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tv   [untitled]    September 29, 2013 6:30am-7:01am PDT

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a situation while on duty that caused a great deal of stress, would our benefits in the department be available for them? >> yes. we would connect them with the behavioral signs and definitely offer those resources to them. >> good. thank you. >> thank you, captain. you are always very thorough. this was a great presentation. thank you very much. we greatly appreciate it. please call line item 2 b. >> directors report. good evening, president mazzucco, deputy chief chin and members of the audience. i'm manny ports with the officers with citizens complaints. i'm here for director inhibition. i am happy to report that the occ does not have a report tonight.
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director hicks shall return next week. >> thank you. please read the commission report. >> i have nothing new to report commissioners, anything new to report commissioner kingsley? >> just one item and that is on behalf of the commission i did represent the commission on the firearms review board in the last week and it was the first time i have done that and quite an interesting experience. for those of you who may have not have yet served, just to know that the documentation needs to stay in the room. so in this time, the cases were fairly straight forward so it was okay to come in cold and certainly the officers in their presentations were very thorough, but if you want to
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see the materials ahead of time and kind of be kind of a step ahead of it, go to the commission office early to do that. these cases were pretty straight forward so it wasn't as important. >> thank you for doing that. commissioner chan? >> great, mine are semi related. i did hear on npr day on the forum that there was an hour long show about mental health officers and i really appreciated that they spent that much time really talking about these issues and anyone listening to the radio show could understand what officers sacrifice and what they go through. i thought that was really great and i'm looking for the presentation. i forget the day it was scheduled for but for retiring officers and i want to keep that on our radar screen and i encourage people to listen to the forum on your
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iphone and i think it's definitely worth us listening to this. also, i wanted to thank the chiefs as part of the chief's report. the department bulletin in response to the youth commission representing some of the commissions, the chief was -- about reminding a bulletin that he issued about know your rights brochure and readily available at stations any kind of an arrest contact. i'm assuming the youth commission knows this is done. maybe i will just ask the chief afterwards. just to let them know there's some really good products that came out of the presentation. that's my last piece. >> thank you. >> commissioner loftus? >> commissioner chan covered
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it. i did listen to npr this morning. i don't want him to get a big head but on the npr section radio program they dp actually did particularly talk about the addressing of the nature of addressing behaviors of officers in the 80s. it's going to be talking about that in some of the service. in particular what they talked about in order to do program, they need buy in the lead guy and in charge, the chief leadership on this issue. he's been a peer coach fore these officers. there is no substitute for leadership and caring about the officers and our chief does a really good job and the statistics of five officers committing suicide in the last 5 years for this department is something i also
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agree with that we have to keep pushing ourselves to find out what we can do more. there was one suggestion about whether we do trainings of akkad cadets, they can identify science earlier so that would be one suggestion. please pass on my thanks to the chief. and there was recognition that this department has ahead of the curve on this issue for some time. >> thank you, as we move to line item 2 d with commission announcements. we'll let the public know that tonight we will adjourn in honor of retired officer jiang ler who is one of the first counselors at the police department. he is at the forefront of this and he was watching on saturday night flashback and they had a show
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in the 1980s where the san francisco police department interviewed officer angler who worked with the officers who were in crisis and generally at that time it manifested itself in alcoholism and drug abuse. joe passed away last week at a very early age. he's retired, hi son junior is the lieutenant of the san francisco police department. i have seen joe in my living room twice and he's done great work for a lot of officers who were in need. he was truly a hero who went from the streets in bayview to the streets in employed service. i will make that announcement now and then we'll do it at the adjournment. >> monroe? >> commission announcements from scheduling of items identified for consideration at
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future commission meetings. the next two meetings commissioners, will be october 2nd and october 9th here at city hall room 400 at 5:30. the third wednesday it will be dark. the 30th we won't have a meeting. the 23rd we'll be in the bayview district. we are about 90 percent it will be at the port roy house. there is a disciplinary charges against special patrol officers scott hart from commissioner susie loftus to commissioner thomas mazzucco for taking on evidence on a date to be determined by commissioner and another charge
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against patrol officer today hart. also from commissioner susie loftus to commissioner thomas mazzucco for the taking of evidence of a date to be determined by commissioner. >> thank you. i very graciously accept. >> public comment regarding line items 2abc or d. hearing none public comment is closed. item 4. vote on whether to hold item 5 in closed session. including vote on whether to assert the attorney-client privilege.
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>> do i have a motion? >> so moved. all in favor say, commissioner we are in open session and we have a quorum. >> great call line item 6. vote to elect whether to disclose any or all discussion. >> do i have a motion to non-disclose ur. >> motion. >> all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> we memo -- memorialize, he
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was a true hero and a sanity -- saint to many. he was a great man and will be sorely missed. we want to adjourn in his honor. >> i move to adjourn. >> second. >> all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> we are adjourned. thank you very much. >> >>
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>> okay, i think that we are ready to convene the meeting. and we are going to start today, with the open session. roll call, commissioner wo oho? >> here. >> brandon? >> here. >> aid ams? >> here. >> katz. >> here. >> murphy. >> here. >> item two, approval of the minutes for the september 10, 2013 meeting.
