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tv   [untitled]    November 1, 2013 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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franchise. the original lease was proofed in october and had a 10 year term with a 2 year extension. subsequentially the airport did a renovation requiring the burger king to close temporarily. it would approve a bigger space for the burger king franchise in the bordering area. those renovation will be sustained and it would allow the tenant to be reimbursed the tenant would pay a minimal
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guarantee of $40,000. the airport concession annual sales is projected and this is based on burger kings previous sales and it - they estimate based on that the tenant would pay the airport on the percentage rent of about $174,000 a year. the agency recommended an approval we need to amend the $40,000 amount fiduciaries >> colleagues, any questions. >> i i know it's a straightforward contract issue here or lease here but could we get a list of the different types of food options at the aren't from healthy options to
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how much fast food is there. you said that burger king and i've enjoyed my share of worships over the years but it would be helpful to understand how many local businesses are there >> i'd be happy to get you that list. i should mention the airport has a sequential food component of you'll our leases that will be included in the lease. so while we tried try to have local companies and we typically don't have a lot of fast food at the airport address passengers at san francisco look for those areas so we have the sustainable
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food component will be part of this burger king list and i'll get you a list >> that would be helpful. i know that burger king along with other fast food chains are inching towards the option so thank you >> okay. thank you very much mr. rose can you go to our report. >> yes. mr. chairman on page 22 as ms. wagner as indicated the airport estimates that the new burger king franchise would generate oh, about $1,000,077,000,000 plus in the first year of the operation and that's based on previous burger king performance. so based on that estimate we estimate that the gate 74 would pay the airport a total percentage of rent of 1 hundred
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74 thousand for the first year and exceeds the estimated total of 2 hundred and 84 plus. we ask i correct the amount and recommend the resolution as amended >> thank you, mr. rose and all right. we'll move to public comment is there anyone from the public that would like to speak? >> >> we have some suggested amendments and a we'll take those await objection we can take the other item without objection. >> item 5 submitting the park code to set temporary green fees for the golf course through no
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other reason 2015 to accommodate the renovation of the greens. >> good afternoon, supervisors katie with rec and park i'm here to ask you for an ordinance to temporarily reduce the fees for the park and rec. we're going to renovate all the cutting greens at harrod. the greens are 10 years old and have been infested by pests. those pests increase the funnel infection of the greens and the infestation the department is going to replace the greens.
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the greens will take approximately four months and the department will provide temporary greens and those are not an ideal putting source they'll be rougher so they decrease the play ability of the course. to encourage the golfers to play hardably we prop discount fees during this period per with the reduced fees we expect this will reduce the play by approximately 40 percent at the golf course. if we didn't decrease the rates it would drop by 85 percent. it continues to drive about two thirds of our normal rounds.
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by reducing the rates we actually expect to generate more revenue. under the ordinance the hardings regular rates will be back on may 31st or when the gm certifies the renovation is complete. i want to say the approved budgeted for the current fiscal years does assume the reduced revenue as a result of the renovation, however, the revenue will bounce back in the 2014, 15 budget >> colleagues, any questions. supervisor mar, i appreciate the data and i see that glen eagle in the past renovated 9 holes and a used temporary greens the
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rounds dropped 60 percent and why do i estimate 25 percent the round lost >> we're renovating 19 graz as opposed to 9. >> and the hemming towed infestation is that going on in the city. >> you know supervisor i can't answer that. does anyone know >> i'm guessing each of the individual courses the rec and park department are looking how to deal with infestation. >> it's our premier department it receives for attention than our other courses in the way
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that harding is not. >> the hemming towed infestation has not been identified at other courses. >> i appreciate the suggestions and this is really helpful in showing that the reducing of the fees is actually to increase the revenue for the bumpy four months. there's been a 9 hole i'm guessing that the 18th holeers are not going to move over to fleming >> thank you >> colleagues, any further questions okay. mr. rose our report please. thank you. mr. chairman and members of the
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committee on page 278 at the bottom of that page we report that the temporary instruction in greens fees will result in the reduction of 5 hundred and 95 thousand dollars in 2014 and overall as shown in page 28 the rp d loss of fiscal year 2013 and fourteen is over a million dollars. yes, it's correct the department has stated this has been contemplated, however, you must consider whether or not you want to reduce the fees on a temporary basis because this subsidies the annual operating
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costs and the proposed greens fees is estimate to sunlight u result in an annual loss of over $1 million in 2013 and fourteen so we consider that to be a policy matter for the board of supervisors >> seeing none, we'll move to public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, can i have a motion to move it for the record we'll take that would you indicate, sir, >> mr. clerk any other business before us. >> that completes the business for today. >> thank you, everyone. we're
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(clapping) good morning. i'm kate executive director of sf made and i want to welcome all you have you to our second annual state of local manufacturing breakfast thank you all for coming today. i think we have a exemplify agenda and the goal is to help all of you to understand the role that plays here in san francisco and whether you're coming as a real estate developer or as a policymaker a really leverage mates become a powerful asset in san francisco. before i turn the speaker over to mayor ed lee i want to start by thanking our sponsors our
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lead sponsor it pg&e and our supporting sponsors are effort city. we have a list of tremendous supports across the room i'll briefly read off all of you. the american industrial center that has the highest number of manufacturers on the city we're thrived to have them. bold build patch stuffy and basis are first branch bank the family foundation good and strong maureen successors e.r. associates and anyway's adams and pacific waterfront partners and urban green development corporation and larry. so thanks to all of our
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sponsors. i want to recognize today, we have a number of elected officials in the room. we'll be hearing from mayor ed lee and board pointing chu and supervisor wiener sends his regrets but he tended to be here >> rituals from the office of nancy pelosi. without further ado i'd like to welcome up to the podium mayor ed lee (clapping.) happy halloween everybody. i don't want you to mistaken me for jeff curry. we're very enthusiastic about this. much of my staff are under the
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mistaken belief we're going to serve beer this morning. i want to congratulate everyone it's wonderful to see so many people that are part of our maker movement by people who make things in san francisco. this is i think the beginning of a huge renaissance of manufacturing in the city. i want to congratulate katie for our leadership in working with our staffs and the industries and creating partnerships and the world of merchandising and all the different companies and working with me to promote those products. i came back from china you, you know, those bags are really wonderful in china will where did you make those not in china that were i get to introduce a huge market to locally
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manufactured products and when i see a label whether it's on books and wine or other things of manufacturing sincere makes and mattresses. sf made has worldwide attention and that's our constitute you are so take advantage of this. i was going to get out of the way early i went to the game when we beat the lakers and we did that now 3 times in the last month and b.a. give this and same thing high and i look forward to working with you will have you when they come and innovate with us on the basketball court. i'm excited about all the companies i see here.
