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tv   [untitled]    September 29, 2013 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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private school. i would like to say that i truly propose that the school assignment process is a policy, if we are forced to make bad decisions and i highly recommend that we scrap it and come up with a new process. thank you. good evening. i'm here to tell you the problem with schools. i'm a graduate of the loel middle school. i graduated at the top of my class. i find myself now without a school. i attempted to get into school closest to my house. instead i was assigned furthest from my house. no schools go that way and it would take an hour-and-a-half to get to by public transportation. if the buses were late, guess what? i would be too. obviously this is
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unacceptable. my parents went to the placement center down the hall three times to ask if there's any other option. the response they got was go to private school. what if i can't afford to go to private school. the conclusion i came to is that i would have to drop out of school. i'm currently enrolled in holy name catholic school. this cost $7,000 a year. the school district made a mistake of not signing me to a school i couldn't get to. over 500 students were in the wait school when it dissolved. it's 311 200-0000. is it a mist substantially when you want people in charge of you making.
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thank you. >> hi. when we applied to school for my son, it would required me to commute more than an hour with my son. the fact that san francisco unified thinks this is an acceptable solution shows out of touch they are. the district insist that the only middle school is with space. it was over enrolled with no desk or materials with the 40 plus student class assignment. we
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allowed ourselves to be pressured and be in over crowded classrooms. a stressful situation which is not conducive for every child. i know other families in this situation. they requested the schools and instead were assigned the farthest school away. there are many families who are suffering because of the district refusal to allow families to be assigned to their closest school even though city san franciscans desire the nearest school by the proposition h. the california education code says that there must be equal access to education. shouldn't the definition of access include being able to get to the school. could san francisco unified really say sorry, no
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more room to all the schools. this is an issue. the board needs to make children their first priority rather than hard headed ideology. >> i have a number of speakers from visitation valley. i believe you will require interpretation? okay. brenda yann. jenny my. nicole >> do we have interpretation available? >> 2 minutes time but we'll
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double it because of interpretation per speaker. >> good evening everybody. i'm a new parent from the elementary school. we came to voice our serious question about the school and the principal. we share our complaint to assistant who promise to get back to our -- we have not hear from them since so we have send -- last
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school year the bilingual teachers was -- the principal to transport to another school. teaches with no bcld certificate. one of them can handle speak chinese. we are not happy about this replacement. our student has to get the best teacher. the second one is the principal support this in constantly we are professional no experience
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teacher. a part-time in how can the student learn in this kind of setting. three, it's the project was located to having inside of the schools. that's why we come back to talk. >> currentary -- currently there is no help. the principal the priority especially for the asian students. giving asian parents. we would like a principal who would like to
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cooperate with us on a school wide decision. what happened to the meeting with the principal that we had agreed to. we have however not heard anything. we feel the district doesn't respect us. and does not take any matters seriously. we continue to complain and continue to attend the board meeting until a process is made. if the district continues to ignore us, we'll contact the chinese media or television or newspaper to inform the communities how to district and our school have treat us and the statues. so we urge you to acton those matters in a timely manner. thank you.
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>> good evening. my name is nicole wu. i'm a parent of a kid at the elementary school. i'm actually representing a lot of parents in the school and we have come here a few times to air our voice. because we believe the district can help us. but we got disappointed by their district's actions. because the district didn't resolve the problem with us
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directly. on behalf of the parents, i would like to say this will be the last time we come here to speak up for ourselves. if the district still do not face the problem in elementary school and help us solve the problem, we are going to contact the media. to help us to resolve the problem. lastly i strongly request and plead for all the commissioners and there is superintendant to help us to stop the problem in
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elementary school. >> thank you. >> good evening, everyone. i am also apparent of visitation valley elementary school. in may we came here to speak up about the problems in our school. even though the district sent people to our school, however they did not stop the problem directly. you even ignored our request. is that because we are the new immigrants people? or because we have limited english proficiency and also less
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educational level? or because we live in the low income area and the district discriminate against us. in this school year, the school already started more than a month even the new superintendant came to the school and also provides management for our school, however she did not communicate with us directly. there was a mixed classroom of 4th and 5th
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grade consist of more than 40 students. the parent professionals are changing all the time and the teacher and students feel very hard to adapt to the change of the staff in the school. the parents kind of lose confidence in the school. i hope this time the district can really give us some direct response for the issues in our school. otherwise we are going to seek other actions to stop the problem.
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>> hello, my name is -- i'm also a parent from visitation valley elementary school. this is the third time that our parents come to the board meeting. but, the district did not solve the problem completely. >> there are incidents in the school that the students are bringing knives and also scissors to the school. how come the district did not face this problem and solve this problem. instead there will be
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a fatal incident happen in the school so the district will take action to solve this problem? we don't think this principal is suitable for this school. because there are so many things happen in the school. however she doesn't know how to communicate with the parents. and she just want us to forget about everything and that's it. if she just pay attention there will be strong
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impact on our students. we entrusted school a safe place for the students to learn. and not for the students who learn become bad. and the principal's measure is to take the action of her will and force the parents to accept her actions. >> when a parent is trying to communicate with a teacher however the principal step in and stop the communication.
