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tv   [untitled]    November 10, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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all the time the planning code concerning page street affordability housing special use district. those are the breast of the ordinances that happened this week. thank you, commissioner. thank you for your report. in regards to supervisor wiener's in law legislation is that for his district or citywide >> this is for a test area. he distributes where this would be permitted in the castro district and within generally 17 hundred feet of the district boundary. that's the general area >> generally, the castro and his district. >> and a buffer. >> and it wouldn't apply to
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single-family residents. >> i'm not sure if there's any family residents but within 17 linear feet of this district. >> okay. thank you. >> any other questions. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners tim fry here to a share with you did event from historic presentation hearing. the presentation had a short hearing with one item a recommendation was forced to marcus book store pursuant to article 10 of the planning code. that recommendation will be forwarded to the board of supervisors for a future hearing. we have a a couple of other
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announcements the twin peaks was one of 4 landmark that which is honored at the annual lgbt trust conventions in indiana last week. me and my colleagues were under additional repealed the projects. other projects include st. vincent hospital a survey effort in indianapolis indiana concluding the lgbt plan. also you may be aware there was a fire that broke out on the julie lose castle it was a small fire and sparks landed on the
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wood car pit during a hot roof ordeal there was no fire watch person on site. and following the torching which is why the fire premeditate and deliberate. the fire caused complete destruction and the building interior sustained some water damage. the project sponsor was at the hearing yesterday and he's been working closely with staff to make the elements reconstructed. as part of the c a he's going to return the restaurants use back to the property. we'll keep you posted. and finally, i want toly you know i'll be at the graffiti
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schedule meeting in recent horrify we've had graffiti and this is about law enforcement and i'll report back to you on outcome of that hearing. that concludes my comments >> commissioners if there's nothing else we can move on to inventory so far 2012 informational presentation. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm with the planning staff. this will be presented on the report. but because our group the
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information and analysis group that produces reports don't have the opportunity to come before the commissioners, i thought it would be appropriate to introduce to the commissioner the new staff that was recently hired. she's a bay area native and has degrees in industrial arts and geographic i didn't that makes her a special candidate especially, as we move into presentations of data and a lot more maps. so the commissioners, i want to let you know for the san francisco atlas that will be coming out soon. jay. she is a recent transplant with
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a double masters in planning and spiritual engineers. we'll go getting a report on the status of the balboa park. she'll be taking over the housing inventory that will come out in mark of next year. and i'll be presenting to you - we have a bay area native he left additional spent his years in tokyo. he got degrees from cal berkley. he'll be giving the presentation today and we'll be working on others projects including the update of the housing element data that needs analysis.
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thank you >> thank you. and welcome to all 3. >> so good afternoon, commissioners. i'm the information and analysis person. today, we're going to present a few highlights from the inventory which we just complete and released. the commerce intensity is produced annually this is our 19th edition and contains data through 2012. it is from a variety of sources. the main goals of the inventory are in a shoirm to compile and
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make the data available to the public. the time series we can use as background u background data to update our general plan. so take you through the highlights. first looking at employment. we see that jobs in san francisco grew 5 percent in 2012 to over 5 hundred and a 86 thousand with an increase of over 5 hundred jobs plus. our unemployment rates was down which is lower than the other regions in the country. some of the other indicators we looked at average wage and city revenues and expertise were all up as well in 2012. building activity is measured by
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the number of permits filed and the estimated spends on construction were up by 7 and a half percent respectively. so the inventory covers data through calendar year 2012 which is the period we have the most complete data but some insight we have the states latest estimate of unemployment 5.6 percent as of august 13th. the transit impact development fee for the data fiscal year 2013 is up to 6.4 million up from 7 from the previous fiscal year. the report is available on our
