. one would be disciplinary and not include and i think the sort of theory is the plain meaning restorative practices. it's in our definitions we say that restorative practices we use instead of disciplinary practices. is that accurate? >> yes. so we can say, shall be subject to appropriate action including disciplinary action and then in the second part say
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appropriate action may include suspension or expulsion which are types of discipline. >> so i accept your revised wording of my proposed amendment. >> okay. so you want me to read it from the beginning. okay. in the first sentence at a schools sponsored or related activity is in violation of this policy shall be subject to appropriate action including disciplinary action. and then in the next sentence, for pupils in grades 4-12 appropriate action may include suspension or expulsion. that's it. provided that in opposing such action. there is one more. it provided that imposed such action the entire circumstances of the incident shall be taken into
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account. >> i got it. so, does the board know what it's voting on if i call for a vote? >> miss casco does not know but i will fill her in later. okay. we are now voting on the amendment. roll call, please. miss casco. >> miss wei, mr. logan, fewer, haney, maufas, mendoza mcdonnell, dr. murase, wynns, norton. 6 ayes. >> so now back to considering the main motion, are there any other comments or suggestions from the board? are you sure? going once. all right, commissioner maufas. >> i'm sorry, president. i
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think we have a discussion here that is >> yeah. i can explain that one thing that concerns me in the past that in sfusd handbook that is distributed to the schools or has been in the past, anyway, i noticed there isn't a very explicit mention of sexual harassment on the internet which i think is a growing problem and a problem that should be addressed like in a more direct way in the policy and i know there was an incident at lake shore elementary a few years ago over facebook at school. i don't know the process for how this would be added or where, but i think it's something that we can address and it would be important to address.
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>> i think you bring up a good point. it's a hot topic for school distributions. i -- districts. i don't know that we have established a policy for media communication at home for harassment or sexual harassment. >> it might be different than when at home or at school. >> our legal council i will appeal to you what we have said and what we can say. >> the issue of the 1st amendment protection and home communications outside of the school thing is a completely separate discussion. and should it be determined by the course or otherwise that extra school
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communication constituted general harassment. if someone made a sexual proposition on the interest in it would be treated the same as it if it was made on the playground. as long as the prohibited conduct is included in item no. 2, the media involved in that conduct just taking off on commissioner murase is really irrelevant. we want to make sure this policy covers all types of communication. i don't know that we need to actually discuss the internet in this policy. >> i would like to work with our student delegates on some kind of resolution that covers within 1st amendment confines on policy on internet communications. >> thank you. >> i'm satisfied with your answer, general council. is everybody else satisfied with
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that answer? >> commissioner mendoza? >> i actually agree with our student delegate that it should be explicitly stated somewhere even if we said it in the sentence part, the heading of two type of conducts which are prohibited in the district physically or in social media to which many constitute, so any of these things that can happen both physically and social media are covered. >> i agree. even if it is covered under the legal definition. i think it could be stated. >> i think it's too important to just kind of assume or to have it be covered. it's simple enough to be added to just the main head line and anything that falls under that whether
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it's physical or through social media if they do any of these things, sexual jokes, spreading sexual rumors physically or through social media is considered sexual harassment. >> once again, the media itself is not problematic so that if the board determined that they wanted to put references to social media or other electronic communications in the preface, that's not going to be problematic with regard to the policy. >> you want to propose wording? so would you prefer to add it as a letter item or would you prefer to have it under item # so we cover all basis under social media so the way in which any of these harass ments
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are delivered? >> i would prefer it be in the heading so it follows that. >> number 2. so just the types of conduct which are prohibited whether physical or through social media in the district in which may constitute sexual harassment? >> i actual i would suggest roman numeral one because it talks about physical. >> that's fine. he was referring to it down below. wherever you feel so it says social media. >> i don't want to get into a hair splitting thing. if we say, if we just mention social media there is always going to be the example that is transmitted but not directly but not through twitter, i
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would say social or other media to create the umbrella that if something comes up tomorrow that we haven't thought of, that it's covered. >> what if we said virtual or visual or other conduct. >> could it be electronic. i feel that is more of the focus. >> the amendment propose d by mr. logan is that we insert the word electronic in roman section numeral 1, after the word other. >> yes. that's correct. now we need a second for your motion. >> second. >> is there any discussion of the motion. >> can we repeat that for clarification.
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>> roman numeral 1 under sexual harassment on the second line when you get to sexual, before verbal under section one. is there any further discussion of the motion? no. all right. so now we are voting on mr. logan's amendment
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>> roll call please. >> miss wei, mr. logan, miss fewer, mr. haney, miss maufas, mendoza, murase, wynns, norton. >> back to the main motion. are there any further comments, proposed amendments from board members on the main motion? seeing none, roll call please. >> miss wei, mr. logan, fewer, mr. haney, maufas, mendoza mcdonnell, dr. murase, wynns, miss norton. seven ayes. >> all right. pleasure doing business with all of you. we are moving on to the next board
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policy. we have item 139-10 sp # revision to board policy. this item was already moved and seconded on september 9th. mr. davis please read the requested action. >> thank you, the requested action that the board revise the policy on titled community relations uniform complaint. >> any comments from board members? seeing none. roll call. >> mr. logan, fewer, haney, maufas, mendoza mcdonnell, murase, wynns, norton, 7 ayes.
