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tv   [untitled]    September 29, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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meetings, she comes back with a great story about what the children are teaching her. even to suspend a child, jen always goes back and ask will that make a difference if we suspend this student? how can we make sure we do the best within the schools so that we are not sending that child home. for that, for her knowledge about our curriculum, for engaging a community in a school that needed that support and for believing in our children. i am so honored to introduce you the principal at buena vista, jennifer steiner. [ applause ] congratulations.
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>> thank you. >> thank you. car and members of the board. it's an honor to be honored. it's embarrassing. i debated not coming only because i did not want to stand here and say thank you. i really have appreciated the opportunity to grow up here as an educator and leader. i feel like i spent 13 years at monroe learning how to be a leader and it was an amazing opportunity to come to this school at buena vista and have an experience where we look at issues of equity and really focus on what's important for our
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students. i have to thank deputy superintendant guerrero for opposing the idea that i interview and all the members that interviewed me and really challenged me to think of the challenges ahead of me. i want to thank the lead team at this school this was here last year and all the models that really spent last year really listening to the community because i think our thought was that in a community that had merged quickly we did that last year building trust and developing our common understanding of what equity means in order to achieve equity. thank you for this honor. i don't know if i yet deserve it, but i handout -- hope to prove you right. thank
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you. >> superintendant? >> yes. thank you. congratulations. at this time i would like to ask dave burns to come forward to present the rave service award to jeffrey dixon. >> good evening, i'm the chief technology officer at the san francisco unified school district. i will be stepping in for jeff burns. i'm really excited to acknowledge the work and the customer service drive that mr. dixon shows every single day. he always has a very positive personality and a big smile that lights up the room. when i feel bad about my day. he always makes me feel better. when principals acknowledge the work of it, he's on a very short list of people that are frequently acknowledged over and over
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again and how they are excited to work with him and how he goes to drive them home because they forget their keys. they goes out of his way to provide great service. he's our only wiring engineer in the district. i know we have a lot of points to cover in the district. he works with whatever is available and whatever we can make work, he's out there making things work every single day. it's been an honor to work with him and i'm glad he's being recognized. thank you. i'm a network
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engineer with the it department. i want to say that i'm very truly honored to receive this award. but i do my work for the children. thank you. >> at this time i would like to hear a motion and second on the superintendant's proposal proclamation of september awareness month. >> second. >> thank you. mr. superintendant would you like to have someone read it. >> thank you, at this time i would like to ask associate superintendant for services. the one and only henry trut to come and read the resolution
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into record. >> good evening commissioners and superintendant this is a proclamation of attendance awareness month whereas good attendance is important to reduce chronic absences missing 10 percent or more for any reason including excused on unexcused absences or two of three 3 days a month is a proven predictor of academic challenges and higher course failure and leading to hire drop out rates and reducing chronic absence takes
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commitment and targeted approaches to exist in families and communities and whereas the impact of child absences they are more like ly to face systemic barriers and lack of affordable housing. was i supposed to read the whole thing? just checking. all right. whereas chronic absence compass -- exacerbates the achievement in schools and since it's higher for students not to benefit from strategies. whenever as chronic absence represents a percent of students in san francisco and whereas in october 2011 sfusd contracted with schools and achievement program which shows
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a dramatic increase in parental notification of absences in 557 before the purchase of attendance to 39,000, 2011-2012 for communications last school year. i wrote that and it's still confusing. therefore be it resolved that as, i'm not, but that the superintendant would like to proclaim our school district will stand with the nation in recognizing september as attendance awareness month. we here by commit to focusing on reducing chronic absenteeism to give all children the opportunity to thrive emotionally and socially and be it resolved the san
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francisco unified school district san francisco board of education and be it further resolved the superintendant of schools and board of education and top priority in district goal once in sharing measurable improvements targeted at the superintendant's annual evaluation and working to provide training and best practices for improving attendance and under success if schools and partnering in public education and civic groups to educate students and parents about education and starting in preschool to identify and remove barriers and renew citywide culture everyday. four, raising public awareness and concern about the adverse impact of chronic absentee absences through media
