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tv   [untitled]    November 8, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PST

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there's a bay at that level but the elevations don't articulate that very well and they certainly don't come down to the bay so the retaining wall >> it's a projecting bay. but i'm sorry, i had missed that in the daily in the plans i'll take a look at it >> it seems like the plan isn't correct. it says see but it doesn't show up on the building. so how it finishes if it's a projected bay it's important but it it rests on the walkway so i don't know which it is. it's a general comment this is not a very well organized
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packag package. >> okay. thank you. >> i have one quick comment. >> there was the request to have the material on the east facade put back the corner of thing is that available or is that going to be recreated. >> they'll have to be recreated i don't think anything remains. >> okay. thank you. >> so on this garage door the solid wood is that flat? do you know? >> staff didn't have is a recommendation whether it's paneled or flat but if the commission has a preference. >> it seems at any time flat
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because the retaining wall is flat. it's a minor thing >> your meaning solid wood as apples and oranges to others. >> i'm going to go further and say flat. >> and then on this north facade thing this is a big deal; right? this is a big massive deal. honestly at this time i have big hesitation an requiring them to replace that. it looks like it is done in a traditional style i don't know the sample of the material that's proposed but that's a big deal. and to me it's a secondary facade they're doing fantastic work on the front end and it looks like their moving on the
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building next door we're not going to see much of that that were but my question is on the windows is it metal windows yovp i don't have enough information to weigh on a opinion on the windows. it seems like they're pretty darn close >> i have a lot of answers to the questions. >> it's just the mike. >> i have a lot of information in terms of the information you've asking me to respond to specifically what do you want to know here. >> what was the original dimension of the rail on the sash and what's the new dimension on the - what are the
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diechlz. >> i'll have to ask the project architect. >> i honestly - >> let me interrupt this we're going to take public comment on this thing also. this c of a and the continuing work on the building hold on. okay. the continuing work on the building where are we in that stage? we're already in this process i'm going to be honest we want a more be robust package with sand tools and we could go on and on on that this. today, the project is deciding
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on the windows have been installed they're not going to change the endanger and the - the garage portions has not been completed at this point. that's what would have to wait >> yeah. commissioner fry and we're not there yet but if that's the direction you want to go perhaps we sever the garage portion from the rough of the things that's already been done because those won't change because we're noting not holding up the project sponsor. >> commissioners tim fry i have a couple of comments to keep a few elements in mind. we share our frustration in getting the appropriate drawings it's something we've had to work
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with the project sponsor open. we felt this at least gave you enough information. we have some apprehension about splitting up the project. they wanted to separate the garage as a c of a at this hearing it's our apprehension and so we would encourage you to keep everything together but it's reasonable and makes sense to ask for more information to what are the changes that have happened outside of your approval. a quick comment on the north evasion if you decide to let that retain we want to remind
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you, please make finding because that's a change from your previously approval and originally they were supposed to repair the existing siding and we had enough evidence to replace the siding on that according to the existing fabric so it would be a change in our approval so we know that could have implementations on others promotions you see in the future >> okay. he we're going to take public comment. i have one speaker card (calling names) >> good afternoon thank you for giving me a chance to address you on this issue. i appreciate the questions that you've asked because some of
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your questions are my questions particularly the work was done without permit. when i heard that the owners wanted to continue so they could complete the work without being interrupted by the rainy season i was awe taken back because the work has been done on fifth and the other streets. so i'm very perplexed as why experienced contractors and project managers would xhim commit to doing work without a permit. i'm also concerned there's usually some kind of consequence e.r. remedy when work is done without a permit. as far as the windows i had to wait 6 weeks to get permission
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to change the windows in the front of my home i also own property. so i'm concerned with what it looks like what was happening to it and the reason the work is done. i'm also asking where the city inspectors involved with the work and if they come to evaluate the work and did they know they didn't have permits. i'm only asking questions i think should have answers. the north wall i watched it being completely restructured. most of the building is new material at this point and some of us know the only thing that is left is the front steps because quite a bit of their work is done and they're
