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tv   [untitled]    November 2, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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so maybe, experiences so maybe we will have to limit it like, no live bands or djs after 8:00, maybe a film would be okay. and so, and then, you didn't actually have, like so, describe the way you your community out reach was done. like, explain to me like the steps you took to engage the community around there. >> so it was two-fold. one, i have been speaking with the different propry at therses for the last three or four weeks letting them know that this is something that we are happening out and then, the e-mails and i have been in touch with the residents and i have been i have met multiple times with the neighborhood watch leaders and then, i e-mailed a bunch of them and all of the information of what was going on and blasted out to the e-mail lists, a few times now, about what is coming up. >> and what about the out reach to the people in this building?
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because i have been in this building before and i know that there is a lot of low income people in there that may not have access to computers. i mean, have you gone and talked to thesing people as well. >> in regards to that building, i have not been able to get in touch with the owner and in turn the tenants i do not even know how to get into that building. >> i just heard ring a bell. >> okay. >> yeah. >> okay. >> so i mean, i am just going to tell you that with noise, that late at night, you know, you can have the best intentions, but as the neighborhood representative, i am just telling you that i think that ten, might be a little bit late. >> and i think to that point, ten i put on there as sort of a cart blache i want to be respectful to the residents in that neighborhood and so that is not the final stand. i mean if 8:00 makes more sense, on a week night or 7:00 or whatever. i am willing to play around with that. i think that it is more of like
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if there is a movie on a friday night, and it goes until is it possible, to go to ten, if necessary. >> that kind of thing. >> okay. >> right here and i will make sure to go and ring some doorbells. >> thank you. >> commissioner joseph? >> hi. i know that street really well because i park there. and then i walk up the ramp across the street and go into the pride office. and i know that street really well. so, you actually have not been able to speak to any of the residents in this building to see if there are children in this building or anything? i mean you never went up to the door which is right there and rang a bell? >> i didn't know that that was an entrance because i did not realize that was a door into the building. i thought that was... so i think that part of it is... >> up in the windows. >> yeah. >> well, i think that it is two-fold with that. >> one i have been trying to get my ducks in a row in regards to getting this up and
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running. and physical sponsor ship and all of that and then the other part is yeah, i want and i need to do more out reach in regards to speaking to the neighborhood and in particular, figuring out how to get into that building and so i didn't know. >> and so i appreciate your planning and getting physical sponsorship, but if you do not have a venue, all that have is for not. >> and so let me ask you a couple of questions. are you going to charge people to get into this space? >> it is going to be open to the public. there may be private events, but the majority is going to be open to the public. >> i don't know how those are city streets. i don't know how you do a private event on a city street. >> i am trying to work that out. and like, most likely and what i have planned from the get go is to be all public events but... >> you can ask for a donation but you can't charge, right? >> yeah. >> can you, have you looked into it? >> that is what i am looking into right now. >> okay. >> and the other question is, who is providing the audio? are you providing the audio or
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does each group as they come? >> i will be providing the audio. >> and tell me what your pa system is >> i have not purchased it yet. >> are you going to buy it as opposed to renting one for this? >> considering that it for a month, i was going to buy the system and then... >> tell me what you think it is going to be. >> it is going to be the same set up, from what imaging it is the same pa system that off the grid uses. which is what? >> i think that it is like a... hold on. i have a picture of it. >> because this is a sound permit. and amplified sound i would like to know what you are, what mechanism that you are using to amplify the sound? >> and it is a yamaha stage pass, 400 i. and it looks like it was it puts out 30 to 75 watts of energy. and then...
