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tv   [untitled]    September 30, 2013 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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the nearest public facility. and through the sf applications we support from the mayor's office of neighborhood services. you can drill down in the neighborhood and get where the newest hospital or police or fire station. >> we are positive about gis not only people access it in the office but from home because we use the internet. what we used to do was carry the large maps and it took a long time to find the information. >> it saves the city time and money. you are not taking up the time of a particular employee at the assessor's office. you might be doing things more efficient. >> they have it ready to go and say, this is what i want. >> they are finding the same
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things happening on the phone where people call in and ask, how do i find this information? we say, go to this website and they go and get the information easily. >> a picture tells a thousand stories. some say a map >> calling to order the meeting for september 17, for the entertainment commission. just a quick announcement, if you could silence your cell phones and put them on vibrate and if you have a comment at any point in time during the public comment, there are speaker cards in yellow right up there and just fill them out and turn them into the staff and you will be called accordingly. and also, thank you to sfgovtv and media services for making this accessible to the public for everyone that can't be here in this room today. so can we go ahead and start with the roll call?
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>> commissioner lee? >> joseph. >> here. >> hyde? >> here. >> tan? >> here. >> we have a quorum and i believe that commissioner perez at this point has termed out of his seat. and i think that he is hopefully beginning the process of being reappointed >> the first item is the public comment, and is there any public comment? feel free to come up to the mic and say your name and you have three minutes max. >> hello, my name is mike latrelic and i am a person with
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aids and a gay man and a long-time activist and the reason that i am here has to do with entertainment at the annual sf-pride event in june. i am very concerned as are many of my friends that our hearing is damaged because the music is way too loud at the sunday celebration from the main stage in civic like the
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music or prevents us from talking and hearing each other and from building the community and if you are not into and i don't know what style this is called where the bass is just pounding away, whoever is in charge of the music and entertainment is saying this isn't for you, we are only going after one demographic that comes to pride and that is really unfair. >> this year after avoiding
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pride on saturday and sunday, i went on saturday and i was near the library and i really wanted to participate and in the events this year, and of course, with it being pride, you quickly run with your friends and you make new friends, and i am in front of the library, and i can't hear the person who is next to me, what they are saying because the music is so loud from the stage at city hall. that is not okay. and i really think this committee needs to... >> your time is going up. >> what is going on? >> 20 seconds. >> i think that this commission really needs to address these sound issues for the entire pride weekend, between now and june of 2014. and i have a sign in the car, who do i give that to? okay. thank you. >> thank you. >> is there any additional
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public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> as a point of information, just for the benefit of the public, with regard to pride, really quickly, for those people who feel the music is too loud, medical does give out ear plugs free of charge to anyone that can just go and get them. and there are 23 stages at pride. also there was no stage in front of city hall and it was defective and so you must mean from other areas, my comment is that the ear plugs are available for anyone who wants them, all that you have to do is find the medical people and
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just give them to you. >> the next item is the review and approval of minutes from august 20th. is there... >> could we push back... >> sure. >> do we have to move to continue that? >> i move to continue the minutes. >> second. >> moving and a second. >> commissioner campagnoli? >> aye. >> commissioner lee. >> joseph. >> aye. >> hyde. >> aye. >> akers. >> aye. >> tan. >> aye. >> this item has been delayed for several meetings, it is the discussion and possible action about a neighborhood out reach policy for this commission and for all permit seekers. so, i am going to pass it to commissioner hyde who has been chairing and leading this effort. >> yeah. thank you president tan. so, i would like to set this to a small time limit so that we
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can keep this a lively act and so what i am going to do is i am going to read over it and i think that each commissioner could have two minutes for comments, if they wish, and then, we will have a final discussion. and try to keep it into 20 minutes. so i am just going to quickly read over them and just talk about why i did this. and the hearing change is in honor of jose saria who passed away who was a great queer leader and used the entertainment to the best of his ability. and i believe that the information that is already in the packets is plenty of information, i don't think that we need to add any new information before what the out reach looks like. and i do think that the types of out reach is going to be what we are adding into the policy. >> and they are one, presentation to a home owner's
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association, neighborhood are community group. i would like to strike home owner's association. i just want to say that presentation to community or neighborhood group. >> specifickation to the type of permit that they are seeking. they are to share any and all relevant information such as hours of operation, entertainment types, security plans as well as plans for neighborhood integration. this should be an oral or visual presentation that is given before the members of the group and one of their regularly scheduled meetings. and the notice of completion by the, again, strike the hoa, community or neighborhood group should be included in the permit packet for review by the commission. number two, presentation to leadership of the local non-for profit, the deals with health