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>> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> pledge of allegiance. >> please be advised that the ringing of and use of cell phones and pagers and similar sound producing electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting and be advised that the chair may order the remove from the meeting room any person responsible for the ringing of or use of cell phone pager or device. >> members of the public have up up to three minutes to make
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comments on each item unless the port commission adopts a shorter period. >> item five, public comment on items not listed on the agenda. >> okay, item 6, executive director's report. >> good afternoon, commissioners and members of the member and the public sport and thank you for joining us today. i have a deviation from my planned report and we were anticipating that the america's cup would be finalized by now. it seemed fairly certain over a week ago. and the protocol had the races ending sunday, as a matter of fact. but as of today, it is now tied and tomorrow will, whenever the racing resumes it will be do or die time whoever wins the next race will win the america's cup, so the race as of right now, is schedule for tomorrow at 1:15 on san francisco bay, and it is tight score, oracle
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team usa at 8 wins and new zealand at 8 wins. and it is the first, and so we are anticipating that that will be tomorrow and so we would like to give an update on the america's cup and also give some recognitions and commendations, but at the next meeting october 8th. i hope that that suits all of you. i could not pursued them to leave where they are and join us today. we will see them in two week's time. >> that leaves me with two items to report on that are report related to fleet week. due to federal budget cuts, as we normally know it with the parade are ships and visiting vessels and tours and the air show is not going forward this year, it has not gone forward this year, in any city. but, the fleet week committee is still planning to go forward with the humanitarian aspect
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and the disaster preparedness aspects of fleet week and so there are two events happening that we want to draw everyone's attention to. the first is the fleet week senior leadership seminar, which is on october 10th, this year rather than been hosted on a vessel on 3032 it will take place at the memorial club this is where we have representatives from all of the military forces as well as from many of the emergency response forces such as, fema or epa or noah or any of those types of things together with representatives of the local sheriff's police and fire departments and the ports participate and essentially what comes together and this will be the fourth annual senior leadership seminar is an ability to see face-to-face and meet your counter parts so that you are not meeting them for the first time when there is a
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significant emergency and also to learn from others on how they have responded so in the past, for example, there have been presentations about responding to the nuclear disaster and the tsunami in japan or the disaster in haiti, that will be up on center street at the marines memorial club, from 7:30 to 4:30 p.m. and we would welcome you. a new event is a table top exercise and a dive exercise, which will happen next tuesday and unfortunately almost right on top of our commission meeting. so we will miss some of the exciting part, there will be a table top exercise running next or in two weeks time, tuesday october eight from 8:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. and the port is hosting this reopening exercise and that is to show how a port such as ours will be reopened after
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a major event. it is a table top which means that it is rather than being out in the field and practiced, it is actually a discussion, with representatives of federal state and local private organizations, who will plan and discuss how we will bring the naval ships from outside of the golden gate and presumably that they will be carrying supplies, in wake of the major earthquake which is how it will be handled in 1906 for example. this is part of a multiyear plan for the marine corps response capabilities in coordination of san francisco and the port of san francisco and this began in 2010. and following a major earthquake, we will all be relying on the federal government for assistance that will include the department of defense and the coast guard and the army corps of engineers and of course our state and local partners which we have practiced with many times and actually experienced real
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events with. and what is kind of interesting, and exciting is that afternoon, on october 8th at 2:00 p.m. the center will host a dive exercise which will be next to the waters next to pier one and exercise is designed to test coordination between the san francisco fire department and police department and the coast guard and navy and marine corps divers some of which will use, and like the port divers will use the hard hats and the purpose of that drill will be for divers to inspect pier one piles for damage as well at the bottom of the pay for large items that might have fallen during a significant earthquake and which could become hazard to navigation and media representatives as well as all of the participants in the table top are invited to come and watch the events happening right here off of pier one and public access and so maybe we
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will convince, sfgov tv to let us open the window and watch ourselves when we meet in two week's time. those are the events around the fleet week and i will report to you again after they occur and how they went and exciting for all of us to think about and that concludes my report. >> thank you. >> any public comment on the executive director's report? >> commissioners? >> i want to say to director moore, i appreciate the information and i also want to thank director moore and commissioners katz and murphy, for the propeller club and launching in in october and with the two meeting mari time of the west coast, ahead of the pacific mari time association and bob, the president of iow we had a good turn out and we had 100 people and laid out the direction that the west coast
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ports have to go to stay competive and vital and that was a lot of good questions and i think that it had a little bit of a talk about marcus shares and what we need to do in our west coast ports and especially i am concerned about san francisco. and even oakland, how we stay competitive, because, of competing with the panama canal opening up and stuff like that, i think that they laid it out and it was informative and i appreciate having my former commissioner theres and i think that they are very informative and i think that he laid out the road ahead and where we have to go, thanks. >> thank you. >> actually i do have a public comment card but i don't see him in the room, kevin? >> oh,, he will be back on october 8th when we recognize the america's cup. >> okay. >> thank you. >> okay. >> okay. >> and on 6 b in celebration of the port's 150th anniversary, the port of san francisco historic sea wall where the city meets the bay.
