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tv   [untitled]    November 6, 2013 3:00am-3:31am PST

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life span of the bikes and other infrastructure presumably they wear out and you have to replace them and when you talk about break even are we generating enough revenue to gradual replace bike and see particularly getting big batches of bikes at the same time a lot of them will start wearing out around the same time. >> so the life span of the fleet is somewhat uncertain conservative ly five to seven years and optimistic ly 7 to 10 years so there's initial investment in equipment and then there's at some point in the future where you have to make another development in the equipment. >> so the wearing out is that i just the bikes would you say
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five to seven does that include the stations as well? >> we don't know. the dc system those bikes are 4 years old they look good to me. i think the station could last more than 10 years. >> of the 21, 23 million dollars to have 2500 to 3000 bikes how is that capital cost allocated between the stations and bikes i'm guessing the stations are more expensive? >> yeah. >> in terms of the capital renewal needs it's largely the bikes? >> right some portion of that cost is a one time cost associated with starting a system that size. it's about getting a house big enough to
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house the bikes and do the work and some of the cost is also contingency so it wouldn't be 23 million dollars every 7 to 10 years it would be something less than that. >> do we know how for example new york has a -- city bank under wrote a lot of the cost of that system do they have an arrangement of how bikes will be replaced if they wear out? do we know how to approach that? >> no. we're still in the honeymoon period. >> so doesn't contemplate what the renewal structure will be. >> i don't think. i don't remember anything in there about replacing the equipment. >> so city bank sort of advertising opportunities and so one could see that that
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might be something that continued and be a sustainable structure for them it was actually an development bank that under wrote the initial investment and city bank is paying them back for the add revenue that goes along with the sponsor ship. >> and there would be a time horizon so that could address the long-term capital needs? >> i think it's a five year contract with city bank. >> all right. great. thank you. >> anything else? >> thank you very much. >> thank you and thank you for your work and congratulations for getting the pilot off the ground. we'll move to public comment. i have 4 public
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comment cards. >> good afternoon. my name is pat valentino i live in district 6 i've used bike share since the beginning i've taken over ninety trips including my trip here today. it's very clear that there's high demand for an increase in the number of stations as far as statistics go for my use i took a look at them before i came here all of my trips have been within 3 minute and see 16 minutes including one that was 28 and a half minutes. one of the things i think that's great about bike share in addition to some of the comments made today
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increases the visibility of bike usage in the city. and people are very curious about what it's about and what the department of transportation showed bike share programs make other people want to get on bikes so i think programs like this can help a lot. i also think getting more people on bikes then i think will make people more aware of the importance of bike safety and i know that for myself riding on second street has changed how i think about what second street should look like what folsom street should look like and also been discussed accessibility for all it's an inexpensive form of transit and
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that's what i have for you. >> thank you. peter from his office is here so if you want to speak on behalf of supervisor mar, that would be great. >> thank you chair. supervisors my name is peter lauderbo r.n. e the supervisor wanted me to come and reiterate the strong support for the project and also as a director of the bay area management district to make sure it's in the highest use areas and is interested to find a sponsor so thank you all for having this hearing and thanks to the
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bicycle coalition that helped bring it forward thank you. >> thank you very much. okay we'll now go back to public comment. >> hi madeline -- i wanted to say that i was not able -- i'm a member because i would be a block away anyway polk street is the popular destination it does complete a big cycling loop. many workers commute up polk street to serve the establishments in the area and also traversed by many transit lines as well. it would also be a very good transit option for those who do not have
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places big enough and parking storage in their buildings which we know is going to be an increasing number so equity is served by providing jobs for people on polk street who are working in that entire delta and also i wanted to say that obviously a lot of people in our organization are very excited about the possibility of their being bike share in the polk corridor to witness all the tweets and retweets and re-plies i think i'm not allowed to ask questions directly but we'd like to see an effort for crowd funding for some of the stations. people feel much more invested in their civic space when they have had a roll like that thank you. >> thank you very much.
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>> good evening. afternoon. sorry about the voice but -- anyway, so i wanted to bring up first of all the point that bike share is a great idea. i had some questions that i wanted to talk about real quick like where are they deployed and what are the service areas and in what communities are they posted and number 2, who do they serve? who are the riders? are they tourists, community, business persons? 3, what are the local business opportunities ie jobs local hiring etc. and then 4. -- what are the economic balances
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of like share how will low income folks deal with issues like credit cards and you know inabilities to be able to use those facilities? i want to also add that you know, in connecting to this whole thing is bike education and for neighborhoods and who will do the outreach and who are the local vendors that do the outreach i live in a community that's not even on the map unfortunately like we have places that can attract a lot of bike riders and finally i want to just ask regarding safety rules and in relation to schools are the schools being able to use this and such as
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city college and state college and lastly, i want to know who are the members of the pool. >> thank you miss hodge? >> good afternoon. i'm kate hodge from the san francisco bicycle coalition. i'm going to hand you documents if i'm allowed to do that here sharing some good news very excited about. independent poling found that 2 thirds of san francisco ans want bike sharing to expand to san francisco neighborhoods i'm very excited about that finding as we're hearing today many many letters to the mayor have been xhg over different months we're hearing
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from the marina, the bay view, inner sunset out er sunset richmond and neighborhoods you represent there's tremendous demand and the city has certainly paid attention to move to serve that demand and to extend the benefits of biking to as many people as possible to continue to open up bicycling and benefits to the city in general and thank you i appreciate your ongoing concern on this issue and we hope to work with everyone in the city to move this program forward quickly. >> thank you very much. >> good afternoon supervisors i'm mike solomon from the
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mission i'm seeing a lot of folks riding the bicycles there and safety is an issue. there's that much congestion we'll have to figure out ways that bike sharing doesn't delay transit because it's so popular so if you look at things like the richmond golden gate park i doubt i could bike from bay to breakers in 35 minutes and i'm a strong cyclist so to get san francisco neighborhood served it's going to be a one way
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commute ask thank you is there any additional public comment. seeing none public comment is closed i really want to thank mta i think it's an exciting program so with that our colleagues get a motion to
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continue this item. >> first i want to thank our city staff and specifically since there were comments about my district i know we want more bike sharing all over the city but especially in the densist neighborhoods in the city in the north east polk street area and happy to work with folks as you are looking for sites on that and with that i'm happy to make the motion. >> i also appreciate one of the comments which is about our schools and i do remember when i sat on the board of education a huge issue for our teachers in particular was a lack of ability to lock their bikes on
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school sites and the lack of bike parking so i think it does make sense to explore maybe a couple of schools to pilot maybe high schools but i think it would be amazing if we start to see students and teachers able to use it in the morning and bike back to their after school programs in the afternoon. and it makes sense to have them near cultural attract ions and i think our bikes are the best looking it's great being in other city and see seeing other people use bike share
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>> so the motion is to call the chair and we will take that
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without objection. thank you everyone. madam clerk is there
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