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tv   [untitled]    October 31, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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>> roll call, commissioner wood hollow? >> here.
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>> brandon? >> here. >> katz? >> here. >> murphy? >> here, approval for the minutes of the october 8, 2013. >> just one correction. >> sure. >> when i said, i put a restaurant up here at 39, that was 70, not 60. >> okay. could i have a motion for the amendment? so moved. >> all in favor. >> aye. >> aye. >> pledge of allegiance?
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>> please be advised that during of and the use of cell phones and pagers and the electronic devices are prohibited at this meeting, please be advised that the chair may order the removal from the meeting room of any person responsible for the ringing of the use of the cell phone or pager or sound producing device. be advised that a member of the public has up to three minutes to make comment, unless they adopt a shorter period on any item. >> item six? executive director's report? >> i nout that public comment
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was at the end so i apologize. >> my mean is corine woods and i have worked on the water front project for years and i know that the port and you can't say publicly how important the washington street project is. but i urge, every san francisco voter to read the ballot, read the statements, and please, vote for the washington project, thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon commission, james bryant with i have to make sure that which organization that i am with today. and i just want to come here today to let you all know that the process for the upcoming
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eco center is well and alive and that the organizations have been talking and that i hope that we can come to a happy resolution as far as trying to put teams together but i want to make sure that the commission understanding my feeling about this and that means we must, in the end, have representation for the community, that is in and from this community that the eco center sits in and i want to thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is jackie flinn and i am the director of the institute in san francisco and i am here to extend an invitation. i briefly met with commissioner katz and murphy before talking in and i would love to invite you down to the space that we
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host public services, as well as workforce development services and employment services and youth services and we have high lated this program and at least our youth program once before and we recently began working with the conservation corp to provide the services for the poor to engage the youth from the district ten in some of the beautifiation projects and currently i am recruiting for the academy and i am running a two-week training as a recruitment method for the academy and we are currently in a cycle of cohort session and that is what i want to invite you guys down to and so i will share with the port staff, the schedule so that you guys know when the trainings are happening and when there is some community events coming on as well, at the site. so thank you. >> thank you.
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>> is there any further public comment? >> on items not on the agenda? >> all right. hearing none, we will proceed. >> executive director's report. >> good afternoon, commissioners. members of the public, thank you for coming today, port staff. and i just have a couple of items to present today. and the first is an upcoming event at pier 70 that is the second part of the cooperative partnership with the forest city in working towards an activated pier 70 and you may recall that last month they did the urban festival market and this coming saturday they are doing a ghost ship halloween party. the party will be for families from 12 to 5:00 p.m. at pier 70 and in the evening for adults. the family portion should be extremely fun. it has a lot of art that has to be unique to the event. and this event has been held at
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treasure island previously and so we are honored that it is coming over to pier 70, what a great place to be, as you know it, it has the least amount of wind in all of the city and great open space and so looking forward to them being able to activate that again for families this coming saturday. and it is of course, easily accessible. and so, it is going to be a fantastic event on saturday, october 22nd, excuse me. saturday, october 26th from 12 noon to 5 p.m. and there will be all kinds of different events, that will be a special halloween experience for san francisco, youth, particularly those in the adjacent neighborhoods, there will be hay mazes and rides and pumpkins and trick-or-treating and something known as the beloved silence... and i look forward to finding out what that is and hope to see everybody again at pier 70. >> also, one of san francisco open studios events that will
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be following weekend, saturday november second and sunday november third from 11 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., taking place at pier 70, as you know, the open studios is an annual event for a month from the middle of october to the middle of november. and it show cases over 900 emerging and or established san francisco artists. in their studios on saturdays and sundays throughout that month-long period. it begins october 13th, so past two weekends ago, i guess and it ends november 10th and weekend number three will be at the nunan building on pier 70. from eleven a.m. to 6 p.m. and so we hope to see the people out at that event as well. let's see, next, just wanted to announce that esquire magazine
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named chef michael chiarello from pier five and also owns restaurants and he has been well known as a cal and italian chef, and of course, with coqueta he has ventured into spanish foods and recommended in 2003 as chef of the year nationwide and so it is a high honor by esquire magazine. in addition, they named coqueta as one of the top 20 new restaurants in the entire nation. there were four restaurant, counting coqueta that were located in california that made the list and so it is a big honor and one that we are proud of. so if you have not been there, we urge you to do so, but make a reservation, well in advance. next i wanted to mention on behalf of mayor ed lee that the
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affordable care act open enrollment period is under way, he has asked all of the city departments to help to put the word out to the public that the open enrollment is occurring now. the city has set up their own website to help people understand the difference between the affordable care act and healthy san francisco. the website is called health reform, or you can go to coverage for information. the new healthcare options take effect on january first, 2014, so it is very important that everyone enroll, if they need to, now. and also, you could go to the port's website sf and click the button that will take you over to the city's website at sf health reform so hopefully everybody will do that in the next month or so.