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communications and call all san francisco community to work together to get children to school everyday so they can succeed and thrive. 5, work with make sure that attendance is conducted each day to ensure the accuracy of our data at every school and for every individual students. i'm sure people have a lot of comments about that one right now. 6, continue to identify students with early warning indicators which attendance is one of the two key indicators that statistically have been shown to be a strong predictor of student success in high school completion in all incoming 9th graders so they can provide support immediately so to prevent chronic absenteeism and it becomes a pattern and difficult to break. 7, work with our community and partners to offer incentives or maintaining excellent attendance particularary for
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our intensive and superintendant zone schools. >> nicely done. thank you. >> i'm sweating. >> there is water in the chambers if you need. >> there are no public speakers signed up for this item. are there any comments from the board? better late than never, right? no comments from the board. would you like to say something? >> yes. i just wanted to say that attendance component of the work we are doing in the school district and paying attention to absences differently than we are to truancy is critical and important. for many parents if a kid is off for a day for a
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variety of reasons seems okay but as it adds up it maasai -- it has a huge impact on our kids. we want to make sure our kids are present at all times and we want to encourage our can kids to to have a positive pattern. i really appreciate pushing this forward and wanting to make sure to recognize that during the entire school year and acknowledging the commitment of the school board and school district to ensure that our youth are coming to school and attending and we would like for them to do ad as we would require them to do and as we would be encouraging our teachers and families to do the same. thank you superintendant. >> thank you. commissioners, should you pass this proclamation this evening we will be standing with over 150
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school districts across the name that proclaim september attendance month. of course attendance is more than just the month of september, but it's so critically important. we believe strongly that we have the finest instruction anywhere in the nation. so for our students to be able to benefit from that, they have to be in school. we ask our parents to please make sure our kids are in school and you bring them to us, we'll teach them, but you have to get them to us. thank you for considering this proclamation this evening. >> thank you. roll call, please. >> thank you. miss mr. logan, miss mendoza mcdonnell, haney,
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maufas, wynns, norton, fewer. >> now we'll get to the student delegate report. >> mr. logan? >> yes. the first thing i would like to do is officially introduce angie. she's now the fcc elections. angelina. >> we had a meeting yesterday at 5:30 and we had dinner and we had an ice breaker. it was a snowball game as an sfusd graduate where do you see yourself 10 years from now. we wrote it down on a piece of paper and through it across the table and which ever paper we
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got, we would get who wro it that answer and we approved the minutes. we had, we had vice-president from soda and she's a senior. our secretary is jack wu, a senior as mission high school. our public relations officer, our historian is liz ben jones and our treasurer is at washington high school. we'll also be having our first cabinet meeting on october 7th, at 5:00 p.m.. there is also a free munis poster contest. the
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free munis for youth is hosting a new poster drawing contest where the winner will biv a $50 visa gift card and will be recognized at the board of supervisors meeting. >> from that we had different speakers. then we have the san francisco youth commission and he talked to us a little bit about some opportunities about on that we'll have to bridge the gap between the fac and youth commission which is representing city hall down the street. he talked a little bit about the fac and how we can work together with represents student voice. from the family
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engagement institute and she talked about the opportunity this weekend to volunteer this weekend at martin luther middle school. it's a parent engagement meeting. after that, is our section for public comment and we did have somebody from the public. it was youth commission chair and they talked about fac and working together. as a team this year, and he sort of invited us. he has a lot of experience writing resolutions. he wrote several resolutions regarding the free munis for youth program and offered his support for any resolution we wanted to write. so that was
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really nice. elections took a long time so we adjourned about 7:45 p.m.. the next regular meeting is october 17th at 530 time at 5:30. if anyone would like to come and talk, you can contact salvador lopez. >> thank you. all right. we will now move on to item e. pac report. item 9, public comment. no speaker card.
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item g. may i hear a motion on the consent calendar, please. >> so moved. >> thank you. any items withdrawn or corrected by the superintendant? >> yes we do. we have two items rew withdrawn from the consent calendar, pages 137 through 140 in the agenda. the second is item 4bb 139-24 k 32 on pages 151 and 152 on the agenda. we have two items being corrected on the consent calendar. page 87 and 88. date of service should read through june 13, 2014. the second item pages
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131-132 in the agenda. the resolution should read. we have a couple corrections from the budget department as well. 4a 139-24 k 18 on page 121 and 122 of the agenda. dates of service should read 9-25-2013 through 12-31-2013 and 9-25-2013 through 2014. the total cost will go from $249,000 to reflect 124,000$124,000. item 4 a, page 127-128. the amount to the first code 90-180 should
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not be $138,000. item 4 a 139-437 pages 162 and 163 of the agenda delete program title nclb title 1 school improvement grant. delete first code in the amount of $2, 872. and delete the amount of $318. >> thank you. all right, any items removed from the board?