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website and the law tables as well as with that, i'm happy to take any questions >> commissioner. >> yeah. last year's employment is that an all-time high or did we have other times that with data. >> i'll have to get back with you but it's the highest it's been in the last decade. >> the horrify everything was positive. the so-called fire of jones that being finance insurance and real estate actually over the last decade had been falling it came
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up last year but i wanted to mention that's an area we should be attracting important of those type of jobs to our drive. hopefully last year is a trend that will continue in the future. thank you for a very good report >> commissioner moore. >> i think the numbers are encouraging. the level of detail i would be interested in who are we employing and are we attracting people from the outside and what kind of jobs san francisco did have unemployment are we also taking care of even if people who were previously unemployed for the tech industry. we're having a large number of
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people working with work visas from aboard >> thank you. the revenues is up substantial how is the expertise decided on what process it goes through. >> i believe that is the - i don't know the details. >> okay. >> selected by the mta. >> okay we've reviewed it before with the processes but maybe you could just point the commission to that information. >> sure. >> thank you. commissioner >> yes. an observation i guess on the muni lines that were analyzed for daily rideship
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there's a huge there on the bruno lines it's 12 thousand per day. i was looking the muni route for san brunn before you no. i don't know if that makes sense it starts to the border of sunny vail and a comes up along bay shore to market street. i don't know if the ridership is long market street back and forth or there's been substantial land use changes in the city >> it may be actually that the express services so the 8 a x were added in this period between 2008 and so those are
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grouped as san brunn but that maybe why. i can look into that >> maybe in allocate section we might have a discussion on specific land use changes that might account for the increase. >> because it certainly doesn't cover the south of market we're seeing the development took place. >> i wanted to comment to the team this looks great and the graphics are also appreciated. while i'm impressed with the layout and consent i hope private seethes utilize this and
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i think this is sort of in printed formality or a pharynx for a better city overall. people use this data. i'm curious in the past when it was distributed you had an idea of who had it but on the online website those down loads pdf is it usually characters or different requesters. that might help answer questions how this data can be applied or used. you guys maybe have given this thought already >> commissioner borden. >> thank you. i'm glad to see the data.
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two questions. i'd love to see kind of following up on the issue of unemployment you're hearing about retiring and the trades are coming to us i'd love to know do we collect any data on that it would be nice to see how many people in the program have gotten jobs and union related jobs because we hear about that in the downturn. the other question is related to ti f. were some of the projects that got the referral were they t d f projects and what about the deferred fees >> i'll have to look that the fee is collected before the
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occupancy. i'm not sure how this is effected by referrals >> i think it was the certify where they had to pay the fees. it's interesting to see from deferred fees to know where we are overall keeping the project approvals like the fees making a difference >> commissioner. >> yeah. i commented on this last year i don't think we have control over the feasibility studies but it that didn't make sense to have daily city or many of the peninsula cities being part of the bay. it's not really accurate i would
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suggest that the peninsula be a separate entity. as you probably know until 1856 san mateo was part of the city it has a lot more in common than the south bay. but i think a lot of studies lump san mateo and san francisco couldn't together for statical information on housing prices and other types of things. to the extent you have any input to make up those regions think about reconfiguring them. thanks >> any questions all right. great work. thank you >> i have in speaker cards. >> any public comment before
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anyone runs away on this item okay public comment is closed. >> thank you, commissioner. >> commissioners that place you under regular general comment. that members may address the jurisdiction of the agenda items but that only when the item t is reached in the meeting. up to 3 minutes. i have a number of speaker cards >> robert, gail and calling other names. in any order >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is gail. it's sort of a surprise it's
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been a year since i was here about the warriors project on piers 32. there's going to be a presentation and a bunch of presentations where this is going to be seen by the community. i want to say the people in the neighborhoods are counting on you guys to do your jobs. i'm sorry. i'll hand this to you. what i've handed is out of the sylmar plan it's the zoning district for my neighborhood on king street. i heard commissioner wu saying the eastern plan should be combruptd. i'm interested in that. i have a kind of a reoccurring