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>> per speaker? >> no, in total. >> really? >> yeah. >> that is a speaker. >> is it... it is going to be a self-powered speaker? >> it is through a generator to power it. >> and how noisy will your generator be? >> it is going to be quiet, i think that it is a yamaha. >> so you will have two speakers up on stands? >> yes, that is the plan. >> and microphones. >> yes. >> and will you have monitor speakers on the stage? >> no. the plan was to go pretty basic and have basic. >> and you are facing these speakers out away from the freeway wall and out towards valencia. i am basing it on what i have seen with off the grid. >> on the valencia street, there are residents in that
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building above? >> yes. >> have you contacted them? >> not as of yet, no. >> okay, i mean i love the idea. i am a little bumbed at the parking, it might be gone. but i love the idea and i love the whole idea of doing it that neighborhood could use some up lifting and happy cultural thing to celebrate, for sure. and it is loaded with low income people and the people who work in the streets and stuff like that and it is, i don't know if you have spoken to any of them, about displacing them. have you? >> displacing them in what regard? >> the parking lot? >> i have spoken to a few gentleman who have been hanging out in the area and one was
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excited about it because he wants it to be bet and her granted that he is one person. >> okay. >> thank you. >> we get a lot of complaints and i don't know if there is a number to that or if we actually do or not. >> to my knowledge, i haven't, but i also have only been here since march and there may have been some in the past that i am not aware of. >> how frequently is off the grid happening >> every tuesday. >> okay. >> so i think, it is unfortunate that the officer is not here today and i think that will be nice to know, too. and let's go down to the line and do you guys have questions? >> yeah. so, the security? >> do you have security for this? or basically one guard? >> well, sort of the security set up right now is to have someone in attendance and who is managing the space and whenever there is an event going on. >> not an actual security guard. >> what is the protocol for
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sound? i mean that obviously there is going to be a sound check and so can you explain to me how you will handle, >> i am sorry. >> no the sound check for the band. >> yeah. >> but i mean in general. whether it is a band or just over all, >> yeah. i mean, i have from my mind it is, you would, i would test this sound just to make sure that it is working and it would not be a massive sound check or like anyone do a rehearsal or along those lines, no. >> you realize that there is going to be a certain level that you can go to and if you bring in a band they have their own amps sxefrg else. >> yeah. >> and i mean, that mostly when it comes to the band stuff, i think that, anything that was to be played in that space, is more of acoustic level. and i want to stay within the realm of what has been happening already and what the people are willing to tolerate and i think that a lot of this
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is a learning curve, i am trying to figure it out and so i am trying to determine, what is, sort of that line, and that one can't cross and then make sure that i work with that. >> and i think that i mean that is great to learn and everything. but i think that... if acoustic i am not worried about, someone will say that i will bring my three or four piece band for free and an opportunity and you need a way to monitor how loud they go. and i want to know what the procedure is... >> okay. >> and you have to think about that. >> and that is, and that is something that i will, and i am more than happy to take into account and it is a learning curve for me and if i need to take it into account i will take it into account. >> i am done. >> and i think that we also want to hear from oewd staff. and so if we have questions for him we can do that. >> i know that he asked you about security, but can you
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elaborate a little bit more? >> sure. so right now, as it stands, there is going to be me and then some volunteers, who are going to man the space, and whenever there are events taking place and most of the time, the events will be set up to where they will not require sound, but, when they do require sound there will be somebody there to make sure that everything is going smoothly and everything is set up properly along those lines. >> there will be food served and the plan is to avoid serving food, based upon the permitting situation. and you know, i am dealing with the city, a lot of the departments that have done that but right now, i am not planning on dealing with food and so is the nature of it. so off the grid. >> off the grid is entirely separate permit. >> and this is, i am not a part of off of the grid and i am just safely working with them to see what can happen in that space and in the span of the a month. >> okay. thank you. >> yeah. >> and will you allow the people to bring in the food or
