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tv   [untitled]    September 30, 2013 1:00am-1:31am PDT

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test, test, test, test, test test >> like to welcome everyone to the historic meeting for wednesday, september 18th. please know that we doesn't allow any disruption. like to take roll. (calling names) commissioners first on your calendar is general public comment and the public may address the items that are within the jurisdiction with expectation to agenda. each member of the public may address the commission up to 3
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minutes. i have no cards >> do i have any member of the public wishing to speak on items not on our agenda? thank you then seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioners that will place you under department matters. >> good morning the director will be joining us shortly. however, the report contains the information and i'll answer any questions >> commissioners any questions seeing none, we'll move on. >> past reviews and announcements. >> good afternoon week after a vacation. and the planning commission scald much of its meeting while
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this commission was off as well and i don't have a report. so i'll give you a report at the next hearing >> thank you. commissioners item 3 recognizing alice kerry's to the historic preservation. good afternoon tim with the department staff. the resolution to honor her was not presented because we need to attend the memorial service. we are asking you to pass a resolution and it will be forwarded to the state office of historic preservation for alice's nomination for a
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governor's award. commissioner >> i would i was going to make a few comments. of course, i'm no support of this but the third line should be plural and kerry company should be consistent with the rest and therefore be it rofldz is it the california state office i don't remember. >> i'm with the department staff we ocher use the california historic preservation and any member of the public wish to speak on this item seeing none, public comment is closed. i move to adopt the resolution >> i second. >> on that motion to adopt the
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resolution he recognizing alice contributions. so moved that passed 5 to zero. and places you under commission matters ease announcements. >> i'll skip report for the sake of item and . >> the draft minute approvals for august 7, 2013. >> i think on page 4 under the item for 722 montgomery streets the i's were ms. pearlman but she voted non-no on that. is that not true >> i voted no. >> indeed that's correct
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commissioner thank you for catching that. item 7 will state that two commissioners voted against it >> commissioners any other comments or questions. do we have any denominate motion >> as krektd (calling names) so moved commissioners that passes 5 to zero and places you on item 6. commissioner comments and questions >> last week the commission took action and we'll be scheduling is a meeting in the near future probably in the next
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2 weeks. in discolorss i had a telephone call and we received a number of e-mails many folks. i received over i think all the commissioners received over the past 24 hours a number of e-mails in support or to add make additions to agenda 9 a. let's see (calling names) and then for you temazepam the sunset district i received two e-mails from ms. horton and a gentleman >> thank you. >> yeah. i'd is i didn't get
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the call from supervisor breed but the other e-mails. >> i think it mirrors everybody. any other comments that is seeing none, we'll close that >> commissioners if there's nothing under this it will place you under the regular calendar for 1712 fillmore street consideration to initiate landmark designation. >> i have a power point. i am talking about the recollection landmark of 1712 fillmore street the building in the historic district.
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the draft designation report was produced by an architect. tennessee at the conclusion of my presentation we'll have her report. to summarize the finding it drives significance from two folks who founded the marcus books and lived in the upstairs building. it was significant a haven for black intellectualism and community enrollment. and finally this is an innovative jobs club that is located inside the building. over two years ago members of the richardson family expressed
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interest in the landmark preservation because of the influential african-american businesses. in order to address this of the african-american history the h pc added this to its designated work program in june 2011. it retains a high-level of integrity and all the features were present during the strasht from 1960 to 1980. the features include the ground floor story front and the exteriors. the interior is that a are not covered by the landmark designations. this spring the ownership of the building changed hands from the
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richardson family to a family not associated with the bookstore. they were granted a continuous in order to learn more about the impact of the landmark designation. there was a second letter requesting a continuous due to the litigation of the bookstore. the marcus boos on fillmore street has generated controversy. the department wants to reiterate the practice does not preferential changes in the occupancy so long as the changes don't impact the defining features. this historic properties has been addressed in standard one. the building will retain it's
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historic significance regardless of the tenure of the location. the department believes that the buildings meets the historic codes and the businesses and that landmark business is washtd due to the strong connection with the marcus books and other organizations. the draft resolution in the report. if initiated it will be continued for the board of supervisors supportive of recommendation. we have the article 10 designation included and i'll give up the podium to staying i didn't far for a short
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presentation >> good morning president and commissioners. my name is staying i didn't far i'm pleased to be talking about this this the marcus books. i'm an architectural person for the historic projects. i contributed to the statement as well as the evidence the lead thorough of the successful landmark designateor for sam's bar. i'm part of a group that was selected this year to write the african-american historic statement. i was working individually i was
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familiar with the bookstore but didn't know much about the history and it's been added to the designation work order. i agreed to research and write the statement with the support of the planning staff. i began my reach in october 2012 and using the land maps and laerntd the building was constructed around 1903 and located around the corn from post street. we have a jap barber shop to occupied the store. and the partnership was doorbell ended in 932.
