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tv   [untitled]    September 30, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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purpose to acknowledge the one 2011 and today is it sufficient? >> on that motion then as mainstreamed to include a previo statement. >> (calling names). >> so moved commissioners that motion xraufg the context statement passes 9 to zero. >> one of the things it does is a hero be it further received that the recommendations be endorsed. so you're saying there are things not in here - . if we enforced this this becomes
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part of the resolution that you think knows this additional time and additional clarification would be useful to have? >> i think the reason why those particular buildings wore called out in addition to the peas plaza was because of hits history in the japanese-american community. you know, because those probably are buildings that are - need protection landmark designation status but within that same paragraph that instead of calling them out specifically just adding some language to say that to add peace plaza as well as i don't know other properties that are noted in the j h s
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statement as japan cure all - what is it - the japan resources - i don't know how it's worded. >> that building is of - what is it? >> not only look at those particular buildings but others as well. >> community identified buildings of importance. >> yeah. maybe that. >> commissioner highland. >> can we add those buildings to our work plan. >> they're not on there. >> can we audits this resolution even today ask those two buildings to be added to the plan. >> it's a terrific audit. isn't that what the resolution the proposed changes was doing?
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>> and that will be our support to encourage the property owners to move forward and that's a good idea. >> (laughter). >> okay. so we don't need to do that under the resolution. >> you know it should be part of the resolution and a can we add that then. >> you want to. >> yeah. we're going to do peace plaza >> isn't it in that originally. >> the peace plaza is in the j h s not to the work plan. >> no, but i think isn't that resolution adding the peace plaza. >> yeah, but your work program doesn't. so adopting it will take care of that >> that's pretty direct. >> and we're -
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>> so add those two believes into this paragraph. >> we could do that but my understanding is the opposition to that is the community that spoke today thinks they don't have consensus enough but we can take the motion. >> we can yeah. >> because we want to encourage the property owners to work with staff. >> it doesn't mean it's a landmark and i want to reiterate what mr. pearlman just mentioned it's not putting those buildings on the track for designation just to let the community know whether or not it's a good idea. >> perfectly good and so who wants to step forward on this one. >> that's got to be commissioner wolfer
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(laughter). >> it's on the last page first paragraph. >> add the two names of those buildings. >> as part of the work program. >> yeah. to work with the recession. >> to add peace plaza. >> and to add the two properties called out as part of their work program. >> so add peace plaza. >> we'll need to list those. >> yeah, the ymca. >> that's listed in one of those arrest those buildings are known by a common name. y w c a not ymca >> and the 2131 bush. >> i'm sorry what was the
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second one. >> k i m mo n g. >> the building. got it >> so do i have a motion. >> i ask we adopt and endorse the g h s with that provision. >> second. >> thank you. so shall i call the question on the motion to amend excuse me. to adopt the resolution as adopt by commissioner wolfer to include on the fifth page of the first full paragraph be it further rofdz that the planning commission can add the peace plaza and the y w c and as the
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other building >> it's k i mo n. it's the building on bush street to that first paragraph. on that motion (calling names) so move commissioners >> thank you everyone. >> it passes unanimously 6 to zero. >> and 5 minutes andbreak. >> we're going to call this meeting of historic preservation back to order. commissioners you left off under
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your regular calendar. excuse me. on item 10 for the spur historic heritage report my understanding is those members had to loaf and so if you care to continue the matter >> okay. >> so we hear a motion to continue. >> second. >> i believe the recommended date was october 16th. >> so do we have much choice (laughter). >> more the benefit of the public. >> (laughter).