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drinks or how does that work? >> the idea is if that is something that is possible, then i am all for it. right now i am trying to figure out what i can and cannot do from a permit standpoint. >> sure. >> yeah. >> all right, let's thank you for coming up and answering our questions, we may have more in a bit. but i want to allow for mr. rich to also speak. >> good evening, i am ken rich from oewd and i would be happy to answer the questions and i will give you the background and we have been working on this space, which i guess that you all know is a dead end, and between valencia and the freeway and our office has been working with the public works and what is in store for this space after probably ten years of conversations, with the community, and mostly waiting until we have the money. is a complete transformation of the space to make a beautiful park space and we should have brought images of that. that was an oversight but that is going to go under construction soon and be reopening kind of in may of next year. so this idea came along fairly
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recently, and the with you that i think that i have heard from the neighbors more than anything else is there is a lot of unproductive activity in the space right now. there is drug dealing, there is all kinds of things, and you know the best way to deal with that and just to get the positive events happening and so for the last two or three years, off the grid has been there first on saturday afternoons and now on tuesday nights and when, off the grid is in the space, sort of a whole immediate neighborhood is transformed and a lot of the unpleasant activity ask not there any more and so i think that we have heard from the neighbors really loud and clear that they would love to see that happen, seven days a week and part of the reason that we are investing a couple of million of dollars in making the space is to get a place for that to happen, seven days a week and so this is just really, a kind of quick prelude to kind of build the momentum and the space will be off limits for a few months off the winter and, so that is kind of the background, and i would be
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happy to, answer, you know, we fully support this and we are happy that mr. bill is moving forward. any questions? >> and i just have one question, is this piece of property going to remain with the city or go to park and rec? >> no, so the idea is that it will remain with the city and it will be and right now it is a street by jurisdiction and we will vacate the street and it will remain an open space and it will remain under the city's ownership and it will not be built on but it will transfer from the jurisdiction of the public works for the streets to the jurisdiction of the real estate department. >> yeah. >> to thaend, i have a question. if this park happens, which will be fabulous, do they, would need a sound permit all of the time. and i don't remember, the specifics of how we did that with the plaza. but we should think about that process, for this space as well.
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>> so my colleagues sitting here, and actually spear heading for the office, a larger program to think through how we deal with the spaces like this that is not the rec park but the plaza is and may be back in front of this commission to talk about that and we do have to resolve that as we move forward. >> i would love to talk to you about that because there are a lot of spaces like that in town. >> and i think that robin has been talking with your staff. >> that is cool. >> okay. >> commissioner hyde? >> so you made a statement that when off the grid goes there that the area cleans up, do you have any idea what area is impacted? because i assume that the vagrants who are living there are not housed during that time. so, i mean to say that that area is cleared up, what that means is that they are placed somewhere else, correct? >> by logic, that is true. >> so i just wanted to make that point very clear and i happen to know that this building, has a lot of like,
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aging transgender women living in it and i kind of have a feeling that they have been there for a long time and they are not really part of this discussion and maybe they were kind of part of the idea of people who, you know, are now, misusing this space and so i just want to make sure that we are very careful about how we approach this as far as the people who are already there. >> yeah. i appreciate that. and i don't want you to come away with any impression that some of the sort of undesirable activity in the space is actually coming from the residents of the building. we have seen no evidence that the residents of the building are an issue at all. i do think that your point about reaching out to them is well taken, but i don't actually think or my understanding that it is the residents of the building who are the problem. >> right. >> but the residents of our city. >> absolutely. >> but in terms of displacing, we need to be concerned about noise, and you know, issues for those folks, but i don't think that we are displacing those
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residents by having the activity occurring. >> commissioners questions for mr. rich? >> i just have one more comment. and this is it seems to be a thread bare financed project, it does not have money or a lot of money. it becomes a steady thing and the neighborhood is on the edge, on the very edge of gangs, and and they were all in like that area. and without, security, as commissioner lee, has stated, who knows, i mean it could, you could walk in there and rip off the sound equipment and i do believe that oewd is going to help mr. bill that they should help him figure out a way to protect his equipment, and the space and the people who attend, events at that space.
