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tv   [untitled]    November 10, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm PST

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express lines. not based on downtown or not downtown, but based on what role they fill the network. based on that, we'll look at the policy head ways. do they make sense for the locals and for the rapids, for the communities, for the express routes. so that is why we have that impact down there. when we come back in 2014, we'll reassess this and we'll see what roles it's playing in our network and not whether they go downtown or not. vehicle loads, this standard is a standard that says you're getting passed up. based on the data that counts those who get on the bus and the traffic accounts, we see that comparing the radio to the cross towns, the theaters, the express routes to minority and non minority routes that the
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minority routes perform better or similar to non minority routes. we have one radio rail route or one rail route that's defined as minority route and that's the t-line. that's less crowded. those are the results there. service availability. we matched the bus routes and say who lives within a quarter mile of the bus route and in yellow the picture isn't that great, but yellow is all areas in the city of a quarter mile of the bus stop which is the distance that a person can walk to a bus stop and the buses are covered within a quarter of a mile. minority or non minority, it doesn't matter. the entire city are residential areas are covered. what's not
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covered is in golf courses, so in the city of golf course isn't covered so if you want to take a bus between hoels, it isn't going to work for you. and on the extreme edges of the bay, and the southeast earn part of the city, as the development grows in those places and as resident move in, we'll provide services to meet those service needs. transit and amenities. all of our shelters and bus stops distributed and for shelters, we found they're not. if you look -- we don't install that many new shelters in a year. we have to go through public process to do it. out of the last nine that were installed last year, seven were installed in minority census track. that was good. we just got to get better. we got to close that
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gap. the next place to expand shelters or install bus folds in the commission, those are minority fences block groups. we're going to look to install shelters there. we have the customer first grants which are for the san bruno corridor and commission corridor. also in minority blocks and we're going to expand shelters to close that gap which we need to do. vehicle assignment. we perform well. all the buses have been sent to the wood's division and they have 62 lines which are minority. for flynn, they have the lowest amount of fleets in our overall fleet. we met with the cac in october 3rd and we're meeting with you to get your approval. we are submit
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this program update by december 1st. we'll be back in a year to share results of the monitoring program again and we hope to have closed those gaps and have no impacts the next time we come to see you. >> thank you very much. i especially the fact that we're going to do this annually. that's important and thank you for the report. >> members of the boards, questions or comments. >> i have a question. >> lee. >> i thought it was excellent report. what i want to ask, when you look at minority and non minority, do we look at the impact of switch backs and where they're occurring? do we look at that too? >> as part of this program, we do not. we do know where the switch backs are occurring. it's reason currently as one of the title 6 requirements. >> the program is looking at our service plan not really about how we deliver the
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service. we have been -- john and his folks have been spending a lot of time on the switch backs. we do know that we are equitable in terms of switch back so i think jeff mentioned that the t-line is the line that runs through primarily minority districts. we do know that we're not switching back the t-line, not from this analysis but from an analysis of switch back. we're not switching that back more than the n-line or the l or the other lines but we recognize the difficulty or the frustration that switch backs cause and has taken steps in the last few months that should if they haven't already reduced switch backs. >> okay. so that's not a requirement, but we just monitor internally ourselves? >> because we've gotten complaints from across the city about switch backs and one of the things we looked at was
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making sure before we made changes that should reduce switch back, to make sure we weren't disproportionally switching back. >> thank you for this report. i like the service availability map. i think it's going to help us inform the previous process that we were just talking about. i would like to hope that we could particularly emphasize that there has been efforts to deliberately provide service to places where it's most needed for people with disabilities and seniors. most people who are out to get us or hate us or forever reason wants us to fail, they'll fail. if i'm a wheelchair for a quarter of a mile, that's fine for you but not someone with a walker.