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and mental services and youth. it must include the information about the type of permit, that the permitty is seeking including type of entertainment hours and operation and security as well as neighborhood integration plans and a notice of completion from the organization must be submitted in the packet for review by the commission hearing. and number three, an appropriate number of nearby residents significants and i just want to cross off blocks, according to permit business address, the permitee may go out and present the information to the neighbors about the type of permit that they are seeking including type of entertainment, the hours of operation and security and neighborhood immigration plans and to inform the neighbors of changes to the neighborhood fabric and impress on the permitee that the night life has a broader scope than just the immediate surroundings. >> these signatures shuted be presented for review in the
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packet. >> four, presentation for a merchant or a business association, only if there is no community or non-for profit organizations in a reasonable distance, in fact information must be given to the type of permit that they are seeking, and the security plans as well as plans for neighborhood integration. there should be an oral or visual presentation for the meeting before the members of the business association, and accompanied by a notice of compliance from a merchant or a business orization to the commission and included in the packet for review by the commission. and then, i would like to add this as just sort of an aside and because i feel like one of the problems we have is that people are afraid poor reviews by neighborhood associations, you know, block them being able to get a permit. but i think that what we do is we take that into consideration as a full package.
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and also, you know, as i said, these are like the community groups, and we have no knowledge of how up and up they are, or usually they are, but it is just, i think that it is just important to have this said, which means, which reads, negative reviews by community organizations, etc., will be taken into consideration but are not absolute, when deciding the state of the permit to be granted. i just think that this will help bridge the gap a little bit that we might be having. and then, for help finding local organizations we suggest that you contact your district supervisor office or look at the list of groups listed on the which is going to be change. and then i would like to personally work with nagar possibly to get a list of organizations for our entertainment website, that people could use because i know, for example, the community leadership alliance,
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which is very active is not on the list. so i would like to do a little extra work along with that so maybe we can have a list to offer people. >> all right so there you have it and let's start with audrey. >> just to be consistent, on item number 2, you have must be and i would like you to change it to should be. as you say should be in one in 3. and then, it is the same thing with four, it says and included in the packet. and insert the word should be included in the package. just stay consistent on all of it. my only other comment is to find another word that absolute as you have already noted by your question marks. and, i mean that is something that staff might be able to come up with. >> great. >> thank you. >> commissioner akers? >> i would just like to suggest that we add the word
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application in front of the word packet on 1, 2, 3, 4, to be clear that we are wanting this information before their application, so that we can get it and can review it prior to. so, in case there is any confusion. this says in the permitee's application packet for review. and everywhere in each one of those. >> good. >> so the word application before packet. >> got it. >> commissioner lee? >> so you want to scratch the hoa? >> i am curious why. so through the discussions with the staff, and it has come to my sort of understanding that we are not to give too specific of instructions to people, and one of the reasons that i asked them to go through this process is so that they can prove to be worthy of having. so, if we are going to be
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lifted the neighborhood and community groups and hoas will be lifted among them, however, i don't think that, putting hoa as a specific group where you are just saying neighborhood or community groups afterwards. and i don't think that we need to, i think that they will be in the list and i think that to call them out, and it should just be very broad. because the confusion sometimes i mean a lot of the new clubs are and a lot of the clubs are being surrounded by condos that have a lot of hoas and i know that the hoas want to be involved with the conversation and so sometimes, i don't know, neighborhood seems so broad, and maybe an applicant who does not really know, other than the expediter if they can actually talk to an hoa or maybe there is a different word for it a broader. >> a suggestion. >> go ahead, commissioner akers? >> i mean, just, to kind of
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bridge that neighborhood, residential or community group? >> yeah. >> okay. >> that works. >> that sounds great. thank you. >> commissioner, do you have any questions or comments? >> no, as long as it is consistent that they are applying for a permit is not a license. >> the word license. >> yeah. >> be changed. >> sure. >> i have one question, it keeps, in each of them you just mentioned that there is some notice of completion is that like a new form that they would complete or what is that? >> a letter. >> again, when i had originally said letter, but the problem with that is being too specific. we, again, are not here to control the type of return that they give, to like the people that you will see tonight, have lists of supporters that are in