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especially after dark and dark is coming up real quick here. >> that is understood. and i think that we have been working and as i am sure that you are aware of, we don't have a lot of funds to throw at this and we are working to do what we can and in terms of what comes back we will have more of a thoroughly organized effort that you will hear about after we come back after the construction. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> commissioner akers do you have something to say? >> no. >> okay. >> are there any here that would like to comment about this? >> good evening commissioners, officer with the ilu, unfortunately officer chan cannot be here, but i think that this is a mat their needs to be continued. there are three concerns here, one is the community involved and we do have a, a myriad of gang problems and this effects
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two stations, and we do have several, residents that are in need of services, and that have residents, that should be contacted. and a third part, which is a very important subject of the matter is what the citizens involved and that is the bicycle coalition, and i think that they need to be invited to a meeting and you are taking a thoroughfare away from them that will effect how they divert into the streets and most importantly, the security aspect coming back to point two, is how well, which is, my area, how well is the alcohol, for the private be affected? because we can say that there will not be any alcohol at all. but as it always is, and any street fare brings in the people with open containers in the area, thank you very much. >> and thank you. >> and sorry, normally my office, enter faces with the police department and so i am
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not sure what that disconnect was. just want to kind of reassure you in terms of the bike coalition, they have been, you know, he may not have reached but i have talked to my colleagues multiple times and i meant to mention that when i was out here and it is very clear and we have literally got to the point of going out and the timing of the space and we have gone out there with the bike coalition and marked off exactly how much space a bike lane needs and there is complete understanding with nta and the bike coalition. and there is, you know, clearly, everyone knows, in terms of organizizing, space out here and what off the grid has done and that we leave the x-number of feet and that is not going to change and so i really don't think that the bike, the bike coalition has been really supportive and in terms of the security issues i think that it is absolutely a valid concern and i can only say that off the grid has operated for two, plus, years and has, you know, not had
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major problems and we have talked to the captain of that district and there don't seem to be issued. so, i apologize for the disconnect with the police department and i think that it is worth, kind of moving this forward, especially if you guys are looking at a trial period of a week and then, reconsidering, so the other thing that i would say, is maybe the most important point to make is that this will not happen at all until this has been approved and the police on it and they are always there. and so, i would sort of, maybe suggest deferring the over all, the question on the security to iscot who is used to dealing with that situation. >>? >> i just want to reiterate that i had a lengthy discussion with officer chan today regarding this and it was his recommendation that for it to go forward but to the trial period for one week. and then if there are no complaints, or problems, then go ahead and extend it for the remainder of the month. so he has weighed in and he is unable to attend tonight.
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>> thank you for that clarification. >> and at this time i am happy to take public comment about this, is there anyone here to speak on this? >> come up and hand your speaker card to our staff. and if you could state your name and into the microphone and speak into it. >> hi, my name is lisa dumeyer and i live on brady street and i have been working with everyone here as a neighbor and part of one of the neighborhood groups that have been very active in trying to find ways to activate the neighborhood for everybody. and i think that i can hope to offer some clarification on what out reach has been done to the neighbors. and i would say, i have been alertive of this project for at least, the last year. and i think that related to the activation of the hub and i have been in touch, specifically, with mr. bill over the last two months, as he
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made efforts to not only reach out via the e-mail group, but as one of the leaders of the brady mccoppin group to reach out to the people who are not necessarily on e-mail and speaking personally for the brady list, i print and deliver, fliers for upcoming neighborhood groups to people's buildings, with clear information on who to call and how to reach. and i really do believe that there are numbers at the neighborhood group as well as the brady colton neighborhood group living in those buildings that were mentioning earlier. and it is difficult to know specifically who. not everybody is active, or shows up in person. but i do really feel that they have done as much out reach as possible. not only gearing up towards the opening of off the grid, but subsequently plans to continue it. and i am also a bicyclist.
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and i commute in that area. and i have been to off the grid many times. so speaking to both the pathway for bicyclists as well as the noise issue, i am two blocks away but i am always in the neighborhood walking my dog and i have not found any problems and i want to say that as a resident, i really support as much of this type of activity moving forward. >> thank you. >> great, thank you. >> any other public comment? >> you are not necessarily the public, any other public comment? seeing number, public comment is closed. >> i would like to propose a motion, for the purpose of discussion. >> so, i move to approve
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without any continuance, because, mr. bill still has to go, and we have received ascot with regard to the permit and the police have proceeded with the fire and public health and muni. and so i want to move to approve, with no continuance. but, with the following condition. one, that, mr. bill, download a free db meter to his phone so that he can monitor the sound. it is free. so, okay? you don't have to do it now. but you can do it later. and you can do a little reading to understand how it works, and what it tells you. so, i want you to do a little bit of that research. and that you actively find, someone, either a volunteer to pay, to be some kind of a security manager in this venue, when you have things that people want to steal like sound equipment and stuff.