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thinking they should be approved because some of the scarf lifeguard was taken down. i need to know whether or not there's a consistent ruling on work that can be done with a permit, without a permit and a whether or not you're going to approve work that's been done and because it's been done it will be allowed to stay. so i thank you for your time >> thank you. any other member of the public? >> i'm ted bartlett i'm the former owner of grove i owned it until i solid n it in february of this year. our new buildings 808 stooern are almost through modification to their site permits are 5 feet
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away on the north side of grove. i was the one who bought the property and came to you on december 7th, 2011, and got our approval to demolish the very ugly school wing that was built in the 1960s pr it was solid in 1978 an orphanage and 940 grove was pretty sure falling apart arrest a majority of the windows had plexi glass screwed into the rotten frames and the windows commissioner highland i've taken numerous civil guided tours on the property and i'm very impressed with the quality of
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everything they're doing and i believe they're going to supplement with but the windows match exactly the wood frame and i think the building is beautiful. on the subject of the two elevations the neighbor talked about removie the scarf lifeguard they did a good job and didn't remove any siding on the north side. so the owners removed the non historic structure from the mansion and that thising was not worth saving. so as lou demonstrated only less than 20 percent of that existing siding was there and will new
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foundation and he resided lay out it that makes no sense to try to patch that when it's only in the 20 percent of the west corner. i candidly believe they did owners should be given an award for the short time they've improved the building. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners aim sheri live 3 block on the other side of alamo's square from the property. i can't wait. it to be finished. i'm in full support. i go there numerous times of the day i pet sit and that neighborhood has changed so dramatically in the 20 years
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i've been living in my house that i purposed in 1994 when we couldn't get a pizza delivered now we have hundreds of tourists coming everyday. so i want to put that implicit context. also i read something recently in an article it must have been in t in t in t in t in the new york times. this building is an example of what will be better it may not be exact to the historical measures sometimes you can't do that. we've got engineering requirement and a seismic requirements that are going to change a design. when you talk about windows i'd dealer love to replace the
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windows because i get drafts coming in and it's freezing in the wintertime but i have to go through so many hoops. i was before this commission where i went through most and most and most of how far ranking on the silly issue that i wanted to correct a safety issue and then finally, there's we got to you. it held up the at large of that building that were i want to implore you to think about the burden on the property owners and older people like myself. as i see it every single day i can't wait for it to be finished. wherever i see foster u tourist
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in the park i always point out the new construction there and what will be built. thank you very much for your time >> yeah. commissioner joe donahue. i've lived in this neighborhood since 1970. when we moved in like sherry said we couldn't get a pizza delivered. the blind wall all the tourist are now coming to this area every single day and a taking photographs of the naked lady they never take a photograph coming up the hill and if they did they wouldn't see the blind wall. in terms of the detail in the south side and in the west side a level of detail from the new
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roof and if you match with the, you know, moeldz going under the windows they have a beautiful design and we look at that linear pattern and a move them over to the south side we match the linear movement. i've seen people taking photographs of that section. it's going to be a much of an transformation as at the painted ladies. we're lucky to have a weight man buy this home. the problem we have in oakland it's not enough to preserve you have to be able to afford and preserve and this property the amount of work that went into the terms of foundation this building will be preserved in the next 5 hundred years.
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in terms of the next earthquake that will survive. so we need to encourage people this i think is your function how to preserve it. and if there's going to modifications as there will be those modifications so long as they don't impact the entire integrity of the community it should be approved. we can't have the staff say living in a period house means we're living in a graveyard and if i make the rules two stringent that's what's going to happen. use common sense and in this level it's a blind wall and if modifications are necessary we can do that that's quoted to the view but the rest of it makes no
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sense. again, i believe we're lucky to have wealthy investigators and that's making the western addition the desired place in this community. you'll want to give the homeowner and the architect and the developer actually an award. thank you >> thank you. any other member of the public wish to speak. seeing none, we'll bring it back to commission. i - and and work was done with changes to the permit that were done previously, i have no sympathies for not being able to do the typical process and get their appropriateness revised.