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within a year, the principal fired about 10 people of the teacher, social workers and also parents. i believe you're welcome parents also and picture when there are so many changes in the school. what will the students think? so there is another incident that there is one student is peeing in the restroom and there are
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two students bullying him and robbing him. i will communicate with them and solve the problem. >> will you help translate the supervisor of valley elementary school retired. there is a new superintendant that has not met the parents. what i would like to do is invite the parents to come to the mccaller conference room so they can meet her and have a conversation with her
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about their concerns. >> i have two more speakers. john templeton and carlos. good evening. i want to bring to your attention the culturally responsive evidence space psycho social intervention that we believe will show a 10-1 return investment in terms of
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increased attendance. we talked to superintendant and want to be sure as many principals know about this to not only increase attendance but also certain outcomes and reduce special education place ments and reduce suspensions as well. we have the university united freedom movement which is important for them to attend. we encourage that and also doing a project with which we'll be featuring african americans professionals leading up to national computer week. so, there are lots of opportunities to make sure that our schools really work for african american students. we
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began the process that thurgood marshall high school p 14 years ago. we were able to lead many students. now we want to take it and scale it up so it mentions the needs. >> my name is carlos, a san francisco alumni. in the spirits of september attendance month we have the most at risk students by administering a great program to counter act bullying. it called the scholar wrestling. scholar wrestling was piloted by drew in the bay view for a lunchtime activity.
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over 80 students weighed in for the activity. we are now considering this an after school activity. esteban lost his way to school after bullying and getting kicked out of schools, he found his way through wrestling. he lost 80-pound between sophomore and seem -- senior year and won the division. after applying wrestling to academics he rose to the top of his class and went to medical school at stanford and became the youngest tenured professor at ucsf. myself and the sheriff's department was to partner with the school district on the scholar league. thank you.
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>> all right. public comment is now closed. thank you. we are moving on to item k advisory committee reports and appointments to advisary economies by board members. >> i'm very happy to appoint the specialist to the bilingual committee community council. previouslly she worked at bilingual school. she was a california representative for early language learning and participated in the meetings for the american council of the foreign languages and the bay area foreign language program. she's a dedicate or and i know she will contribute a lot. >> thank you. any other appointments? seeing none. we'll move to item l. we have two action items. the first item is the ratification of the
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san francisco unified school district may i hear a motion and second please. may i hear a reading of the recommendation, please. >> requested action is the san francisco board of education as set forth in this document. >> thank you. there are no public speakers. are there any comments or questions from the board? commissioner wynns? >> it occurs to me that we, i would like to request there be' review of the memorandum in the
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statement. but over time, more charters have been added and we act like this is pro form and the board should discuss ats at least what is in the memorandum of understanding. >> i think that should go in the rules committee. if we can put that in the next agenda to review what specifically if there is changes that we want to make. >> i would also like the staff to tell us what things they have put in the memorandum of understanding, what they think we need to protect the district and what issues, someone about facilities, you can see that of course we know that we have some charters that don't have the agreements with us. there are separate agreements. there are other things over time that
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i know to be true that there are issues that come up that we need to amendment or change our memo rear memorandum of understanding. that's why i would like to have an opportunity to discuss that. >> i would like to ask and i mean, i'm assuming there is no substantive changes to the mou's in the facility use agreement this year from the previous years, is that correct? >> the only, well, so let's go with the mou's, we have two categories are charter schools. we have those that are lea, local educational agencies and they are all members of the el dorado county and we have five schools that remain with the
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district and those charter schools are members of the sfusd. the substantive change that was made this year has to do with the local general fund contribution charge that we make per student. we are charging in these new memorandum $163 per unit of ada. >> that is a change from what amount? >> that's lowered from $500. >> really? >> yes. >> why have we lowered the amount? >> we had discussions with our special ed department and with our accounting services and budget people. the concern was that we were losing every year more of the charters to the el dorado . the $500 had been
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agreed to before in lieu of charting a pro rat a share in local contribution to special ed. the $163 is the amount they would pay if they were member of the el dorado. we looked at the cost benefit of having them leave and the district would lose all of the what's called ab 602 state revenue and federal revenue for charter schools by ada and keeping them we keep all that revenue but only charge them $163. >> i'm sort of curious does it cost us $163 per a d.a.? that seems low to me. >> to know what the cost is we have to look at the total
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district wide ada including charter schools and we have to look at the total net cost to the district after accounting for state and federal funds. that probably would be over $500 per ada. i'm pretty sure it would be. we had in the past limit it to $500 but we are still losing the charters to the el dorado and we looked at the revenue we bring inverses -- versus what we lose. >> i would like to see that cost analysis and would like to request it in the future. i understand we can't anticipate when we consider charter proposals what the charter might do about contracting with others like the el dorado county. however, i think we based on passed practices we ought to be able to consent to
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present to the board the likely loss of revenue and also to, i would like us to have the opportunity to actual analyze the whole issue of the general fund support for special education on the impact of the loss of charter on students through charter. it seems very clear to me that this using is a way to doing that when they agreed to this was only fair. also there are plenty other areas where we have in our agreements with charters sort of taking that into account when we were presuming that there was a kind of agreement whether in writing or simply the discussion that we had about trying to treat each other fairly. i would make reference


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