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so when you have music and entertainment, or stuff like that, one to prevent theft, and not only your equipment but people's phones and other things but generally people's safety. and until the area is remodeled i feel like it is still might not be the safest place. so those are my two conditions on the approval. >> (inaudible). >> no. >> and there is a motion, is there a second? >> i would like to second. and add an amendment. i think ten p.m. is i just think that it is going to be too late. so would i like to say that i would like the hours to be ten a.m. to 8:30 during the week and then 10 to 9:00 on friday and saturday. >> is that a friendly amendment? >> the maker of the motion accepts that.
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>> great. >> and second it. >> can i also add another amendment, i hope that it is friendly. >> just to send over a calendar of events on a weekly basis to the entertainment commission and to the police, seeing that you don't know exactly what that is right now. and just to notify so that we know that if it is a movie or yoga or whatever. >> the maker of the motion accepts your friendly amendment. >> does second accept? >> i do. >> i thought that you said that you wanted discussion. >> i made the motion so that we can continue to discuss. i feel like, i sympathize with the applicant because when you take on a project like this, you don't always know ahead of time exactly what your program sg going to be. it just happened that way. and we do have a lot of and it
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takes place in the venue and evolves over the matter of months and years. and i hope that you will use the common sense in your programming and so i felt that from you and so i think that that was the only thing that i wanted to discuss and that you be smart about it. and you talk to people at the street events, so that you get some kind of a learning curve, real quick because you only have a month to do this. >> that is was my discussion. >> any other comments? >> i have one. >> commissioner campagnoli? >> was your move to approve for the whole month, or just one week? >> okay. very good. thank you. >> and so, in clarifying my motion, i would like to include officer chan's recommendation, that we approve here for a week, and then if all goes
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well, that staff is given the power to approve for the balance of the time. >> is that clear? >> yes. >> is that seconded? >> with that clarification? >> yes. >> i just want to make one additional comment, i think that we often see these one time permits given that this is a month. without... and there has been an ongoing process over the years in transforming the neighborhood and to take the public comment and to mention that but the context that you gave was to off the grid started and i came up with this idea and even prior to that and even as the planning representative and i stay attune to what is going on in planning in the city and there is a plan and i think that has been vetted and gone through the approval processes, and so we are just one of the final steps in actually making this activate and come to life and i am excited about seeing it
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happen. you have the one. >> yeah. >> and for me, i think that we covered it all. my only side comment is, not just the equipment, but since this sounds like it is going to be a pretty kind of nice community event, so on the outskirts and going back to the security and this happens at my place too, is like, parking lots, and people down the street, and things like that, and they are getting mug and they are getting robbed. and so even though that you are bringing good events to the space, and a lot of neighbors are going to be there, and it is going to bring a lot of people that are going to drive there to be preying on your customer and that is why adding to and it is not a condition and i am not sure that ascot is going to cover that but you should think about in your plan about how you are going to be monitoring the people within a block of radius in this area until it clears up,; is that correct?? >> that is my only side comment
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for this. >> could i get clarification on the security. >> commissioner, just say that the security was not a condition on the permit? >> it is. >> it is. >> i said that he had to have security. and and i just have one comment, because i just, and as a suggestion, my concern is the neighbors specifically in this building have not been notified either in person, or through a flier, or through a mailer that you can send specifically to this building. because it can be kind of a shock, to one day, wake up even if it is ten a.m. on a saturday or a sunday morning when someone is trying to sleep and there is amplified sound. and particularly when it is going to be followed by, several months of