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>> good afternoon, commissioners i am lay prasad the deputy director and the chief of the port division. and in response to your request, and that is part of the port's 150th anniversary celebration, port staff have been making monthly presentations for the past several months about many of the port's public benefit and contributions to the city and the bay region. this presentation, about port historic sea wall follows the same presentations, the port's sea wall was built in the 1850s and played a key role in the shaping of the san francisco water front from a highly kie chaotic place to the place that you see today.. port's historic sea wall, about four mails from the park in the north to pier
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15 in the south as shown in the slide it is located below the sidewalk in front of the port's pier and wharf, the sea wall is one of the most important structures along the city's eastern boundary and within the 7 and a half miles of the port jurisdiction. it provides a structural support to the joining land mass, which in terms supports a large infrastructure, and belonging to the port, and other local agencies such as muni sfpuc and bart. >> on the wall it provides flood protection to the eastern portion of the city which includes the financial district, and with this intro, i would like to turn it over and after his presentation, i
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will go over it again for the issues. >> thank you, oday. >> good afternoon, commissioners and executive director. and i am joe rashay the structural engineer for the port of san francisco and i will now continue with the sea wall presentation. today's water front edge where the city meets the bay is very different from the city shore line in 1863. which in turn was quite different from the city shore line at the start of the 1848 gold rush. from 1848 to 1863, the development of the san francisco water front was disorganized and poorly planned. cargo ship traffic was growing faster than the water front infrastrubt tur could handle. in 1863, the state of california, too control of the port and established the board of the state harbor commissioners, to develop master plans for a new water front port infrastructure. and this slide, depicts the
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eddi red line map, indicating the original 1848 shore line in the 1851 water line perimeter for the undeveloped water lots. this map shows the original 1848 shore line and also, shows our current sea wall and pier development. in 1847, sea wall construction commenced a rock dike, was constructed extending in a zig zag fashion from union street to green street and pacific street as noted in this slide, on february 28, 1876, the state legislature adopted harbor lines, which were two, curving parallel lines, a bulkhead line that would be landfill and a pure line 600 feet out in the bay from the line and the farest point allowed for piers or other features.
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the same harbor lines were adopted by the u.s. army, and it was moved out to 800 feet in the bulk headline, and it eliminated the patch work and jagged lines of the original sea wall authorized by the bhc, in the prior decade. the second phase of the sea wall project started in 1878 and marking the beginning of the permanent harbor of san francisco, this using a rock design similar to the zig zag design, continued to the pier 35 along the newly established bulkhead line a draftsman redesigned including a concrete wall over the concrete piles driven through the rock dike,
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by 1826, the sea wall construction was for the most part completed from the east side of the park to pier 50 and by 1929, the sea wall was extended to hunter's point. although the specific sections were strengthened after the earthquake and for the most part in particular for the park to pier 50 and it is the same wall that is functioning today. these pictures show the construction of the sea wall at two separate locations. initially the rail road tracks had to be formed. note that the location of the sea wall is east of the existing shore line, and in both photos. the most visible section of the sea wall forms the beautiful
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roadway. the port has been conducting annual inspections. in general the sea wall is in good general condition, and however, there are sea wall sections in fisherman's wharf that need strengthening. and this photograph shows the wharf wood frame sea wall, port engineering is working with the as-needed consultant in the engineering plans for the repair of this sea wall. and that concludes my portion of the presentation, nuday will complete the remainder. thank you. >> it provides protection for 100 years and however, faces challenges at sea level raise, and the total level associated with the 100 yard flood is at
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least 12 to 15 inches below the top of the port sea wall and on the west part of the water front with a few exceptions. one of these exceptions is the area low kailted between the agricultural building and pier 14 which you can see in this slide. this gets flooded frequently during the winter storms
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>> the red boundary indicates, extent on the basin, associated with the sea level rise of 15 inches by the year 2050 and the blue boundary indicates the siding associated with the rise of 55 inches by 2100. if you recall, one of the slides, you used in the presentation, the original coast line, matches clues, with the blue boundary that you see on this map. it is kind of interesting, because it seems like nature is taking back, you know, so that is when i looked at that, i really something to kind of think about. we can adapt to a sea level rise of 15 inches by building
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short walls along the wharfs and our adopting to a rise of 55 inches by 2100 appears to be a huge challenge. including bcdc and at the local regional and the state levels. also, with the sliding sea level, it will become increasingly difficult,


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