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i wanted to mention, again and i probably will one more time that in december we are holding a special meeting instead of being on tuesday, december 10th. it will be on the 12th, the same time at 3:15 here in this room but just a special note that it is two days later than it would normally be. and then finally, i wanted to recognize our very own nelson avorato, there are you? and he has been in the port account operations team since 1982 and since that is 31 beautiful wonderful years and if you look at him he looks very youthful. it has been a great job, right? >> thank you. and he has primarily been responsible for processing personal contracts and contract change orders and helping out with a lot of significant and sometimes mundane accounting functions. he is a friendly face around
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our office and he is often seen in the water front exercising in his lunchtime hours as well as have taken on the adoption of a young child, and has decided that that is a more important job and so he is retiring from the port. and will be moving on to help raise his current and future family. and we have been very blessed to have had nelson with us for three decades as a very wonderful gift that you have given us, nelson and to the city as well. so i wanted to just take a moment to thank you for your service, and if i may, president woo ho, would love to present you as a commendation, would you come forward nelson? [ applause ]
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>> well, first of all, i guess that i want to... to all of you, and since 1982, the water front is to look pretty but now it looks most, most pretty. and happy to see the changes that we have. and i know a great respect for the executive port director and commissioner brandon and is nice and that made me and made me motivate me more to stay here but i would think about to
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stay here a little bit longer, but i love my job, i love it. but, now, family is priority. so as i decided to retire at this time. 31 years, was half of my life. most of. but i really love working here. and a nice supervisors. and our financial director, so nice, and it is nice to be with the employees, the port employees are family, and the most activity that we have, and we have fun. it was professional working with the port.
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and i am happy. and i am happy when i came and i am happy when i go in. yeah. >> thanks to all of you. i love you all. and i love you all and always. commissioner, thank you, for the opportunity, at this time. and thanks, thanks for everything. and for making us feel that, we are really family. and i love you all in a way. >> thank you. >> thank you. [ cheers ] [ applause ] >> is there any other public comment on the executive director's report? >> john wo o and i am the accounting manager and i would like to say a few words and continue the acknowledgment of
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the years of word of mr. nelson, and just indulge in a minute in history he mentioned that the water front has changed a lot. imagine 1982 and you are an account ant and that is before personal computers. so, you know, back in that day, there was you know, paper ledgers, typewriters, documents sent to the controller's office and so it was a different world that we live in today and very much in the same way that the water front is a very different place. and being a contract account ant for most of the years that we have been with the port i have always asked them, i would like to rotate and do something else, and i said no, i enjoy my job and working with the contracts because i get to see everything that is happening around the port and i kind of pull it out in 1982, financial statements to kind of compare and contrast and i will give a short history of a couple of things, the assets to deport in
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1992, was over 2,000 and in 2003, it is over five million. it is 500 million now. >> 1982, and 2013. >> and then, operating revenue was just about $24 million and now we are at $80 million and so kind of a different place, just than quite a bit of growth. and just thinking about, what port projects that work and that were constructed through the port work with the new contract work, and i just put out a few randoms once and the ones that are multifunded because they are always scraping for money but a real big event in san francisco life was the 1989 earthquake and from that the largest funding source for that was 27 million
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dollars of fema funds and it took like six or seven years of accounting work of contracts and auto work that was done and we got reimbursed for it. and we want to take credit for it the embarcadero and all of it is things that occurred, and the downtown terminal was $18 million and we got together a bunch of grants to get that done and that is where we have now the new gates band e. the public, walking piers was during the nelson's time too, 7 and 14 that we currently have. the wharf that was currently constructed and a lot of work and there is a lot of change and i think that at this time, we want to acknowledge all of the contract work that has been done, and it is time. i guess, we tend to say. a wise boss said to me once,
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don't live to work, but work to live, and i think that as you enter into your next stage of life, we wish you the best. >> thank you. >> thank you, john. [ applause ] >> good afternoon commissioners. the interim director, and the port's division, and it has been really okay, working with nelson. he over the, you know, so many years, the most contracts and the contracts of these orders go through nelson. before they even are start and nelson has been a great help in insuring prompt payments and tracking the invoices and letting us know if there were any problems, so i would like to thank nelson for all of the help and support and i wish him
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all of the best. >> thank you. >> commissioners, i apologize for my dress, and nelson, i apologize for my dress, he is the best dressed man at the port. always, as everybody else has got more casual he has gotten more formal. but nelson is 31 years a gentleman, and i saw him yesterday and we have been chasing this bart issue for the last couple of days and he lives in the far east bay and how long did it take you to get to work? like three hours and i said, nelson, why don't you like retire today so you don't have to put up with it. he said, no, i gave my word, i am here until friday. he is a great guy and we raised kids together. do you remember the time that they opened the beer in my office when they were 8 years old. a whole different story. the port is not going to be the same without nelson. have a great retirement. >> thank you. [ applause ]
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>> hi, commissioners, nate cruise of the real estate division and i am a analyst and i would like to speak about nelson's retirement and i have been a whopping three years so i have a long time to live up to his example. when i started here i didn't know my way around when there are first trying to get your bearings there are the folks that are a resource and sort of a welcome place to go with your questions, which are probably pretty silly but nelson was one of those people for me and helpful in trying to learn the ins and outs of contracting and maintaining the scores and scores of utility accounts that we have. and i would not have certainly, learned what i about without nelson and he is a good guy to work with and so we will miss
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him, thanks. >> hi, commissioners, madam director, i'm edwin and i worked with nelson for most of my career, which is like over three years. i just want to personally assure you that his desk is in good hands because i am filling in and that is because nelson taught me everything that i need to know, not just about accounting but life, and i know that he will be a good parent. i am going to miss him. and i think that there is something in my eye, and i want to thank you for helping me with all of that stuff. thanks. good afternoon, elaine fords, deputy director and you have heard that he is our contract's desk in the accounting shop and he gives everyone who is asking the answers that they need about contracts he is a
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professional and a pleasure to work with and accurate with his information. when i first arrived from time-to-time i would get calls from other divisions complaining that there was a contract and over time when i answered those calls and say what is your compliance problem to the person on the other side of the line. nelson always caught errors before they came problems and were just really grateful to him for his diligence and his hard work. and all of the best in your retirement [ applause ] >> i would like to thank you nelson for your 31 years of service and i think that i probably see you the most of the commission because i see you two or three times a week coming and going to work for the last 16 years and every time that i see you you have a wonderful smile on your face with this great energy and so i just want to thank you for being a part of the port organization and good luck in your retirement.