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their packets. and people send up from the organizations can send an e-mail. >> right. >> there is one person who still writes letters, correct? >> and so, i think, again, as long as we get some sort of solid notification in our packets before the committee, and then that should... >> could i suggest a word team and rather than a notice of completion, than evidence of completion. >> when i hear noise it is something a lot more official. >> and then another question is i guess that you did not present this part and at the very top paragraph you talk about two to three of the four of the new permits and one to two for limited change of ownership. do you want that incorporated or are you just talking about the examples? >> i wanted to do that and i wonder what people think about that part when doing the out reach, they must include the information about the type of license applying for and the hours of that license will be in use, and they are asked to
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do two or three of the following types of out reach for new permits and the out reach completed by the time that they take the presentation to the entertainment commission and should be prepared to answer the questions about the out reach, for limited live permits a change of ownership, one or two of the following out reach are strongly suggested. >> failure to do so will impede the process of being granted the permit. i am not sure that i can say that. >> i think that i should cross that last one out. >> yes, i agree. >> so strike the last center. >> the first paragraph. >> and i guess that the discussion is that there are these sort of suggested number two to three for new permits and one to two for limited live, and the change of ownership, and do you want to place that there? >> what do you guys think, commissioners? >> and it was something that audrey had brought up and i think that it is something good that i think that the newer businesses and the more that
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they support to the community and the more connected they need to be especially as we get more people living in the community and so hopefully, by doing too or three of these and i mean i just don't want someone to be like, it is my new business and i just went out and got the signatures that i can't really prove like, you know what i mean? i want them to really understand the community that lives around them, like i am just going to use monarch as an example. they did out reach and got the signatures to out reach to non-for profit and they did out reach to associations. and the out reach to each one of those gave them something different about the neighborhood that they were in, because when i met them it was 6th street and we are going to change it and it is going to be different and after going to the non-for profits and finding out what they are working there they had a different understanding of the neighborhood. that is why i think that the new organizations should be more than one, at least, should
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do two or three. >> that sounds reasonable. >> okay. >> commissioner, you think that is reasonable. any other thoughts about it? >> and here is the deal, anyone who is driving around san francisco can see this construction everywhere. and i understand that this 40,000 units going in. and between the market and going south. >> and going up market street towards the castro, and i mean every gas station and every vacant lot, and it is now some kind of a rental or a condo unit. >> it is being inundated of places to live for residents that are coming in because we have all of the new businesses in town which is good for us. >> and at first, i wasn't sure that i would be, ammicable to this at all. but in looking at how the city is changing i think that it is a important thing that we do
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that the night clubs and bars and venues become part of the community and if you start out by doing something well, there is a less of a chance that you will have push back later on. so, that is why i support this. >> we are about 12 minutes into this, any other comments from commissioners before we give the public comments on this. >> i just wanted to thank, commissioner lee and commissioner akers for helping me get these ideas and sitting down and they were helpful. >> thank you, commissioner hyde. and you have done a lot of work in this. >> and so we will end with the commissioner comments and allow for the public comment, about this potential out reach policy. and is there any public comment? >> just one? >> all right.
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>> good evening commissioners, i am a permanent consultant in the city and one that i want to applaud commissioner hyde for his persist ans in staying with this and going out into the communities and various organizations to see what was really important. and so as the city grows, and the people's interest become a little bit more complex because the residents are living above the nightclub and you know, the things of those factors all of a sudden become prevalent and all of a sudden, there is a possibility for contention and everything else. i think that it is imperative that we do have something, like this legislation to support of it. and in addition, i just feel that i don't want any specific organizations to be codified into it. there are groups that are some
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what conservative who don't want expansion, and you know, in the entertainment and things like that in their corridors and which, which, you know if you can't get their support, then all of a sudden, you are stuck. and i think that it is important to have something, and then you can build off of that. regarding the noise, and i think that a great emphasis has to be the people who live above the venue and the people who live across the street or on either side. that is more important than someone who lives five blocks away or has a strong opinion about entertainment and everything. but i think that we should leave that up to discretion of the commission so that the commission can weigh it, and then balance it and make an informed decision. but i applaud all of you for all of your efforts in this, because something was needed. and i think that this is a
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great start. >> thank you. >> any other public comment? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. and i am willing to entertain a motion on this. so it sounds like there is general agreement about supporting it. >> so, i move to approve this to become a... please help me with what i am saying here. >> i want it to become a policy piece of information directions. >> guidelines. >> documents. >> guidelines. >> right. >> that is handed out with the application when people come to apply or it appears on-line as part of it. is that right? >> and okay, and i know that you are typing in the minutes. i hope that you got that. and so that is my motion. >> so can you repeat that? >> i don't know.