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i know that sf label means a lot when what is your u your looking at chocolates and wines or heat ceramics or mattresses a one hundred and 15 year company. i had a chance to visit with them and the testimony bucks two assessors or cut lose deny i am sorry all kinds of things. we're going to do more. i know we've increased funding for our local manufacturing through sf made and we're going to a continue doing that. our business accelerators have been helpful but at the same time we've got more to do. i i know there are some great new programs. i love the fact that youth made just started we got introduced
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we're going to have a lot of youth and have interning to get into the skill sets needed to be part of the maker in the city. i also have i think an announcement maybe some of you know about it. but today, there are now 5 hundred sf made members, 5 hundred. congratulations (clapping) that is 25 percent more than last year are the at the same time. if we there 25 percentage every year once in a while, you'll be ahead of everybody that's a lot of great jobs. speaking will jobs i want you to know within 60 days our hardworking staff in addition to bringing i drinking a lot of beer are working on legislation.
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we're going to be working on our public works dr our legislation that will easy more affordable space to find that. that's incredible you've got to have that uneasy the regulatory process. i know it's surely incredible. we also want to let you know we're announcing new innovates. we will do more expansion we did that with sf when we brought fashion here and local manufacturing but we're doing it with our food conspiracy and eating locally is great but listen up the different things that have to do with food.
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we have a fantastic produce in the city that doubles fresh vegetation and food to every food establishment as well as grocery stores throughout northern california. to connect them to more of our local scene and make sure that big event are utilized with our local produce that's the heart and movement of our whole food sector innovative. and then as wife also felt the success of our city has partly to do with everybody we do whether it's bio life scientists and the technology industry or merchandising industry here and tourism but the real innovation comes when we recognize that it
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is the intersections where those industries happen to cross and where they met each other. that's why it's important to see a company like autodesk here and pg&e that ordinarily they do things in the traditional sense people do things on their own. advanced merchandising you can't do anything without this you want to be able to see it before you mass produce it it takes outside the risk and certainly saves money. david chiu and i were there at the autodesk were assisting all the different levels of merchandising. so that cross section is very important. there's more of those areas that can do a lot more for us.
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you'll find another example when square opens up their headquarters you'll find their furniture is being produced in sf made like ohio designed willing designing it to make sure we utilize the talent that's here poor more of that can happen. why can't we have 50 to 60 people holding a tip buck too bag. there's all kinds of things and that's the beauty of being in san francisco we can introduce and reintroduce each other to each other. you're going to find a lot of builders doing haven't designs. i've seen that with can do. there's all kinds of things.
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this is the marvel i know we're going to success base this is the best city in the world. thank you very much and thank you very much and congratulations man: 60-inch screen, high-definition. football season is coming up. you can watch it right here. what do you think? i'll take it. huh! huh! now, that's what i'm talking about. you're right. i don't need it.
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together we can support your children. it's been my dream to start is a valley school since i was a
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little girl. i'm having a lot of fun with it (clapping) the biggest thing we really want the kids to have fun. a lot of times parents say that valley schools have a lot of problems but we want them to follow directions but we want them to have a wonderful time and be an affordable time so the kids will go to school here. we hold the classes to no longer 12 and there's 23 teachers. i go around and i watch each class and there's certain
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children i watched from babies and it's exciting to see them after today. the children learn how to follow directions and it ends up helping them in their regular schooling. they get self-confidents and today, we had a residual and a lot of time go on stage and i hope they get the bug and want to dance for the rest of their
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>> welcome to san francisco see planning commission regular meeting for thursday october 24th. please understand that the planning commission does not allow any disruptions. if you care to speak please state and spell your name for record. i'd like to take roll at this time >> (calling names). complirgsz first on your calendar it tens for continuance item one at the 3