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this was only four pages long and the drawings that went with it are easy to read package. they were nothing like the package we have here. i think on that we need to stay clear that we don't want to set a precedent people are going to do something different and if they had it we have to be sympathetic. i actually concur with the planning department recommendations requesting the north facade. this is a freestanding how is it wasn't just like that the pure facade it was part of the building so i concur with the recommendation and i think actually, we should not wait and
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not go with what material we have and make our recommendations based on that. >> thank you, commissioner highland. >> so my discussion is little to do with the beautiful work. i assume it's going to be a beautiful building when its complete. that's not my concern. i think restoring buildings are all going to be beautiful. i've done those windows and i think if those windows had come from the process we would have a better solutions. when people say they match exactly i don't believe it until they were custom-made to the diechlz. but one solution that i've
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implemented when you are replacing those is to tell you enlarge the window stock so that the appearance of stash stale has the delicate proportion. so basically our reducing the area of the window the glass by as much as 10 percent. you know when you look at the thing you can say it's a quarter of an inch but the whole glass would be a can believe difference it's important if this is done in the right process it could have been easily done. i'm going to the soapbox a
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little bit didn't give us in san francisco what we think. i would have proposed for laminated first class it would have been true to the historic believe we would have lost the character of the rip legally glass but at least we would have addressed the sound and provided the u v and the solar gain on that. so we can take it on on the rest of the commission by >> commissioner pearlman thank you. i'm a little bit mixed of mixed on that. i see 25 people endorsing this and including the alamo association which is protective
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of what they've got a tourist spot in san francisco. and at the same time i agree not endorsing, you know, someone who doesn't go through the process because everything is expensive and i agree, you know, it might be punitive enough to allow this to go through with the modifications you've talked about but they have to do the north wall but they have a penalty because they did it without a permit. if you work one way or the other without a permit it's 9 times the permit fee penalty. so, you know, i don't know if it's happening obviously people know that is done without a permit but from our point of view if they followed the recommendations of the staff and things are reviewed by the staff
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i would be willing to allow the certificate of appropriateness to go through >> i want more clarity from my colleagues here. it seems too of you carl planned too that you do want the support the staff recommendation to the owner to restore the north facade which the owner does not want to do that's why he recommend a different finding >> i actually disagree with having to replace the whole side maybe 10 feet but honestly, i can't see a material change that's vast enough you used right on she does maybe but this is a quality job and they've
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done a quality job i disagree on the north side but - >> i want clarity on that would you go so far to go with the finding? the only way we can disagree with the planning commission is disagree with the planning and the offer >> we can make our own. >> we don't have to make that finding it is not going to among the material difference if we wanted to - >> on the whole well, i'm sum all my stuff up at one time. >> we don't have a photo of the north and the west side so we depends on how it determination is - >> it's there and i'm looking
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for it. >> there was one in the other packet. >> that's where i saw you can tell it's really a corner. >> the project staff brought me one we didn't have one ready for the packet but we can bring it up. >> we can bring it up. >> we've got the preexisting condition won those were not one of the painted pleads. >> so the real question is how far back. >> it would seems to me i see turning the corner for the staff recommendation. how far we take that back we can talk about. but i don't know. i want to see what it looks like to - well, how far back also is contingent on the house next door.
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the north side will also be in shade and a shadow from across the street from where the new building is >> i wanted to say this was done now you've 0 gotten into material. i know, but >> it's a big change. >> can we request a better fence to go a little bit better. can we do something else on a more high profile facade but - >> but the facade is facing the square it's not a corner. >> you've coming up stein. >> it's not like a - >> there's a gap. >> well, i was just going to say i would support not having
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to replace the whole facade but the point where they go back but the corner needs to be dealt with quite different and it's a different type of house something didn't belong. >> i know what you mean about the corner and yeah. i mean i've come up i've lived thirty years on balboa park. >> my other comment i said it earlier was the sense on top of the wall i'm fine with the curb. historically it should have been that house should have had a cast iron fence >> with a rounded curb. >> yeah. >> okay. >> well, i'd like to see the picture and the problem is we
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don't have enough information. i know there's a lot of work put into this but we've spent a lot of time reviewing this this weekend and there's not enough information to review this >> well, i think the council is starting to put something up. this is really different >> so i'm showing you the condition of how it's resolved. if they restored the front portion there's a stair window - sorry located here. i think i don't recall this is a rankle 0 window or not but the original detailing had been preserved in this area so that gh


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