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>> commissioner (calling names) so moved commissioners. that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero and places you under case 13 for the case. the historic resource survey consideration to adopt or disprove the fbtd of the historic preservation survey. >> good afternoon. i'm mary before a department staff i have a power point presentation. i'm presenting with the recommendation of adoption results the sunset district the historic survey that focused on sage family houses constructed in the sunset district pr that
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was developed by planning staff and certified by a california grant. a total of 2 thousand and 6 hundred family houses looked at on city blocks were evaluated for the - in the context statement that the commission adopted in april of this year. the survey was conducted and looked at it by hvnt. it bend from preservation court reporters and members of the survey advisory group which included (calling names) who is the co-founder and a
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contributeor of the team. a solid team spent a lot of time entire special thanks i quick recap on the survey report. 84 buildings are included in the national registers and those include the sunset the track historic district which contains 2 hundred and 53 buildings and in the historic district that are 94 buildings. and in addition 2 thousand 2 hundred and 89 building or 83 percent in the area don't
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qualify as individual properties or as contributors to the historic district. finally 1 hundred and 12 buildings were not evaluated because they were contradicted after 1950 or whatever they were not a financial family house. and during the survey process activities included creating a website and a mail insert for property owners and the supervisors officials and hooiment the project in the director's report. media coverage included articles in the chronicle and we led a walker tour. our activities associated with the sharing the stylists and
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regaeblg the community was developing a searchable online map and developing a project f f q and leading two additional walking tours and posting interactive community you meetings and briefing the directors office and posting flyers. community members and property owners were expressing support & in learning more about formal designations. they explicit receive any factual additional information. and two members the architectureal committee of speak outlined here concerns
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about the goek graph of the area. and i'm available to answer any of your questions >> commissioners any questions. >> i do have a question about the overwhelm from enigma. what does one do about this when this is significant but they're in 1916 and 1912 so they're not within the period of significance 710 do we expand it? >> think there's a few optioned also from 1925 to 1950 we wanted to understand track houses because that's the type of property that the department gets proposals for altering.
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and the buildings that ingood mentioned is the parkway terrace it's adjacent to golden gate park and sliefl in the future there should be a contact statement and funded by the committee or is department and a survey as well. and the same goes for expanding the scope of the geographic areas but in the future pending additional funding it would be fantastic to increase the areas that we're looking at. >> so in terms of what can you do i think recommend in the future is add to the future recommendations. in one of the reports it has a large black or white photo on the front you could >> the clerk will read the journal from the previous day add that to the recommendations or look at the parkway terrace
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or include the early properties. commissioner >> we have one public speaker card. >> hi i live in one of the houses in the historic districts and i just wanted to talk about how living in this area a lot of the people out there we really feel like the city doesn't remind us. i've lived in vindicate to be sworn and everyone was like offer this is a san franciscan house. living in the sunset you get the stack same feeling our houses have character but more important than they were
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inspirational. if you wanted to know why the sunset is sunset come here and look out our windows in her opinion built with the right focus and the right type of character there's hand details on the inside and outside. all we're asking is please accept and adopt this to protect what's out there are that we'd hate to hear in 50 years their turned into home depot houses. i want to thank mary before a before i was on two of the tours and they were overwhelmed by the number of people who showed up on the first tour.