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>> you are moving to make these official guidelines that are posted on the website. >> that are included in the application packet. >> which is both physically handed out to people who come to the office and on our website. and for new applicants change of ownerships and llps. >> i second. >> and seconded by commissioner akers. and i wanted to double check, did you get all of the changes and just about word and that kind of a thing? >> does someone have a final, final? >> i wrote it. >>vy that written down. >> thank you. >> great. >> and any other discussion before we take a vote? >> no. >> and on the motion, commissioner akers? >> aye. >> hyde. >> aye. >> joseph. >> aye. >> lee. >> aye. >> campagnoli. >> aye. >> tan. >> aye. >> thank you commissioners. and all right, so we are going to move on to item number 4 and
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the report from the executive director, thank you for everyone here who is a permit applicant that is waiting patiently. >> commissioners, good evening. i will be quick. i think that they handed out to you a separate piece of paper with my memorandum. and quickly, i wanted to update the commission on the latest appeal, and on august 20th, the commission amended the llp permit for jones which is located at 620 jones to allow for longer hours and days in doors with a limited sound outdoors and, this decision was appealed to the board of appeals and staff successfully represented the department at an appeal hearing on september 11th and so the actions were upheld, and so far we have a perfect record at the board of appeals. cross your fingers. >> i wanted to update the
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commissioners who are not present that we did in fact have the healthcare workshop on the 9th of september. and which with the help of the actor's son, we held a free workshop at the auditor um at the library regarding the affordable care act, which i keep calling obama care for better offer worse in coverage california. there were 30 people in attendance and the questions that were raised during this workshop indicated a large gap in, understanding this topic. i think that there is a huge information gap regarding aca across the board and so we may have another workshop in the future, and this city, and they brought it together and discussed how the city was going to move forward to the healthy san francisco and how that is going to merge with coverage california and without
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getting into too much detail, there will be materials out there, and lots of information coming out, the state is a little behind, and we intend to do a workshop for sure in concert with the small business commission and there is information about how the small businesses are going to be affected by the aca and because i think that many of our, our most of ours are really just small businesses. and so we will do our best and we will make sure that we have links on our website as well and the mayor's office gives us those to connect the people to what i think is primarily going to be the human services agency who will be taking care of the city. >> the status of the annual report is actually, we are very close and it is in the hands of the graphic designer who is one of our commissioners who is not here. and we are awaiting some final touches, and the photographer that you see here, i think is
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also, with the last of the photographs for the purpose of the report which i think that you will be thrilled with once you get it in your hands. and so, i don't dare to give it a date and do we think four weeks. >> yeah. >> we will give it that. >> and i wanted to let the commission know that cami and i went to at the request of the port and oewd. we went to a subcommittee meeting of the citizen's advisory committee for the warriors arena and still in the discussions of that regarding peer 32, and the subcommittee meeting talks about the quality of the life issues which is really why a good neighbor policy that we have and in the context of that helps to figure out what they are going to ask
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of the warriors if in fact it moves forward and it was a lively discussion to say the least and it will not be the last one and we intend to remain involved and as long as the mayor's office and the port ask us to be as we do expect at some point, this project if it does move ahead will come before you. as entertainment venue. >> and i have made a request as the executive director to the president of the commission for a performance appraisal of a plan and going to ward. to balance of the fiscal year for my position and i have never had a performance review. at all. and in this department. and i believe then that a closed session will be agendaized and so that could be. and i did give the president the form so we have a


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