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using the would have reach i learned about the building 15 year tenure as bob city. it was a club where the jazz was performed by many folks including billy holiday. the backroom of bob city that was opposed opened from 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. at jims it took a backseat thirty to this venue. the owners at the time lead me to the remarkable story. those folks move forward to san francisco if the early 1940s a
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block from where we find marcus books. noticing that the african-american population lacked a source for black legislature they began to sell their books. marcus books opened in 1960 and is a educate space and a performance space and civic dialog and political action. the extent of the marcus books to the culture life of the city is more detailed in the landmark designation but the authors include (calling names) my research into the book store
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historic significance was improved by speaking with a few folks. jasmine lead me to the social implicate of the bookstores to the community. in collaboration with the author they join a host of other folks to talk about marcus books to have confidence about personal community encroachment - it is the oldest african-american bookstore and it is then there for over 50 years. the physical location has changed always in response to the neighborhood changes. the first two locations were both on fillmore street.
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by 19 skype marcus books had been driven out of the neighborhood it was returned to it's original location on post street. it was saved by the bulldozer. and the building was placed along with 7 other located vindicate stubbornness that attempted to relocate it. my reach and report finds that 1760 fillmore is important because of the it's association with the san francisco's folks. thank you for hearing me >> thank you, commissioners any questions for staff?
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no? were we're going to go to public comment. i want to recognize supervisor breed and we'll call out speaker cards >> thank you so much for having this. i want to start out by asking everyone in the audience to stand for support of marcus books >> wow. >> thank you all for being here today i've gotten numerous e-mails and phone calls. this is a part of our history. i'm here as specify but here as someone who cares deeply l about marcus books. ray and a julian richardson have
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long been structural. and marcus books is the first place i was given a book they said go ahead and read it and bring it back. this is a family that's been part of our community that's touched the lives of misinforming so many people and when people come back to san francisco and go by marcus bookstore to talk about the history of san francisco. we all know the history and the tragedy of redevelopment and having one victorian that exists not to just be a african-american community but to t to the japanese community. we want to make sure regardless
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of who is the owner it's protected and we don't want someone to come in and change the character and forget about the history. this is the last hope of remembering this was a thriving african-american and japanese american community. i wanted to put a little bit of context. i know we have a couple of speakers and we're happy to limit those that speakers in the interest of time we know with a few voices we can make a point why this is significant. its simply amazing to me how this building whether i go in the district i just have folks that stop me after the meeting and ask what they can do to save
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the marcus book. i'm among self of the folks who life has been enriched. e recollected in 1893 it originally sat on post street and housed a cafe pool hall that served as a gathering place for the japanese-americans. and after world war ii, it became bob city as you all know it helped the fillmore earner the reputation as harlem of the west. it attracted a lot of incredible folks in mucus to armstrong and a number of others. and when the redevelopment
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agency threatened to raise the fillmore the folks at that time, gathered to save this and several other historic buildings. the marcus building was raised off it's foundation and taken around the corner. since it's move the building has housed marcus bookstore the oldest black bookstore in the nation and it's center for black intellectualism. it's hosted so many incredible fingers like rosa parks and others. it's iconic and appropriate that the historic preservation has
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been asked to keep this historic plays. only the occupants in that building a historic i think the buildings age and narrow escape disproves that. i would remind i thought national regulatory that the commission uses the criteria says a building may receive historic landmark status because it has a board pattern of our history or are sobered with persons significant in our past. without question this building rises to that level. some have suggested that the commission delay considering this landmark status i commend we can't let that be deferred by
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it's present circumstances. nor can we see the time between the past and present. orwell's said he who controls the past controls the future. this is recognizing our history in japan town and so it may have a chance to survive in the future. history is not a static and landmarks don't survive on delay they survive because people protect them. we are asking you to protect marcus books so people can know the history of this remarkable building. this building was resilient to survive two earthquakes and it was precious enough to move from the past bulldozer then surely
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it's historical enough to gain our vote today. please let this be a historic land n.y. mark in our great city. thank you >> excuse me. before moving on we're going to do 2 minutes by standing together you showed our support. we're going to have two bells one is the warning and respect the second bell. i'm going to call 3 names to start with. greg or karen johnson and dr. i'm sorry o body and kenneth will be our first speakers >> well, first of all. >> could you -
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>> i'm mr. johnson i'm co- owner of the marcus bookstore. we're appreciative of the support we've gained throughout the world. having san francisco city and county support is the optimum to say the least. it gives us a feeling as the caretakers of a legacy business that there is respect there is recognition of the long and hard work that has been accomplished by the dr. julian and ray richardson. again, we're nothing more than caretakers of this legacy business. the intent is to remain at the location since 1981 we want to recatch the building on behalf
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of the community. the reason i stood up was to say the building belongs to the community. i'm 67-year-old i'm a producing product of san francisco city and county as a matter of fact, i spent 35 years working as an employee for the county of public health and rose to a administrative level. we appreciate everyone the commission members, supervisor breed and everyone else who has come to our support important we're not here to beg or ask for salvation but redemption. again beside me is my lovely wife karen johnson. someone mentioned the present vs. the past we're the present. we now introduce you to a
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gentleman >> we're going to go into our speaker cards. to the san francisco historic preservation committee i'm with the san francisco state university where i teach. i'm the form leader of the san francisco civil rights movement when people could on the work in their own communities. we willing busting u busted open opportunities for a blacks. the store was the historic site first for japanese-americans and
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they were incarcerated. and then from 6 to 45 thousand i know the history from julian who basically scald the scholarship in black studies. and before there was an installation called black studies this was an institution called marcus bookstore. dr. was the deepen of the college now chair a georgia state school was from therd of the marcus. so that bookstore has been a repository of history and brought about change and astronomers so designating it as a historic