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theme that is against the backdrop this neighborhood was built to be highly residential. i've taken. this is a google picture of my neighborhood. those dots represent the number of homes in structures in may be neighborhood. there are 2 hundred homes in a particular building and yellow 2 hundred or less. i've not been able to track down the numbers. seven hundred and 89 is - this is the infinity tower here. there's a lot coming on second street. we're deep entire us that people bear in mind that the respect is
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given to the residential neighborhood. a lot of people have invested money and love the place and it's a residential neighborhood. my feeling of being involved in those meetings there's a blank facade and a it's like an office district. people don't understand this is home to a lot of san franciscans . one barrooms is one and a half person and 2 bedrooms and sfoerthd. one other last things our neighborhood is deeply concerned about second street. my association wrote a letter trying to find out what was the statue of the second street project. and my colleague understand this but we had no response from
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anyone. we're intimate stakeholders >> thank you, ma'am your time is up. >> my name is robert and i'm a resident of south neighborhood. i'm here to raise my expressed concerns about the warriors on the lot c thirty. as gail pouted we're san franciscans and there was a lot of forpt effort putting that area together. we're negatively implicated by the quality of life right now. maine u mainly traffic congestion and related to the bay bridge off roomgz the embarcadero and harrison and
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main which are challenge on a good day picture it's a dense neighborhood and we know that. the additional developments that's approved would make it the dense it neighborhood west of the mississippi river. we're looking at 4 thousand residential unit that are approved for rain hill and going up around us. and there is commercial high-rise space. no new transit solutions for this proposed demonstrate and the warriors project will make it worse. the eastern neighborhood plan is a good plan but it calls for stepping up development on the open waterfront which is the
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emphasis on neighborhood concerns. it's inconsistent with the warriors plan. i urge the city to take a leadership role in looking the big picture for the city of san francisco in this neighborhood. and not to approve specific projects without consideration of the impacts upon the larger community. ask y i ask you hear the residential's concerns and alter the location. thank you very much >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm rudy i was privileged to serve with the
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commission in some capacity so i know what your going through. i have a number of concerns about the work with respect to pier thirty 32. those are procedural matters and the first is the time you're going to be allowed to deal with the issues. the timeline is expressed because of the lateness of the warriors submissions and because of their schedule. you're going to have very little time to deal with the compacted issue and you're going to get a lot of political pressure. so we're asking you on behalf of the neighborhood to take our time to do it right and to exercise your jurisdiction as planning commissioners rather than succumbing. we believe that the n o public
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works was accomplished and a incomplete it didn't have a description. your now about to get the third version and no one knows was it contains. we believe the environmental documents show that third version be different would require you to reopen the process and require another open session. it's inaccurate and whatever i don't know what you're analyzing. if there's significant differences your guaranteed to give us another shot on the plan. i want to echo about the amendments to the eastern neighborhood plan. whatever we know about the warriors plan it's massively
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inconsistent with the plan. we want you to amen the plan. i think the procedural issues need to be addressed and is seems to me in the experience of our jurisdiction and it's your jury instruction particularly on the western side of embarcadero you need to make sure that planning issues are anticipated comprehensively from the beginning. thank you >> linda chapman following up. i received this beautiful card which i will give you for distribution saying at this sad
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time when something as sad as this happens there are continental less reasons we'll remember this so sorry for this. and during your presentation you mentioned that st. charles that can't be saved then a senior housing project will go in this place. you should be cognizant that seniors stay home longer and they'll peer into her windows. and essentially we have in this neighborhood as you heard from brian cal us people feel like we're 3 of this is our demographic but the people who
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have lived there are older chinese families and a lot of poor kline's and moderate light term tenants and this is our neighborhood. i was very disappointed that i didn't consider sequa and overriding consideration and didn't consider the no project alternative. and methodists are disappointed this has nothing to do with the methodists. you have 3 players and i realize you're not in a position to disintangible that. the methodist congregation they read the examiner article and said what do trees have to do with buildings. and the person who got back to