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tv   [untitled]    September 29, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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today. when i first heard about this legislation being introduced i had a strong emotional reaction this issue this be flexibility issue it is important i've been here 19 years and there's no way i would have lasted without this flexibility. i've personally benefited. in the last few years i found out my husband had cancer and it was stage iv so i economy that was going to be difficult. i was given the opportunity to take a leaf and adjust my scheduled during the four months and knowing that i have a job to
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come back to and knowing that i had a supportive office again made all the difference so this kind of flexibility it critical. i'm also a single mom with a kid in college. i've been raising him for the last 20 years so i started out working part time and i've always worked parliament and had a lot of flexibility. i'm a child of the 60s so i've had the ability to be there and watch him grow up and still he work a professional line of work. so that's kind of the introduction. i don't a usually talk about myself and that's where this legislation came from.
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you have with you - i'm sorry there's legislation already on the book. in 1998, 15 years ago san francisco adopted the human rights treaty for women's and girls that san francisco has funded and adopted. part of the legislation actually calls for paid leave which we did in 2003 by giving paid leave to parents with when they have a child and this legislation specifically mentions family to where possible fund the work life balance. part of what we're doing it fulfilling the dream of the seed
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a statute from 15 years ago. the last 15 years of work there's a timeline that outlines the work we've done on the issue including some of the work in the city. part of our seed a outreach we've department the guidelines for city departments to do a gender analysis of their policies. and when we did the first 6 which we in in 1999 and 2000 we had a reoccurring theme that say family friendly balance. like the juvenile station department had male officers who were concerned about childcare
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and did you want probation had a program and it saved them money they've been doing this for 10 years been tell commuting. one of the themes was work life balance. so to understand battery what this meant we conducted a study and 41 city and county departments responded to that study. here it's on our website i'd be happy to give you a copy. before we got started on that study it was a different environment. the city had a structured 8 to 5 you kind of view. we actually lost one of our best
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analysis people she had a child and left. we were also met with tremendous resistance from the city attorney's office to do this study. that was pre9-1-1 when tell culminating what is a dirty word. in particular one of the things we found is those are the benefits. there weren't a lot of people that were using it. there was a stigma. this was the response from managers not employees that 92 percent said it improved moral commitment and it supported work and family issues and 92 percent said it encouraged better
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employees. this was managers from the 41 different departments so it's not there were no bra backs but those benefits far out weighed any of the drawbacks at that time. some of those were mentioned already. but another thing that came out of the seed a statute we started the gender equal it issues for human rights for women to the private sector. we developed 7 principles one focused on work life balance which is now been utilized by the women's empowerment issue. this is based on our work in san francisco. we created benchmarks to look at
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a work place. we development a different set of benchmarks that helps working women. in just the last month harvard review said professional workers work an average of 72 hours a week. if you're working 72 and you're trying to have a family it's not going to happen easy. so we also vofrd from shift workers there are call kinds of issues and solutions that can benefit everyone both the businesses and the workers things like predictability and binged on time slots have long been used by difficult
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companies. this law would help move the needle on implementing those issues. we've learned and this was mentioned by president chiu this has been done in other countries. it's been like the u.s. is the last catch on but a number of those laws - i'm jumping ahead a little bit. backing up. there's been studies that show these are all the different benefits. it definitely helps with improvement and with retention customer levels and increased cost savings and increased attendance. it that means that it reduce the
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all that u amount of workers coming to work when they're sick because they can have a flexible schedule. in addition and this was most of this information came out at the white house council on the just that they did and best buy studied a program called the results only work environment and that means that employees can do whatever they want so long as the work gets done. this was analyzed by the university of the minnesota and found it reduced turnover by 46 percent. this is the new workforce in the the 21st century workforce. san francisco also in 2003
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analyzed its own tell communicates policy and they saved $119 million by letting employees tell commute. another one when fooech future 5 hundred companies announced those initiatives their stock rose by over a third. those are not pie in the skies those are companies that are seeing the benefits. so again, we're not the first europe is way ahead of us and so is new zealand but those have had a positive impact in those countries especially in india
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just half the flexibility were women so both men and women are interested in this kind of law. most of the requests that came in were accepted there was no problem important costs were not shown to be a problem either. of the if i requests that were appealed the main issue was that the managers negative get feeling was it couldn't be done without analyzing it but after analyzing it they were granted. so basically this encourages employees to put forward their own flexible arrangements and more often than not their accepted. none of this happiness without education. as president chiu mentioned there's a stigma attached to
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making this request and the law has some discrimination issues making it well known that employees and employers know it's beginning to change the mindset really of the way the workforce needs to be. so with this kind of statute and with the proper education it will be putting itself again on the map to be entering the 21st century with its eyes wide open >> we have our city economist and thank ted for the work he's done on the measure and some proposed issues he's made to our office. good afternoon teddy. our office issued an impact report in july and i'm happy to
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take any questions you have without it was presented to the rules committee at that time. i have a couple of brief remarks. the first point i'll stress and this was what president chiu said is that those on a volunteer basis flexible work arrangements are increasing popular because businesses are recognizing is benefits. this is a thing in which the productivity advances and the loss of recruiting costs and finding replacement workers are oukt the problems. this legislation which really just standard prioritize the requests is likely to making
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more requests and more benefits awe cruising to employers. the only other point is to emphasize that the care giving itself is part of the economy so to the extent this leads inform more care being provided in families that will produce long term benefits for the whole society. i'll take any questions. thank you >> thank you ted again. and our last city speaker is if the department of health. and i'll thank the director for his work on the issues >> dear board of supervisors on the land use and economic committee i've attached two articles for you to read and
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have a whole stack of articles. i'd like to summarize the health effects. in summary it has 3 major effects it effects a lot of women and babies and it has a big effect on health. it disprobably he helps women who are of low income in the working class. i'm going to give you basically facts. we have about 8 thousand 8 hundred births in san francisco and two thirds of those births are from women who are employed. and they live in homes that are under the poverty health line.