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seeing none. okay. any items removed? seeing none. roll call will take place. we now move to section h superintendant's proposal. the first item 139-10 fp 1 students sexual harassment was already moved and seconded on september 9th. mr. davis, would you please read just the recommended action of the resolution, please? >> thank you president norton i would like to make a correction of deleting a few words in the background if that's okay. so the requested action is that the board of education revise
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policien titled students sexual harassment the reason i need to make a change in the background is that in the august meeting of the rules committee when this policy was reviewed, i had the wording that you see here where in the last line it says replace all references to students with pupils. the committee wanted me to make sure that we knew why the federal program monitors that the california department of education were asking us or mandating we do that. we did ask for clarification and the clarification came back that due to the williams settle only we had to replace students with pupil in any of our documents pertaining to the williams act but not in any other document. so that's why i wanted to make sure that we are no longer
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saying that we are replacing our references to students with pupils. >> just on williams act items? >> yes. >> any comments on the board on this item? >> yes. i wanted to propose a small amendment to the author, under j, on the type of conduct, it says displaying sexually suggestive objects, i would like to add or images. just to emphasize that when we are talking about sexual harassment it's not just physical contact but it could be images of sexually suggestive objects. it gap -- can be on a phone or computer or a poster. because people should understand how broad
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sexual harassment is. i would like to ask if that can be put in the offer. >> are you making a motion that you wish to further amend the policy? >> my understand is that it's the superintendant's proposal. >> it's our -- sure. you are proposing an amendment, making a motion to amend the resolution. is there a second? >> second. >> thank you. any discussion of the motion? no? we'll roll call on the motion. >> miss wooi, mr. logan, miss fewer, haney, maufas, mcdonnell, murase, wooinynns and miss norton. >> i had a request with regards
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to item in reference to students access educational tool. as it relates to sexual harassment. what it says, it just didn't seem to fit in the theme. i'm not sure what was intended by that. >> i regret fully say i'm not sure. >> if we are not sure, can we take it out or can we make it that it speaks specifically to sexual harassment? >> for example, you can say if someone said girls can't use that ball during pe. that could be construed as sexual harassment. >> how is it construed as
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sexual harassment? >> based on the gender of students if they are blocked from something that causes them to be discriminated. >> i just wanted to be more specific. it doesn't sound right. i guess you are looking at me to make a recommendation, right? >> you need to make a motion. >> i would like to make a motion to strike it or it's item i, or to make it that it goes in concert. limiting access to tools, should not be in sexual harass many if we are talking about specific educational tools related to what? >> mr. davis? >> i can think of a situation where perhaps a book or another
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educational tool might be threatened to be withheld unless some sort of an actor thing was allowed to take place and would fit under that. >> like what? >> if someone is having a discussion with a member of the opposite sex and a book was needed for a study or something and the person said i'm going to with hold the book unless you go out with me or something to that effect. >> still would like to strike it because it doesn't make sense. >> all right. so you are moving that we strike that language. is there a second? >> second. >> thank you. roll call on the proposed amendment.
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>> miss wei, logan, fewer, haney, maufas, mendoza, murase, no, wynns, norton, >> so, any other proposed amendments, comments from the board? >> i just have a clarifying question about this proposal and i wanted to know under disciplinary measures it talks about punitive measures but we don't talk anything about reeducation. i didn't know whether or not that was just for the formity of this because if someone is engaging in sexual harassment we would want to educate them on why that's not right and not the proper thing to do. i'm wondering, so i'm fine with this if our
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practice is to actually educate our students on it and but if it is not clearly practice in this school district, then i think there should be something added that it's a disciplinary measure also includes and education or some education component on it to cease behavior. maybe you can clarify this for me, mr. davis? >> well, i can't clarify that that education component is part of this policy. we could make sure that it's included in a complimentary administrative regulation. we can atd that specificity there. >> mr. davis? >> madam president,