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it's important that we articulate that we say we're trying to deliver this service to four people with disabilities and we're addressing this concern as well. this is fantastic. thank you. >> thank you mr. flynn. we have a resolution. is there a motion on that? >> mr. chairman, the person who did want to address you have left but it appropriate to see if we have anyone. >> we have a resolution before you. is there a motion. >> second. >> all in favor say i. >> i. >> thank you very much. >> next item. >> it would be appropriate for you to have closed session. >> second. >> move. >> all in favor say i. >> we'll have
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to the mayor's disability council. this is friday october 18, 2013. in room 400 san francisco city hall. city hall is accessible to those with mobility devices. wheelchair access is available. while chair access at the polk street entrance is provided via a wheelchair lift. assistive listening devices are available. our agenda is available in large print and braille. please ask staff for any additional assistance. to prevent electronic interference with this room sound system and to respect everyone's ability to focus on the presentations,
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please silence all mobile phones and pda's. your cooperation is appreciated. we welcome the public's participation during public comment. you may complete a speakers card or call our bridge line at4155 554-9632. a tell person had handle your request to speak at the appropriate time. the council meetings are held on fridays. our next meeting is 1:00 p.m. to-4:00 p.m.. please call the mayor's office on disability for further information or to request accommodations at4155 554-6789. voice or 4155
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554-6719 tty. i will remind our speakers to speak slowly into the microphone to assist our captioners. >> thank you. roll call, please. >> harriet chiu wong. absent. tatiana, present, wilson, present, derek present, denise, present, chip, present, wong absent. >> and now reading and the approval of the agenda. >> item 1. welcome introduction roll call. action item 2, reading and approval of the agenda.
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>> item 3, public comment, items not within the agenda. each speaker is limited to 3 minutes. item 4, information item, report from the chair. item 5, introduction item with newly appointed members to the council. derek and laura. item 6, information item. report from the director of the mayor's office on disability. item 7, action item. cochair election in correspondence with the mayor's disability council bylaws article 3 section 1. the present election will be due to
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cochair's resignation. item 8. discussion and possible action item. mayor's disability council bylaw amendments. discussion about consideration of bylaw amendments that will increase the efficiency of the mdc's work and encourage consistent member participation. some potential changes include amendments to article ii, section 4 of the mdc's bylaws making attendance at executive committee meetings mannedary. establishing attendance standards and ability to attend council proceedings via conference phone or bridge line. you'll item 9: information item. elections accessibility the different elections will explain how it is training staff, providing voting
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information and making voting accessible for voters with disabilities and preparation for the november 5, municipal election. presentation by jill fox, outreach manager, san francisco department of elections. item 116789 discussion and possible action item. the council will discuss the possible adoption of resolution regarding guiding principles and overall recommendations for the construction maintenance and financing strategies for permanently affordable and accessible housing for seniors and persons with disabilities. public comment is welcome. item 12: information item, better market street, pedestrian ream focus group and workshop. review of preliminary report and findings regarding sidewalk paving and conditions
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and design parameters. presentation by simon bear trang, project manager for better market street and peter mendoza. facilitator with the independent living resource center san francisco. >> public comment is welcome. item 13, pensacola comment. item 14, information item. coroners. >> item 15, discussion technique counsel table comments and announcements. >> do i have a motion to approve the agenda? >> i so move. >> do we have a second? >> second. >> let's move on to item 3,
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public comment. is there anyone with public comment? step right up. >> good afternoon mayor's disability council. are we really happy here in the city with budgets skies of gray and by what a great bridge new by the bay. searching but not finding understanding anywhere. happy halloween anyway. i get lost in a city masquerade. we try to talk it over but the words come out the same in the city and we need some change. searching but not finding
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understanding anywhere. i think we are lost in a city masquerade. lost in a city masquerade. help us today. okay. thanks. >> thank you. is there anymore public comment? is there anyone on the bridge line? okay seeing no more public comment. we'll move to team 4, information team report from the chair. i just have one report back from our last meeting. i want to apologize. i don't know if we had a motion on the floor and a vote and a
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letter sent to the mayor. i have to report back. we did get an answer back from the mayor and they have set up a meeting with the person and me as cochair and i will be reporting back about that next month. however, if we do have, i'm happy to say we have two new members that are appointed. derek and miss star. i would like to give them a couple of minutes to introduce themselves. >> hello, my name is derek zarda. i'm honored, very honored to be joining the council's members each with their own skills and experiences to help lead in the decisions we make and the choices we do here. i have been
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a strong advocate since high school as i was diagnosed with other disabilities and health impairments and learned how to start the dialogue with advocacy, you have to do it yourself. so that has led me since then through college years cofounding disabilities advocacy rights at my college which we fought for physical access barrier issues and fought for special bussing on campus. replacing an entire fleet of buses to make them accessible for those on campus. it still exist today and still going strong. it's led me here to san francisco as well joining the independent living resource center of san francisco. a disability rights