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and it was posted they're to talk about the sunset and people got excited. our neighborhood have not stopped talking about about that. so there's community excitement about this project >> thank you. any other public comments. seeing none, we'll going close and bring it back to the commission >> i also want to thank mary. just our slide show right now was great. you know, having lived in the richmond district we'll also compared to the sunset. we look at a number of different properties. but i also wanted to get back to what commissioner pearlman was talking about in terms of adding
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a number 8 to the survey report to include as a recommendation examining parkway terrace a consideration for future surveys but thank you. i'm ready to make a motion >> well, it sounds like you were (laughter). >> we're ready. >> okay commissioners? it's wonderful. nice work >> makes you have a new as you say a relook at the sunset. everyone makes fun of me because i grew up in the sunset district >> i will say something. i've been in the city and i lived in a victorian once and it's a pain in the butte but i'm
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not that familiar with the sunset i've been through there that many times and loved the variety in particular it's really vast and we should thank the citizens and others who are getting those kinds of disobedience from the architect at the time for the consistency of the neighbor is really impressive and mary the work is fantastic. i did the modern context statement it dovetails with this. so i think we're starting to get some, you know, some boarder look at the city of san francisco and like one of the speakers said when we talk about marcus books how do we know our place. it's a privilege to be here reading them and frost about
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this place i call home. so certainly thank you to the staff. >> well, i'm happy to make a motion and thank mary and staff (laughter) and with the inclusion of number 8 unless, you know, sounds good. >> do we have a second. >> second. >> so commissioners on that motion as amended to include number 8 as suggested. on that motion (calling names) so move forward commissions that motion passed sdoums 6 to zero. and that ends our agenda today. with that we'll so good mornin
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to all of you i'm joseph i'm the director of prime care for homeless services and urban higher or speaks louder you still can't hear me. okay. i've joseph with urban house
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thank you for coming distinguished gifts and staff and community partners and many, many other wlor here today. i can't believe we're here and it's so great to share this exist day with you and this exciting new chapter in homeless services and a principle care for our most vulnerable co- citizens of san francisco. i'm very happy to have you all here. i'll make a quick program note there is a little reversible in the order just bear with us if it looks like the order is out of order. i wanted to - color to the mike - okay. i want to acknowledge what a shift this is what this day represents for us as a city
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as a health department and a clinic especially a clinic two clinics that came together to become one. two clinics that were flagship clinics to provide high quality care and advocacy for our vulnerable residents. we've been innovator long before some of you saw early today in pushing the boundaries and setting higher standards of care for those who have long been overlooked and now we have thanks to the commitment of so many people a beautiful place to symbolize that commitment and the district and respected for the patient we serve. i want to thank all the people and i will do so throughout the program and especially i want to
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put our patients and a clients front and center. i want to thank you for being with us and entruce us with your health care it's been exciting to meet you and to hear how excited you are this we've got this space speaker i want to say within the health clinic this has become the urgent health services a very, very long time even before the homeless program and it continues to take care of those who need the care. i think tourists still come to tom when they need help base wear written up in tour guides.
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we continue to a provided exemplar dental services for those who are fengd that hiv and we continue to a have this beautiful space downstairs have a strong commitment to provide services in your offer 15 community sites. we have a wonderful office space o pet treatment program that brings recovery right into the preliminary care setting pr we are ahead of the curtain with community based primary care hepatitis care treatment and ahead of the hiv care and we co- run a center of the obsolesce in the tenderloin. through josh about 12 years ago we started or josh started the
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first medication adherence program for people who are homeless or mentally ill and many people were written off because they were thought two disorganized to manage it and we said no, we, take care of those people and help them and that program continues (clapping) we've had integrated prim care and behavioral health before president obama thought about that. we have our psychiatry services. and our transgenders tuesday's. wee which is about to celebrate 20 years of service this january
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(clapping) and tom o'dell urban health remains at the forefront as itself services for the transgender community are ignoring both to be another service and we can do it all in the state of the arc facility that's a shining example to all of this city's undying testament for those who are surviving with multiple chronic conditions and poverty and the like. we've been doing it and now we get to do it in style (clapping) >> so - enough from me you'll
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hear some more thank you's but i'd like to introduce margaret she's the director of the san francisco department of health and she's been a champion and in those moment when we needed help to get through some rough spots to make sure we got this off the ground she was there and creativity in findings solutions to making this day possible. marcelina >> (clapping) >> okay. i'm not moving because i don't want you to see me we just need to fix it.
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okay mayor, is supervisor kim here >> yes. >> supervisor kim, director of public health garcia and t nc partners really want to welcome you and we're very, very pleased you're here to share the occasion. the new clinic is actual one of the first grants that we've built since 1969. not only is this incredible it's at the heals of health care reform. i want to thank the mayor's office for their you financial support and director garcia and also to be able to navigate the whole f f c process. this has been rea


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