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most women return to work within several weeks. in fact, there's a study that shows in california they've expanded laws that the majority of women return to work within 6 weeks because the majority of women have maternity leaf of less than 6 percent and he 10 percent that women have maternity leave beyond 12 weeks pr it effects women every year and the effect on health. i think you're all aware. specifically in the last 10 years there's been a number of studies that really describes the effect on health. flexible hours and job security
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and economy are 3 of the four employment conditions that directly effects ma terminal health. this doesn't effect paid leave but this is the gap that we're addressing optional textbook percent of our community has paid leave beyond 12 weeks were and finally the disposable effect on working families. the parental leave and flexible hours are dispotential to families that are well paid occupations. many of the women that are
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having children have less seniority. since this has been address many nurses have expressed their support. in my 13 years of practicing medicine i've seen many disparticipants in job flexibility. some of those patients that have visited my clinsz were in the 10 percent of - of women who do have parental he leave beyond 12y weeks but it's those companies that have the expanded leave it confirms the 10 percent of the expanded policies but their frequently left with a 6
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week old infant who i'm examining who i realized that is completely separated from mom from 7:30 in the morning until 6:00 p.m. because mom has to go to work. i see that dispotentially effecting women of color and in the city and woman who don't have high income jobs. so you know, i think this ordinance is in the right direction because it's an opportunity an equal opportunity to ask and all women it doesn't say that women can't could be to work they should all have the opportunity to return to work when we want to. there are some women whose children are ready to be
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separated from them but then there's also many, many health and social he situations in which the baby is not ready to be cared for by another adult or care facility. so from a population health prospective health rules that separate children from their moms are not height for the baby or san francisco. so in summary for those a family friendly work ordinance helps to have the regardless of class and position this helps level the playing field for improved be health status in san francisco >> thank you, dr. chin and i want to take a moment and
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recognize matt goldberg and in case increases any questions. i want to thank all of the advocates for our women, family children's and caregivers here in the room. i've been gratified by the agencies and the initiatives the san francisco impact group and the employment center and the f t r democratic club and i'd like to mr. chair if we could go to public comment i have a list of individuals here to speak but if i could ask up in no particular order
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(calling names) and we have a policy if we have seniors are others who wish to speaker earlier, you may >> i'm the coordinate with the council known as c pack. we have furnished to agencies to providers and parents. in addition to our members all of our meetings are open to the public and we have a wide rage of other community based organizations of staff that come to our meetings were when during our issues we had a broad range of community support. i'd like to submit for the record for the family friendly
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work ordinance to request a flexible work arrangement. in san francisco three-quarters of the families both parents are working and the single moms has increased since the 70s. this right - protecting the right to request acknowledged that. for those of us caring for children or others in our community having the right to request without the fear of negative statutes in the workforce is important. it's a good business practice for the employer. last friday i received a call from a working mom who their infant care had fallen through and she had to be at work by
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8:30 with enough time to get her kid to preschool. i thought about having a right to request would be a support for her until she could get the care. i know the city has been looking at ways to address the flight and this is addressing one of the concerns for family >> thank you very much. next speaker >> good afternoon.
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my name is rancho and i'm a staff attorney at the public law center we advocate to prove the working lives of workers and their families. in honor to be here at the law center we hear from low income wage workers. we recently heard from a single mom who worked 88 as a generated and her childcare services were limited. she asked to work two hours earlier for her child and she lot her job. we heard from another mom her
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childcare optioned made it necessary for her to leave one day each week she offered to stay later one night and nevertheless, her employer rusted to accommodate her not to give her special treatment. this establishes the right to request mreblt without fear of retaliation. the ordinance requires a conversation between the employer and employee and will have significant benefits for employers. when workers and employers he sit down together they come up with solutions. and promoting flexibility and this has only to improve the financial security of low wage
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workers and improving the employers bottom line >> thank you for your sport. let me just list other individuals i know who want to speak (calling names) >> good afternoon i'm nan rock and i'm with the democratic workman's comp women in action. we're an oxygen that supports women and families and children. since hearing about the family workforce ordinance again as a proponent i certainly hope we can initiate this ordinance as soon as possible you have a large group behind you who will support the bill and will go
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forward with the women's department to make sure that employers are educated. because i know from my own experience if you don't do that if employers don't know they have the pocket to offer that to a parent and in that my case as an inhaven't adult instead of saying if i do it for one i'll have to do it for all instead say we can maybe look at other opposes to help you get through that. i've told that to people before i want to tell you something i went out to my neighborhood friends in the outer mission and asked them if this would say anything they would be interested in.
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but universally everyone was grateful the possibility they may have been to go back to work where now they've had to compromise to raise children and they don't have enough money to hire childcare they actually want to make money. so this will make them very, very pleased. thank you >> thank you. let's hear from our next speaker. >> i'm with the equal rights advocates. we're nearly a 40 year-old nonprofit company that advocates and promotes equal opportunity for education for women and girls. we're proud to be a co-sponsor
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of the coalition that's helping president chiu getting this ordinance introduced and i'm happy to be here today. it's a really important issue for our city that. we run a hotline and receive calls from dozens or women and we see results both negative and positive policies can have for opportunities for women and for men as well as who are struggling to take on the obligations. we really would like to applaud the approach this this legislation takes to opening up dialog between employers and employees. we've seen and heard from others this is about shifting the culture of the with that. i think


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