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>> i have had not had a chance of working with you, and it sounds like everybody loves you and it is nice to know that you are leaving on a great note and on to great things in your life. so thank you very much for your service. >> so, before we move on to the executive director's report, peter mentioned that i just want to ask if you could comment and we can all psychoactive a lot of relief that the strike is over and i wanted to just maybe have her comment a little bit about it and obviously what went on with the transit and what lesson wes have learned and what you would like to comment in terms of hopefully we don't have to do this again, but my interest is really also in the long return,
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and often you have heard me talk about you know how important water transport is in terms of transit of san francisco and how we can include but maybe you can give us some of your short term impressions of what happened this week so we can continue to learn. >> thank you. >> and it was around five days, to be blunt about it. but i will say that the interaction of all of the various agencies that came together was tremendous. and a lot of lessons were learned by the four-day strike in july, that were implemented and upgraded, this time around. and again, i think that the maximum kutos goes to the passengers themselves. they were, extraordinarily well behaved, polite about the major
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inconveniences to their lives. and the big difference between july and october, was of course, the weather, and the lines were just as long if not longer for the ferries, but this time the passengers were standing in the dark in the morning and in the dark in the evening, and it was a lot colder. not in yet they kept their spirits, and their behavior they were no incidences that were ugly or complicated and i want to commend the mtc and bart for running bus and making provision to do that ahead of time that really helped. i would like to commend them for orchestration in the response including being able to get the golden gate ferry available to run the oakland routes this time the difference was the authority dispatched the vessels according to the line and according to a time
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schedule. there was a 45 minute headway and they monitored the lines and sent the vessels quicker and last night, we noted that there were 536 riders in line for oakland that meant that it went from the ferry building all the way down to the park and it was chilly. and windy, and as i walked through the line, people were extraordinary well behaved. john davy served as ambassadors to the line and could not have a better ambassador as anita she has to be one of the most high spirited people, they were there in the wee hours of the morning and night and they both deserve kutos for their efforts as well as all of the port staff that participated. and we also had security guards to help keep the roadways
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opened, so as you probably know, there are a couple of driveways that those lines cross for the building for these security guards really helped with the people to understand, that those areas needed to be kept open and of course, the water emergency transit authority, staffed a lot of ambassadored for themselves as well. and so the laho if herry left at capacity, and the 536 oakland riders were extremely lucky because it was able to arrange for a vessel that held almost 700 to come and pick them up so they were all able to get on and they were quite relieved and i think that they had visions of having to que for hours on end and instead of running them every 45 minutes, we provided the ferries as they got long. i think that we did quite a bit of reflection, we being the
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broader transportation community, and all came together from july to october. with even better service, so it was very gratified by that and my compliments to everyone involved. and maybe peter wants to add to that, i don't know. >> i did happen to be in an event at the airport last night, and there was a gentleman, who got on the people mover with me who was headed to bart who had been in new york and did not realize that they were on strike and so he was not too found asking for a long time home finding out that he had another trip home and i am sure that he was relieved as well. i am sure that he did not know about the strike. >> thank you. >> is there any public comment? >> hearing none, let's move on. thank you. >> commissioners, if i may i want to give the opportunity for commissioner to say a few words. >> thank you. >> i was fortunate enough to
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attend the san francisco shanghai committee and the friendship commission led by the beijing and it was a last minute decision and i think that the stars alied because of the shut down of the government and the volatile markets and then half of the delegation were transit people who either worked with bart or did, or do work with bart, so it was just, but i am really glad that i have decided to go and it was such a great experience with a high level delegation of approximately 70 people. and including, assembly members, and (inaudible), and supervisors breed, kim and yee and met us in shanghai along with the mayor who was late in arriving because of the