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advocacy organization that has strong roots here since 1977. i work there currently as an assistive technology educator and working with people to finding the right strategies around technology. i'm very happy to be able to do outreach to high schools, community colleges as well with youth programming as well as work on the disability disaster emergency preparedness committee and sometimes i'm a bit faulty with all the acronyms. i'm very glad to see the work around the different shelters and as well as people
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from mod step up and all of those as well. i'm very happy to join this council and look forward to working with each and everyone of you. thank you. >> hi. this is -- deputy director of programmatic access. so council member, laura could not be here today but she sends a message that she would like me to read off for her. not having applied for the council a year ago, she has a long standing employment commitment that she really couldn't cover. i would like to introduce her first by saying that she's an employee since 2009 which is a community base
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veterans rights organization. she's also a veteran who serves an active military duty for nearly 12 years. so her statement goes like this: dear councilmembers, i applied for the council over a year ago. i'm excited to a voice in the disability community. all too often the people with disabilities are not involved, during my time, i have met disability veterans that rely solely on the veterans of the affairs of administration for care and adaptation. i want to be that voice that begins to lace together both communities for the greater benefit of all. thank you, everyone. >> thank you. okay. welcome to the council, thank you very
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much. next we have item 6. a report from the interim director carla johnson. >> thank you cochair wilson and council. we have a full agenda today so i'm going to keep my remarks brief. i would like to welcome and congratulate our new councilmembers. we are so happy to have you. i have worked with derek over the years through the disaster preparedness committee and i have always found his contribution to be creative and spot on and very engaged and also appreciate the time he's addressed the council in the past during the comment portion of our meeting. welcome derek.
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star laura our other member is also very active as she is going to build a bridge through the veterans community and she's given such engaging presentations over the years and one that has inspired the council i think to stretch the boundaries. we are very lucky to have councilmember laura as well. i wanted to start my report with a simple announcement that at our next executive committee meeting on october 22nd starting at 4:00 p.m. that i asked i bar a to talk about the government rules that apply to councilmembers. this is really a follow up discussion. our coach touched on it earlier in her portion of her report. i think it's best to provide solid answers to
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councilmembers and guidance on activities. i think everybody will benefit from that discussion. i hope everybody can attend next tuesday. my next item is to talk briefly about the better mark street pedestrian realm focus group. this is an item on our agenda for presentation later and i think this focus group is really an excellent example of collaboration and outreach. the department of public works reached our office. they want to get some feedback about people with disabilities for sidewalks. this is to help the department make important decisions surrounding the market plan. they were
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collaborating with our office and we created a memorandum of understanding for this project. but then we turned to the independent living resource center who recruited focus group members from the disability community and facilitated the two workshops. peter mendoza from independent living resource center in san francisco is here today and he'll be telling us more about that process for recruitment and facilitation a little bit later. and sample from dpw is here to tell us about the findings. the next is on the advisable committee meeting for placard reform. we are continuing to do public outreach. in fact we have done 21 presentations so far. we have two of the most recent in the east bay and in the robbins
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campus for the mobility workshop. the big part of the outreach has been about listening. what we are doing at these outreach presentations is capturing and grabbing the feedback so that we can summarize that as we move forward with recommendation for legislation. tomorrow between 10:30 and 12:00 there is going to be a workshop on the park advisory committee. it will be held at the pier 1 embarcadero to provide a much longer period for people to be engaged and ask questions about the recommendations. i'm hoping you can join us tomorrow
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10:30-12:00 on october 19th. pier 1 embarcadero. i also wanted to share an experience i had last week. i participated in white chain day on october 15th. those who are not familiar with them, this is a national event and it an event held on october 15th of each year. it's been going on since 1964. the date has been set aside to celebrate the achievement for people who are blind and draws attention to one of the most powerful tools of blindness. the white chain. the lighthouse for the blind in san francisco had a local event that was very well attended and we had a few members from the board of supervisors. the chief of police greg showed up with five members of his staff and some of us put on night shades and we were guided by an
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assistant through a rally held at city hall. i have to say some of our people have a much better challenge crossing the streets. i was grateful that i wasn't alone and i had a guide helping me through that process. last of all i have some sad news. our councilmembers sarah bridget has submitted her resignation. that is effective earlier this week. she sends her regrets. she had hoped she would be able to come speak to you today but she had a prior commitment of her own. she hopes to see you at future meetings. i wish to thank