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tv   [untitled]    September 30, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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filed with joy. great family housing for families that are almost homeless. it's a beautiful day go to our neighbor and say your beautiful. go right next to them. it's a beautiful day. i don't care about clouds we've made it through clouds. this site was a very tough time and reminds us of the earthquake and the damage of that and we're at a point it took a long time to get here what's the word in chinese? so it's really beautiful that's what do i is about out of devastation came hope and a
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great sunny of a lot of great departments and so that's why you have to appreciate it and i'm not going to give a speech bay it's going to be 8 stories, family apartments and 3 of one bedrooms and 5, 3 bedrooms and it it is sewer passing blah, blah and, of course, they'll be providing a lot of special services. but we want to thank the project team. carl are you here? chuck and mike and john and casey and by the way, where is
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chuck. did chuck make it? (calling names) tony, steven and also castro construction manager the construction manager put your fists in the air i've got pour. we want to thank the consulting team allen are, of course, he's here and applied partnership and charles associates and they told me to go this faster. martin raul and associations and linda hicks and the design jerseys tip i didn't and tommy
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mary and associates let's give them all a hand human resources, of course, i not be in trouble if i didn't introduce the board. (calling names) gordon? are you in the house. let's hear it for the old guy. i'm not that far behind him. there are so many people to thank but heavy duty who did the heavy lifting on the staff side? but the housing development team we want to give them the spur hand and joy to the world.
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anyway, we really need affordable housing we're so happy to have a mare that cares about it. this goes for our community. i envision a lot of the families living here. this is when real estate becomes more of a commodity but we need housing for san franciscans. all you folks be positive for once this is good stuff we should celebrate by batter up first t is kevin coma up. from raymond jeans. thank you. what was i was talking about this is a ground breaking in a true sense so anyways, i work
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for raymond james we've raised about $4 billion to date and have become actually in california. this is our fourth project and we're truly committed to let midgets. we're one small component of this it took a lot of folks. the stronger organization working with our partner and a significant amount of support from the mayor's office. so we're certainly proud to be part of this development. i want to point out we've enjoyed working with the selling son bank they provided a large construction loan with a very
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attractive interest rate. i don't know if one of the staff is here from b the they invested a couple of million dollars in the project and have a highly invested interest in san francisco. but again, all the credit goes to whitney and their team and also the mayor's office it made it easy to thank you >> very well you set the tone for other speakers. the second batter up john the wonderful collaboration and replacement housing oh, yes >> good morning, everyone this morning i'm representing the director of time fta. i know that ed and the sf mathematical you're probably
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wonder why we're verified involved we were replacing many, many houses and that was a challenge. when norm mentioned households knowledge in a single room there were two households knowledge in one room and we're pleased to be part of this project where we're going to be partially funding for fourteen new homes and this is an excellent example of what and how city departments overcome exchanges when they come together under the leadership of mayor lee. we have opportunity and this is wonderful. fourth batter up, of course, is our own district also president
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of the board of supervisors president chiu (clapping) >> good morning, everyone. so i'm going to be very, very brief first of all, i want to thank you. if you are looking at look around the crowd you're the village that is taking care of of the people of san francisco. there's so many folks to thank. we have a lot of the four letter words in san francisco but my favorite is cdc c. in particularly i want to thank for being our tenant and immigrants and families your why we're here today. i want to thank all our government and mayor lee to our state help and federal agencies,
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of course, our builders and architect. i want to thank sfmta and thanks 90 to john and ed reiskin i was concerned where we were going to house the tenants that were displaced. and at least i think one of the greatest challenges fact or facts our city is affordability and this site is going to be a symbol of exactly how we do that for our families and former homeless individuals so congratulations and norman let's
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shovel some dirt >> our own mayor ed lee. >> thank you norman and norman i want to thank you and cdc staff you guys don't get the credit but no matter what you're focused observes and the quality of life to i'm grateful to you. i'm very happy to join supervisor david chu and other agencies that have worked hard. john said something earlier about the subway and this project. there's much more and i think that ms. wu understand how we have to plan important the city. transportation and housing go together and they miss go together in the future. we've been taught for many, many
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years you can no longer build housing in areas where it's not connected to great transportation systems payroll so we took this opportunity when we understood when the embark did care highway was going down we were sad and i know we were there struggling for the survival of the chinese community which this freeway went down. but we take opportunities to have confidence with people about what we we need to continue doing. this is why cdc forces those conversations to have to happen. this is just the beginning. 45 units of affordable housing but 18 of those are going to be dedicated to the formerly homeless. those individuals need to be
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helped in the city. we're building a lot of housing and as norman referenced that might not be assessable to our community so we're creativity we're going getting that innovation going. i'd like 80 to see the city's official bird on the city-state site. that's itself crane. as gordon was whispering in my ears we're going to do the right thing keep the strong commitment to the affordability in our city and this is one of the examples to come we're already beginning
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those negotiations. and i've started that conversation and we're going to grass what we need to do to build affordable housing for everyone. we need to continue to build and we'll work with the community on that. having said that i love this very great example that i think we're exemplifying for the rest of the country when we have is a possible displacement of valuable residents on wants center railroad site we take care of them. i want to thank the sfavd for bridging their lives all this period of time it was a very delicate thing we all want the central subway to exist in