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>> we'll move to the third policy of the evening. 139-10 s p 3. this item was already moved and seconded on september 9th. mr. davis please read the recommended action. >> mr. trut would like to read more for you tonight. i do my theme song at some point that i wanted to listen to. requested action that the board of education san francisco unified school district entitled homeless education. >> there are no public speakers. are this any comments from the board? we are --
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seeing no amendments or comments from board members. roll call, please. >> miss wei, mr. logan, mr. fewer, mr. haney, mr. maufas, mr. mendoza mcdonnell, dr. murase, miss wynns, norton. item i was withdrawn from the regular agenda. item j request to speak regarding general matters. i have a number of cards. i am going to start with suzanne solomon of united educators of san francisco. all speakers will have 2 minutes. >> thank you, president norton
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and good evening commissioners and superintendant. what i want to do tonight is introduce 12 young people who are sitting here. they are all chorus fellows. it's a program for college graduates to be part of where they do internships or fellowships with labor organizations, non-profits, political campaigns, plead -- public businesses and we have the opportunity to have andrew lynn ford who is working with us who is a graduate of san francisco high school. these people are real go geters and i think we'll see them around. please acknowledge when you hear your name, derrick brown his fellowship is currently without an equal workplace
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advocates. graduate of george washington high school. roy mow who is with the institute for college and success, mia lincoln, megan lambert, code for america, daniel petro, local 21 a fcio. anthony chavez, spencer mall on, historical media, max son, a college graduate. a friend of my son and daughter. but that's just coincidence. tailor working with advocate. noah
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road son with the san francisco public utilities commission. alice with an out of equal workplace. when i asked if andrew listen ford could skip their tuesday night meeting and come to a school board meeting and the response i got was how about if we bring all of them. [ applause ] . president gave me permission to speak to one other item. you will see under informational items that the good news that eight para professionals are called from lay off. seven are from family liasons. when i spoke about layoffs. please think hard when we think about
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layoffs when we keep recalling the same people. thank you very much. >> the next speaker is one of our corral fellows mr. chavez. >> i had the common questions. i wanted to know what you are cooing to prepare families and teachers for the affordable care act. after all more than 60 percent of the students in the schools make-up on free and reduced lunches. many of those students might qualify for extended medi-cal and that seems quite fitting since it's attendance awareness month for september and you were talking about the importance of health. just curious. i have been trying to search online and i haven't seen much information.
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>> mr. superintendant is there a member of the staff that you might direct us to contact? >> yes. our associate superintendant kevin troout. we'll get in touch. >> all right, we are moving on with our speakers list. i'm going to call your name and this will expedite the process considerably. if you will line on the wall. keith dennis. bill ford. chance duke. no smith. chan. i'm going to stop there.
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would you like to go to the staff table to speak? that might be more comfortable. >> i'm not trying to be rude but i'm going to speak with my head down because your lights are sobriety. i need to -- my name is keith dennis as you already know. i was a para professional for the school district, i was a teacher for the school district. that's what i want to focus this
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evening. thurgood marshall was designed to help black students, latinos and pacific islanders and it was doing a great job. before coming over to thurgood marshall, i was a lowe high school. i ran into one of the teachers i knew from lowe and they asked me how is thurgood marshall high school? i told them it was the best hidden secret in the san francisco. now, when i was going through some difficulties coming down very strongly with multiple sclerosis, i was transitioning out of high school and at the same time i was transitioning out, the old make tear now soda was
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transitioning into thurgood marshall high school. thurgood marshall high school is located in bay view hunters point, a low income high crime community. i was really concerned that kids would get squeezed out and that's exactly what happened. i work in this, i saw more black and latino youth being suspended for just silly reasons. instead of giving them detention. they were just sending our black youth home. >> your time is up. could you
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wrap it up, please. >> i would like to know, thurgood marshall is a consent decree school. what are we doing to help out those young men and women. you have my phone number and my contacts. you can contact me so we can make sure our african american students and black american students are on the right track to graduate. okay we'll move to
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the next speaker. >> my name is bill ford. i want to say to all the parents listening to this on the radio, if you are frustrated with the school board process, i would encourage you to come to the next board meeting on thursday. let the board superintendant hear your voice. i believe action can be taken. i don't know how to get to the table here to make proposal, i would like to make some proposals from here. i propose this should be school bus routes to valley middle school. it it was only middle school that was offered. for example my son
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is too far away. i would propose the school board should scrap and come up with a new school assignment process. come up with a process that does not rely to make assignments. i propose that the school board members to work with the process. currently i stand here as a parent and speak for two minutes but the rules states the school cannot discuss with me. i propose that individual school board members with all do respect do not understand the real world hardships that face families and children. for example our family was forced to make a choice between two