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chinese town but sometimes, the good can be bad unless we handle had conversation in a special way. we did that. awe midget a complicated election time we said we're going to take care of everybody in the city that's why the 14 residents is so important to be include on this site but being in an urban city and connecting that to housing. we've got some great advise being given to us on fourth and folsom and again city is leading the way and that's what chinatown is seeing that's what we're doing south of market with
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supervisor kim and we're doing that with the brt having conversations about the stops and in the different communities. well, i like those conversations bogging base we're all trying to get intoefsh the success of this city. we shouldn't have winners and losers in this city. that's why this site is important because it's complicated and we like the complicates. bay 26 percent of the contractor on this are local people already being hired 60 percent minorities so the contractors as subcontractors are also incriminating the city while their building this wonderful project. we're going to have businesses
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on the waterfront they're going to be welcomed with retail space and they'll have some needed open space for everybody to ask enjoy. we had this vision to get the site under our control because today represents what that control meant. i felt it with the willie brown center we kind of indicated that this whole corridor would be an exciting part of the housing and have more thing we do. i'm proud of the agencies that have come together. let's take the examples and tell the rest of the city and the rest of the country you can mold
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great transportation with housing and with the quality of life and get everybody to participate apart appreciate all of you for being here today and the captain here keeping our residents save. by the resident of this wonderful part of our town our representatives i'm proud of the board. we're already remedy nifks candle stick and paul ma carton is going to be there. and i was a young guy when we had a concert with paul. but this projects is very important to all of us >> get ready for all those pictures okay. so coming up, of course, will the the mayor and
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chuck pail i didn't and jim and kevin and olsen and rebecca cook will be the ones in the pictures with the shovels. i want to do this i want to do a blirgz and i always do is people's blessings in other words, you're going to join me whenever i say i change it let's see - offer very simple whatever i say we have come to you respond with bless broadway samson keep it simple whatever i say that so here we go. from the shaking of our foundations to building a new one we've come to.
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from the opportunity to build new homes we have come to >> bless broadway. for the wonderful partnership, the project team and all of the construction workers we have come to >> bless broadway. >> and now may the spirit of peace and joy and all who have stepped foot on this corner that god has created it's going to be a wonderful community called broadway samson may i get an amen? okay. it's time for the pictures. may i get an amen? okay. it's time for the pictures thank you, everybody.
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thank you for being here today in our great lovely city hall. and supervisors cowen and our treasurer and our city attorney dennis herrera and fire chief and rec and park and human services thank you for being here and emily commissioner on say status of women and our treasurer island thank you for
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being here as well. and, of course, i'm going to miss everybody. i want to thank the various department heads and the commissioners. i have a number of president's and vice president of exciting commissions that are here today. you know, san francisco is just a really exciting place and today, it's get real exciting. but it's in my pleasure to present to you today and to give the oath to a number of people who are raising their hands of divorcing their personal time of sfaig and giving they're great skills to the city and county of san francisco. those are times when we think if we just sit on things we'll be
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successful it doesn't work. we need the talent of everybody in this city. and that's why we've asked today 32 people to raise their hands and take the oath but most importantly to sacrifice their personal time and give of their skills and a demonstrate their love of the city by doing all the things on the committees and boards we've asked them to serve on. i know that being a volunteer in the past community rise up and people get intergisz and youth and seniors and people who live in the city said the value of volunteer itching and giving to the community. when you use your expertise to help the running of city and a continue to make the city save
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for everyone we have a great city. those are elements and part of the successful city. i want to say to you myself and all my colleagues here depend upon the great accomplishments the great collaboration that you bring to city government and i want to congratulate each and every one of you and many of you for the first time to be part of the cities official family to get things done and to open up what the city means to everyone else who lives and wants to be here. so with that if you're ready. is everyone ready. if i may i want to ask all the appoint tests to stand up and raise our right hand and after i say after the word ii want you
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all to say your name loud and proud and say what commission to which you'll be appointed to. if i may. i >> i. >> one by one. >> that's what i said loud and proud. what's that? (inaudible). >> denise commission. >> derrick disabled - disability
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council. >> laura west from san francisco conservatism corp. >> barbara ann investment board. >> treasure island authority. >> john urban force council. >> southeast community facility and a nancy cowen long term council. >> geena. >> mr. james with the commission. >> lawrence finishing man with the film commission. >> (inaudible). >> max film commission. >> megan white san francisco
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conservatism board and a melanie conservatism commission. >> dr. proper of the over and over side core. >> thank you do slum firm. >> do solemn firm. >> that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states and the state agency of the california. >> against all enemies foreign and domestic arrest all minimums foreign and domestic. >> it that i will bear true faith and a alliance to the constitution of the united states and to the constitution
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of the state of california. >> it e that i take this obligation freely. >> without any mental recess vase and that i will well, and faithfully discharge the duties upon which i'm about to enter during such time asia i hold the office of. >> for the city and county of san francisco. for the city and county of san francisco >> congratulations i want to thank you. (clappin (clapping). >> good afternoon.
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my name is louis i'm the executive director of the mission economic development agency. i'll very pleased to be here to share our work with the neighborhood. first met


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